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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


season = over

Game Over Man...Game Over.

Clearly, Dobbs .229 OPS at Lehigh convinced them that a trade is unneccessary.

Francoeur's Curse is real!

not that i think cody ransom makes us unstoppable, but how does he not get a call up?

Well, at least Dobbs has been playing everday down in Trip A to get his stroke back...oh, wait.

BTW, Bocock has an OPS of .479 in 65 games at LV. He makes Castro look like Babe Ruth.

the Phillies needed a bench upgrade before these injuries, so if RAJ doesn't trade for someone like Wigginton now then he's sending a message to the team.

***not that i think cody ransom makes us unstoppable, but how does he not get a call up?***

Because his defense gives butchers a bad name?

Why not make a play for Uggla or Wigginton? They can play 2nd, 3rd and Left.

The season is not over. Stop being so dramatic, or better yet- find another team to watch.

The season isn't lost, but if these guys are out for more than a month...

Our status as "fans" is going to be tested during this stretch. I still expect people to blame RAJ for all of this, and somehow link it back to the Cliff Lee trade.

Harold Garcia has close to a .900 OPS in Reading. Might as well give him a shot.

Had we not traded Jason Donald in the Lee deal...


my god, is that how bad our farm system is? a .179 hitter, who plays shortstop by the way, coming up to cover 2nd. wtf?
why not bring up the ACTUAL 2B down there Dorta who's at least hitting .300??

or do something crazy and call up someone from Reading??

Zagurski, Figueroa, Baez, Herndon, Schneider, Sardinha, Valdez, Castro, Bocock, Dobbs make up 40% of the roster.


What is it about Cody Ransom that has some posters here drooling? His .311 OB at LV? His .238 AVG? His .908 Fielding pct. at 3B?

what is dobbs hitting .118

holy crap!

Remember the discussion about the 'marginal complemntary talent' from the Ed Wade days? Back to the future.

Dobbs is a known quantity and Bocock was on the 40 man. Bocock won't play. The issue is Castro/Valdez in the starting lineup. I would expect them to lose about 4 games on the Braves until it's all over.

And so it was... the Phillies began their quest to finally determine if the saying "As Jimmy goes, so do the Phils" carries as much weight as has been prophesied.

The regulars on the roster really need to step up.

Alex Arias and Desi Relaford should be around here somewhere

ah, thanks for that bit of info Jason...didn't know about the 40 man roster horrible though...

I was wondering why not Ransom either. I hope they make some kind of trade. As someone stated earlier, Wigginton and Uggla are intriguing names. Questions are, do we match up with either team, and do we have what it will take to pull it off?

Any word on the severity/time out for either player? Are we talking the minimum 15 days or a few months here?

Does it really matter who's on the bench when Utley and Polanco go down at the same time? When Ruiz, Madsen, and Durbin are already on the DL?

Even if Werth and Howard continue to hit like they've been hitting lately, that still isn't enough. Victorino and Ibanez have been marginal producers. Jimmy isn't fully healed. Sardinha/Schneider doesn't cut it. This is a mess.

they retroed polanco to the 26th.

Peter Happy should be available?

I can't wait for the first time UC burns through his bench and Brian Bocock gets a critical PH appearance in the later innings.

Perfect Storm of injuries

Damn that Jeff Francouer!

What would it take to get Ty "Shrek" Wigginton?

If ever there was a time for Raul to actually be "heating up", it would be now. Please, Sophist, show me some stats to make it true.

Bocock will be the worst hitting player in the majors as soon as he is activated. Seriously.

J. Weitzel, I agree with you. Where do we peg the Phillies postseason chances now?

Not seeing it happening. Wasn't enthused about the Phils chances of making the postseason before. Definitely not holding my breath now.

Glad the husband is a Rangers fan. Gives me a team to root for while the Phils play .500 (or worse) baseball.

Maybe, just maybe, they can hold on until the all star break and everyone will be more or less recovered after that. Well, here's hoping.

