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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Speaking of Valdez ...

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): "Juan Castro says he is 100 percent healthy. Then, a ringing endorsement from Charlie: 'I’m concerned about Castro. He gets hurt.'"

There's been a lot of injured players on this team being declared, & declaring themselves to be, "100% healthy" this year. Might as well consider it a red flag choice of words from now on.

Unfortunately, players will rarely admit "I feel like crap today."

a coming news flash:
"100 percent healthy"
says Delahanty

"Victorino, Polanco, Utley, Howard, Werth, Ibanez, Ruiz"

We leavin shortstop vacant? Kendrick might not be quite THAT good.

Old Phan: The same words have also been used by the Phillies to describe Romero & Lidge. That might just be bad luck, of course, but I wish people would stop saying it.

What the hell happened to Castro. There's always something. He's hitting eighth.

Maybe it's a different standard and they mean 100% out of 135%.

Old Phan: ... or perhaps the classic sports standard of "110%".

GTown, exactly!

Oh sure. Now that I posted that, you change it and instead of a picky nitwit I look like an ignorant knucklehead.

Thanks a lot.

Truth be told, however, I'd rather be an ignorant knucklehead than a picky nitwit anyway.

A low stress game tonight. A loss would surprise no one. A win would be gravy.

I love Andy.

I hate Fox.

I am kind of indifferent towards Andy Fox.

From the last thread: @st: your argument is awful. I doubt the Phililes would let the Rollins make the call about coming off the DL. If anybody is to blame, it's the medical staff. As others have pointed out, all you have to do is look down the Phils bench to see how a player can be ineffective for a long stretch with a similar injury. Don't forget, Rollins is also playing for his next contract and despite never once publicly bitching about it, he probably feels like he signed what now is a very bad deal. With his age and now a potential lingering injury, he's losing money by the week. I'm not saying this is necessarily what Rollins is thinking as he tries to come back as soon as possible, but it's not unrealistic to think it hasn't crossed his mind.

@BAP: Mid-June? As I told my brother last night, f- it until after the All-Star game. Let him sit and get healthy, I don't care how great he claims he feels.

Also from a previous thread: I love this site, but if additional resources become available that help enhance our experience but keep the integrity of the site, I'm all for it. It makes me nuts that I can't post something from my blackberry. If I'm doing something wrong, I'm all ears. But it's never worked.

I hate Fox and MLB. Can't FOX at least put the games that are blacked out online? You'd still be watching FOX just online. Ridiculous that I have to watch a Mets/Yankees game.

Both KK and Dice-K are both prone to give up big innings. My bet is that both of these guys give up a multirun inning tonight and aren't involved on the decesion.

aksmith, thanks for mentioning your first game. Great box score. Mays, Cepeda, Duke Snider in hte starting lineup. McCovey pinch hits. Gaylord Perry comes on in relief as the 4th Giants pitcher with one out in the 1st, down 3-0, and pitches through the sixth. Bunning gives up homers to Snider and Jim Ray Hart in the 9th to blow the 3-0 lead. Short walks in the game winner in the 10th. Jesus Alou HBP to lead off, single, foul out, pick off, then three straight two out walks, then Dallas Green relieves to record teh third out. Dick Allen is intentionally walked with two out and a man on in the bottom half, then J. Hernstein grounds to first to end it.

I'm imagining some strong expressions of displeasure from the 27,000 in attendance.

pb: I meant mid-June was the ORIGINAL timetable for his return -- and evidently for good reason. I agree with you that, after this setback, he'll probably be out until July.

It's amazing how much weaker the BOSOX line-up looks in a NL stadium than an AL.

he's calling a low strike. got that one above the knee - mistake.

