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Friday, May 14, 2010


Repost from priot thread:

3rd string catcher; 3rd string SS. Arguably the 1, 2 defensive positions on the field.

When's the last time for that?

I thought we already got to the bottom of this? Our bullpen coach is NOT a cheater. He's just a pervert.

WP: Does trolling the stands for attractive women make Billmeyer a "pervert"? Hum ...

WP: I resent being called a pervert for checking out hot babes. I prefer "dirty old man".

Goody, I'm with you. As Monty Python said, "I'm not dead yet"

For the very few who care, the Flyers are down 3-0 in the1st.

Use of binocs during work hours to check out women skews more toward 'pervert' on the scale than simply admiring an attractive woman using the "don't stare directly at the sun" technique.

I'm all for checking out hot chicks, hell I'm a single man in his early 30's in SoCal. However, if I bust out the binocs in the middle of a meeting, it might raise an eyebrow or two. Just sayin'.

At any rate, he's NOT a cheater!

Is it a throwback night tonight for both teams?

I will be so happy when the Phillies promote the legend, Scott Mathieson. It will be so great not having to read about how much better this 26 year old, AAA pitcher is, over proven Major Leaguers.

From the AP:

DENVER — Rockies manager Jim Tracy is still fuming over the Philadelphia Phillies using binoculars in the bullpen.

Before Colorado played Washington Thursday, Tracy took exception to a comment he read in which Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was quoted as saying “keep crying.”

Tracy said: “We don’t cry here. I want to make that clear right now. We work very hard.”

The Phillies insisted Wednesday they weren’t trying to steal signs when bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer was caught on camera peering through binoculars from the bullpen bench at Coors Field on Monday.

Asked what he considered crossing the lines in baseball, Tracy said, “using binoculars, that’s crossing the line.”

Hasn't this gone far enough? If the Phils had a scout sitting in the OF seats, watching with binoculars, and relaying sign information into the dugout (as the Rox allege that Billmeyer did), it wouldn't even register, but it's basically the exact same thing. Can we move on now?

For pure entertainment read metsblog which is aflame with outrage over stealgate and a kind of delusional hatred of the phillies....
sample quote below...

Rollins doesnt really bother me much. He had one good year, which inflated his ego to epic proportions, since that year, hes been getting hurt, and coming back down to earth.

Victorino burns me up inside. I could make a list of the reasons I hate his guts, but it would be way too long.

Utley is a greasy, nasty dude. Who probably doesnt need to wear a batting helmet because of his hard, molded, hair. Its disgusting.

Jayson Werth looks like Michael J Fox at midpoint in his transformation to teen wolf. I keep expecting him to come out wearing a basketball jersey, riding on the roof of someones car.

Love the powder blue '70 road throwbacks. Especially fitting to see a guy like Moyer wearing one and the red stirrups.

Brewers not as much. Would look better in their circa '82 throwbacks instead.


" Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel says he should have stayed quiet during the binoculars flap in Denver earlier this week."


"The Phillies were in Milwaukee on Friday and Manuel says he shouldn't have said a word about the brouhaha. Manuel says he doesn't think he said anything derogatory about the Rockies but would be willing to talk directly to Tracy."


I figured it was only a matter of time before Charlie came to the conclusion that he might have been better served he had tempered his comments to the media.

Another night of playing with at least one man down. If Castro was '100%' as he asserts he would be in the starting lineup.

Ridiculous to play over a week at least a man down in the NL. Especially when there have already been 2 situations where they likely would have PH for Valdez if they had another SS.

3 men down tonight. I guess RAJ and Cholly figure the Phils are good with one hand tied behind their back

3-2 Bruins. I'm gonna have to tivo the Phils.

Those unis are sweet.

That was a shot. Good job, Ryno.

'bout time RYNO!!!!

I see Cecil is wearing his PJ's tonite.

Howard hit that HR just as Briere scored to tie the Flyers game at 3 ... great timing!

3-3. It would appear that the Flyers are actually good.

Wow, these uniforms bring back my childhood. I keep waiting for HK to introduce Michael Jack. Funny, I'll bet Jamie Moyer pitched against the Phils in these powder blues at one point.

Werth looks like Bake McBride in that uni.

Polanco is a much better third baseman than he's given credit for.

And for the first time in my life I turned on an ice hockey game (with the Phils on MLBTV).

It's the first time in a long time that I've watched a hockey game.

I think it's fair to say that Jim Edmonds' days as a Gold Glove centerfielder are behind him.

For those missing this to watch the flyers, some very encouraging stuff so far...

Sweet homer by Howard with two outs and a runner on in the first.

Polanco turned what I thought was a difficult double play.

Ibanez hit a double the other way.

That stuff needs to happen with our third stringers in the game.

I'm liking the unis, and the stirrups. And that Mets fan commentfrom their blog was spot on about Werth-- He does look like a man in mid-transformation to werewolf--funny comment!

Good job by Juan Valdez

Nice job by valdez...he was intentionally going the other way in a 3-2 count to get Ibanez to third and ended up with a double.

Valdez got a hit!! You know, he seems to hit better when there is not the opportunity for a DP.

GBrett, I was thinking that Valdez could hit a liner to short and he would catch Raul off guard and tag him for a DP.

Double Play ... Double ... now if only the Phillies could get Valdez to be able to tell them apart on a more regular basis.

I wonder if Moyer had any thoughts when he put this uni on about how the Phillies wore this combo when he was a kid.

Dukes, he thought, "Damn, I'm old."

