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Friday, May 28, 2010


Do the Fish have any LOOGYs in the pen? That 3 through 6 batting left looks a tad vulnerable.

Make that 3 through 7.

I think tonight's lineup is every bit as bad as the one that faced Wakefield on 23 May. As I wrote in the last thread, "Vic gets on base, Exxon GIDP, Utley swings wildly at a pitch out of the zone for strike/out three. No muss, no fuss. It's foolproof." And if I had my druthers, Chase would sit a game or two. He's been very un-Dude of late. Still, I can't get too worked up over it at this point. None of the presumably "good" lineups have produced worth a damn, so why not start the worst bench in the National League?

Always smart to put just about our worst defense possible out there with Kendrick on the mound...
although I guess Polanco hasn't exactly looked sharp of late, and we're desperate.

I don't understnad the logic of Valdez even beign in the line up let alone hitting. Why not simply call some of our better prospects and have them come up for the evneing--clearwater anyone maybe they will give teh fish a thrashing!

Howard is starting because he is 6-16 vs. Volstad in his career including 4 HRs. Last year he was 5-9 with those 4 bombs.

Big Man hasn't homered in a week now and is on pace to hit just 28 HRs. Need him to step up tonight & deliver.

Hope - Only AAAA-quality LHRP Tankersley

RK - "I don't understnad the logic of Valdez even beign in the line up let alone hitting. Why not simply call some of our better prospects and have them come up for the evneing--clearwater anyone maybe they will give teh fish a thrashing!"

This is nonsense. Your choice is either Castro or Valdez. There isn't a single viable candidate at AA/AAA to bring up. I would go with Valdez too tonight although hitting him in the 2 hole is a head scracther.

I'm not sure exactly how the "super two" rule works, but perhaps they'll bring up Mathiason et al when it is more to the front office's financial advantage.

That's an "odd" lineup. At least everyone gets their wish of seeing the reserves in the lineup.

Nothing to be worried about in the long run. Even with this talented team there is going to be a couple of weeks during the season that will be very hard to watch.

It'll pass....

Maybe Charlie could do something even odder...make out the lineup based on OBP or OPS or something.

EFF: Does he even know what those things are?

Charlie should make a lineup in honor of Beerleaguer & just start the tallest 9 guys on the team. Runs would be scored, my friends ... oh yes, runs would be scored in droves.

GTown: More importantly, runs would be prevented.

hh: The Phillies could become the first team in MLB history to win a game by the score of -1 to 0 ...

Are there any right handed backup third/first baseman types floating around?

hh, I must compliment you. You got in a couple of nice barbs on the last thread - directed at a Mets fan.

Nice work.

awh: I probably should just keep my mouth shut, because you can't reason with stupid. When will I ever learn?

I just can't help myself sometimes. I'm combative by nature and always looking for a fight.

JW, I propose that when the regualr season is over, if the Phillies have won the NL East again, please create a thread reminding the minions who frequest here of the last few threads.

There have been some priceless comments that deserve to be archived in the BL HOF.

lol at bringing up someone from the minors to play SS. who they gonna play, Galvis from Clearwater? he'd hit worse than valdez would

And maibe sum dey I'll lern to tipe and spel.

hh, then you've come to the right place!

Hopefully, playing in front of crickets gets this team jump-started again. /groans

Valdez a lifetime .750 hitter vs Volstad.

I fully expect this to be have the smallest TV audience other than some thursday getaway games. Marlins Stadium, losing streak, kendrick, what exactly is the draw?

The draw will be the inning where the Phils score 10 runs.

Come on, Hugh. If they continue in their ways, it will be worth a few laughs, and you will be witnessing history. If they explode, you don't want to miss it.

Yo, game thread

Dam break!

Greg Dobbs- thanks for the first two seasons here, but it's time we went our separate ways. Release him please. Bad with the glove, helpless with the bat.

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