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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


voting for polly to piss off Matt Cerrone who has a daily post bitching about the fact that Wright is behind Placido

I might just go vote for Polly 25 times just to do that.


…in terms of wright, he’s better than polanco… end of story… i mean, the guy is being talked about as a possible National League MVP, yet he’s trailing a guy with five home runs and 27 RBI… frankly, i’m not sure polanco is even among the top five, let alone ‘the best,’ as i’d rather much rather watch, wright, Ryan Zimmerman, Martin Prado, Scott Rolen and Casey McGehee… of course, polanco is a Phillie, which i am sure is clouding my judgment…

Did Chipper retire?

Mets fan here. Of Course, my bias means that Wright clearly gets my vote. However, I agree with Ryan that Cerrone's daily campaign for David is getting seriously tired.

"Yup, that's exactly what we both said. Way to not deliberately misquote it or anything.

Errors ARE NOT irrelevant, they just aren't the whole story like awh contends.

Posted by: NEPP"

NEPP, your hypocrisy is stunning.

You accuse clout of something that you've been doing all day - IN THE SAME POST.

Evidently, Larry has swapped positions with Martin Prado.

Actually, NEPP, that should say "you do in the same post what you accuse clout of doing".

Crasnick just Tweeted:

Double whammy for the Phillies: Team is expected to place both Chase Utley and Placido Polanco on the DL later Tuesday.

oh dear

Re: Crasnick

Why would a national guy have this info before the beat guys? Where's Zolecki, Gelb, etc., on this?

Wright is having another very good season and seems to have re-discovered his power stroke. Still, I'm inclined to vote for Rolen, who is leading hte league in slugging, primarily based on the fact that he doesn't wear a Mets uniform.

Does news like that - losing half the infield to the DL - make guys like Valdez, Castro and Dobbs happy?

****Team is expected to place both Chase Utley and Placido Polanco on the DL later Tuesday.****

Game over man...Game Over.

Wow can't wait to see an infield with both Valdez and Castro! This is great!



Boo Scott Rolen, Boo

They need to try and stay around .500 until these guys can come back.

I really hope Ibanez starts hitting for reals.

Can Dom Brown play 2B?

Dobbs and Bocock up.

Birdoc10: he has zero errors at the position, I don't see why not.

Zolecki (via Twitter): "Chase Utley (sprained right thumb) and Placido Polanco headed to the DL. Greg Dobbs and Brian Bocock are up."

This could get ugly . . .

Just had a minor heart attack... I read Utley and Polonco to the DL but thats just ridiculous.

Bocock? Seriously? The guy is hitting .179 in AAA.

Not that I expect anyone here to care, but Wright beats Rolen in basically every offensive category except Slugging and Hrs and obviously plays in a much more homer-friendly park.

Wright is the clear 3b all-star, he's having a tremendous season with an anemic Jason Bay hitting behind him.


Almost no doubt about that now. I suppose there is a chance that both the Braves and Mets cool off for the next 15 days and aren't able to run up a big lead on the Phils. But things have to break just right for the Phils to even be in contention by the time Uts and Polanco are back and healthy, because this is going to be a very bad offense for the next couple weeks.

I have to figure bringing up Bocock is a sign that they're looking to make a move. No reason to use an option on or expose a guy to waivers (when eventually demoted), if you're going to add someone via trade or pick up someone off the scrap heap.

Met fan: Does David Wright still wear the ridiculous over sized (dark) helmet? That alone should disqualify him from all future all star games.

Geez, C Ransom is WAAY down in the pecking order. Why do they even bother having him on the LV roster?

Bocock and Dobbs? This team is just terrible now. Maybe Rube should have paid attention to the bench last off-season, eh?

This is brutal. Rube NEEDS to make a trade. We cant play Valdez/Castro/Bocock/Dobbs (2 of that group) every night and hope to compete. Not with Ibanez still scuffling and Schneider out there and Jimmy at 3/4 speed.

This will show us what type of GM Amaro really is.

Well, at least Dobbs has been playing everday down in Trip A to get his stroke back...oh, wait.


Id rather see Ferrous up before Dobbs comes back...

No JBird, he shedded the big helmet at the end of last year, but I'm glad a guy getting concussed after being hit in the head with a 95mph Matt Cain fastball amuses you

Maybe we can table the debate over just how lousy Utley is in the field for a week or two now.

Guessing we'll miss him some by them, no matter what error pace he was on til the DL deal came along.

Jbird: Wright only wore the Dark Helmet for a few days (thankfully). I think Cervelli on the Yankees still wears it though. Bums.

"This will show us what type of GM Amaro really is."

I'm fairly certain I already know: one that might eventually make a superficial move, but will mostly be content to say he's done what he can do, & concede the season to injury. Monty will, of course, back him in this.

Mets fan: settle down, settle down. The concussion wasn't amusing. The helmet was. Say it wasn't and I'll call you a liar.

Met fans saying it's karma, while posting celebratory words, almost as if tempting karma their very own selves.

m'eh, I still think we win the division. How could we not with the three headed pitching monster of Halladay, Hamels, and . . . Moyer. Eat your heart out Mets & Braves fans.


Just for the record, I was referring to the Bronx Bums (i.e. re: Cervelli), not the Phillies or their fans. The helmet was hilarious. Not knocking you guys. Frankly, I work in Center City and spend about 75% of my day on Metsblog, but I find the conversation on this site to be on the whole more intelligent.

For the record, I was referring to the Bronx Bums (i.e. re: Cervelli), not to the Phillies or their fans. The helmet was hilarious. Frankly, I work in Center City and spend about 75% of my day on Metsblog, but I find the conversation over here to be on the whole more intellgent.

Also, sorry if this was a double post.

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