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Friday, May 28, 2010


Phils will win tonight or I'll eat my...breakfast tomorrow morning.

If you ever get tired of a thread, just ask me to post. I must hold the BL record for last posts of a thread. And I don't know how to copy & paste.

Bad omen. I started the crossword puzzle, and the very first clue is "Be in a funk".

Better than a 7 letter word meaning "Doesnt score runs"

Victorino's going to need to cover a lot of ground out there! I have my doubts about fielding a poor defense with KK on the mound and the Marlins known for hitting. Maybe the Fish are poor runners.

But, hey, something's gotta give. Maybe this will do the trick and we'll bust out of our funk.

goody - I am the BL leader in last posts on a thread. I didn't know the shutout record was 4 consecutive. By my math, it's really 5 consecutive already. I didn't mean to imply I won't watch the game. I will follow my usual routine and DVR the game, avoid hte internet/ scores, and watch it starting an hour or two behind.

starting the bench is straight out of hte manager's handbook for desperation moves to end a slump. You figure those guys aren't the reason for hte slump and it's good to let the other guys sit and watch the game for once. if you win, it's gravy. if you don't, you've at least broken the monotony for a few of your guys and given the rest of the guys an invitation to step up their game. valdez inthe 2 spot is a little extreme, though. can't be any worse than starting dobbs there like the Wakefield game.

Matt Gelb: "This game isn't gonna start on time. Scoreboard says delay. Tarp is coming."

Hate them rain delays!

Need to get Aumont to pitch against them. Just gave up 4 runs,3 earned in the 1st inning.Who was traded to get him?

Speaking of SD, Jon Garland is 6-2 with a 2.10 ERA. Pretty good $5MM pickup for the Pads.

This feels like a delay.

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): "Tentative first pitch for 7:35"

I'm watching the Rain Delay show du jour on Comcast. Von Hayes looks, if not old, at least older than I'd prefer he look. Not that he looks bad or anything, it just makes me feel old. And Dutch doesn't sound like too much of whack job when he's talking baseball (as opposed to, say, astral projection).

JR: Aumont got traded for Lou Marson and his super sweet 499 OPS

With an ERA on the road 2.7 runs higher than at home, a 38:29 K:BB ratio, and a FIP of 3.98 / xFIP of 4.47, Garland's not exactly tearing it up.

He's lucky the Pads are playing way over their heads and he pitches in PetCo.

We're all set. I think my magic brew will break this curse. Bring on the run/s!

There Will Be Runs

Vic should have attempted to steal home. What did the Phillies have to lose, really?

I really thought Ryan was going to at least give us a productive out there, break the shutouts. Groan. I forgot I was going to expect nothing until they break out of this funk.

I was calling to him through the TV, GTown: "Steal, Vic! Steal!" He must not have heard me or you.

can of corn

Is this just standard Florida rain - no reason to stop play?

People keep saying "... it can't get any worse ...", & yet somehow it manages to get worse.

This is the showdown game to settle the Dobbs-Gload HR power debate.

Marlins have now failed to score in 4 straight innings.


LOL, EFF....And I like your comment, too, goody.

The Phillies are perhaps caught in some time loop. I saw that on Star Trek: Next Generation once. It happens. Maybe they're in a worm hole.

Should we be laughing or crying? Or giggling insanely while rocking back and forth, hitting our heads against the wall?

This too shall pass.....eventually. :)

Not that it's relevant to the current issues or anything, but Kendrick's control looks pretty good tonight.

This streak has to be driving the pitching staff nuts.

Well, Kendrick's shutout streak is over.

That was awesome.

Never mind.


and things just get worse

Cursed. Jesus Christ.


Give T-Mac some credit. He knew.

as soon as he said something, BAM

this team is fuc*ing pathetic

Your 2009 New York Mets.


philwynk: I presume you meant "... to the plate ..." RE: Kendrick's control.

anyone else getting sick and tired of howard? yes, a very bad throw by kendrick, but come on, howard, you're supposed to get those.


Howard had no chance. That was a terrible throw.

If only Ben Francisco was playing first base, this would be a 0-0 game. Actually, probably a 3-0 game since he would have hit a 3 run HR already

Howard's done a decent job scooping throws. I didn't see hte replay on that. It looked like it was shoelace high when he missed it.

spitz, I agree. the decision to sit Francisco is inexplicable.

If Ben Fran was pitching, he wouldn't have botched the throw to first.

Strap yourselves in. Here comes a run

A RUN!!!!!!