Thanks for that reliable bench, Rube.

Bad news day, for sure. But aren't Ruiz and Madson expected back in the coming days? As long as Utley and Polly aren't out for more than 3 or 4 weeks, this team should able to keep pace until the head-to-head matchups against the Mets and Braves in August/September.

"Should" is the operative word, of course.

First the team struggled because they realized that Cliff Lee wasn't coming back. Now it appears that they're simply saving their bodies for next year, because ownership surely doesn't care about winning in 2010.

Really, though: here are some silver linings.

1) If a utility infielder is acquired, his acquisition will almost certainly spell the demise of the Juan Castro era. A good thing (in the long run). The names of Garret Atkins and Ty Wigginton have been bandied about, but I'd also wonder about Miguel Tejada, who's having a nice season on a very bad Baltimore team.

2) If a utility infielder is not acquired, then production out of Castro/Valdez/Dobbs will have likely deemed it unnecessary. A good thing (in the short run).

3) If a utility infielder is acquired for one of either Aumont, Gillies, or Ramirez, and such an infielder contributes to the seizure of first place and, from the bench, another deep playoff run, we can all judge the Cliff Lee trade to have been unmitigated success, and never speak of it again.

prediction: Ibanez goes on a tear for the next 6 weeks and hits .320 with 17 homeruns over that span to actually earn his pay.

Couple things:

1.) No team ever wants to lose their 2 and 3 hole hitters at the same time. However, it is only 15 days (for now) which would put you at the first series after the All Star Break. It's not ideal but it's not a huge loss if they are back then. Also probably back at that time is Madson, with an outside chance of Happ.

2.) The Phillies have always shown resiliency the past few years when people have gotten injured. Other players have picked up the slack and filled in the blank spaces. This just means that Howard, Werth, Ibanez, Rollins, and Vic are that much more important over the next few series. They've done it before- no sense to think they can't do it again. And if they can't, then maybe they don't deserve to get into the playoffs this season. The Mets have gotten injuries this year too but guys are stepping up their. Time to answer the serve.

3.) Also, I feel I have to keep reminding you guys but the Phillies are notoriously a second half team. Last year the were 45-31 in the second half. 2008 they were 40-26. Another thing to note- the Braves play 6 games on the road right before the ASB. 3 at Citi Field and 3 in CBP. There is a good chance the division is 3 teams mushed together come ASB

If these guys are out to the ASB, they can possibly survive. If they are out until August or later, this season is over.

ruiz is back on saturday. madson pretty soon. happ maybe this weekend depending on his outing tonight. utley sprained the ucl in his thumb. hopefully it's just a minor sprain. any tear and it's surgery and a long recovery process in months.

Time to start looking up which Red Sox prospects you want for Werth.

Who bats third now? Werth?

The UCL ligament in the thumb is probably just a sprain. It is bad when the thumb is bent downward because that can rupture the ligament. I would be 99% sure that the sprain here was the thumb bending backward which just stretches the ligament. It is pretty painful supposedly and requires at least 48-72 hours before it is recommended you do anything with it.

I'm not trying to totally absolve the FO here, but any other positions besides the left infield we really had covered for injuries of about a month or so.

Outfield injuries? Francisco's ok. Or call up Brown.

Injuries to first base? Gload is serviceable for a month or so.

Injury to the catcher? Hoover and Schneider are no Ruiz, but they aren't/weren't total embarrassments either.

Injuries to 3B/SS/2B: The great Castro/Dobbs/Valdez tag team. Awesome.

thanks for the info truth injection

Many agreed that the bench was an improvement over last year coming into the season. It really was, but some guys are performing under their normal abilities. Castro would've been fine if he was in the normal limited time the back-ups see. The more he has played you've seen diminishing returns. However, the rest of the bench is an upgrade over last year.

My guess on the lineup is: Rollins, Valdez, Werth, Howard, Victorino, Ibanez, Schneider, Castro, Blanton.

