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Monday, May 24, 2010


NEPP: It does not matter who the other 8 players around Halladay are, it does not matter if all 8 commit multiple errors in every game Halladay pitches, nor does it matter if the Phillies fail to score a single run in any or all of Halladay's starts. Fact is, Halladay is so damn good he's like an entire rotation in one pitcher. The Phillies do not need to worry about addressing any of the weaknesses of the current squad, as the mere presence of Halladay renders all other points moot. Also, the Phillies will definitely sweep the AL East in Interleague Play in '10.

Or at least this is the kind of bunkum liberally spread throughout Beerleaguer in the aftermath of Rube's having acquired Halladay this past off-season.

A full 32% of the total number of Phillies errors this season have come during Halladay starts, by the way.

"I'm sure the Rangers will scoop him up."

Everyone was also sure that Wilson Valdez would never pass through waivers. Same thing last year when we passed Miguel Cairo through waivers and same thing a year or two before that when we passed Clay Condrey through waivers multiple times. Perhaps we tend to overrate the drek that constitutes our minor league depth.

Hugh: Hoover has been around a long time & has played in multiple organizations. He definitely has to pass through waivers.

Hugh: I had assumed that the Phillies would have just sent Hoover down if he had options left. I may well be wrong about that, however.

I was going to defend KK here, because there have been times he has seemed to do well this year? But then I actually looked at the numbers. His effectiveness against lefties so far is worse than career.
.344, .414, .594 (1.008)

Teams know it, too. Despite there being more RHBs than LHBs, he has faced more lefties than righties.

While there are bigger fish to fry at this point, when Happ gets back, Kyle has got to be somewhere other than the rotation.

I know it is just a limited look at both of them & there are salary considerations, but Hoover looked like the better defensive catcher vs. Schneider and about the same batting.
Wonder if this kind of thing is a Ruben call exclusively or if Charlie gets an even say.
My guess would be 80% Rube- 20% CM.

I think their respective contracts (and track records) made that decision regardless of their current abilities/stats.

Andy: Well, of course, when Happ is back KK is out of the rotation. What other starter would you remove? KK is the team's 6th starter. There's no illusion otherwise. When Happ is healthy, KK goes back to the bullpen.

Cholly and Rube threw caution to the wind and decided to go with the younger guy (Schneider) for a change.

CJ - It might even be better if he were in LV, frankly. He would mainly be an asset in getting another team to pull a mediocre RHB late in a game to replace them with a lousy LHB, and then going to Romero.

Curt- Good point - 6 months makes all the difference in the world- what was I thinking?

Andy: I'd guess when Happ comes back that KK slides into the long man/spot starter slot in the bullpen currently manned by Figueroa.

Livan, Lannan, Clippard & Capps Slaten, Stammen, Storen & Strabs
Olsen, Oswalt, Walker & Marquis Nats bats will need a bit over three.

Bubba: You think there's any chance that Charlie would pick Hoover over Schneider? Not a chance. This decision was easy.

why do i try to understand meyer posts?

Considering the Rangers just declared bankruptcy and are currently completing the sale of their team, I doubt that Paul Hoover will be the at the top of their priority list.

The long man is undoubtedly the least important player on the 25-man roster -- as abundantly demonstrated by the fact that our long man went 18 full days without a single appearance. It's no doubt nice to have someone who can eat up innings, and save the other 6 bullpen arms, when your starter gets knocked out in the 3rd inning. But, since the vast majority of those games are blowout losses anyhow, it really doesn't matter who your long man is or how good he is. His main job is to save the rest of your bullpen, not to win games.

KK or Figueroa are essentially interchangeable in the longman role. If I had to pick one, I'd say KK is better because, when his sinker is working, he's pretty effective. But the flip side is that KK can be optioned and Figueroa can't.

Every inning we get out of Figgy makes the Schilling trade a bit less lopsided.

Something to consider.

Was at the games Saturday and Sunday, and I hope the Phils looked better on TV than they did live...Both games were terrible. Saturday was an aberration, as there were a lot of hard-hit balls that just ended up in the wrong spot. Dice-K looked good, but not that good.

Yesterday the whole game was a mess, and Wakefield made them look pretty silly. Halladay's pitches weren't sinking at all...I'm not 1 of those pitch count freaks, but you have to wonder if his shoulder/arm's a little tired after the prior 2 starts.


Thanks for verifying my heinous trollness (drollness?), clout:
Here's the kicker, Iceman. If Mathieson [your spelling; poor spellng is indicative of chronic trollers....] does get recalled and gets rocked, "Bruce Ruffin" won't say peep.

We'll never know now -- will we -- as long as RAJ keeps him warehoused.

This is one of the few times I've ever been called a "troll". I'd rather be a "troll" than a navel gazer, never doubting why this team -- who I've followed for nearly 50 years -- sidesteps paths to greatness. First place in a crappy division does nothing for me. Hence, my comparisons’ to the AL East.

Another thing I hate is "gotcha" posting. Signing off for now.

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