Since we're sharing, I recently looked up the Box Scores from the first Phillies (& MLB) games I ever attended, a Twi-Night Double Header vs. the Cubs at the Vet back on 30 July 1983:

Cubs vs. Phillies, Game 1

Cubs vs. Phillies, Game 2

Shockingly, I have discovered that Future Hall of Fame Second Baseman Joe Morgan committed -- *gasp!* -- an error in Game 1! :-o And, perhaps fittingly, the Phillies lost that first game I ever attended (they won the nightcap, though). Regardless, I've been hooked ever since. :-)

Looks like Tug McGraw pitched 3.1 innings in game one, G-Town. Back then relief pitching was in transition to what it has become.

If Glanville had played in Houston, would he have been a Wonk Astro, too?

Dukes: I realize that way of managing a ball game is no longer practical (although it has probably been taken to a farther extreme than is really necessary), but I miss it nonetheless.

So, Dave, you saw Bowa in a Cubs uniform and Rose, Perez and Morgan disguised as Phils. Too bad they didn't trade Bowa and Sandberg for Concepcion. We coulda had the whole Big Red Machine infield.

50 pitches in 3 innings for Dice-K and we are being no hit.

Phils close to smokin' him

Dukes: I have Yankees Mets on 6 channels (yes 6, even though I'm near DC) and the Phillies are blacked out on so I'm listening to it online. Stupid MLB/Comcast.

Nice throw by Howard . . . not.

Since we're on the subject, I saw my first game at teh Vet in '77. Phils won in 12. Only thing I remember is Downtown Ollie Brown hit a three run homer to win it. Looks like Sarge Matthews went 0 for 6 for atlanta, wearing the golden sombrero. wonder if he still has it in his hat collection?

Here's your inning MG.

can't see the game, what was with the throw? should they have had two?

So was he really safe? I can't see it. Stupid comcast.

Howard dropped a liner at first, then bounced a throw to Castro to force the runner. He got an out. Could've been two.



My first game was in '66 at Connie Mack. Phils lost.

What a crappy weak throw by Ibanez.

My 1st game was 1988 (I think) Phillies-Reds. Pete Rose was back with the Reds. Mike Schmidt hit a homerun and I got a Greg Gross button.

Hugh: Not to mention Ryne Sandberg (another fine entry into the Phillies Bad Trade Hall of Fame), a pre-infamy Bill Buckner & a young Joe Carter.

And speaking of the Big Red Machine, did you know Hall of Fame Second Baseman Joe Morgan was the only member of said team to win the NL MVP Award the years that squad won their World Series titles?

I don't know how Ortiz scored on such a shallow fly ball. He should have been out by a couple of steps, at least.

Hugh - That's the one. The thing I remember most? I had never seen a man spit as much as Duke Snider. Probably haven't since either. He had to be standing in a lake by the time he was done. We sat down the first base line in right field.

Dice-K's humping motion is a little weird...

I could be wrong here, but I thought I saw Ibañez pull up awkwardly at 2nd Base as Chooch grounded out to end the 2nd Inning. Regardless, Raúl looked unusually bad fielding Beltre's double, & made a seriously weak throw home later that same inning.

I did not know that about Morgan. Due to his humble personality, he never talks about those things on teh air. I didn't see Buckner's name on those box scores, although I still associate him more with the Cubs than the Sox. I did see Ron Cey on there. I hated that f*&%ing penguin.

I don't remember if it was my first game but I remember being at the vet with my parents when I was very young and asking them why the player on the other team was named Chili (as in Chili Davis). I'm thinking that was my first game...that's pretty much all I remember other than the fact that they had fireworks that night.

I was at some other memorable games, though...

Wes Chamberlain 3 HR game (I think it was 3)

Terry Mulholland no hitter (my uncle called me in the morning and asked if I wanted to go to the game - we were two of like 20,000 people to witness that).

The best was game I was at was game 6 of the 1993 playoffs against the Braves. My dad, best friend and I were there in the 700 level and will never forget it. One of the best nights ever.

By looking at gameday I am sensing the Phils are having some terrible at bats. None looked worse than Howards. They have been impatient of late.

