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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


a knuckleballer again. Dickey was on Minnesota last year and I saw him pitch a game down in Clearwater against our bunch. He shut them down.

Utley Corner...

Won't get dazzled by two consecutive knuckleballers...

Quick correction... Phils are 2-4 in last six, not 2-6.

By the way, Phils are playing pretty well when we can get down about a 2-4 stretch! Go Phils!

Phils last faced two knuckleballers in a row back when the Niekro brothers were both pitching.

Radar gun operators get the night off (that is, until Jose "Big Truck" Contreras strolls to the mound...).

I'd like to see the Phils step on the throats of the Mets, just as they're starting to get a little bit of that cockiness back. If we lose this series, the trolls will be abound.

BTW, very relieved to see the "no pain reported" component of the Lidge BP session. It seems like each of his last couple of initial BP sessions following an injury (sadly there are several) have always had some piece about 'discomfort' and Lidge being frustrated. Keeping my fingers crossed, but I've learned to manage any and all expectations with Lidge.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't we starting to see a little bit of that rivalry gamesmanship (players brushed back, HBP, etc.) as the last series with the Mets wound down? Should we expect that to pick back up?

When's the last time Jamie Moyer threw harder than his opponent? Although, I think Dickey actually throws harder than Wakefield, so he'll probably still deliver more heat.

New approach? Same results... lazy pop fly and a couple of weak grounders. Sure hope we don't face any knucklers in the playoffs!

Respective fastballs:

Moyer: 81.4 mph
Dickey: 84.5 mph

I know we've only completed the top of the first inning but, given the way this offense has been hitting the last few games, I hereby declare that it's not too early to commence bitching.

NEPP: Right... but I bet the average speed of all pitches gives Moyer a slight advantage.

That sound you just heard was every phone lighting up across the majors scouting their farm system for knuckleballers to throw at the Phils.

Willard: That might pick back up, but not until the bullpens come in. Moyer and Dickey aren't gonna be buzzing anyone's chin, I wouldn't think.

Also, if we don't hit tonight, people are gonna complain about our offense. Count me as unworried, if only because we faced 2 knuckleballers out of 3 games. If we can't hit knuckleballers, I could care less, because there's just about none of them in the league.

"I hereby declare that it's not too early to commence bitching.

What BAP usually says once he's finished his morning coffee.

That's your NL all-star 3rd baseman

"I ran into Curt in a New York Bar last year and I can report to you that he is most definitely a Phillies fan as am I and I also have been accused at times."

Dammit RK, that was me!

Good point CJ...toss in Moyer's cutter and "changeup" and he's probably got a slight edge.

I wonder how the Phillies would do against a no-name LHP knuckler that they've never seen before? Would that be their ultimate kryptonite?

Imagine if Tim Redding had a knuckleball.

I'm gonna go ahead and say ahead of time that Bay and Wright terrify me against Moyer.

Doesn't David Wright have like ridiculously good numbers against Moyer for his career?

Explain Moyer's success away from CBP the last 2-3 years in 300 words or less.

NEPP: David Wright is the active leader in AVG vs. LHP and is hitting over .400 against them this year. And he has a 1.174 career OPS vs. Moyer in 53 PAs.

So yeah, pretty rediculous.

We may not see the knuckleballer for long.

That's one way to get rid of him...perhaps they should all just hit it right at him.

I think it's a mistake to send JRoll down already. He should be on the bench in NY intimidating the Mets.

goody, I agree.

This is how you beat a knuckleballer...just keep taking what he gives you and get hits.

Suddenly the Phils look a bit hitterish. I'd say a bit menacing. ... maybe even dangerous.

Damnit Chooch.

Chooch... ugh.

I believe the Phils are 3-5 in their last 8. One win against the Sox, Cubs, and Pirates.


Worst POSSIBLE at-bat by Ruiz.

Time for the Old Man to break this one open.

Well, that's more offense than we've seen in the last few games.

Dickey's the guy who got a triple play last time around.

What a complete waste of a series of hits. Frustrating. Chooch needs to get his head straight.

