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Monday, April 19, 2010


You hate to lose any game, but my takeaway is positive overall. Hamels having a "vintage Cole" outing is of far more significance than the bats' cooldown.

There will be peaks and valleys for the individual players, and for the offense and defense as units as the season unfolds.

I realize that however much I am enjoying Chase Utley's torrid start, he isn't going to keep up the pace that would result in a season where he bats .340, hits 80 homeruns, and bats in 160 runs.

Just trying to enjoy the rides while they last, because just as the slumps end eventually, so do the hot streaks.

Hamels ERA+ is now 119 for the year and his peripherals (WHIP, K/9, K/BB) are all in keeping or better than his 07/08 numbers. His xFIP is a sparkling 3.13. He's back pitching like he's a very solid #2 again. And he has been all season, the results just haven't shown it.

Hamels will be strong this year. Everyone really needs to lay off him. He came up big in a day game the day after hearing yet another pitcher (Happ) might be out. Its not his fault the offense disappeared.

Halladay and Hamels can win us a WS if the offense does its job. They can pull a Johnson/Schilling off if necessary as between them, they'll be able to start 5 of 7 games in a playoff series.

In Madson's defense, guys started sitting changeup on him late last year and in the playoffs. He's basically trying to rewrite the scouting report on him in the early part of the season by throwing more cutters and curveballs. Overall, that's not a bad thing to do but it does have some short-term issues for the team.

Glad to see Hamels throw a game like that. The idiots that constantly bash this guy can go sit in a corner for a while now.

"Just saw KK v. Hanson in opener of Braves series. Hmm...3rd loss in a row?"

There's never a sure thing in baseball, but if you're ever tempted to raid the piggy bank, this would be the game.

Tough game to lose but the BB Gods were not with us yesterday. The GR double would have scored a run, Jayson's tag play may have worked, Utley just missed that ball in the 8th. Overall, Cole pitching well will boost his confidence and him pitching well this season is way more important than one loss.

The Phils have a great offensive team but this game proves once again that good pitching (and the Fish had good pitching this weekend) will stop good hitting.

Lidge had a 1-2-3 inning this Saturday. As I said before, I was looking for Lidge to start shutting down these hitters around his 6th or 7th outing. I'm not sure what number outing this was for him, but this is a big step. There was no mention on his velocity, but I recall reading he was at 90-92 after his shot, and once he gets into a big league game there should be an increase.

I'm not ready to pencil in Lidge as the team's closer, but I'm now cautiously optimistic.

MG: The curve was a factor yesterday because he threw them for strikes or they were around the plate. As I said, he doesn't need to throw it for strikes or throw it often- but it needs to be around the plate.

The cutter is fine and it was better yesterday but it only does so much for him. The curve will be more effective if he throws it like he did yesterday.

Good to see the standing ovation from the crowd yesterday, the fans respected a good outing from a once great and hopefully future great pitcher.

However, with all respect to Cole, I hope Lake Fred continues to entertain us with his Cole & Heidi dialogues, thay are now a BL must read.

Madson seems to end every season with solid #'s, but doesn't it always seem like he lets crucial runs score?

Ibanez looks absolutely horrible! Every swing is week and is producing crappy groudballs to 2nd.

From my blog this morning:
"The Washington Nationals and Houston Astros are two of the worst clubs the National League has to offer, and they just so happened to be the Phillies first two opponents of the season covering the first 9 games. Naturally, the Phils bent them over Deliverance-style and sprinted out the gate to a 7-2 record. This weekend brought the first real test to the Phils and they failed. The test- the Florida Marlins, a real team, real competition. Does this mean Good Competition = Bad Results? Probably not. This is the Phillies, and you know their offense is going to cower into the foxhole at times, then come back guns blazing. Trust in the process."

Its interesting that in the first two games Cole pitched, he had middling results and gained 2 W's. While yesterday, he pitched like an ace and got the L. Overall, he is right around where he should be stat-wise for the season - 2-1, 3.86 ERA, 1.23 whip, pitching like a solid #2.

good, it looks like we weren't only ones irked by larussa the other night...

Loved how Hamels pitched yesterday. And a day game, yet! Hope to see more of that: Use the curve to change the eye level, early/ahead in the count. Use the Fastball 45% of the time, use the change as the out pitch.

Even if they know what's coming, hitters have a hard time preventing it when Hamels is pitching like that.