That damn Howard!

go go go yeeessssss!!!!

A run!!!!!!

Ibanez is washed up. He can't hit major league pitching anymore. And the Phillies will never score again.

OK, Raul. Steal home!


ibanez must have enjoyed some home cooking today.

If that was BenFran instead of Raul, it would have been a inside the park HR.

That was the most exciting 4th inning run in May I've ever witnessed.

how does a Phillie spell relief?


A RUN!!!!! Hallelujah!

Stick a fork in Dobbs

Dobbs stood there like a house by the side of the road and watched that one go by.

Watch out Marlins, you're about to awaken a sleeping dragon--Greg Dobbs!

Oh, wait, down in three pitches.

Dobbs absolutely woeful

My fellow Beerleaguers, our long sporting nightmare is over. Our Offense works; our great Team is a Ball Club of Major Leaguers & not incompetent boobs posing as such ...

Ok, slump or no slump, that was absolutely bush league. Man on third, no out, big league hitters are at least supposed to make f***ing contact. CONTACT. You don't even need a freakin' HIT there. A ground out will do.

This team blows.

Love that our two main pinch hitters can't even hit one sac fly between them.

I know moral victory and everything, but are we really gonna be pleased if they lose 2-1?

Well, the euphoria didnt last long.

Its our error that has us behind.

We still suck

it's time to cut bait with dobbs -- he is absolutely useless

Good thing Gload and Dobbs were in the game, or else they might have scored more than 1 run...

wow, i didn't think for a second that ball would be caught.

Yeah, the positive effect of that run didn't last. failing to score a man on 3d with no outs is more of teh same.
Kendrick will come through here, though

That's cool; I can roll w/ it:

It is a crisis of confidence. It is a crisis that strikes at the very heart & soul & winning percentage of our ball club. We can see this crisis in the growing doubt about the ability of our offense to score runs, & in the loss of a hard-earned sense of swagger as a fan base ...

Well, the dam has not yet burst. But a trickle got through.

By the way, if a run scores on an error, is it an earned run?

And, what if a batter reaches base on an error, eventually scoring - which would normally be an unearned run, n'est-ce pas? - but the fielder who committed the error that put him on base in the first place was the pitcher himself? I guess the batter still didn't earn the run off the pitcher, but it's kinda funny to think of, since it was the pitcher's own fault the batter got on? Kinda like when KK allowed the runs to score by making the throwing error, except in that case, at least the runners had got on base in the first place by "earning" hits. ?

Busy inning for Raul.

This is shaping up to be another excellent inning for the Phils...Whatever happened to quality ABs?

Thanks to Los Marlins.

I have tickets to the Padres on Sunday. I'll be there with Los Phillies.

fight the power.

The runs keep on comin'!

A steal and a 2 out hit. Is this real. Give that man 20 million a year.

Utley walks. Steals 2nd. Ryno gets an RBI single.
I believe that is referred to as Baseball.

Runs in consecutive innings!? Whatever have we done to deserve such largess?! :-o

They need to save some run for tomorrow

Good pitch by the pitcher, but a better swing by Howard.

Another run! A bigger leak in the dam....And it was even manufactured. By a stolen base. Wonder of wonders!

But did you see how listless Vic looked on the bench? I thought the hyper one would have a bit more excitement for another run. They haven't become commonplace things yet, these runs.

And I guess the dam may not burst - at least not yet. It may leak in drips and drabs. As long as they score...I'll then be able to readjust my expectations to winning again.

Good catch, Old Phan. Haven't seen baseball in quite a while. Looks good.

For a moment, I didn't recognize it.

Greg Dobbs- thanks for the first two seasons here, but it's time we went our separate ways. Release him please. Bad with the glove, helpless with the bat.

@Carson -- I concur 100% -- why not bring up Mayberry or someone who at least can make contact? We lose nothing since his glove is just as bad as his bat is now. Have castro/valdez to play 3rd should polly need a break

Is it just me, or does Sarge sound like Bender from Futurama?

I know it's a bittersweet night here at BL. Some of the benchwarmers are getting much needed ABs, but once again Ben Fran the Man sits.

Good one, Joe.

Nice game for KK. For tonight, he is a major league pitcher.

If only KK could make the toss to 1st.

Maybe Dobbs goes when Rollins comes back.

Rub your bobbleheads and wave your rally towels!

Here we go: Loogy v. 3 through 7.

Beautiful. Double steal. Thats what we want Charlie. Baseball big man. Phillies baseball.

Cmon Uts!!!

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