Leave it to the May/June Phillies to turn Bases Loaded/No Outs into 0 Runs.

Polanco's getting a workout so far tonight.

I would have guessed that the Phils led the majors in GIDPs, but a quick check of says that, before that miserable AB by Chooch, we were 5th best in the Majors with 29 in that category. Twins and Royals the worst with 53 each, SD the best with an astounding 18.

Easy to second-guess, but i prefer Chooch in the 8th spot. Even if Castro makes out there, it's probably not a DP, and then Ruiz is a scarier prospect to face in front of the pitcher than in front of Castro.

Is there a way to check how many times the Phils have had the bases loaded this year with two outs and the pitcher at bat? Seems like once a game...

What a shocker, Barajas got a hit.

One thing I absolutely guarantee you is that, if Moyer continues to fall behind batters, this will be a short night of work for him.

VoR - given the Phils offensive abilities, I'd be willing to bet that any feelings that the Phil are worse with the bases loaded, or hit into GIDP at a greater rate, have trouble getting a man home from third with less than 2 out, are simply cases of confirmation bias.

I'm starting to think that part of the reason people think Jamie is "wahsed up" sometimes is that when he has these type of games where things don't go well, he pitches unbearably slow. Like, he just drags out the experience of pain, even if the end results aren't that bad. Even the announcers get all slow-tongued and bored, and I think it just serves to highlight Jamie's very normal struggles.

I don't even know why I continue to try to watch the TV at 7 pm every evening just to see this team fail to live up to their potential. Moyer comes out and throws like crap and a power hitting team can't seem to get an extra base hit. Oh, and by the way, however much Howard lost, he obviously needs to lose more if he can't reach third on that single. If he's going to run like he still weighs 300 pounds, then why bother?

Here's something I may never type again: Barajas was right.

It was a single right at an OF playing shallow. Rickey Henderson would have had trouble taking 3B there.

My, my, my have we become a spoiled fanbase.

Anyone care to switch places with the Mets? Anyone?

We're in a slump. It happens. Deal with it.

As for Rod "the Bod," I have a few choice words for that mofo.

This Utley guy sucks...we should cut him or trade him.

GTown: Clue me in. What was that jackhole right about? His utter uselessness at the plate and behind it while with the Phillies?

NEPP, Utley for Lee?

No way they'd give us Lee for a borderline utility IF like Utley. We'd have to throw in Howard and Werth most likely.

Well, Howard's slow. Let's do it.

I guess Ryan Howard has figured out how to hit a knuckleball? I wouldn't have pegged him for the one to get it. Or maybe it's just because the weather's warmed up again. :)

Jamie hasn't had a "big" inning - yet - but if he gives up one run per inning, he won't last long, or else we'll be pretty far behind.

Waiting for this team to catch fire again.

Charlie takes off his cap, scratches his head, lets out a purposeful yawn.

How many Beerleaguers had "RAUUUUUUUUUUUUL!!!" all typed out and ready to just hit 'Post' only to delete it and hit Refresh?

So its one of those games...that's twice we've had them loaded and gotten nothing.

I am in serious need of a barf bag.

Darn, was hoping Raul would get a hit there.

hh: Vic swung & missed. Should have been strike 3 &the 1st out of the inning. The ump said Vic fouled the ball into & out of Rod's glove. The AB continued, & Vic walked. Not that it ended up mattering any.

Meh. We've had the bases loaded twice. Next time we gets runz. Jamie, please do us all a favor and keep any more runs from scoring, okthanks.

It's LOB Season...

Heather, I'm sure you can find something else to watch.

Do they teach guys to lunge backwards like they're in danger of being hit when they're given a "take" sign, even if the pitch is right down the chute, or even outside? It's damn annoying. Hate it when Jeter does it. Doubly hate it when any Mets do it.

Good thing hitting with RISP isn't important, otherwise this would be a problem.

It's disconcerting to me to know there's a Heather on here now, since that's my real first name.

doubleh, now you know how I feel. My real first name is G_Town.

My first name is MVP, so it's really embarrassing.

