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Thursday, May 27, 2010


That graphic is both wonderful and brutal.

Maybe a lefty can hold a few runners, with the dead arm behind the plate.

Maybe he can hit, too.

I think the slump ends tonight. The Phillies score 3 runs in the first inning & Hamels pitches 7 strong innings to preserve a 6-2 victory.

This feels like a win.

It does feel like a win.

Of course, it must be said that, whenever I go into a game thinking that it feels like a win, we always lose. So, if you follow that statement to its logical end, tonight's game actually comes out feeling like a loss.

BAP: quit while you're ahead.

Since we've already eliminated the possibility of a win or loss using the beerleaguer reverse jinx method of predetermination, the only logical outcome for this game is an asteroid.

Hey Ruben, my man Darvish has been hinting at a desire to pitch in AMERICA! His pops has been talking with American agents. Make this happen.

The Phillies lineup is filled with many hitters who are very streaky - both good and bad.

We saw what happens in the beginning of May when a bunch of them get hot at the same time.

The last several games are a testament to the results when many of them collectively slump.

Ryan Howard, for the most part, crushes in August and September, a period for which St. Utley is known for fading.

Much has been said about JRoll's absence, and it's true - he's miles better than Cstro or Valdez. However, if he had played the last several games at the level at which he started 2009, I doubt the team's results would have been much different.

The last several games the Phillies have been offensively constipated.

I pitty the opposing pitcher who gets crapped on when that constipation ends.

rjb: Or a rainout. And, lo and behold, the start is delayed.

gobay, I would be all for going after Darvish.

Looks like a vicious line of thunderstorms for NYC...but clear behind them. Could be a 2 hour delay if they can even get it in.

If we can't even get a Bruntlett pic for a rain out, you know things aren't going our way.

Did the game get called, or delayed?

Since Cole sucks for day games and is good for 7:05 starts, I assume he will pitch a no hitter if this starts at 9 or 10pm right?

Yep, he is, after all, a Hollywood guy and therefore on West Coast time.

No-no #1 tonight. Bank it.

Speaking of panicking, Pujols is posting a pathetic .938 OPS so far this year. What's up with him?

Wow, this really sucks...

Pujols was normal Pujols and then his SLG is under .400 over the last 18 games.

I wonder if he's playing through an injury. Pujols is the one guy in baseball that doesn't slump. I dont think he's ever batted under .300 for a month in his career.

Just flipped on WPHT to find out when game may start. Some caller says he loves Werth (he's on his fantasy team) but thinks John Mayberry, Jr. can step in for Werth next year cos OF are a "dime a dozen."

This guy on BL?

NEPP, maybe a first hand look at Mark McGwire's backne and breasts convinced Pujols to stop the PEDs.

Werth's on my fantasy team too (we do an auto-draft so I didn't go out of my way for him) and I love him too. Mayberry couldn't hold his jockstrap. Werth's probably the best RF in the NL right now...though he IS having a career year. That Heyward kid will probably be the best RF in baseball for the next decade if he keeps up his start. Age 20 and he's got a 161 OPS+.

On another note, remember just a couple weeks ago when everyone was excited about Austin Hyatt's great start at Single A? If I recall right, he even got a mention in jw's Beerleaguer write-up at one point.

Unfortunately, he went out the next 2 games and got lit up -- going 4.1 innings each time and allowing 4 & 5 runs respectively. Tonight's line: 1.2 IP, 9 earned runs allowed. So much for Austin Hyatt's brief foray into the world of hotshot Phillies prospects.

Hyatt's never been more than pure org filler...anyone that really followed the minors knew that. Its like the guy that recommended calling up Rizzotti to DH during interleague. Yes, I'm sure his hot start in Reading will translate to playing the RedSox and Yankees.

Unfortunately, Jared Cosart, who really is a hotshot prospect, also got lit up tonight.

Has anyone noticed that, with all these much-discussed "live young arms" we have in the low minors, almost none of them has even remotely respectable numbers to show for it?

Weitzel - you stole my graphic but added the all-important asteriks. [typo intended]

Anyone have a bead on when this game might get played, i.e, tonight sometime? It's f'ing 93 degrees at 8 pm in W.Pa.

