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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Instead of stealing signs, we stole bases, which is legal. Hitting season? Not yet. It's a win. I'll take it.

KK pitches a gem, scatters 5 hits over 6 innings with no BBs, the only runs he gives up are on his own throwing error and his performance is "completely acceptable"? If it was any other pitcher...

on friday's "countdown with keith olbermann," the teaser for "worst person in the world" showed the reading phillies ryan howard garden gnome give-away juxtaposed with an old-fashioned negro lawn jockey figurine. the r-phillies guy who signed off on this ridiculous promo was later awarded the runner-up "worser person" by keith as the two prevoious images were now joined by an old picture of a minstrel. of course the howard doll was fashioned after the travelocity gnome, complete with white beard. but did they really think the beard made it less offensive? i don't.

Old Phan: I don't consider any start that only lasts 6 innings to be a gem. To pitch a gem you need to go at least 8 innings and give up 2 or less runs.

KK's start was solid, and came at a great time for the Phils, but I wouldn't call it a gem.

Kendrick did a lot better than I thought he would. I'll leave it at that. His throwing error would have cost us the game had the Phillies been stuck in their rut, so I'm not exactly forgiving of that. However, he kept a team that can really hit in check through 6 strong. So would I call it a gem? Not really. But it was very good.

So, is it pitching 8 innings or getting into the 8th inning? Which is it?

(not serious. sorry, I couldn't resist the reference to our old friend mvptommy)

Well, if the rule is you have to pitch 8 innings to pitch a gem, fine, I stand corrected(and i need to find a copy of that rule book) But it was more than "acceptable".

I agree about that Ryno gnome. That thing is awful.

Nice win.
I guess emerging from a funk is an incremental thing. 3R 7H isn't exactly an explosion. But I'll take it.

Today's meaningless stat.....

If KK pitches his next 2/3 inning without allowing a run, his season ERA will be sub 5.

Some game thoughts from last night:
* Cody Ransom has a .771OPS with 10HRs and 31 knocks at LHV... may be time for him to replace Dobbs... Sure he has 14 errors, but that's because they've been playing him at SS.
* Baez hasn't given up an earned run since May 8. He has 2 Wins and 3 Holds since then and his ERA has dropped 2.7+ R.
* Kyle was aided by the stadium dimensions and LF wall. I counted at least 2-3 balls that would've been out of CBP, but he pitched to his environs, I suppose -- his GB/FB ration was 10:12 last night. His throwing error almost cost the game, but the lack of walks was encouraging.

Phils would be on the hook for about $650,000 if they cut Dobbs (.71% of $1.35m - .71% of $400k).

The prorated amount would apply only if someone else picked Dobbs up...

The Marlins park played big last night for both teams. Good for Kendrick. he definitely did his job, but for that f***ing throw to first. Even then, that throw was the best sinker he threw all night.

MPNPhilly: Don't overrate AAA numbers, or clout will appear and ask if you want Andy Tracy up in the majors, too.

(Hint: You don't. Ransom is a career .233 hitter in the majors. He sucks. Tracy is a career .231 hitter. He sucks. They exist in case a terrible tragedy befalls Dobbs, Polanco AND Castro, all at the same time.)

With that said, I'd love to see the team look elsewhere for a legit Dobbs replacement, just not down in Lehigh Valley.

king myno: Until they found someone appreciably good enough to fill that role to your satisfaction, all that I am saying is that right now, Ransom is a better option than Dobbs. That's all. Dobbs isn't going to get the playing time that he needs to fix his swing and stay sharp (the reason he was so effective in `08).

MPNPhilly: I don't know how long we can use "playing time" as an excuse. Gload's performed relatively well, despite a lack of playing time (emphasis on relatively, as .242/.242/.424 is not great).

I think a) Dobbs looks pretty bad, end of story; Ransom probably couldn't be much worse, and b) Francisco, while not as bad as he's played this year, is not really a realistic option as anything but a 4th OF, not for a World Series contender. Basically, as usual, the Phillies bench is pretty bad.