Nothing to worry about here folks. The Phils are patiently getting ol' Dickey's pitch count into dangerous territory.

Damnit, don't you hate it when that happens, Willard?

Old Phan - Heather is just expressing frustration in her own way. No one ever said hitting with RISP doesn't matter. It's just usu. said, by those who've taken a look, that it's not a separable skill from hitting generally - that any variations between hitting in general and hitting w RISP (outside the fact that it's easier to get a hit when men are on base for a variety of reasons) are due to random variation.

Ruiz has improved considerably as a hitter but he never goes through a season without a massive 2 to 3-month slump during which he hits .200. I think we're witnessing the early stages of that slump.

How big of a douche is wheels that I am relieved when Sarge gets on the air.

I just hope "Willard Preacher" isn't the real Willard Preacher.

My real first name is Sylvester. We all have our crosses to bear.

Everytime Franzke says Barahas I have the urge to run outside and kick the neighbors dog. With Reyes no longer his old self, Rod is becoming my new most hated Met.

Phils defense continues on the way it was the first month and a half of the year.

It sure isn't fieldin season

Vic was daydreaming about getting lei'ed.

Getting ready to put on my spanking-new "Pheels Like a Loss" (TM) T-shirt...

I see our stellar defense is continuing it's less-than-stellar trend today. I'll give them a pass there - Vic lost it in the lights, Utley tried to step in, it happens. Not thrilled with the bad throw, but it didn't make a difference.

But the bad defense and the lack of baserunning are kind of gnawing at me. Bad D in particular.

b_a_p: Last year Chooch's offense fell of off a cliff right around the 115 PA mark. Appears to be about the same this season. If the pattern continues to hold true he'll be pretty much useless w/ the bat for the next 180 PA or so. Yippee.

this is turning into a revolting situation

My first name is a surprise!

Dave - It has happened very year the last 2 years. Chooch goes into a funk that has lasted at least 6 weeks where he as terrible (sub .200 with almost no pop & OP that range from .500-.550).

Anybody else noticing how Moyer's been missing all night? Forty-three strikes, thirty-three balls. Not his best night.

If they had the concept of a "team error," that run would be unearned.

Moyer is just bleeding runs but so far has kept us in it.

3 runs in 4 IP isn't good or even mediocre but its about what a 5th starter typically gives you. Now if the offense had done ANYTHING yet it wouldn't be so bad.

Jonathan Singleton, the Phillies' 18-year old phenom, has 3 more hits, 4 more RBIs, and yet another homerun tonight for Lakewood. Unfortunately, with Ryan Howard ahead of him on the organizational depth chart, he's on the 8-year track to the big leagues.

I'm not a hockey fan, but if it keeps JJ off the radio, I hope the Flyers play till October.

The offense has actually been producing: four hits and three walks. Should have had a couple of runs by now, and we haven't mostly because of bad luck. It happens. Be patient. There will be blood...

I'm all for the introduction of the "Team Error". Too much poor fielding goes unrecorded. Of course w/ MLB in charge of scoring, it probably still would.

I hear the Marlins have signed Wilbur Wood and he will start all 3 games this weekend in Fort Lauderdale.

12 consecutive scoreless innings against Tim Wakefield and RA Dickey. Not good.

Now this is a Moyer start form last summer. Not getting the benefit on any calls, struggling to throw strikes, and not real good command on any particular pitch.

BAP - What keeps an 18-year-old with athleticism and a nice bat from learning to play corner OF?

Singleton will be traded long before he's close to the Majors. He's pure tradebait.

Gotta love the Gtown angle: the problem with statistics is the awful play that goes unrecorded, not the inconspicuous beauty.

sophist: Probably nothing. I assume that's probably his future. If he continues to tear it up in the minors, I certainly wouldn't trade this guy.

BREAKING NEWS: Phil Niekro has come out of retirement and has signed with the Nats!

At Age 71, he is believed to be the oldest person to ever start a professional baseball game.

Charlie Hough's agent is fielding calls from several NL clubs as we speak.

So...yeah, Polly is having a busy night.

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