On a real prospect note: Jonathan Singleton is continuing his hot start in Lakewood...2 for 2 with a double tonight bringing his average up to .451. 23 for 51 to start the year.

bap, other than tonight, Cosart has been off to a pretty good start. His peripherals have been very impressive.

55 K to just 9 BB with a .195 BAA going into tonight.

Cosart's a beast. Best pitching prospect the Phils have now.

And this definitely feels like a win, but I think I say that every game...

Here is my opinion.
Has anyone noticed that the Phillies went on a skid after the bullpen coach was caught stealing signs from the opposing teams. Now that your cheating team can't steal signs, your offense isn't that good after all. I understand stealing signs is part of the game, but there is the right way do do it. Using binoculars from the bullpen?????. If you are wondering why your team sucks lately, Don't they just weren't that good to begin with. For years this practice has been going on with this team. Now that you can no longer steal sins, because all of MLB is on to you, let's see how good you really are.

NEPP, Pujols has "mini-slumps".

I don't know what his month to month stats are, or his rolling 30-day averages, but I did do some homework on him one:

The lowest BA I coiuld find for him ober 100 AB is .279

And Albert hits a HR after my comment...too funny.

The Reverse Jinx is not limited to the Phillies.

Since a 12-run outburst against the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 17, the Phillies’ offense has collectively hit for a .203 AVG, .282 OBP, and .309 SLG — worse than Eric Bruntlett’s career numbers. In those eight games, the team has scored only 15 runs, an average of under two per game. This has got to be uncharted territory for the high-octane Phillies offense, right?

Incorrect. Here are some offensive droughts the Phillies have endured over the past few years:


May 9-14: 5 games, 14 runs, .176/.291/.320
June 16-26: 10 games, 35 runs, .208/.279/.344
July 28-August 4: 7 games, 17 runs, .218/.279/.331
August 25-September 7: 13 games, 31 runs, .236/.294/.417

April 5-10: 6 games, 20 runs, .231/.326/.392
June 3-12: 9 games, 33 runs, .226/.318/.365
June 17-26: 8 games, 15 runs, .181/.257/.252
August 1-9: 8 games, 21 runs, .207/.321/.368
August 14-21: 7 games, 19 runs, .203/.252/.323

May 15-23: 7 games, 27 runs, .218/.285/.389
June 4-11: 8 games, 31 runs, .255/.325/.433
August 8-16: 8 games, 32 runs, .227/.304/.373
August 18-25: 7 games, 26 runs, .249/.295/.414

A comment directed to no idiot in particular.

And just so no one gets the wrong impression, that comment was directed toward the idiot at 8.04 PM.

The best way to deal with it is to just ignore them.

What are the chances that the game tonight gets rained out? I don't think I can stand going another 24 hours without seeing the Phillies score a run, even if it is because of rain.

So the Phillies are prone to Hot/Cold offensive inconsistency. Huh. Who woulda thought?

NEPP, yes, although under the circumstances I found the information enlightening anyway.

Gtown, yes, as is every team that's ever played baseball.

sophist - I appreciated it without hte identification of the target. I know we've seen some f'ing bad stretches. 35/36 scoreless innings will get some folks pretty torqued. mets fans don't count, however. at the end of the day, they still root for the mets and they have to live with it.

Current radar. Shiti Field is located right in the neighborhood of the "y" at the end of "Jersey City".

NYC Area Weather Radar

Hey I think he means me??!!!!
I must be wrong....It must be all a coincidence. The Red Sox and Mets were probably stealing the Phillies signs. That can be the only explanation these two teams spanked your cheating line up game in and game out. The comical part is that the Red sox and Mets suck ass. What does that say about your team. I'll tell you they SUCK

You'd think that people would learn not to talk trash in May...never ends well.

Is this troll going to continue posting the same thing in every thread until it gets a response? What kind of pathetic life must it have?

Anyone who's watched the Phils over the last several years knows full well that this team goes through some hellish funks, and always comes out of it just fine. I'm willing to bet the same thing is in play now as well.

Hahah. Yeah! I wish my team could suck as bad as you're Phillies!!!

Zolecki (via Twitter): "Expected start time at Citi Field is 9:05PM"

Sophist, thanks for the post.