If the 2008 Phillies hadn't won the World Series, Dobbs probably wouldn't still be on the team. That win, perhaps justifiably, earned those players a lot of goodwill with management. Unless, of course, your name is Pat Burrell.

Myno, good point.

Ransom is even more limited than Dobbs. Besides his ability to hit the occasional HR, he doesn't have another decent attribute. Doesn't hit for average, Ks at ridiculous clip (well over 30% of his ABs), is as slow/slower than Dobbs, and is even a worse defensive player than Dobbs at 3B.

MG, I assume you aren't Ransom's agent. You just convinced me the Phils should keep Dobbs.

MG: According to Baseball Reference Ransom for his career is 6 runs below average for total zone run average as a 3B... for Dobbs 19 runs below average. So Dobbs is 13 runs worse than Dobbs. Not exactly an "even worse" 3b methinks.

Revisionist history:

Dobbs numbers as a part-time player/PH in '07 and '08:

.284/.331/.467 with an OPS of .798 in 550 ABs (102 OPS+)

He got that contract that was for 2 yrs/$2.5M because he was a very productive asset. It didn't really have anything to do with 'good-will' about the '08. Plus, he was only 29. This wasn't some guy who was in his mid-30s.

Yeah he has been a real dud since '09 but I would wait to see if it he turns it around. Either way, he won't be back next year.

13 runs worse than Ransom, that is.

MPN - Maybe Dobbs is as bad/worse than Ransom. Hard to believe from the numbers that Ransom is putting up at Lehigh Valley this year so far. He's been brutal (10 errors and a host of misplays already as the everyday 3B).

MG: Ransom's OBP is a brutal .299 and he does have 60Ks compared to 14BBs, so maybe your broader argument is correct... but I'd rather see Castro or Valdez play 3B right now ahead of Dobbs.

When your #5 pitcher throws six innings without giving up an earned run, and wins a game, it is cause to celebrate.

btw, Greg Dobbs is a class act. I hope he starting hitting.

MG - I'm not saying Dobbs didn't have a great '08. I just think that, if the Phillies had gone out in the first round, a two-year contract would have been considerably less likely. Just like how Moyer's own two-year deal is widely considered to be tied to his performance in that very same year.

There's no facts or anything to support that, but I think everyone associated with that '08 team wanted them to stay together almost in full, management and fans alike.

Dobbs has been awful, & I will make no excuses for his failures at the plate & in the field. While I maintain he would probably turn things around if started, say, a game a week, it's really irrelevant to the discussion. Dobbs is paid to be a PH, & as a PH he has been thoroughly miserable. However, there's really no easy solution there, or anywhere on the bench. The alternative to Dobbs is Ransom ... ugh. I have no faith whatsoever in Francisco, but the alternative is Mayberry ... ugh. Unless by some miracle trade scenario Dobbs goes to another team, we're stuck w/ him for the rest of the year. After which, presumably, Rube will find a new & exciting way in which to further reduce the effectiveness of an already entirely ineffective bench.

Charlie has heard your cries:

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): "No Polanco again. Castro at 3B."

Polanco is still having some elbow problems. Hopefully he's fine.

Nagging injuries are something this team is going to have to get used to, if Amaro is going to insist on signing more and more guys in their mid-30s.

Polanco is hurt/sick then. Cholly doesn't sit Polanco 2 straight games.

Why people would want Castro in the lineup at 3B mystifies me. He hitting near Mendoza line the past month with zero pop (.207/.273/.276) in 29 ABs this month and his weak arm doesn't bode on close plays on balls hit to 3B.

MG: Castro & Valdez on the field at the same time is the obvious recipe for a sure win. Plus, Halladay deserves to continue getting nothing but the best behind him defensively.

Also, shocking news:

Vicente Padilla Involved In An Incident

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