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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Offense: Do something.

Time to give Billmeyer his binoculars back.

should ruiz and werth both be out of the lineup today?

that takes alot of our offensives weapons away

curious - anyone know if wilson valdez passed thru waivers?

Dempster's certainly no slouch but, I'm happy to see a righty on the bill today. I like the Phils to take this one 6-5 with Howard getting a couple big hits.

Its nice to be in a Phillies era where a 2 game skid feels like an eternity...

This team doesn't lose three straight.

Rack them "W's" up.

Better pull Blanton, pitch count is getting up there after 1. We need him for the 2013 season.

That looked like offense.

Don't play the bench and it's all "the bench needs some more AB's."

Play the bench and it's "shouldn't we have the regulars out there?"

Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

PKS: "Better pull Blanton, pitch count is getting up there after 1. We need him for the 2013 season."

That's awesome. :-)

I think Chase is feeling better.

What exactly is the difference between having the flu and having "flu-like symptoms"?

Fast half inning there.

Old Phan- One is straight talk the other is BS

can't tell on gamecast. was soriano's hit a hr robbed by ibanez? on gamecast, they had the ball caught nearly over the wall...

Has Blanton gotten a ball above 90 mph? Will I be raked over the coals if I say that concerns me.

Bubba-Well said.
VOR-Raul caught it on the warning track. Good catch, but didnt rob him of a homer.

vor, not necessarily "robbed" but it was a deep fly.

Rodeo, I was thinking the exact same thing in regards to JB's velocity. He looked a little "funny" on a couple of those deliveries, too...

Paul's.400 avg is in jepordy.

If Joe gets outs like that, he can throw 34 MPH and that will be good enough for me.

That was an incredible first three innings of pitching to watch.

Blanton's FB velocity was just like this in his previous start. He didn't hit 90 on the gun until the 5 or 6 inning. Didn't seem to matter then.

Sarge was invited to the Mexican state dinner last night at the White House? Wonder what his wife does?

There goes the Perfect Game. Polanco sucks.

Willard - thanks, like Stephen Malkmus 'I'm on the radio'

Sophist - I'm just concerned due to his injury that his velocity hasn't been like it was last year yet. I missed his last start though. I guess Moyer shows us velocity takes a distant third to command and control.

Atlanta's best impersonation of Antonio Bastardo (Tommy Hanson) just gave up 8 earned runs in 1.2 IP against the Reds. All 8 runs came in the 2nd inning.

Blanton doesnt seem too far off his velocity. He's probably still building up arm strength after a lengthy DL stay.

His velocity seems fine to me. Was up around 90 that inning. If anything, any decrease in velocity is probably bc of an abbreviated spring training.

36 pitches through 4 innings. Would have been 33 without the error.

Quick pace to this game so far- not at a NYY-BOS tempo.

Blanton at 36 pitches through 4. If this game goes 14 innings, Charlie will have some tough decisions whether to keep Joe Lumber in the game.

There goes the perfect thread. G_Town sucks.


Ok, that was funny. Sarge said "When you're looking up in the air, make sure you have your mouth closed."

I'd blame Howard for this one. But it's totally G_Town Dave's fault.

Clearly, my sarcasm is lost on the casual fan.

Radio Listeners: Is it just me, or has the previously annoying 1210AM radio delay become even worse of late? Seems like they're regularly 2 pitches behind. I can't go back to listening to TMac & Muffin ... can I?

Jeeez-us... some D please? Howard can't find a popup and Gload pulls up short on a catchable line drive. Ugh. Joe's pitching great.

Nice job by Blanton to limit the damage.

You did well to gauge my level of fandom based solely on my mocking of you GTown.

I thought we were supposed to start hitting again with the warm temperature? (As L.A. comments that we expect too much of this team as far as scoring runs goes.)

This warm temperature thing has got to stop. How hot is it in October/November again? No one cares if you are a July superstar.

I guess it's pitchin' season.

Gsl: Thank you. It's my métier.

This is one of the most swiftly proceeding Phillies games in quite awhile ... is everyone in a hurry to get this thing over with already so they can hit Werth's birthday kegger?

gsl: who is the july superstar?

gsl: who is the july superstar?

If I were Blanton I would ask to see Ryan Howard's sun glasses then break them and tell Howard if he ever wore another pair while he, Blanton was on the mound he would do the same thing on the ball field.

If wearing sun glasses were actually going to help Howard see he would have caught the damned pop up.

GTown: 830AM here in Reading is always 1 pitch ahead of TV, but XM is always behind.

They might have a charter to Montreal to catch the Flyers.

Nice D by the big man. Talk about hit or miss with his defense.

goody: Thanks. I'll try 830AM. I have a radio w/ a delay slider, but it only helps if the radio broadcast is ahead of TV (great for Eagles games, not helpful at all RE: 1210AM).