On Werth's no-go, my impression at the time was that he was tagging and hten put on the brakes. clout's comments this morning seemed to indicate he was cheating down the line, which was not how I saw it on TV. Of course, I didn't actually see it on TV since the picture only gives you the outfielder, then the runner. Anybody want to set me straight on that?

How many non-starting pitchers did LaRussa have left anyway?

Roy Halladay is the man stats of the day:

Halladay leads te majors in inings

Halladay is only 32rn in Pitcher Abuse Points behind Brett Myers

Halladay is 6th in the MLs in Ks with 21, to go with only 2 walks to date.

Halladay is 7th in xFIP.

Halladay is #1 in baseball in overall value to date.

Halladay is #1 in VORP for pitchers in baseball to date at 11.7 (which is also #1 overall in baseball to date)

Roy Halladay: Better than advertised???

I hate Madson's cutter. And the more he uses it, the more I hate it.

This guy should just stick to trying to be Trevor Hoffman and forget about trying to be Mo Rivera.

Madson is a fastball, changeup pitcher. As good as his change is and as hard as he throws, that is really all you need as a 1 inning reliever. I have no idea why he keeps farting around with the cutter. Its not what got him to the spot he's in now anyway.

And when is Cholly going to stop using his closers in the 9th inning, of games they are behind in? Lidge always seemed to get lit up in those situations and Madson seems no different. You have 19 different relievers out their in that pen and its a mid-April game. No need to start playing like its September 10th.

Francisco needs AB's. Dobbs needs AB's. Polanco (at his age) doesn't need to be out there EVERY day. Ibanez (at his age and his dwindling effectivness) CERTAINLY doesn't need to be either. Get those guys some AB's, Chuckles. This is not rocket science.

Was watching the Mets-Cards game last night on ESPN....
Despite the intense rivalry and dislike of the Muts, I found myself routing against the Cards. LaRussa is an all-around jerk. On Saturday, he damaged the integrity of the game. Through his deeds, he basically threw a game. Multiple innings pitched by a position player?! A pitcher in LF?! Come on!

TTI - "The curve was a factor yesterday because he threw them for strikes or they were around the plate."

He threw just 7 curveballs and only 3 of them were strikes. Didn't miss a bat which isn't unusual because Hamels doesn't usually miss bats with his curveball (now below ~6% in his career).

He also threw just 2 curveballs (1 strike) through the first time through the lineup so it was like the hitters had to really look for it either.

Curveballs by game:
April 7 - 5 curveballs, 0 strikes (5% of total)
April 12 - 7 curveballs, 3 strikes (6% of total)
April 18 - 7 curveballs, 3 strikes (7% of total)

He hasn't missed a bat all season with it. So he has only thrown 19 curveballs this year so far, 6 for strikes, and not missed a single bat with it so far.

When you boil it down, the curveball is still a bit that Hamels uses very seldomly, can't throw it for strikes, and almost never misses bats with it. That's is what the data says so for. Non-factor.

Maybe that changes over the year but to assert that the curveball has been important one way or the other to Hamels' success/struggles this year is a real stretch to say the least.

Frankly, I would like to see him throw less cutters (he did yesterday) in favor of more changeups and 4-seemers especially if he is locating them like he did yesterday.

I don't mind seeing Hamels mix in the curve especially when he is ahead in the count and though Ruiz did a great job yesterday of calling for it in spots. It likely isn't going to be a big factor this year either way on whether or not Hamels is really successful.

denny b - I don't know why Madson is throwing his cutter nearly 25% of the time either so far in the early going. He needs to keep it in his arsenal but no reason he is throwing that much. It isn't a poor pitch necessarily but when he misses with it seems to get smoked like the one Uggla did yesterday.

Madson is a 1-inning reliever who is usually throwing 15-20 pitches. Maybe 1-2 cutters in there with the occasional curveball. Not 4 cutters like yesterday.

There is no reason for Madson to throw a cutter to a righty. He is able to throw a fastball with some movement in to a righty, and he should be throwing that rather than a cutter. Hell, he can even toss a curve out there sometimes.

Since Madson's change is so good, I don't see much of a need to throw it to a lefty either.

I agree with MG - throw only one or two and outing.

****How many non-starting pitchers did LaRussa have left anyway?****

None...though Lohse and Penny were likely available as it was their side throwing days. And he could have had a couple of his relievers throw more than 1 inning but he chose to go with Mather and Lopez instead. That entire game was a travesty on his part.

