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Saturday, April 17, 2010


So far, Juan Castro has been a pleasant surprise with the stick.

Perhaps he really is a .270ish hitter with avg defense.

NEPP beat me to it. Juan Castro has been better than I think any of us suspected.

However, I went back and looked, and in 2008 when J-Roll was injured early in the season, Eric Bruntlett also had 6 hits by April 16th.

Of course, Bruntlett's line after that day's game was .207/.258/.310. Castro's line so far (small sample size alert!) is .400/.412/.467.

Bruntlett didn't get his 6th hit until June 5th last year.

Of course, it's still early. We should remember that although Castro hit .277 last year, he only hit better than .250 just twice in his other 14 seasons and he hit less than .225 8 times!

His defense looked better last night too...more playing time agrees with him so far.

Hopefully, UC takes note and stops letting Dobbs, Gload and Francisco rot away on the bench.

Utley (overall greatness), Polanco (batting avg), Howard (power), Halladay (everything) .... Happ (ERA)

One of these things is not like the other.

Yeah, Polly's avg is kinda empty...never takes a walk either.

Good point Jack.

I think we need to remember that these numbers are against only 1 decent pitcher. (Oswalt)
Let's hope the Fightin's continue once we see the Braves and Giants.
On another note, why wasn't game stopped last night due to rain. i was there, and it poured while they continued to play. I saw that the game in NY was called after 6. Luckily, no one was hurt on the wet field.

Rich, good teams beat up on bad teams/bad pitchers. That's how its supposed to be.

Most of the time, good pitching overcomes good hitting, regardless of the team. Right now, they're doing what they're supposed to do by destroying avg/bad pitching and teams.

Well, CBP is set up really really well to handle rain. They probably have a better drainage system/groundskeepers than NY. The field didn't look to be too slippery and the fielders didn't seem to be effected by the weather (slipping, sliding, etc)

And in reality, in this league, how many times are they going to face what qualifies as a tough pitcher?

They're winning. Lombardi was right; it is the only thing. Only the purest of purists would prefer a well played loss to an ugly win.

Some of the guys are putting in some great individual performances also and this makes things all the more interesting and fun to watch.

One big problem with Utley and the MVP race is his tendancy to wear down as the season moves along, in September especially. His outburst in October surprised a lot of people here, including me, considering the September he had. A lot of MVP voters weigh September more heavily than they should.

The other problem is he's going to have teammates taking votes away from him. Oh, and the fact that Albert Pujols exists.

I'm guessing Jack was talking about Happ's ERA. That is one empty ERA. But I think Happ will round into form over the next month.

I'd love to see Utley stay healthy and fresh this season. And god, it would be sweet to see Utley go MVP and Halladay go Cy on our way to more post season success.

klaus: Other than my man John Kruk, what player dosn't have a beautiful wife? That's not why we love to rag on Mr. Heidi.

Cole: It's not bad enough that I have pitch another day game, but it's a Sunday game.
Heidi: What's the difference?
Cole: You know how the guys like to party Saturday nite. They'll be drunker than the fans at 1 PM. I'll get no support.
Heidi: Why don't you go out WITH them. Maybe you'll pitch better drunk.
Cole: Really! You would let me do that?
Heidi: Sure. Just make sure you stay out ALL nite. Don't come home in the middle of the nite lookng for some action. And don't forget to wear that chastity belt I bought you.
Cole: Aw, Heidi, you know I have to sit down to pee when I wear that thing. I don't want the guys to see that.
Heidi: Use the ladies room, girly man.

What has impressed me is Ryan Howard, going the opposite way on singles and a great eye at the plate. Barry Bonds must have really imparted some wisdom.

Rich: It seemed like the umps kept the game going to give (I forget which Marlin) every chance to extend his hit/rbi streak. Maybe orders from above?

The phillies did play the worst team in baseball, Astros. But I dont think the Nationals are that bad. They are the only team to beat the phillies, they won their other series and are looking to win another series today. (Although against the Mets and Brewers) But I see them finishing at .500 maybe higher.

