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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ahhh, who else is glad to see Juan Carlos back??? I think I'd be pretty comfortable with him going in the 9th, or using him as the LH match-up guy in the 9th if he shows that he's throwing well.

According to the Twitter, Wheels will be with LA on the radio tonight due to Franzke's wife giving birth. 9 innings of resplendent TMac and Sarge awesomeness on TV. Nice.

"I formally make a motion that Halladay start all the games for the rest of the season."

Dan, if it were physically possible for Doc to do it, they might win 145 games.

looks like dubee and amaro said they are pretty positive that happ will not be out for an extended time

This should be another close game with these veterans throwing. Have to say that the defense that was on display last night was mesmerizing - all around team victory.

Whoa. Yankess just turned an around-the-horn triple play. Pretty cool (even though I despise the Yankees).

It definitely more than the usual amount of injuries we've been accustomed to the last two years. Still think Jimmy's absence is being felt despite the play of Castro. Runs are down. Missing another dynamic contributor.

It's no big deal that injuries, etc. are leading the offense to struggle a bit right now, as Lowe is only 6-1/2.56ERA/1.081WHIP lifetime vs. the Phillies.

Aw, crap ... :-S

I'm glad to have Romero back too. But 9th inning guy? No way. He's far too wild for that role.

Since coming to the Phillies, Romero has generally done a remarkable job getting himself out of the messes that he invariably creates with his horrific wildness. But one of these days, he's going to fall off the high wire, as happened with Boston & the Angels. I just hope it isn't this year.

Wow - they got Ichiro at first on that around the horn triple play? Seems hard to believe unless he tripped or for some reason was late getting out of the box.

Oops. Oakland. Not Ichiro Suzuki, Kurt Suzuki.

Say - JW: the "jump to latest comment" hyperlink links to a previous thread.

I haven't heard much regarding Polanco, is he good to go tonight?

All these little 2-3 week injuries are really annoying me. Now Carter and Gagne out for the year, really cramping my style.

b_a_p: Well, emphasis is on the second clause of my sentence: if he is throwing well. But, come on, really? Madson has allowed runners to score, earned or unearned, in 5 of his last 6 appearances.

Jeff: Polanco is out tonight. Dobbs is starting at 3B.

On my last I meant to say that he has allowed runners to score whether they were charged to him or not in 5 of the last 6... and in the last 4 straight.

MPN: Well, besides being wild, Romero's not really a guy I want facing tough right-handed hitters. His career numbers against righties are pretty poor. You'd like your closer to be someone who has the stuff to succeed against both left-handers and right-handers. As bad as he has been in closing, Madson is really the only guy in the Phillies' pen who meets that description.

Of course, this brings me back to Jack's point of a few days ago. There's really no rule that you HAVE to have a single guy as your closer. There is nothing wrong with playing the matchups in the 9th inning, just as you'd do in the 7th or 8th innings. As I recall, Cholly actually took that approach for a brief time last year & it worked pretty well.

b_a_p: Fair enough, but I accounted for that possibility in my initial post, too! You barristers!

bap: "But one of these days, he's going to fall off the high wire, as happened with Boston & the Angels."

Well, I'm not surprised by your pessimistic fears, but I'm not quite as concerned as you are. Romero has his faults but has been very effective since 2002.

2002: 81 IP, 237 ERA+
2003: 63 IP, 91 ERA+
2004: 74.1 IP, 135 ERA+
2005: 57 IP, 129 ERA+
2006: 48.1 IP, 69 ERA+
2007: 56.1 IP, 244 ERA+
2008: 59 IP, 161 ERA+
2009: 16.2 IP, 160 ERA+

So, yeah... he was really bad in 2006 (although much of that was due to a stretch of games from Mid April to Mid June where he posted a sparkling 11.42 ERA). Other than that, we've just got a below-league average season way back in 2003.

It's not like we're talking about a guy who's been wildly inconsistent. He's had an ERA+ of 129 or higher in 5 of his last 7 full seasons and pitched well last year until he got hurt.

bap: Although I agree with your point that Romero is not my choice as a closer. He's too wild to be put in that spot and he does much better vs. lefties. He's very good in roles he's been used in in the past.

I hope Jamie has a pal behind the plate and its Bobby's blood boiler.

Tonight's Lehigh Valley-Pawtucket pitching matchup is a nostalgia lover's delight: Brandon Duckworth v. Fabio Castro. Even if you're not into nostalgia, the game's worth keeping an eye on, as I believe Lidge is supposed to pitch.

Poor Drew Carpenter....oh well.

Honestly these injuries aren't that bad. It was about time the injury bug hit us, and I would MUCH rather have half the team on the DL now than in August and September.

Just wonderful... I'm stuck listening to Wheels all night on the AtBat audio feed because Franzke's wife can't pick an off-day to pop out a rugrat.

I'm looking forward to Heyward v Moyer.

Phillies Red: I've never seen a 650ft. HR, either.

Gotta love Utley's swing.

Nice work by Ryno.

Great job by Chase to advance like that.

Line drives. What a sight.

Utley now 3 hits away from 1,000 ...