****A pitcher in LF?! Come on!****

Surprisingly, Lohse actually played a fairly decent LF. He had a couple of nice catches. I would suspect he'd probably have a better defensive rating than having a guy like Adam Dunn out there. I suspect he'd be a better 1B than Adam Dunn too. I suspect my dog would probably be a better defender than Dunn too...but that's somewhat unrelated.

If St Louis is baseball heaven, doesn't that make La Russa a god?

At least that's the attitude he portrays.

****If St Louis is baseball heaven, doesn't that make La Russa a god?****


NEPP- Good one, I stand corrected.

Honestly, in the long run Hamels will need both the cutter and the curve. It will take some time before he figures out the right mix and the right situations for each. He's learning that now. Once he gets some control and experience with them, 4 pitch Hamels will be better than 2 pitch Hamels.

Madson could use a third pitch. As a pitcher, you have to adjust your game as the hitters adjust to you. His fastball and change can be hit, we have all seen that. You can't just let hitters pick one and sit on it, that puts the odds too much towards the hitter. Either a cutter or a slider would be good for him. And again, he's working things out with it right now and we are feeling some growing pains.

I'm with Vic on Hamels. The hitters must be thinking "I'll guess that hittable cutter this pitch" and whoa its the change.

On the Werth play: he was tagged up, and faked toward home to 'draw a throw'. The point of which is to watch where the throw is headed and take off if it is off line, which it was. The problem is Werth didn't look, he turned his back and was walking back to third when the throw went awry and hit off the backstop. He screwed up, and should nave scored.

Jonesman - that's what I thought but, I didn't think it was a fake. Certainly, if you are correct that he didn't leave before the catch, turning his back on the play and not watching the throw tends to indicate he was not faking to draw a throw. He at least should have been following the play until it was over, whether he would have broken for home or not. That latter proposition is doubtful as he would have had to wait for the throw to pass hte cut-off man who, to me, inexplicably failed to cut it off letting it bounce and carom off the backstop to the pitcher who may or may not have had a play depending on Werth's jump.

Watching the game live, I thought Werth had tagged up and stopped about 10 feet down as well. I don't think he would've had to go back and touch the bag before running home, if he had seen the bad throw.

Whether he was running on the catch, or just after the bad throw, a run should have scored on that play.

Hugh- drawing the throw (maybe fake was not the right word) is one of those things you are supposed to do that almost never works, which I think is why Werth got lazy. The problem is this is one time when it actually would have worked! The throw hit the mound and missed everybody. If Werth would have been 1/3 down the line and watching the play like he should have been, I think he would have scored fairly easily.

Jones - you and I had the same interpretation - he went through the motions and quit on the play. Honestly, clout's version squares better with Werth's reaction but, I saw it the way you did. The Florida play by play guy seemed to agree with us.

Was at game and had good view of werth play. Off the bat, looked like Ruiz line drive would drop but Maybin was shallow and got good jump. Werth at first broke for home, thinking it was a hit, realized his mistake and then went back to the base to "draw throw." But aren't fundamentals on a linedrive to stay on the base, and then if it drops, you walk home, and if not, you tag, especially with pitcher up next? Bad baserunning or bad coaching by Sammy P.

Maybin is probably a gold-glove CF at this point...though him actually winning is another matter. There have been several balls that he had no business being within 10 feet of that he caught easily.

We're seeing the real Sam P. coaching 3rd this year.Get to see Aumont tonight.

MG: You're leaving out parts of my statement because it better suits your argument to do so. I said the curveball is effective whether he throws it for strikes or not as long as it is around the plate. If he misses well out of the zone all the time with it, then it is a complete non-factor.

Of the 4 not called strikes yesterday, 2 were close. the one to Ross just missed inside.

I also said- he doesn't need to throw it often. Just enough that hitters have to think about it. If you ask any pitcher in the majors they would tell you that changing eye lines is a key. The curve for Hamels can do that if he is close with it. If he misses badly with it then it is a completely ineffective pitch.

CD - Thanks for the eyewitness confirmation. Maybin is impressive in CF. We've seen nothing but stellar CF play from the opposition this year.

MG: "When you boil it down, the curveball is still a bit that Hamels uses very seldomly, can't throw it for strikes, and almost never misses bats with it. That's is what the data says so for. Non-factor."