Valdez is not ideal for the 2 hole but I would bristle at getting too crazy putting all your big guns together. Put Valdez between Rollins and Werth where he might get some more fastballs and have a better shot at contributing. Plus having Valdez and Castro at the 7, 8 spot could be death.

Which DL did they go on? 15-day?

At least Utley gets a rest now.

Shane should bat 5th against a lefty (he's better righty and Ibanez is bad against lefties), and Ibanez should hit 5th against a righty.

Unless they're moving Shane to the #2 spot, but I doubt it. Charlie has put Valdez there a few times before. At the least, you should see Jimmy trying to steal every time he gets on 1st--if not, it'll be a DP every time.

Should we judge how severe Utley's injury is based on his (non) reaction on the play last night?

I still say Phillies make the playoffs.

So we essetinally have half a batting order huh?

and who really cares after that for like a month.


So we essentially have half a batting order huh?

and who really cares after that for like a month.


Something else I didn't mention on the UCL thumb injury. usually they recommend 3 weeks before you start going back to playing sports. However, keep in mind that all those healing dates can fluctuate based on how an individuals body responds. Not everyone heals at the same rate. They recommend having the thumb in a splint for a few days as well.

Yes, I would think it will be at least a month before Utley plays. But what do I know? Just bracing for it.

i think they'll probably do something like this


I share TTI's optimism. I remember writing this team off when Utley went down in 2007. Then Cole Hamels went on the DL at the end of August. They battled through.

What's significant is that while all the the injuries to date have been disruptive, only Rollins's and Happ's have been of the sort that you'd worry about moving forward. Last year, when the Mets' experienced a spate of injuries, they saw Beltran and Reyes disappear indefinitely.

One last bit of silver: this has been the most injury-plagued Phillies team of the Charlie Manuel era, and yet their record (40-34), at this point in the season, is comparable to those of their best seasons under UC: 2007 (38-36), 2008 (42-32), and 2009 (39-35). One of these days will be the day to write them off, but I'm not in any rush to be one of the first to do so.

4 automatic outs in our lineup now: 2b, 3b, c, and pitcher. They need to make a trade to save the season.

st: yeah, i was just thinking their gonna have to mix it up like that, just not to give the opposing pitcher a free pass for half the game.

zolecki just said ransom is hurt

Cody R is hurt according to Zolecki..

I guess Dorta's not on the 40 man.Heaven forbid we should make room for a .300 hitter.

Obviously this is bad news, but.....

The good thing about Chase on the DL is EVERYTHING gets rested. If the team can stay in the race while he and Polanco are out (which I'm confident they can), a healthy, rested, angry-that-he-missed-games Utley will be a real catalyst in the stretch run. This team turned me into an optimist in 2007 and I'm sticking with it.

Get Tomas Perez on the phone. And where is Abe Nunez's number?

Too bad Domonic Brown can't fill in at 3rd. Or 2nd.

So, this would be a good time for Castro to play over his head and Greg Dobbs to recapture '08 at the plate and play over his head at 3B. Maybe it will happen?

And Jimmy better stay healthy.

I agree with TTI's lineup.

And as an ibanez supporter, he better turn it on right now, there is no excuse anymore. These next 2-3 weeks(hopefully its only that) are mandatory of Ibanez hitting the ball like he has in the past.

It'd be nice for Vic to provide some help as well.

Heyward is out, too. So the Mets are now the picture of perfect health I suppose.

... We need September Ryno in July...

dlhunter: maybe try both Alex Gonzalez's.

While you guys are doing doom and gloom scenarios, think about Sawx fans. They just put Pedroia, Victor Martinez and Bucholtz on the DL to go with Ellsbury, Beckett, Lowell and Cameron. Ouch

cipper: and august. and sept too.

Another problem with Valdez, Castro, and Schneider is they don't take pitches. So you will see 10 pitch innings every other inning.

Did we really need to bring up Bocock ? Why not bring a bat -- Mayberry ? Our pinch hit options are now just Gload and Francisco. If two infielders go down in the same game, does it really matter we have backups ?

