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Saturday, May 29, 2010


More importantly, the phillies have now scored in consecutive games!


doc halliday!!!!



Now Go Flyers!

A gem!!

Congratulations Doc!!!

You is Perfect.

Man, i am gon to get drunst aqs I can

YES DOC Halladay


Earl, you're half way there!

Yes we scored on an error but if not for the error last night the defense would now be on a 2 game donut streak of their own.

Ho-ly crap.

First Perfect Game I've ever seen start to finish, that was fantastic.


UC is 1 smart manager - putting in Castro and not Dobbs - - who probably would have butchered a couple of those hits to 3rd base

The recent slump notwithstanding, it's been said here many times, but it is a great time to be a Phillies fan. We have seen some amazing things.

Mackeral, great point. Dobbs doesnt make that last play.



These days it seems like pitchers like Doc... the great ones... have a harder time throwing no hitters because they're not wild enough.

More evidence of his mastery tonight? There was only one really difficult play, the one hop liner to Castro.

Doc Halladay... you are the man!

Yeah, that last play looked like it was going to sneak through for the ultimate cheapie hit.

So true Old Phan.

Never a dull moment. Living a dying with the Phils is what its all about. Ha!

The best part about the perfect game is that, because it wasn't against the Pirates, Astros, or Giants, it actually counts.

BAP: It was in florida's big stadium, so it was clearly tainted

All the regular posters who are out enjoying their Saturday nights, & weren't around to see this, will sure be sorry that they have lives.

I love my iPhone!
A Halladay weekend!
What a down and up week!

Roy never plays the BoSox wasn't a surprise that they handled him. Just like tonight is not a surprise. This is what a great player does. They come back and light somebody up after an off night. Roy just entered an elite inner circle. A great pitcher who ALSO has a perfect game. Yeah, its great that a guy like Dallas Braden got one too but this is so so much more cool as its always nice to see a potential HoF guy at his absolute best.

Oh, and that's Roytastic!!!

BAP, that's what's cool about being in California. I can watch the game on Saturday night and still go out.

I was actually out with my family at a friend's house tonight AND. I. MISSED. IT. -_-

Way to go Doc!

****All the regular posters who are out enjoying their Saturday nights, & weren't around to see this, will sure be sorry that they have lives.****

I was out all morning and all day...I'm so happy that we came home in time for the game. Totally by accident too as I thought it was a day game and that it wouldn't be on due to the blackout. That it was on was too perfect (hehe) in every regard. Now the Flyerse just have to win to make it a truly perfect night.

This has to be one of the weirdest baseball days I've ever seen. A perfect game, a pitcher knocked out by a line drive, a walkoff grand slam and then a celebration that sends the guy who hit it to the hospital. Holy crap.

Wow... just read through that last game thread and one thing is undeniable:

No one is more insufferably whiny than bap.

Sure glad the rest of us were actually able to enjoy that gem!

I honestly think 90% of bap's posts here are tongue-in-cheek.

Hot: Roy Halladay
Not: Michael Leighton

Most amazing part of this?

Doc was able to overcome his right arm literally falling off his body during pitch 132 just two starts ago.

He's a medical marvel.

Didn't realize there was a new post.

And so the Stanley Cup Game joins the Father's Day Game in Phillies lore.

With Roy joining Dallas Braden that makes two so far this season. Last time there were two perfect games in the same year was 1880. (Lee Richmond for WOR and John Montgomery Ward for PROV)

As Tim Kurkijan points out, this is just the 6th perfect game in history with a 1-0 result.

Flyers just scored a fvcking amazing goal!!!

Some of the regular posters mighta watched, but not posted. Like that EFallow guy.

NEPP: Roy didn't like all the attention the Flyers were getting.

Guess who else isn't all that hot? Antti Niemi (or however you spell it). This is quite the barn burner.

P.S. I would never think to post during a Pefect Game thread. Are you fvcking crazy?!?

I second doubleh and EFF... not a chance I was weighing in until that one was over!

i heard the eagles were thinking about announcing something important to outdo the phillies

So, yeah, its been an interesting week of Phillies baseball.

So here's the first comment out of a Yankee's fans mouth in another thread I'm on re: the Perfecto--

He can't pitch every day You’re going to have to score some runs eventually.


More trivia...

As the Mets await their first ever no-hitter in their franchise's history, the Phils become just the 5th team to have two perfect games.

Also... Halladay is added to the list of Phillies no-nos that I remember including Kevin Millwood, Tommy Greene and Terry Muholland.

You guys who knew it would be a perfect game are clairvoyant. You should play lotto now!

*i heard the eagles were thinking about announcing something important to outdo the phillies*

Ha, yeah, watch them announce they're going back to Kelly Green unis tomorrow just to grab a headline or two.