And what does the data say for his career? I suggest you look at pitch f/x

perlozzo had zero, I mean zero, to due with werth yesterday. all he told werth yesterday was run on contact if it's on the ground. it had nothing to do with him. and if you think it does, then you're a fool

Clay: I was also at the game and your account is 100% correct:

"Off the bat, it looked like Ruiz line drive would drop but Maybin was shallow and got good jump. Werth at first broke for home, thinking it was a hit, realized his mistake and then went back to the base to "draw throw."

Jason: Almost never disagree with you, but if Werth tags up and Maybin makes even an average throw, he's out easily. It was NOT deep enough to score on, especially given Maybin's cannon arm. And I'm not sure you need to force things in the 4th inning, especially when your bats are against a 4th or 5th starter. Of course, things didn't turn out as one would expect.

Maybin has a pretty good arm...I wouldn't send Werth on it.

Even UC thinks LaRussa's move was crap:

"Charlie Manuel watched the end of the Mets-Cardinals 20-inning marathon after the Phillies lost to Florida on Saturday night.

He was somewhat irked at what he saw.

St. Louis manager Tony La Russa used two position players to pitch the final three innings of the game. He chose not to use his other starting pitchers.

Manuel has never managed a 20-inning game. He also has never used a position player to pitch in his managerial career and said he'll never do it.

"I'll be damned sure trying to win that game," Manuel said. "It means just as much as the next one."

For that matter, Manuel wouldn't even give an answer when asked as to whom his first option among the position players would be as an emergency pitcher.

"Dubee," Manuel said, referring to his pitching coach, Rich."

Yeah, as long as you don't blow up your bullpen for the rest of the week trying in vain to win that never ending game.

clout - When I did do the article for TTI this winter for the Phils Annual and we ran the numbers from 2008-09 Hamels only used his curveball about 12% of the time, got swing and misses on it only 5% of the time, and got a called strike a little over half of the time.

Yeah he did use it a bit more in 2008 than he did in '09 and so far this year but it is a fair statement to make that Hamels doesn't miss bats with his curveball (5% is nothing special at all and is less than his 4-seemer and pales in comparison to his changeup) and doesn't necessary get strikes with it.

Didn't say Hamels should abandon it but the article last year stating that Hamels really needs to use his curveball alot more is bunk.

Matt Schwartz over at Baseball Prospectus really went through the numbers and the difference between '08 and '09 really was just that Hamels had more bleeder singles get through the INF and had less LD caught even though they at the same pct. It really was largely luck.

TTI - I don't disagree with you that it helps Hamels to have a relatively effective curveball. It always helps to have another offspeed pitch.

All I am saying is that it really wasn't that much of a factor yesterday and likely won't be going ahead this season. He will probably end up using it about 8-9% of the time, while mixing in a some more cutters, and decreasing the amount of 4-seem fastballs and changeups.

What I don't want to see is Hamels continue to throw less notably less changeups in favor of his cutter or curveball.

very minor flexor pronator strain in happ's forearm. will miss the start on wednesday, throw a bullpen thursday and then return to the rotation

MG - I think if you asked Hanley Ramirez he would say that Hamels curve ball was a factor yesterday. If it wasn't, he wouldn't have bailed and got called out on strikes on it.

Now, were other parts of his performace bigger factors? Probably. But unlike past outings, he showed the Marlins that he could throw his curve and so it was one of many factors that helped keep them off balance. To say that his curve didn't play a part in his sucess at all is missing the big picture.

MG: I agree that the career stats show that Hamels gets strikes on his curveball most of the time (75% according to Fangraphs).

great..3 game series against a good hitting team and kendrick and moyer are two of your pitchers. Why dont we just mail those two losses in

Clout - Where does Fan Graphs say 75% of the time that Hamels gets strikes on his curveball?

really you guys, already mailing in 2 losses? real fans right there

Clint: So, "real fans" only come in one variety? They have to be blind optimists?

bap: For the record, you don't have to be a "blind optimist" to believe the Phils can beat the Braves with either Kendrick or Moyer on the mound.

However... I hate when anyone tries to define what it means to be a "real fan."

Fangraphs doesn't appear to have any information about how often a pitch is a strike. I think Clout is mistaking the velocity averages in parentheses for strike percentage. Hamels' curveball averages 75 miles per hour, which is probably what is confusing Clout. Is that what's going on Clout?

According to Fangraphs' pitch values, Hamels' curve was a slightly above-average pitch in his first full year, 2007, but has declined in each year since, to now being below-average, which pretty well lines up with my view of watching the guy. I thought his curve would be a weapon when he first came up, but it's now not all that an effective pitch, though I think all he needs is to occasionally throw some like he did to Hanley yesterday. The "Hamels needs to develop new pitches" storyline was way overplayed this offseason.