I think the only award Utley is focused on is that WS trophy. That's why we love Utley. For that matter, seems like all the team is focused on that goal. Team. Winning. WS. What a great group of guys!

Not that it wouldn't be wonderful for Chase to win MVP and for Doc to win Cy Young, too. A bit early to think about, but we can dream. Still, the best dream is of winning the WS, n'est-ce pas?

The Phillies could get some 'let's even it out calls if they stomp all over teams'. Umps can control the game somewhat if they choose to do it. What was Halliday saying after that check swing to the ump last night?

I think the Nats are slightly underrated as well. They're 3-1 when not playing the Phillies and their offense doesn't stink. Pitching is awful though.

Livan Hernandez has gone 12 innings without an earned run. Pitching could make the Nats a winning team.

Plus the nationals have SS in the minors and Wang on the DL. Their pitching can get better. I dont know how much longer Puge can keep hitting like he is.

Livan did outduel Santana, who saw that coming?

New promotion: Free Pepto Bismol Barf Bag night for all 21-45 year-old white male shlubs. If used they get a coupon for a free beer (not after the 7th inning) for the next game.

I know it's been mentioned here before, but Rob Dibble really might be the worst 'color' guy in baseball history. He makes these Nats games almost unwatchable. It's bad enough that he openly roots for the team, but the thing is, that's all he does. No insight whatsoever.

I have my issues with Wheels but at least when the guy talks (and he talks a lot), most of the time it's his observations of the game. Dibble's commentary consists of "YEAH ZIM!" or "ALL RIGHT J-MAX!"

heard the phils are intrested in Scott dwons, a reliever from the blue jays. he has preety good stuff

How did the Phils miss Livan 0.00 Hernandez, the Nats best pitcher?

With Strasburg mowing down minors and Wang in the hole the Nats could have a future ahead of themselves. The Phils beating was the best thing that happened to them.

we also lead in the fan-on-child vomit department. or is this topic banned here? Browsing the threads I don't see any mention of it, or maybe most people are sensibly trying to avoid the obvious conclusion that one idiot just undid two or three decades of progress on the image of the philly sports fan.

from the last thread, I don't think you'll see doc have a stretch like lee had in september when he had like a 6.00 ERA in 7 starts. that will not happen to him there's your difference

It sure is good to see the Mets imploding extra-early this year, too.

Mets may be the second worst team. They have 3 wins, one more than the Astro's. And their current road trip doesnt get any better, Johan today is their best chance at a win. (but when is this not the case)

Cliff, is it really an implosion? They're just not a very good team. Other than Santana and Wright (and MAYBE Reyes) their roster is pretty weak. Beltran is great too but he's on the DL. They're like us in the late 90s when we had Schilling and Rolen and nothing else.

Only a curmudgeon would mention how stupid it is to talk about stats on April 17th and say things like "You know perhaps (player's name) really is (skills as measured by an April 17th stats)."

No, dumb as a bag of doorknobs, he isn't.

**** "You know perhaps (player's name) really is (skills as measured by an April 17th stats)."****

The Castro comment is based on his numbers LAST YEAR...not his current .400 avg.

**** "You know perhaps (player's name) really is (skills as measured by an April 17th stats)."****

I dont know if I agree with this. The problem with it is; 'If not April 17th, when are their stats justified'?

clout, you make no sense until you've had enough to drink. Come back when you're not sober.

In the BL comment sections, stats are never justified, unless you're using them to make or prove your own point.

what kind of bag holds doorknobs and how many can it hold?

CJ is right that Juan Castro's .277 average last year was a fluke. This year's .400 average better reflects his true hitting skills.

Ask Premeditating Vomit Guy.

Iceman: I've been known to shout ALL RIGHT J-MAX, both alone and in public. Is there something wrong with that?

Klaus, it's alright unless you're having an intimate moment with your wife, your girlfriend or a stranger. If it's your sister, it's okay so long as you follow up with projectile vomit.

Maybe Howie is sharing his Bonds tips with Castro so his buddy JRoll gets proper time to heal.