54 pitches through 6. Might be an innings eater today, even though he's still stretching himself out. Velocity be damned, he's efficient.

Now, if only we could get him some run support...

thephaitfhul: No one in particular. It just irks me that people constantly say "Wait for warm weather" or "The Phillies don't hit well in the cold" as if that is something that should be acceptable. Someone brought it up before, but it was pretty cold in Colorado last postseason.

Werth must have an awesome birthday party planned today... because this game is moving right along...

Blanton is getting near 60 pitches and it will be the top of the 7th. See the Cubs scoring a run next inning with the heart of the lineup coming up.

ruben better go to the party and get him drunk enough to sign an extension.

gsl: how can you be irk'd by the Gut's "Hittin Season" ? Thats badass.

I believer there was talk earlier today or yesterday speculating that Werth would end up with a contract somewhere between Bay's 4 year, $66 million deal and Holliday's 7 year, $120 million deal. If so, there is almost no way we resign him without a significant discount.

The big man needs to do something here. Tired of these one-run games.

utley tagging from 1st.. gamer.

Finally! I despise RISP droughts.

Welcome back, J-Roll


JRoll! Fastball right in the spot where he loves it. Nice to see a 'clutch' hit for the first tiem in 3 games.

cue: "We only score when we hit home runs"


for all those stuck at work, listen live here - ...HR JRoll !!

Of course, everyone wanted Jimmy to swing 3-0 there.

Rollins, you idiot! Why are you swinging on a 3-0 count? Oh wait . . .

Never a doubt!

Welcome back, Jimmy! You sure you don't wanna hang around in the 5 or 6 hole for awhile?

5 hole hitter for sure, WTG young James!

That was a no-doubter.

Bittersweet, as it's sure to usher in the "JRoll swings for the fences" fad for the next couple of weeks. Can we agree to keep him in the 5 hole until he wants to be a contact hitter again?

That's our leadoff man!

BAP - Not there. JRoll was going to get a fastball there and Cholly should have given him the green light.

Rollins knew Dempster needed to throw a strike there. He looked very focused to me, and Dempster obliged with a pitch down the middle. In my inexpert opinion, Jimmy was looking for that pitch and that's why he was swinging. He guess right -Woohoo, runs!

And Big Joe gives one right back...Damn.

Is it me or do we only score runs off of homeruns? Just kidding...

MG: I was joking. I don't mind when they swing on a 3-0 pitch with RISP -- epsecially when there are 2 outs. What drives me nuts is when they swing at 3-0 pitches with no one on base.

The first 6 full innings of this game took less time than it just took for Lee to round the bases.

Mike Smith - you rock, dude.

Velocity or not, Innings Eater or not, Joe Blanton has the best high socks on the team, with all respect to Gramps.

4:30am downunder and listening to the game half asleep. Rollins smacks a 3 run homer on a 3-0 pitch and I'm up punching the air in the dark.

C'mon Phillies!!!!

Blanton hitting a wall at 70 pitches, again?

cubbies have a potent offense and a decent starting rotation. wonder why they're floundering -- the pirates and astros, they're not. haven't paid attention to them this year -- anyone know what's been their achilles heel?

They're starting to figure Kentucky Joe out a little bit. This is where BABIP begins to be important (assuming he keeps them in play...).

VoR: Being the Cubs?



Nice, g'town.

vor - Because three guys they were really counting on (Lee, Ramirez, and Zambrano) all have been pretty big disappointments so far. Need all of them to rebound.

Is the 'pen up. I think Joe has hit the wall that he always seems to hit. I figured it would take longer because of the low pitch count, but I guess not.

Bases Loaded, 1 Out ... it's Romero Time!

I mean, it worked so well last night & all ...

R.Billingsly: No one up yet for the Phils, according to radio.

So, Durbin in the 8th, Contreras in the 9th, right?

Wow. Nady swinging at a first pitch breaking ball down in the zone.

Great start by Blanton. Some bad luck cost him a run or two. But a great, efficient start. Will we see him for the 8th? He hasn't even hit 80 pitches yet, has he?

Charlie really doesn't like using this bullpen unless he has to. I know Blanton's pitch count was low, but it looked like the Cubs were indeed figuring him out this inning. Guess it worked out prety well though.

Nice job by Blanton there to prevent the Cubs from tying it. Cholly was leaning on him to get through the inning and he delivered.

Alot easier for Cholly to mix/match with this limited bullpen if he just has to do it over 2 innings.

You can tell this starting staff has pitched well because Figueroa as been a cheerleader the past few weeks. Hasn't pitched since May 3.

CJ - No. There is no reason the Phils don't PH for Blanton this inning.

Baez is up in the bullpen.

Ben Fran gets a hit?

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