CJ: I thought the Phils would easily take 2 of 3 from the Marlins (Halladay, Moyer & Hamels + the scorching offense, minus J. Johnson), & you see how that turned out. Regardless, Clint must be a native of St. Louis, because optimism, esp. of a blind sort, has no precedent whatsoever in the annals of Philadelphia sport.

Also, I'm currently enjoying watching the Cubs/Mets game on ESPN. Always nice to see Soriano stand at the plate watching his majestic HR blast smack off of the wall. He should have been at 3rd & barely made 2nd. As a result the game is still scoreless. I don't know if it counts as optimism, but I am thankful every day that I was not born into Cubs fandumb ... er, fandom.

Jarred Cosart tearing it up for Lakewood tonight. 9 Ks thru 5.

There is a huge gap between expecting losses and "blind optimism". It is a place where the vast majority of fans reside.

Cosart's final line: 6 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 0 R, 10 Ks, 1 BB.

He worked mostly off his fastball and he was a pretty good one that generated a good number of swings and misses. He was sitting 90-94 through the innings I listened to on BlueClaws radio.

A very impressive outing.

We expect to lose 80 games and still win the Central Division. Tony is a genius and we trust he will take us to the World Series again.

As a Cards fan, how did you feel about his throwing of the game?

Well I spent way too much time in Cardinal land and its pretty much black and white out there. Christians and Heathens, Cardinals and Winter. I checked the Phils schedule and was ready to throw the games to the Brewers but its too early in September to risk that.

Now if the Phils clinched it in August and I was Charlie playing the Brewers in September, I would rest the staff and pitch Castro, Dobbs and Gload.

not blind optimists, but if you really dont think this team has a CHANCE to win every game they play, i dont know what team your waching. this team has to much heart to have "mail" in losses

I am a Blind Optimist with Kyle Kendrick and an Opened Eyed Realist with Jamie Moyer. I become a Cardinal Fan with Halladay.

Red Sox are now 4-9 after getting their a$$es kicked today during the annual Patriot's Day game. It is their worst start since '96 and my friends who are Red Sox fans are kind of panicking about their lineup which seems to be full of a bunch of older, slower plays.

Kruk was on ESPN Radio today and was basically saying he doesn't think the Sox have the lineup to compete with NY this year. Basically, observed that they have several nice hitters but no big bopper who can carry a team. I guess we'll see. One thing I expect, though, is that Tampa can give the Yanks a run this year. Too bad nobody will be there to see it.

Hugh: Tampa/St. Pete doesn't deserve a good ball club any more than S. Florida fans deserved 2 World Series titles in their first 11 seasons. Both franchises should be contracted. MLB has no business there.

Boston's played 4 teams. 3 of those teams are probably the best in the AL (Tampa, NY, Minnesota). They'll probably win 90 games but miss the playoffs. Way too early to panic, though.

I wonder how much of the low-level concern there is in PHI is a result of the novelty of baseball. I don't mean to call out anyone in particular by that (I was just incredibly bored this afternoon and listening to ESPN 950), but there are far more people following the Phils on a daily basis than there were 5, 10, 15 years ago. Not much talk of Happ's injury which has to be a much larger concern than two days of slow batting. Phils were 9-9 against Florida last year. They're a tough team.

G-Town - no argument on the fan support down there. Never been to either area. You'd think they'd be able to draw a crowd in Tampa, at least, since they have air conditioning.

Hugh: I lived in Orlando & Gainesville for 10 years & attended games in both Miami & St. Pete. The Vet at it's emptiest was a madhouse compared to the utter desolation of watching regular season baseball in Florida. I can also say that, while A/C & protection from the rain was nice, no baseball experience I've ever had was as odd as watching a game indoors. Balls hitting catwalks & birds flying around under a domed roof ... it's simply not right. The Sunshine State's MLB season should begin & end w/ the Grapefruit League.

One other noteworthy thing about this weekend. Robertson is very good against lefties (.266/.315/.374), an OPS about .150 below that against RHB. These numbers are inflated by struggles (injury-related IIRC) from 07-09. In 2006 he held lefties to .181/.221/.269. In his 3 games so far this year lefties are hitting all of .077/.200/.077 against him (16 PA).

His FIP and GB% and IFFB% suggest he's due for a painful fall to earth, but his handling of Howard and Utley isn't too surprising.

