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Sunday, May 30, 2010


The bats need to come alive today. Not easy vs. Sanchez who is a pretty good pitcher.

I was quite happy to keep the Flyers on the back burner last night as I watched Halliday's performance develop. Watching him pitch on his "average" day is well worth it but watching Halliday when he's "ON" like last night is a real treat.

Congratulations to Roy for a well earned perfect game.

I'm still awaiting the "Somebody's gonna pay" offense that LA keeps saying is coming one of these days...That will be fun. Woulda been nice to have at least earned that one solitary run last night.

But wow! Terrific! I don't know that I've ever seen Ryan Howard smile so big (although surely he must have when the '08 WS ended)! It was really cool to see the joy with which the team all greeted Roy after that rare performance! Also to see the fans behind him, Phillies fans aplenty and even Marlins fans. And I thought it was just great that Doc credited Chooch and also cited Jamie Moyer's help in making adjustments during his work leading up to last night's PERFECT game!

In other baseball news...

How awful that Kendry Morales broke his ankle/leg by jumping in joy on home plate after his walk-off grand slam! Just a shame.

It's also a shame that oh-so-likeable Dontrelle Willis has been unable to consistently recapture his pitching acumen and has been DFA'd by the Angels. I say the Cardinals should pick him up when he becomes a free agent. If anyone can bring him back to form, it's gotta be Dave Duncan.

When is it officially time to start worrying about Utley? His average has dropped about 30 points since the game where he got slap tagged in the junk by Dave Bush (5/16). Then he sat out two games with "flu-like symptoms," and hasn't gotten back into a rhythm ever since.

I'm concerned about Polanco and the MRI results. I hope the next time the Phils face Hudson he gets a high hard one near the ear. Papa don't take no mess.

Baseball fans on Twitter should definitely follow @OldHossRadbourn. He's regularly hilarious, & has been en fuego today:

"Thog, put down that flint and wood. Only the gods can create fire! Pass me that polar bear skin." #JerryManuelStrategies

"What? Cross the Delaware and attack the Hessians in Trenton? But it is so cold! And it is Christmas! We stay here." #JerryManuelStrategies

"Airlift supplies into Berlin? Are you mad? It will never work! We'll use trucks, Commies be damned." #JerryManuelStrategies

"I know we could go around the Maginot Line. But let's try a frontal assault anyway!" #JerryManuelStrategies


Awesome how Geezer almost got killed and then calmly threw a first pitch strike to Helms.

Our lineup looks like something you never want to see past the 2nd week of Spring training.

This lineup is pretty bad, but they way they are swingin the bat right now, I think Valdez is probably 3 times as likely to get a hit today than Werth.

Love that Francisco. He'll probably turn it around if he gets a few hundred more balls hit to him, though.

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): "Polanco's MRI shows no structural damage. He has a Grade 1 muscle bruise and will get a cortisone shot in Philly on Mon. Amaro said Polanco should be ready by Tues. or Wed. in Atlanta."

Always good to see All-Star-in-Waiting Ben Fran get some much needed playing time.

Werth's obviously the guy who most misses Mick's guidance. He's always looked ugly even when hitting, but there's nothing like looking ugly while missing pitches by 8 inches.

I was enjoying the new lineup for all of about 2 weeks. Now we have this. I'll say it again. This is not their year.

Gee, that wasn't at all entirely predictable. 14 innings & counting since the Phillies' last Earned Run.

Last thing you evey want to see: a leadoff double and the heart of our order up.

... & once again, Francisco turns a routine Fly Ball into a source of agita. What a pick up!

Sure hope Uggla's "hit" into the center of Ben Fran's glove doesn't ruin back-to-back perfectos.

curt: The Official Scorer clearly knows that Francisco is too great of a talent to ever make an Error. He just needs more playing time to return to certain future HoF form.

We have become a very boring team to watch.

Either that or the Fish scorer is a clued-in BL reader.

One hopes that if Geezer is still carrying a no-hitter late, the scorer will correct the scoring on Ben Fran's error.

I practically slept through the game yesterday.

Phils' brownout continues in S. Florida . . . story at 5.

Don't see the point of Moyer arguing that HBP. It works for the Phillies when their hitter do it ... or at least used to do it. So long as the rule is consistently ignored for all teams -- & it is -- pitchers should just deal w/ it.

Amazing to watch Moyer's mastery of the Fish since '06 (13-5 in 18 GS with an ERA under 3.50 now). His numbers since he came back to the NL vs. Fish/Nats are 26-9. Rest of MLB he is just 26-26.

