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Thursday, May 20, 2010


It's true, when I start feeling frustrated with the Phils, I just head on over to MetsBlog and read the comments. Instant Prozac.

Really could've used a Beerleaguer-branded 'Feels Like a Loss' t-shirt these past two nights.

Moyer has something like a 3.35 ERA in his last 6 starts. Combined, Moyer/Kendrick have posted a 6-3 record with a 3.40 ERA in their past 6 turns through the rotation (12 starts combined)

So the back part of the rotation has done its job is basically the point I'm making here.

Two days ago, a talking head on a 4-letter- network-owned radio station in South Jersey proclaimed the NL East race over. At one point, the talking head suggested the Phils would have a double-digit lead by September and possibly by the AS break.

The last 2 games against these 2 NL Central "powerhouses" seem to blow that hypothesis out of the water.

Perhaps some one forgot the wisdom of the Yogi of Berra. I doubt that any here have.

Perhaps the "June swoon" is starting a couple weeks early this year?

Seriously, it's 2 games, and they put up 12 in the game prior. I'm not worried.

Yeah, and two weeks ago, that same talking head advised listeners to bet $2,000 on every Halladay start because it was close to a sure thing.

Be honest now- when you watched the two run scoring plays from balls hit just off Polanco's glove - how many thought instantly about the BL "tall enough to be a 3B" endless discussion.
I'm a fan of Placido,not trying to fault him, but that run through my mind both times.
80 degrees today- maybe the bats will be warm.

Moyer pitched great last night. 2 runs in 6 2/3IP? I'll take that any day of the week. Of course some dummies sitting next to me declared Moyer 'cooked'. WTF is wrong with people?

I'm a little surprised there's no mention of Durbin's second inning. His first inning looked great, second inning started with a BB and a HBP. Those are the two runs that ended up scoring.. can't have that.

Bubba: Nothing wrong with Polanco's height.

But if he had longer arms...

What we need at the hot corner is Mr. Fantastic. Perhaps it would stop him from making those crappy Fantastic Four movies...

@Chris: b_a_p foreshadowed your "June swoon" in last night's game thread:

::The Phillies seem to be using these last 2 games as a dress rehearsal for the interleague part of their schedule.::

I'll be the first to admit that I doubted Jamie's ability coming off surgery and increasing age, but he has been really surprising. Jamie is pitching great, and my eyes tell me it isn't just luck.

As long as the Phils start a solid streak this weekend and carry it through to June I'll be pleased. The next several series are against Boston, NYm, Florida, and Atlanta. If they can manage 2 out of 3 in those, they will be in excellent shape going into the interleague schedule.

Today's lineup: 1. Shane Victorino CF 2. Placido Polanco 3B 3. Chase Utley 2B 4. Ryan Howard 1B 5. Jimmy Rollins SS 6. Raul Ibanez LF 7. Ross Gload RF 8. Paul Hoover C 9. Joe Blanton P

The two losses against the NL Central "powerhouses" tell me nothing about the team or the season or the Phillies competition in the NL East. All it told me is that they lost 2 games because they didnt hit.

that 'talking head' will be right in both statements at the end of the season, not sure why we're hinting he is dumb for saying those things.

Well, everyone should be happy as UC is finally giving his reserves starts.

thephaithful, exactly.

and just like that they're off the 100-win pace

The talking head guy really talked about the 'betting on Halladay' prior to the Pirates start even though only a sucker bets on a -330 line. Limited upside potential is too small given the risk.

Nuts. They're now on the pace to only win 99?

Provocitive, inflammatory statement about a devisive member of the past or present Phillies, supported by inaccurate/cherry picked statistics supporting my point!

I had really wanted the Phillies to be 18 games over .500 by the start of Interleague play, so they could be no worse than even after dropping all 18 games. Sadly, I forgot to account for future HoF opposing starters like Gorzelanny ... dammit all!

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