This definitely feels like a no hitter loss.

Hugh: Your friend Cey hit 2 HR in the 2nd game. Buckner was played 1B in both games. Didn't commit a single error all night ...

"Posted by: Dukes | Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 08:34 looking at gameday I am sensing the Phils are having some terrible at bats. None looked worse than Howards. They have been impatient of late."

except werth's last ab

It figures the Phils would end up facing the great Matsuzaka Cy tonight.

And how is it that AL pitchers manage to lay down a bunt, but Phillies pitchers couldn't do it to save their own grandmas from a runaway locomotive?

For those who are blacked out: KK is getting squeezed a bit at home plate. I haven't noticed whether or not this is true for Matsuzaka, but I suspect that's the case considering his pitch count.

The Phils -- Utley in particular -- are hitting the ball hard, but they've been right at people. I wouldn't say they are hitting well, but they don't look like a team being no-hit through 4.

Ugh. Terrible pitch to Ortiz.

More weak sauce from Ibanez in left.

This is just a suggestion, but I'm thinking a professional athlete who has to run and dive onto the ground shouldn't have a giant wad of chew in his mouth while doing it.

That was predicatable. KK has had his moments this season but not against left-handed hitting generally. Continue to smoke him.

According to Jackson, KK hasn't been hit all that hard with the exception of that hit by Ortiz there. Is that true?

KK's pitching about as well as he can, but its a bit much to expect him to finesse his way through a lineup like this a third time.

Night all. I've seen enough.

Oh, this doesn't feel like a win.

I love FOX, MLB and Comcast. I wouldn't be able to stand watching this game!

First game I can remember being at was in 1972 against the Cardinals. I was five. The vivid memory of that day was Lou Brock hitting a foul ball that ricocheted off of a large woman behind us, bounced off of my mother, and landed in my brother's lap. I was pissed because I didn't get a foul ball.

My brother grew up to be a journalist. Many years later, at a pregame ceremony at the Vet, he met Lou Brock and told him the story. Lou enjoyed hearing it, and autographed that same ball for him.

Mess in Aisle 6 . . . Bastardo please get a mop and report to Aisle 6. . .

I could tell by about the 2nd inning that this night wasn't going to end well for Kendrick. Wasn't inducing ground balls, wasn't getting ahead of hitters & was giving up way too much hard contact.

It was only a matter of time til the Sox blew this open.

Living around a lot of red sox fans i just want to phillies to get a hit. I do not need to hear about dice-k no hitting us.

Pitches are up and the Sox are hitting him hard except the one by Drew.

Is Figueroa still even on the roster? Hasn't been used since May 3rd.

why is it too much to expect? -- maybe he needs to be @ LV or another team?

I'm blacked out but, from the radio broadcast, it doesn't exactly sound like Dice-K is overwhelming them. They've hit some balls hard, but in the wrong places. They obviously won't win, but I'm not too worried that they'll be no-hit. Not to mention that, at his current pace, Dice-K would have to throw 153 pitches to pitch a no-hitter.

b_a_p: I could tell after the 1st Inning - 1 GO, 2 FO. He was clearly doomed.

In all seriousness, though, folks'll have to real creative in their defenses of Kendrick after that mess. Kyle might have gotten squeezed some, but he was not pitching well by any measure. It was only a matter of time before it all came crashing down.

Figueroa is up in the bullpen! He's alive!! He's ALIVE!!! :-o

You could make a pretty strong case for just giving the whole bullpen a night off by letting Figueroa pitch the last 4 innings, even if he gives up 18 runs in the process.

77 pitches through 5 IP? Doubt Dice-K will be able to no-hit the Phils but this game is well in hand for the Sox.

Holy Mackerel and G-Town...didn't you know that you will get hunted down for saying that KK isn't very good on here? If I were you guys I'd run and hide.