Sophist - Agreed. It is far from a horrendous record and they have played probably the 3 best teams in the AL.

That Red Sox team in '96 had overachieved the year before when they won the AL East and they came back to earth in a big way that year. This Boston team has much better pitching than that team although they do have a bunch of players who might be nearing the end of the road/on severe decline.

Will be interesting to see what happens when the Marlins open their park in '12.

MG, without getting into an in-depth discussion of some other team's strengths and weaknesses, I can only partially agree. That Sox lineup would be something else if Ortiz and Cameron were in their primes and they could get JD Drew to play more than 130 games. But they have plenty of offense as is (Scutaro is an underrated addition), and there is something to the emphasis on run prevention. They'd be favored to win any other division in MLB. While no excusing a 4-game sweep, they're up against the game's elite. What would the Phils' record be with that schedule?

Dave: I've been to Florida several times. Never got to anyplace nice like the gulf coast or miami. mostly lots of Daytona with some Ocala (with the forest on fire), Jacksonville and Gainesville. The climate was not agreeable but, the people were worse. Often because they were very transient's who'd worn out their welcome in places like PA. ;)

I agree with you, Florida got all the baseball it warrants in the Grapefruit League.

I read somewhere that the Phils aren't necessarily skipping Happy's start tomorrow as they're moving it back but, it was pretty undecided. Any newer word? Won't be safe enough to spare us from Kendrick but, he's due to put together his best effort. That last outing was embarrassing.

Sophist - But the Phils don't thankfully play in the AL East because if they did they wouldn't have gone to the playoffs the last 3 years let alone won their division.

They just have to struggle against these teams when they face them in Interleague play.

What ever happened to that Bostonian Zak Farkes?

LV had 2 runs and 3 ejections tonight in their game.

Romero only threw 6 strikes in 25 pitches and took the loss. Looks like he is in mid-season form.

If Happ needs to be DL'd, I'd look for JC to be activated this weekend for the Arizona series and he would take Jay's roster spot. Figgy Fever would get the start in Phoenix on Saturday, with Kendrick hurling on Sunday.

denny, you're predicted rotation looks likely. they're still listing Sat. as TBA. Do you know who would be in line to start for LV on Sat. night?

Prediction for Kendrick tonight - he will lower his ERA from 17. 5.1 IP, 4ER, No Decision. I'm taking hte night off.

Hugh and Denny: My guess is they'll hold Carpenter out of the LHV rotation later in the week, and that way, if they need Figueroa out of the bullpen, they'll use him and call up Carpenter. If not, Figueroa can take the start Saturday and they won't have to make a move.

Jack, sounds like an even better guess at their plans. Hopefully, Happ can take his next turn and it's moot. If things follow form, Figueroa will get the decision tonight.

I am looking forward to the Charlie Manuel/Bobby Cox matchup tonight. These weathered veterans should have some fun working the game against each other this year.

Zak Farkes was released.

So here we are 2 weeks into the season having already enjoyed multiple brutal starts from KK and Geezer, and already contemplating brutal starts from Figgie and Carpenter. Thank goodness Rube dumped Lee...or if you prefer, "restocked the farm."

yeah, lee on the dl would have really changed things these first two weeks.

Little known fact (apparently): It would not have been physically possible for Lee to run into Chris Snyder and hurt himself anywhere in the state of Florida in March of 2010.

.233/.342/.356 - .698

Braves as a team so far. Kendrick should have a better time vs ATL than WSH it seems.

Alright sweet, so with Lee the Phils would be like.. 10-2 instead of 8-4!

I can understand why people would like Lee on the team, but the first two weeks of the season shouldn't be a reason.

just when the cliff lee wound scabs over, someone picks at it again, and hte blood flows

The Phils (along with Oakland) are the biggest underdogs in Vegas today. Seems about right.

Another little known fact: This is not the first time Lee has missed time with his current injury.

TTI - Excellent point - it was a good move to dump Lee because he might have gotten injured if we kept him!

curt: Yeah, cause that's what I was saying. You were trying to be funny and pointing out that Lee's injury was caused by Snyder. I pointed out that he has had this injury in the past and it may not be directly related to the Snyder thing. Perhaps you should read some more before you try to be smart with people.

TTI - and your point is (or was), if it wasn't as I described? That the collision with Snyder didn't injury Lee? That it was inevitable, because he had had a similar injury in the past? Or what?

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