Ha, Old Phan! I would not have been surprised-- and I had not considered that possibility.

Orel Hershiser's record for consecutive shutout innings remains safe.

Suddenly this isn't looking so good.

Toronto is beating Texas 11-9 in the 4th. Is this game going to look like that soon?

One could outfit a full-scale reproduction of a Spanish Galleon w/ all required sails, plus make uniforms for the entire complement of crewmen, by utilizing the material in Prince Fielder's pants alone.

Uh, Jamie, let's try to keep it on the ground or at least in the park.

G-Town, they use his pants as an auxiliary tarp in case it rains.

You kinda had to know this was coming after Jamie's last outing. The Phils will need 10+ runs tonight.

Turned back and when did it become 'Home Run Derby' at Miller Park?

Last time out, Moyer set the record for the oldest pitcher to pitch a shutout. Tonight he's trying to chase down Robin Roberts' record for most career homeruns allowed.

bap - how far is he away now?

At this pace, Geezer will get the all time HR record in the 6th inning.

What crap. Come on Moyer, try throwing underhand; you could not do worse.

Christ, I started typing after the first home run, and he gave up two more before I stopped typing.

10 HR in 41 IP so far? That is ridiculous.

Washed Up (tm)

Just thought it was important to say that.

On a similar note... Oliver Perez likely pitched his last game in a Mets uni tonight. Like Washed Up (tm) Moyer, he gave up 3 HR in an inning... along with a bunch of other hits and walks en route to 7 runs in 3.1 IP. He's done.

Perez's Final Line For NYM Tonight:

3.1IP 9H 7ER 3BB 4HR


Dukes: I haven't checked. I think he's like 4 away.

Geezer is only at 38 pitches. If he can his usual routine of '1-bad inning' and finish with a line of 6 & 4, that's fine.

His control hasn't been bad but just left a couple of very hittable pitches in the zone that were all easy HRs.

why do i have a bad feeling about this next half inning?

MG: On the other side, Wolf is up to 67 Pitches. Not good for Milwaukee.

Nice inning, Young Jamie.

That's why the geezer impresses me. The second you think he's lost it...

Looks like Rauuuuuul is doing his best to shed that Washed Up (tm) label I tried to put on him the other day.

JW can claim full responsibility for instigating the Beerleaguer Reverse Jinx on Ibanez.

The rest of us can claim full responsibility for instigating it on Valdez.

Raaaaúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúllllllllllllllll!!!!!! :-D

And what is up w/ Valdez tonight?! :-o

4-3 Flyers.

Gagne goal puts the Flyers up, 4-3. Less than 7 min. left in the game.

VIC !!!!!!!

"Victorino is flying ..."

Well, DUH, Franzke! That's his name; that's what he does! :-)

Has ayone ever hit for the cycle, and hit into a DP in the same game?

"Manny Parra up in the Milwaukee bullpen ... I think. We're kind of hesitant to use our binoculars." -Franzke

As a Caps fan, I'm awfully impressed with the comeback the Flyers are mounting. It's one thing to be down 3-0 in a series and get it to game 7. It's another thing to then go down 3-0 in Game 7 and score the next 4 goals!

I missed the Valdez triple to see the 4th Flyers goal. An embarrassment of riches.

I've found that hockey is actually kind of enjoyable when the sound is off.

It's also enjoyable if you can see the puck.

Bottom of the order had Wolf on the ropes, bailed out by Polanco & Chase.

Old Phan: HD takes care of that quite nicely. I think you see more improvement watching hockey in HD than in any other sport.

Raul lives!
Now as soon as the Phillies finish this double secret suspension Jimmy for being late to opening day, we can get back to running away with the division.

Franzke & LA trying to see who's warming up, but afraid to use their binocs.

Wow. Flyers won.

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flyers win the Game & the Series, 4-3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D

G-Town, absolutely.

Flyers win!

"Now as soon as the Phillies finish this double secret suspension Jimmy for being late to opening day, we can get back to running away with the division."

Now that is funny. Some real good laughs on Beerleaguer today for sure.

Good stuff as usual gobaystars

Hoover! Damn!
He's not that good, but they don't have to refer to him as the A-hole hitter. It's just not nice.

Now that's what I call defense.

"A-Hole Hitter" ... Damn. Now why didn't I think of that when Valdez was batting there?

Good hands, Manny. Good hands.

The Phillies are stealing the crap outta some signs tonight! :-)

I think I love Manny Parra more than Aaron Heilmann.

Is Parra short for paraletic? Manny's been drinking.

Gtown: Yes I've noticed so far with my new HD tv is that hockey looks great on it.

He's Parra-lized.

Who is this stiff Utley?

After all the complaints about the second year of Moyer's contract it's gonna be funny when we re-sign him this offseason.

Marlins win! Muck the fets!

These unis are giving me flashbacks. Waiting to see Von Hayes or Juan Samuel at the plate . . .

I don't ever want to see Von Hayes back at the plate.

Brian: LOL. I was actually thinking the same thing. Moyer seems to pitch at his best when he's on a contract push.

6 & 3 from Moyer despite not having the best control tonight.

Moyer looking tops. What a champ

Moyer for president!

What about that game when Von hit two home runs in the first inning and the Phils beat the Mets 26-7? I can remember it like it was yesterday. can you walk a guy only 7 years younger than you!?

bake: That was Von's shining moment. I remember listening to that game on the radio as a kid.

Charlie tried to push Moyer an inning too far. His extreme lack of confidence in the bullpen is obvious.

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