5th CG and 3rd SO of the 11 starts.

That Yankee fan is just pissed because Joba only made 1 out whils giving up 5 earned

Old Phan: I doubt anyone knew... but after about the 4th inning, I wasn't taking any chances. In fact, I didn't change the position I was sitting in, nor did I turn the sound on my computer. I would not be the reason a Marlin got a hit!

We were sitting around talking about how jinxes are silly, but decided we had to stay in our same spots throughout the game and no one was to do anything silly like hop on a computer.

A Perfect Game is a team effort and that includes everyone watching and cheering for it. Any jinx-worthy behavior is bad.

Just amazing...any no hitter and especially perfect games are great no matter who's pitching...but when its someone pitching for your team, and the teams ace as well...that's something you'll never forget. And yes, what you do in your living room does affect what happens in a game. I'm sure of it.

The Box Score from the game clout referenced (in the previous thread). Roberts went 17 innings, giving up 6R (5ER), 18H, 3BB, 5K, 1HR. Mercifully, he also got the Win.

Caught the game on my iPhone while at the DFW airport. Saw the last 3 outs as I was sitting on the plane as it was boarding. I love technology!

I know I shouldn't say it, but boy, King Cole has to be pissed. You know he wanted to throw the next no-no, let alone a perfecto. Congrats Doc.

That said, thankfully we got that 1 unearned run or we'd need Roy to pitch through extras to seal the deal. I can't even imagine the bitching about the offense if that were to occur.

I wonder what Roberts' pitch count was in that game.

So, does this mean we have to have a tamborine night every time Doc pitches?

Cole will have plenty of opportunities for a no no and he will get one someday.

BTW Doc thanks Jamie Moyer in his presser for his help on some of his pitch selection.

Jamie Moyer for our new pitching coach whenever he retires...

Yeah... I kinda doubt Cole is pissed about his teammate throwing a perfect game!

Geezus. I was at the Weber grill and listening to WPHT and Franzke? yaps "...through 5, Halladay has a perfect game..." (as Harry/Whitey might say, we're dealing with a "perfecto").

Not to jinx my latest lost cause -- aka Roy 'Perfecto' Halladay -- I immediately turned off the game. All I heard was 2 innings on the radio. Like I said above, Geezus. BTW, the wife and daughters

I figured the Phils scratched out a win. I saw the Flyers tie the game. Regardless of what the Flyers might do tonight, I might have a good cry… my Dad and I heard most of Bunning’s ’64 gem on the car radio and on a “transistor” on Father’s Day of 1964.

hh: Moyer won't retire, he'll play until he dies on the mound.

I can see Jamie's biography, "Oldest Living Phillies Pitcher Tells All"
None of us will be alive to read it, though.

What I meant to say was "... 'BTW, the wife and daughters' tied up the TV and computers throughout the Phillies game." Regardless, I believe. Phils rock; we're going back and spanking the Rays/Yankees/Sox/ whomever.

"He can't pitch every day You’re going to have to score some runs eventually.


I was actually thinking the guy had a decent point.

BAP: He had a point, but in a celebration thread which should be full of yay guys he decides to be an ass. Certainly that can wait for tomorrow?

I was actutally amazed that Beerleaguer posters, as a group, managed to never say a word about it until right around the 9th inning, when Kool Earl wrote some drunken post that alluded to the no-no. Personally, I think it's superstitious nonsense that, if you talk about a no-hitter, you will jinx it. But the last time there was a no-hitter going, and I said something about it on Beerleaguer, I got myself seriously chewed out. So I stuck with the program this time.

Dave: Thanks for the box score links. I actually listened to the end of the Haddix game. When the phils game ended, they mentioned it, and I found it on our trusty old tabletop radio that my dad and I sat at the kitchen table and listened to ball games with. I guess the airwaves were less crowded in those days, or some stations were really strong.

KOOL EARL: Check out the Roberts boxscore. Jack Daniels was the braves RF.

Congrats from a Mets fan -- that's awesome and must have been super fun to watch!

Classy gesture by the Fish: They dug out the pitching rubber and presented it to Doc after the game.

Good stuff.

"Doc thanks Jamie Moyer in his presser for his help on some of his pitch selection."

Interesting Historical Link: Robin Roberts also thanked Moyer for his in-game advice after the aforementioned 17 inning outing.

Fortunate enough to have both Jim Bunning and Roy Halladay's games in my viewing life.

Meyer, same here.

I loved Halladay's reference to "real" baseball fans in the park watching and cheering at the end of the game.

In the last 2 nites, Valdez, Ruiz, Castro, and Ibanez have 10 of the 14 hits. It's obvious that the Fish are using spanish signs, and Billmeyer has 4 helpers in the BP.