Jhonny Peralta would be a great fit...just sayin'.

tongue was firmly in cheek when i said "season = over"...

However, NO ONE better give Jimmy any crud for not running out any grounders or slowly walking back into the dugout... if there's anyway the phanatic can pick him up and drop him off at short (or bring back the old golf cart bullpen cars)... maybe the pope mobile...

a re-injury to Rollins would however... spell doom.

To bad Cliff Lee wasn't kept around for his middle infield skills.

Although, when Ibanez was signed, the genius posters of Beerleaguer said one of his big advantages over Burrell is that he isn't streaky, the fact is that Ibanez is ridiculously streaky. His monthly OPS high last year was 1.151 and his low .594.

So far this year he's had one month in the .600s, one in the .700s and one in the .800s. Be nice if July is in the .900s.

Curse word.

Question: Does the 3 day AS break count towards anyones time on the DL?

Met fan: The Sox have a lot more depth than we do. If their replacements were Greg Dobbs, Juan Castro, Wilson Valdez, et al. they'd be doing pretty ugly too.

Herr Deutsche: Jimmy will respond like Jessie Owens in `36. Book it.

This is what Charlie gets for complaining the bench isnt getting enough AB's!

Shane has been more than a marginal producer.

I think the Phils can get through this but it might get difficult to watch.
Season. Not. Over.

Jesse, that is.

Where is Tad Ighuchi these days?

WTF does Jesse Owens running sprints in 1936 in Berlin have to do with Rollins?

I'm not getting whatever comparison you're making.

If they hadn't traded Cliff Lee, this would not have happened. Reason # 126.

"And so it was... the Phillies began their quest to finally determine if the saying "As Jimmy goes, so do the Phils" carries as much weight as has been prophesied.

Posted by: Deutsche Phan | Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 02:34 PM"

well, the season may not be over, but it's taken a major hit...

3 1/2 games out now... how high a hill will we have to climb when the regulars come back>

If they hadn't traded Cliff Lee, this would not have happened. Reason # 126.

Posted by: Old Phan | Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 03:21 PM


I missed the Francouer curse...what is that? And not for mothing, but this is what we dealt with last sucks.

6/29/2010 Chase Utley 2B Sprain Thumb on 15-day DL
6/29/2010 Placido Polanco 2B Sore elbow on 15-day DL
6/24/2010 Chad Durbin P Strained right hamstring on 15-day DL.
6/19/2010 Carlos Ruiz C Concussion on 15-day DL.
6/16/2010 Antonio Bastardo P Left elbow ulnar neuritis on 15-day DL.
4/29/2010 Ryan Madson P Surgery, right big toe on 60-day DL.
4/16/2010 J.A. Happ P Left forearm strain on 15-day DL.

You'd have to work him out to see what kind of fielder he is now with the bad hip, but the Red Sox would undoubtedly deal Mike Lowell for next to nothing. He gets off the DL July 8.


Tadahito Iguchi his .281 last year for the Chiba Lotte Marines in the Japan Pacific League. According to Wikipedia, he is on their 2010 roster.

Even w/ all these injuries season's not over, the climb back will very tough..

if the mutts get lee, then the season is over.

****Tadahito Iguchi his .281 last year for the Chiba Lotte Marines in the Japan Pacific League. According to Wikipedia, he is on their 2010 roster.****

Ooh, we could trade them KK for Iguchi...only this time it wouldn't be a practical joke.


Considering the Germans never bombed Pearl Harbor...

FDR must be turning over in his grave.


While the Lee discussion has started to make my head hurt, I figured I should point out that Rosenidjit thinks Lee will be moved soon:

The money line, given my views on Rube's trade of Lee: "The acquisition cost for Lee, meanwhile, should be lower than the last two times he was traded -- and neither of those deals yielded anything close to a jackpot."

****Considering the Germans never bombed Pearl Harbor...****

I take it you've never seen Animal House?

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