Phils' longest homerless stretch was 51 innings back '06. They have now past that. Didn't hear an update on their longest streak before that.

Well we got an interesting foul out of our 3-4-5 that time. Things are looking up.

There are 2 outs in the friggin' inning. Worry about the guy at the plate, dammit.

Not a bad throw by Schneider except it bounced once and was to the left of the 2nd base bag. Surprised teams don't run on him more often at this point.

Utley certainly has not been in a good place ince the flu like symptoms, but he has hit a few balls hard that have been right at people. Werth, in contrast, seems lost up there.

At this point I would be thrilled just to see the real starting lineup out there and healthy. I think that would cure a lot of ills.

The Marlins scored a run. Game = Over.

Still waiting on some offense....

I think Moyer's about done after that inning. The term "laboring" applies. The Marlins finally decided to be patient at the plate (anyone over in the Phils' dugout paying attention? anyone?), & Jamie was getting nothing in the way of calls.

Dave - Agreed. Moyer should not come out in the 7th even if it means somebody like Herndon.

To bad Paulino isn't "good in the clubhouse" because he's 5 times the hitter than a half a dozen catchers we've used lately.

MG: I find I'm far less likely to criticize a Charlie pitching decision when the Phils aren't scoring any damn runs anyway. Might as well let some guys throw.

Seemed like an awfully tight strike zone on Jamie, so I'm wondering about that first strike to Francisco.

Grabbing at straws here. They look horrific on offense.

This offense needs to get going. Can't be wasting good outings from Moyer!

Dave - Yeah. He really hasn't had to make that many tough pitching decisions lately because his starters have been very good & going late into games. That or the Phils are down at least a few runs late so it doesn't matter quite as much.

Charlie really is grasping if he's bringing in Dobbs to face a LHP. That's not a criticism, it just shows how much he's trying to mix things up & get something going.

Hey, remember back when the Phillies offense was scary and could put up a crooked number at any given moment?

Yeah, I miss those days.

Another good job by Moyer today.

Couple runs would be nice.

Didn't someone call the Phillies "an American League team in the National League"? The AL team being referred to must have been the Royals.

'Tentative.' That is the only word to describe Dobbs' AB there.

Somebody needs to burn 'Wonder Boy' into his bats and see if it gives him a spark. 1-20 with 3 BB is just brutal as PH. It like like watching Abe Nunez PH up there.

MG: Thanks for the reference to 'The Simpsons'; first time I've laughed all game. :-)

Dave - Who does he counter with there though? Polanco isn't even with the team & Francisco started.

Personally I would have just PH with Ruiz but it is always interesting to watch Fredi/Cholly managing decisions. Neither one of these guys will ever right on book on the 'Art of Managing.'

Huh. I'm so desperate for a smile I misread "Wonderboy" as "Wonderbat". It's a circular reference, though, so I'm not gonna rescind my own "lol".

Dobbs average - is that less than Brutlett last year? How long can the team afford to carry him?

If this holds up, the Phillies' last week of baseball will have included 4 shutout losses, 5 games in which they went without an earned run, and a grand total of 7 runs scored. I'm pretty sure you'd have to go back a long way into Phillies history to find a similar stretch of week-long futility.


There is not one person in the Phillies original lineup today hitting over .300

MG: You're right, & I would've put Chooch in, too. Maybe he's still hurting, though. Who knows anymore. Trying to find logic in Charlie/Fredi managing decisions w/out the added mindf*ck of an epic team offensive slump is hard enough.

The idea of the Phils exploding here for 3 or 4 runs seems inconceivable now; a couple of weeks ago I would have just been waiting for it to happen and surprised if it did not.

Dave - I actually meant about 'Wonderbat' too because Dobbs has looked like Homer Simpson at the plate lately.

'Stupid breaking ball.'

Count me among those who was cheering for Dobbs to become our everyday 3rd baseman in '07. It doesn't make me happy to say this. But if you can't hit and you can't field, you are of no use to the Phillies. I think he can come out of his slump but I have no idea how that happens while he remains on this team. It's time to move on.


b_a_p: You're being reactionary & short-sighted. Every team goes through offensive slumps exactly like this one, each & every season ... & sometimes several times in a season. I'm sure someone will produce a multi-set Venn diagram "proving" this any minute now.

WAS that an NON-intentional IBB?

Hanley's throw dogged it to 1st Base.