Hugh, I'll bear this in mind.

Iceman: To each his own, but I like Dibble. He doesn't have much to get excited about but maintains a nice enthusiasm for the game and good sense of humor. As for insight, in that game in D.C. last year when Lidge had to be pulled mid-inning for Madson, he said "I don't care what they say, this guy's hurt." He was right.
It's obvious, too, that he has a great deal of respect for the Phillies.

So, i'm watching the Mets-Cardinals game and ZzZzZZzZZZZzzZ...Z.Z..

Hugh: OK, I've had 2 Manhattans (made with Ri, which I heartily recommend for those who are into throwback cocktails. Much smoother than the stuff from 40 years ago). I still think it's dumb to make assumptions based on April 17th stats. Please tell me why I'm wrong.

I hate to do this, because it will lower his popularity by 75%, but Klaus is my favorite Beerleaguer poster. Sophist is #2.

If JW wants to create a pay site with just posts from Klaus and sophist, I will sign up. But with the understanding that he pays me if I accidentally read a post from Scott.

And I should probably add that my favorite for Beerleaguer Rookie of the Year poster is Meyer.

ftljohn: The Mets are the most unwatchable team in baseball. A Twins-Royals game is more interesting.

clout - you're not wrong. I just couldn't decipher your post. is Ri Rye whiskey? I'm partial to straight bourbon. Never actually had a manhattan. tended bar for years and nobody ordered one, either. I'm looking forward to the old man's start tonight. I don't usually have any positive anticipation for his starts.

I don't really share clout's tastes when it comes to back-of-the-rotation starters, but we're on the same page when it comes to adult beverages.

Hugh: I love bourbon. I am a bourbon man. My current bottle is 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, although I'm partial to Gentleman Jack.

I occasionally will drink a cocktail from the early 1960s (It's the Mad Men influence) and a proper Manhattan is made with rye and sweet vermouth. Ri is a recent brand of rye. Kind of pricey, but very smooth and can even be drunk straight, which was tough to do with the ryes of 40 years ago.

I think people have different definitions of "homers". You can root for the home team and still report the game objectively. I dont have a problem with that. It's the guys that constantly make excuses for their own players, and never acknowledge the abilities of the others.

Brad Lidge pitched a 1-2-3 inning at Clearwater! I want to see 3 clean appearances in a row in the minors before he comes back up, preferably at AA or AAA.

Gentleman Jack isn't real bourbon.

let's see how this series and the braves series goes before we call the phils the class of the league..

of particular concern is the starting hurlers ( not roy) and our bp

let's see how ole man river does tonight.. whiny hamels does tomorrow

Wow beerleaguer just jinxed any Utley for MVP discussions.

Jonesman: Speaking of which, Romero has made at least 5 or 6 solid apperances between spring training & the minors. I have to think he's got to be getting awfully close to being activated.

Believe it or not. My favorite poster is B A P. The Phillies have become so good, he can not find anything to complain about. Easier to see that he is a knowledgeable baseball fan. Former favorite, NEPP.

I also had the Fox game on. The only time I paid attention is when they mentioned Holliday. I kept thinking they where saying Halladay.

"Watching" the game on How big / small is the strike zone?

Okay...this is brutal

Those were 2 pretty weak throws from Ibanez, especially the 2nd one.

****Believe it or not. My favorite poster is B A P. The Phillies have become so good, he can not find anything to complain about. Easier to see that he is a knowledgeable baseball fan. Former favorite, NEPP. ****

Screw that...I'm gonna win you back.

Oh brother.

Lookin good lookin good.

Moyer needs to sit closer to Halladay.

When is Blanton back from the DL?


holy mackrel

please stop - cut him - get someone else - he is awful!!

Gee, clout just insulted me. How terribly shocking. I guess he got tired of beating off to Kyle Kendrick pictures.


Moyer has given up two 5 run innings. Now lets hope he can go 6 innings of 5 run ball like he did in Houston.

NEPP, I prefer


You cool with that?

