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Friday, April 16, 2010


0-2 with a 0.56 ERA? What is he playing for the Padres? Just kidding of course.

Hopefully Mother Nature won't treat him like Pedro...

Can't afford to have one of thoese games where the starter only goes 2-3 IP and then they a lengthy rain delay.

I attended the beginning of Halladay's previous game at CBP. Day game that ended around 730 PM with two rain delays. Didn't make it to the end to see him, though.

He just came in for some middle relief, guess he was bored not doing anything 4 out of every 5 days.

This Halladay guy might just be a keeper.

This Halladay guy isnt bad

Terrible strike call there to Polly...easily Ball 4.

bases loaded with that walk...oh wait.

I love seeing Ryno get an RBI single the other way

That's an absolutely routine DP ball without the shift. Nicely done, Howard.

This sucks because there are two vicious looking lines of storms coming right at Philly right now.

Nice job of Ryno going the other way.


Bases Loaded?

Juan Castro?


Looks Like Charlie's idea to move up Halladay one day in the rotation backfired. Thunderstorms should enter the area in an hour or so.

Just started to pour here in West Chester and moving east rapidly. This game is likely going to be delayed in the next inning or so.

Juan Castro is a machine...maybe he is actually a .270+ hitter.

Maybe we were too quick to judge him?

Castro can hit a little.

MG...there is a HUGE line of thunderstorms incoming and a 2nd line behind that...this will be bad really fast.

Castro is 5-13 with 4 RBI. Not so bad.

Alright, now Roy can concentrate on the no-hitter.

Crap. There goes the perfect game.

Well, that was the worst jinx I've ever caused.

Who is the imposter at the plate pretending to be Castro?

Unikruk with the almost instantaneous jinx.

Castro/Utley Gold gloves!

Great play by Castro.


If the rain robs of Halladay, we're gonna need all the runs we can get...

Polly wants a jacker.

Lest you think the Phillies have all the runs they need with Halladay pitching, just keep reminding yourself: if there's a long rain delay, we could well see Kyle Kendrick.

Well, KK is rested if nothing else.

2 GS, 5.2 IP for 2010...ridiculously pathetic.


Rain delay as soon as this half inning is done...guarantee it.

Damn, its raining hard

"Those are bigger than rain drops, those are cats and dogs."

I would still be happy with a Halladay 5 inning CG. Nearly ecstatic, actually.

Jimmy who?

Franzke sure doesn't like carjackers.

MG's in the dub-c, too? And I hate calling it the dub-c.

Can we just concede the next two innings and have Halladay get 9 out right now? They can even leave their runners on base until we get 9, for all I care.

Thirst cam kinda awkward considering yesterday's incident.

uh oh, they just showed beer on tv. Sodom and Gommorah in S. Philly.

The Placido Effect has been pretty big thus far, huh?

Another RBI for Castro. What was all the complaining about?

57 pitches now for Sanchez

This game has been great for Castro's LTDSBS (little things that don't show up in the box score) rating.

Regarding yesterday's, um, "incident," when I saw the person responsible, I thought: "Worst picture of Zagurski I've ever seen..."

Nice...good work Roy.

Uggla won't be getting a GG anytime soon, will he.

Stupid play by Uggla

have comments been disabled?

Uggla is brutal to watch in the field sometimes...remember the allstar escapade?

Halladay let that first runner on just to set up the DP.

F#*#(Iing hell.

He can hit a little bit, though...

Well, that made up for his lousy fielding. He's 4-6 against Doc.

Fish announcers are comparing Utley and Uggla as if they are equals.

a big flash to bang time on comments posted. Oh well.

Scott: Hah! I can see that. That kid made a number of crucial mistakes such as throwing up on a little girl and two law men, including the arresting officer, and for not ducking his head and *obviously* clumsily hitting his eye against the door of the car when he was taken away.

Do we want the game rained out now just because Roy's ERA went up?

A homerun allowed followed immediately by a 3-pitch strikeout. Take note, Cole.

Still under 1.00 as far as ERA goes...despite this "rough" outing.

bap, its almost as if he knows how to buckle down and bounce back. An odd concept.

Anyone else feel as though the 'coach dugout interview' during the game is a distraction?

I believe Cholly does, since he's never been seen in one.

Uggla actively campaigning for that gold glove.

Dan Knoblauch!

his name is...

Fish announcers are far less annoying than Sarge...and they are slobbering about the Phillies. Its actually nice to hear another team's announcers praise us so much.

****Anyone else feel as though the 'coach dugout interview' during the game is a distraction8***

It feels like to me that something bad happens everytime they do one.

NEPP, even my wife commented about that the other night while we were watching the Nats game. The announcers spent most of the time talking about how good the Phils are.

Anyone else notice that Werth still seems to be holding back just a tad on his hip? Even on that tag up at 3B, he seemed to be going 90% full speed instead of all out. I wonder if its a chronic issue...albeit a minor one.

MPN: I guess he must be related to Brett Myers, right?

When the other team's announcers' question of the game is about Roy Halladay, yeah, your team is good.

Clearwater vs Lakeland

JC Ramirez

5.1IP 6H 3R 3ER 2BB 6K

Game is official now, right? Oh and btw, 1-5 hitters and Halladay are seemingly automatic this year!

Ibanez looks so uncomfortable

That Heyward kid is batting .343 now for Atlanta.

I'll be the first to admit that slumps come in different forms. But when Ibanez was slumping last year, it was pretty clear from watching his ABs that he simply wasn't seeing the ball well. Now it just looks like he can't catch up with pitches anymore.

Ibanez is kept around for his glove, not his bat.

Didn't look uncomfortable on that play.

2/3 of the earth is covered in water

the other 1/3 is covered by Raul Ibanez

Halladay must love pitching for this team.

Raul "Say Hey!" Ibanez

Roy is on pace to go 9 again...and then have to do a BP session to get his work in for the day.

BAP - I don't want to admit it, but you're right.

Great call by Vic.

Wow...what a catch.

Wow. Fantastic catch.

I can't believe Maybin caught that... great play

NEPP: I didn't think Maybin had a chance in hell at that ball. Pretty amazing that he got all the way over there for that play. Until I saw the replay I thought he might have trapped the ball. Great play on his part.

That was an incredible catch. He had no business being near that ball.

Glad the rain subsided.

Brown got pulled in reading after 1 AB. Anyone know whats up ??

Damn nice play by Maybin

79 through 7.

Who else did the Tigers give up with Maybin for Cabrera/Willis?

Maybin is a great young player.

Talk about efficient pitching. From dugout to mound to getting it done to dugout.

"At least he threw it back and he didn't throw it up" -Marlins announcer on Phillies fan tossing back the Uggla HR ball.


The Man

NEPP: Andrew Miller was one, but I think they got like 6 players altogether. Not sure if any of the others are noteworthy.


Utley would appear to be locked in right now.

pitcher Andrew Miller, catcher Mike Rabelo and minor league pitchers Eulogio De La Cruz, Dallas Trahern and Burke Badenhop


Andrew Miller...that's who I was trying to think of.

Fairly solid trade..

Nice hit Jayson.

Jayson Werth: All he does is hit doubles.

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