WTF Howard. Lunging at a piece of crap away on the first pitch after he had just thrown 4 straight balls to Utley. Big Man fail there.

holy - He threw Utley a 3-0 fastball but yeah it did.

Break out the Mariachi Band - Golden Sombrero for Senor Werth.

4 K's????

& how much $$ does he want?

A few weeks ago, I was aghast that Werth was going to leave after this season. Right now, I'm aghast that he's still in our starting lineup.

JW, you were given a gift pitch. Should have unwrapped it

I suck right now

Vic gets on with a hit. A nice sacrifice, then Utley is on with a four pitch walk. Nothing.

I cannot believe Werth has K'd four times today? And six times in the last two games? Can this get worse?

Looks like we're going to have to DFA Werth. Without Mick's binocs he can't even put the bat on the ball anymore.

can we get Mick wired up w/ a micro- cam?

A taller third baseman would have had that one.

Let's let our worst reliever pitch a 2nd inning in a game we are down 1-0.

Good call Cholly.

who is taking bets that will be the Fish's 2nd run?

75 innings since a Phillie starter has hit a HR.

Jaw. Is. Dropped.

limoguy - That is exactly what I was thinking. tommymvp vindicated!

Meh, you can't go into every series expecting a sweep. This loss is not on the pitching staff regardless.

Goddamn hitters gotta start earning their paychecks. This is painful to watch.

Golden Sombrero for Werth! Yeah, let's blow $18 million a season on him!

Careful now - pp is up.-- Wait careful Paulino is up to bat

actually RP - cancel that joke..

( the joke is the phils 'offense')

Herndon got the Fish to chase a ton of stuff out of the zone. Give him credit to keep this a 1-0 game even if it wasn't the smartest decision by Cholly to let him pitch a 2nd inning with a completely rested bullpen down only a run.

Yes, Werth's next contract should be based on this game. No question.

right now we could use a thome, burrell or or stairs as a PH..

The Channel 17 broadcast doesnt know Schneider is playing today.

For anyone fearing that you wasted the afternoon, just remember that you got to see an all-too-rare Ben Francisco start.


In 2008 there wasn't a starting player who hit .300, either. (Vic and Chase were in the .290's.)

These guys need to eat their spinach!

There've been hits here and there, and Vic seems to be doing a pretty good job, but he can't do it alone. No one is carrying the team with RBIs. Werth clearly was, now that he's cooled to the point of frozen, no one is. Not "Get me to the plate, boys" Howard, not Chase, not Raul. Not regularly.

I've never seen such a stretch with a complete dirth of runs from this team.

I'm concerned now.

Juan Castro vs. Nunez. Can you say miss match?

Somebody wake me when we fire Milt Thompson.

Great Patience at the plate

great situational hitting

Great Pinch Hitting...

Congrats Phillies - great game!

Ibanez dinks a fastball right to Nunez on the 1st pitch. Fitting caper to end this crappy offensive effort.

This is more than just a 'slump' right now. You have a couple of regulars missing (JRoll, Polanco), slumps across the board, and a shitty bench with no offensive punch.

I think GTown's right. The AL team these guys most resemble currently is the Royals. Ugh.

Yay - Great pitching.

Boo - Offense is still MIA.

0-6 RISP

I've tried to be reasonable lately, but 5 shutouts in the course of 8 games now... of those three games that weren't shutouts: the first game had the only runs that were scored come in garbage time down 8 runs, an UNEARNED run yesterday, and the BIG offensive explosion of 3 runs in game 1 of this series. There's a good case to be made that this offense has been shutout 7 of its last 8 games. Consider me very concerned.

Pretty good chance the Phils are going to come back to CBP on June 4th and find themselves in 2nd place going into that Padres series.

Talk about a buzz killer. Truly a horrific effort from the offense lately and it's spoiled some great pitching. Something has got to give here.

All things considered, the Phils somehow did find a way to take 2 out of 3 with only 4 runs.

Mets/Phils series earlier this year was a pretty big one & the Phils responded to take 2 out of 3 after losing the opener.

This Braves/Phils series is going to be the most important one though in an early series. Don't see the Phils getting swept but I do see the Braves taking 2 of 3.

"Hitting is contagious." That's what Whitey always said.

Evidently, the lack of it is also.

The offense is becoming offensive.


Rube almost has to make a roster move, right? Everybody else started shedding dead wood a few weeks ago.

Rube's gotta be getting peeved by now. He already said before this series, "They don't get paid to stink."

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