How come Werth didnt swing at the 3-0 pitch?

Pretty weak throw there by Cabrera. Utley is The Man.

If the Phils score 1 more run they'll have scored as many in 1 game vs. Lowe as they did in all of '09.

Why is Chris Wheeler on the radio. Who is doing TV today with TMac?

Werth gunning for a gold glove in his walk year.

So, question: Do you think we'll ever see a defensive team as good as this again? Gotta be fairly equivalent to the 1980 team (renowned for their defense).

Well that very easily could have been 3 straight singles there. We need Moyer to miss some bats.

Some luck in his bad inning. I hope this was his 5 run bad inning.

Ground balls will work for me. Moyer thrives on great defense.

sifl: But the luck works both ways. Chipper's hit was just a dribbler that could easily have been an out. And it probably would have been if Rollins were in the game.

Anyone watch the Nats game today. Finally Livan got beat. 8 innings 4 hits 2 solo home runs. Lost to Jimenez.

How is he pitching this well?

NEPP: I'd rate the current Phils even better defensively than the 1980 squad. Yeah, there's a drop at 3rd (nowhere to go from #1 but down), but overall I'd take Now over Then.

well, 39 pitches for Lowe so far...good sign for us.

I must say, Wheels is not bad as a radio play by play guy

Well, there's the answer to that one. Wear it!

And don't rub it!

***NEPP: I'd rate the current Phils even better defensively than the 1980 squad. Yeah, there's a drop at 3rd (nowhere to go from #1 but down), but overall I'd take Now over Then.***

I'd give the 1980 team C, 3B and CF as better defensively.

The Bull vs. Ibanez is a bit of a wash. Neither is around for their glove.

I'd give this team 1B, 2B, SS, & RF.

Turns out if you give your bench guys starts, they start to hit too.

Dobbs finding his stroke. Castro has rallied the subs.

Good patience by Jayson and Chase.

Ryan's scouting report tonight must say "first pitch fastball" or something. No other reason for him to swing at the first pitch both times.

Great situational baserunning AGAIN by Utley.

Prado/Escobar won't be accepting their GGs anytime soon.

Jimmy Who?

That has to make you love Phillies "D"

I really, really hate to admit it, but GBrettfan is right: Wheels isn't bad at all on radio. In fact, he's quite palatable.

Ugh. I feel all dirty now. :-S

Great way to capitalize on that error. Braves are looking like the Marlins.

That looked just a bit low/outside to me.

Ruiz is right to be vexed. That was no strike.

Like Sarge long as Moyer gets that call too.

Through 2.1 innings, the Phillies have already almost doubled their run total vs. Lowe for all of last season (19IP, 3R). Love that Braves 'D' ...

71 pitches by Lowe through 3. Keep it up guys.

Love how Jamie's not getting the low strike.

Good recovery Jamie.

Well, that's a bad call.

Braves announcer says Vic beat the throw

Get play by Chipper, but awful call.

Close but Vic was safe by an inch.

Really giving Lowe the break he needs here.

Remember back when ties went to the runner? That happens less & less nowadays.

If the ump had gotten that call right, Vic would have stolen 2nd on the first pitch to Dobbs, stolen 3rd on the next pitch, and come home to score on Dobbs' fly ball.

Vic looked safe. Oh, well.

Ahh, the good old days ....

Knight - Franzke's wife went into labor early. She was due May 6th, which coincidentally is LA's birthday.

Gamewise, it's nice to see the bats supporting Moyer. He's yet to have his trademark one bad inning per start, hopefully this lead will hold.

@ bap: Are you saying Lowe checks the baserunner less than Lidge?

Tough hop there for Dobbs. Good play.

Starting pitchers are getting scary.

Maybe Blanton can pitch some long relief when he gets back.

Lowe has 96 pitches through 5. That's good Billy.

Blue forced Raul to swing at stuff well off the plate.

Ibanez just looks like he's done.

Raul looks like he did for the entire 2nd half last year where he was "injured".


Raul hung in there, but to no avail.

If only we had a legit OF on the bench that could start.

This from Braves radio PBP man:
Moyer with a 5-run lead as a starter is 117-0

This umpiring is BS. Lowe was getting all sorts of calls that Moyer's not getting.

Might want to get the bullpen up. This could be "THE" inning.

Jamie's fading fast, it appears...Get someone up in the 'pen, Charlie.

What the hell was that.

Oh great. Now the floodgates open.

Chase Utley, you are NOT the man on that one.

Nuts. Easy DP there.

This is what happens when we start praising the defense.

what just happened? watching on gameday

Motherfvcker Utley

Great play by Castro.

Utley Knoblauched the ball.

WOW, what just happened? When has Chase ever had two errors in the same inning?

Utley sucks.

Did someone earlier in the thread say that Utley is a better defensive 2nd baseman than Manny Trillo was? More spectacular, maybe. But far more blunder-prone.

That was just a ridiculously bad defensive inning by Utley. Probably just lost his gold glove bid there.

Not too much damage there, and Jamie wasnt getting the calls he should be getting.

On the other hand...Castro looks fantastic at SS so far.

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