I'm obviously biased, but I saw Kendrick throw a bunch of pitches which could easily have been called strike 3, plus a couple pop-ups that fell in (I'm looking in Raul Ibanez' direction).

Obviously, however, Charlie saw Ortiz and Beltre smoke a couple balls he had seen enough.

As for Dice-K: He's not throwing a no-no unless it starts to rain heavily.

I wonder if there's ever a night when BAP can "tell" that the night will end well for the Phils.

If the Phils' record was based on BAP's "feelings" they'd lose at least 100 games every year.

KK isn't any good, but he's what we got. It's hard to imagine a worst matchup for him than this one. He did what he could.

Nice job of Bastaro there in garbage time. Good time as any to get him some work. Ditto on Figueroa. I try to get him to give you at least 2 IP and possibly finish the game if he doesn't have to work too hard.

Scott: That's a great story! I never got a foul (or HR) ball, but I have gathered some decent autographs over the years.

MG: Might as well let Figgy work hard, too, if need be. Better to burn him out than someone Charlie actually uses on a regular basis.

Most vivid early game memory was attending Game 4 NLCS vs. Dodgers. Lefty was solid, Leczano hit a HR that didn't end up that far from where I was sitting in the OF, and the Phanatic smashed a Dodgers' batting helmet that enraged fat, windbag Lasorda. Good memory.

It was '83. I remember some earlier games but that was the most vivid one I have because of all of the emotion & noise.

Sold my tickets to this game tonight early this week. Going to kick myself if Dice-K throws a no-no tonight.

MG: The fat, windbag Lasorda still gets enraged by the very same thing. The Phanatic, naturally, remembers it every time he's around.

Franzke: "Hey Larry, do you remember Nelson Figueroa?"

L.A. "Still with us?"

Franzke: "Not only is he still with us, he's about to come into this game!"


G-Town...that's great humor from Franzke and LA. TMac and Wheels don't have that kind of abililty and it makes me sad.

I guess this answers my question about Figgy. I'm not hearing the game, but it doesn't seem to matter that KK didnt pitch well.

re: 1st games. My first game was May 31, 1964. Phils vs. Colt .45's. Art Mahaffey got the victory. My most fond memory was Dick (then Richie) Allen hitting a homer in the first inning, and my brother missing it due to a trip to the men's room.

I'm really glad folks have finally realized how good Franzke is. I've been convinced of it since 2007, but a lot of people (not necessarily here, but other sites) never seemed to give him much credit. The guy does a great job, and him and Andersen have a good camaraderie that comes through every night.

Figueroa is always at his best on 18 days rest.

Can an opposing team's fan jinx a no-hitter. Let's hope so.

Hmmm. Saturday night, Figgie pitching in the 7th, down 5-0, being no hit, TV blacked out...appropriate time to leave the Phils to fend for themselves?

Scott - Agreed. Franske struggled a bit but really did find his voice pretty quickly & developed good chemistry with LA. Good chemistry is something that you just can't force. You can tell that Franske & LA genuinely like other another & working together.

Contrast that to the TV crew where I get the impression that none of the pairings particularly like working with one another and that Sarge really doesn't like TMac & vice versa.

If we keep giving him quick innings, Tito might just leave Dice-K in...

Old Phan, my first game was that year against the the same team and Allen hit a home run to left center right over my head.

When do we start discussing DFA-ing Dobbs ?

Oh boy. It might be a special night, after that.

Great game - For Red Sox fans.

I just got offered a ticket for tomorrow. Very excited to go to a Halladay game. Anticipating it to go more like last night's game than tonight's. The potential is there, anyway. And I really hope the Phils don't let Roy down with the defense.

Well, this game really IS starting to feel like a no-hitter now. Nothing like getting no-hit by a pitcher who entered the game with an ERA over 7.

Mayer, that could have been the same game, since the home was over the left field roof. I cant remember what I did 5 minutes ago, but I'll never forget that.

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