I didn't realize they've had gone through similar periods so recently.

It's probably because I'm still traumatised by the teams the FO put on the field in the late '90s.

gtown is right 9:05

Werth shaved.

Slump = OVER?

Poor Mike Pelfrey?

I have to say it.. the Phillies scored 20 runs in their first two games after signstealgate.

Latest WPHT caller: full moon tonight, astrological sign of Phils win. She says it impacts Phils only and not Mets because of Jayson Werth's beard. Love the radio.

Radio callers are the lowest common denominator.

Sophist: Does she have any particular feeling RE: the outcome of the Stanley Cup Final?

hh - These aren't mere apocrypha of astrology. The Mets may just develop lycanthropophobia or (fear of Werewolves). The stars are truly aligning with Hamels on the mound too.

Feels like it will be a long night.

GTown: Unknown, but the Flyers have outscored the Phillies 23-14 in the last 7 games...

Zolecki (via Twitter): "Phillies trying to avoid 4 shutouts in 5 games for first time since Aug. 23-27, 1974. Shut out 3 x at HOU and once at home against CIN."

Gtown - Not sure, but all active hockey players (except maybe Pronger) have beards this time of year.

The offense looks to keep up its great hot streak apparently...chasing bad pitches out of the zone on the first 2 ABs.

Scott: Wow. I'm both proud & disgusted ...

I'm on pace to have a vomiting attack midway through the 2nd inning.

Just brutal. Pelfrey looks like he's gonna kill us tonight.

Super, its gonna be one of these nights where Hamels pitches well but gets nickled and dimed to death.

b_a_p is gonna go all Matthew Clemmens on us...

game over

Maybe we could at least score a run tonight? I dont even expect to win...I just dont want to see us get shutout again.

A hapless 1-2-3 first inning, followed by a quick run by the other team. I hate when the tv networks pass the time through a rain delay by showing a replay of a game that already happened.

Cole-best defensive play of the series so far.

I'm calling a Ryno oppo-boppo. I don't actually think it's going to happen, but my pride is all gone anyway.

Chase the first pitch Ryan...that's why you have the 2nd lowest walk rate of all NL 1B.

Jayson looks prepubescent.

With the backwards K, he looks just like the rest of the team.

Swing at balls and watch strikes

There goes the perfect game.

What's that old saying? A walk is as good as we can hope for?

Did I just hear that bubblehead T-Mac say the Phillies attempted a hit-and-run with 2 outs? What a dope.

Relax. The Phils have yet to deploy their Team Meeting X-factor.

All this recent talk about Chooch being an All Star actually reminded me that we were saying the exact same thing at this time last year. In fact, he got off to an even better start last year than he did this year. As late as June 7, he had a .309 average, a .435 OBP and, incredibly, an OPS of .945. By the All Star break, his average was .235, his OBP was .335, and his OPS was .703.

Given his penchant for 2-month slumps, coupled with the fact that he isn't even healthy, I'm expecting about the same results this year.

Go Phils! This team is going through a bad stretch, no doubt, but they'll snap out of it. These guys are champions. A week of not scoring is a mere bump in the road.

Tmac and Wheels sound like they had too much to drink

Shoulder seems to be working.

Chooch The All Star!


Finally. That should end the track meet.

Lou, can you blame them?

Beauty of a kicksave by Valdez.

I didnt realize you were allowed to block the bag like that on a SB...good to know.

The word is out. You can steal on the Phillies any time you want.

First, a Met is caught stealing. Now we've got our hottest hitter coming up this inning: Cole Hamels.

At least Hamels knows how to bunt.

And a sac bunt! Who are these guys in Red?

A caught stealing in one half-inning, followed by a successful bunt by a Phils pitcher in the next ... my phan cup runneth over!

What the hell is Vic swinging at there?

We need to score here.

How about a suicide squeeze here?

Well done Vic but still no run!!!! Crap

Cmon Polly. Smoke a gapper

Polly is gonna come through.

NEPP: You don't do that when the guy comes in spikes first.

We're all thinking it: this is about to end in a double play

Zolecki (via Twitter): "J.A. Happ threw 50 pitches in a bullpen session today in Clearwater. Will throw live BP on Sunday."

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