Good thing the Phils score 8 runs a game.

ohhhhhhhh brother ....

Since we are throwing out our preferred rotations, I wouldn't mind this:

5.J.A. Happ

I'm sure there are a lot of happy fans at CBP that originally thought they were paying to see Roy Halladay tonight...

rube was right - we should trade a cy young hurler... get ready for 2011 and beyond...

we already have a solid staff w/o him

KK/Moyer - Behold I am become a Starter the destroyer of bullpens!

NEPP: Worry not. By the end of this game, I suspect I will have done more than enough complaining to fall out of mike77's top spot. But at least Iceman won't have to wait long to see if I achieve my BAP tonight.

the phils hitters can't keep on digging the team outta of the holes the pitchers put them in

I think I'd amend the thread's title. "An embarrassment of riches" only appeals to our offense. The pitching is closer to just plain embarrassment. For a WS contender. Outside of Doc.

I know I'm generalizing. Happ and Hamels have some possibility. Blanton will return. BP has done the job most of the time. But this does look like the magic has run out for Jamie with regards to the Marlins, which means with regards to everyone. I love Jamie, but still...

On the positive side, our offense can come back, if Jamie can make the 1st his one bad inning and do well from here.

i didn't have a ticket to the game tonight, but it did cross my mind today how much it would have sucked if i did. everyone saw this coming a mile away. the FL marlins figured him out last year.

NEPP- What is with the Nelson Figgy fixation?

He is a scrub. No better or different then Moyer or Kendrick. He and Kendrick will both be back at LV soon, as "insurance".

And Pedro, even if he signed tonight, wouldn't be ready to pitch in the majors until early June at the VERY earliest.

We are stuck with Moyer until he gets hurt. Just win 3 out of 4 each week and hope for the best when he pitches.

****NEPP- What is with the Nelson Figgy fixation?****

He's a fill-in till Pedro is in game shape.

You cant have Moyer and KK destroy the bullpen twice a week.

The bright side of these Moyer and Kendrick implosions are that this year they are coming early enough that the front office will be forced to do something about it early.
DFA Kendrick right now and start Jose Contreras. When Blanton comes back, make Moyer pitch mop up.

"this does look like the magic has run out for Jamie with regards to the Marlins."

Yeah, Moyer has feasted on this Marlins lineup in recent years because they had a lot of young, undisciplined hitters. But several of those young hitters have really improved over the last year or 2. At this point, there aren't many better lineups in the National League.

The upside is that KK can easily be stashed in Lehigh.


Moyer makes me hate old people. Well, not quite ... but really close.

Yes, Moyer is a black eye to old people everywhere

Old Phan: More like a broken hip.

did we just sign josh fogg?

Don't hate Moyer. He didn't force Amaro to give him a two-year deal...

Schneider may have had no chance to throw out the runner, but that throw was awful. He's lucky it didn't go into the OF.

Not happy with all the successful running against us so far this year.

We didn't JUST sign Fogg and Fogg is not the answer either.

Jamie could be a swingman/6th starter but he's not a good 5th starter.

Neither is KK.

Nice inning by Jamie.

Anyone think it would be technically possible to install cell phone jammers throughout the seating areas of baseball stadiums? Force people to stop doing the 'Hey, can you see me...OMG, I'm on TV!?!' crap.

NEPP, good idea. It really is annoying.

On Jamie...its really tough to watch him struggle as I have always loved watching him work when he was on his game. The fact that a mid 40s guy with an 83 mph fastball could, at times, dominate men half his age was always a thing of beauty to me. It was part of why I think baseball is the greatest sport on earth. The only parallel from another sport I can think of is watching a guy like Chris Chelios play top defensive hockey well into his late 40s.

Maybe that's why baseball is my first passion and hockey is my 2nd. There is just something magical about watching it.

I probably missed an announcement earlier this season, but is Jim Jackson going to be the new middle-innings play-by-play radio guy? Ugh. I've really warmed up to Franzke after the past couple of years but I don't think I'll ever get used to Jackson.

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