Charlie is a genius.

The first Phillie perfect game was also on the road, at Shea. And just like the Fish fans, the Mets fans were on their feet in the 9th inning cheering on the opposing pitcher - shocking this 9 year old spectator.

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that Castro and Valdez are actually the best hitters on the team. They learned to hit elsewhere without Mick's assistance, so aren't handicapped by the loss of it.

"BAP, that's what's cool about being in California. I can watch the game on Saturday night and still go out."
What? 7pm starts are perfect for going out. the games end just before proper bar/club arrival time. If you are out before 11 you are looking at a lot of empty barstools and dance floors.
That said, tonight I played it lame after that Turkey game and watching the Flyers/8th and 9th innings at the Piazza. But games ending around 10 is perfect.

hh: Well, yeah. But New York fans can't really be expected to meet the same standards of good taste that apply to the rest of us.

Just great. But now things can only get worse. Thanks a lot, Roy.

In 2007, I started paying $180.00 a year to get (nearly) all the Phillies games on DirecTV here in Idaho. So far I've seen 3 division champsionships, 2 WS appearances, 1 WS victory, a triple play, and now a perfect game. What a great time to be a Phillies fan.

The best part of this is that now a sane person has pitched a perfecto for the Phillies. It was annoying having our only one pitched by a conservative nut job so unteathered from reality. Thank you Roy.

This will sound funny, but I'm not even sure that was Halladay's best start of the year. I actually thought his overall command was much better in that 3-hit complete game shutout against the Mets, in which he threw 88 strikes & only 30 balls. But, obviously, the results were better tonight.

After the game, a reporter asked Marlins outfielder Cody Ross if it was embarrassing to be the victim of a perfect game.

Ross said it was not.

"Look who’s pitching," he said. "Roy Halladay. He’s the best pitcher in baseball."

According to Johan, Roy's not even the best pitcher in the NL Eastern Divison. I guess no one bothered to let Cody Ross know.

b_a_p: I was at that Mets/Phils game, & I agree. I think it's the best starting pitching performance I've ever seen in person, & I was also at Millwood's no-hitter. I'm not trying to split hairs, though: a guy who is as consistently dominating as Halladay deserves a night like tonight, & the place in MLB history that goes w/ it.

Everyone was at the Millwood no-no because everyone had last season at the vet sunday plans in order to get tickets for the last game ever. If i recall more than one of those sundays sold out.

GTown: Agreed. And I was, in no way, trying to denigrate tonight's accomplishment. Quite the opposite, actually. My point was that he's so dominant that he actually managed to pitch a perfect game without the A+ command that he had in the Mets game.

b_a_p: I didn't figure you were. I was just trying to preempt the almost inevitable accusations of negativity that were sure to result from such an exchange, esp. between the two of us.

As to your point, it's truly amazing the way Halladay can get the better of his opponents even when he's not "on". I thought he was noticeably struggling (although the home plate ump may also have had something to do w/ it) in his next start (after the Mets game) vs. the Cardinals, & he still managed to go 7IP & give up only 1ER. Just a brilliant pitcher.

Anyone know how they figure a pitcher's game score? Doc's was 98, the other PG was 93, and Cain had a 94 in between them. Also, Jamie's 88 got bumped down to 7th place.

I was around when Jim Bunning pitched his perfect game, but this time there's a difference. I can exclaim my joy on Beerleaguer. Yay!!!!

gobaystars, why such a jackass? Anyone who has a different opinion from yours is a nutjob? Baseball is a break from politics. Quit screwing it up.

Thank you, Doohickey!

Lou Marson w/3 doubles tonite, 2 off CC. He and Donald drove in 5 from the 8-9 hole.

The comments here are terrible for a perfect game thread. BL has some work to put in to match Roy.

What's up with the offense in our division? 3 straight shut outs, 1 perfect game and 1 no hitter? What's next? Meteor hits CitiField? Nats score negative runs?

Congrats on what have would have been a no decision on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Never thought he'd be able to pull off a no-no, let alone a perfect game. His groundball style, though obviously extremely effective, gives too many chances for something to sneak through.

Great game, unbelievable that it took a perfect game and a dropped ball to get this win.

Wow! Doc is truely a machine. Just goes about his business. And a class act as well. Thank God for Slingbox. Way to go Doc!

After a numbing week, it's really nice to see thm win a couple in Fla. Now we go for the sweep.

It's just a shame the Flyers couldn't pull one out too.

roy said jamie pointed out to him that his momentum had become too side-to-side and not as much back-to-front. he worked on that, and the rest is history. i prefer calling it the memorial weekend game as opposed to the stanley cup game.

Thanks, EFF. I'm glad to see that Buzz was wrong about the soda tax.

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