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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Gload in RF? That should be interesting. Hope Werth stretched out before the game. Raul and Gload on either side of him...ouch.

NEPP - "good for a 17 year old" is a bit of an understatement. Would be interesting to find some recent 17 year olds in SAL. He's up against a bunch of 20 year olds. Also, Santana has struck out in about half his AB so far. That's a lot no matter how you look at it. The walks are encouraging though.

dennyb will be ecstatic when he sees this lineup.

Considering that we're not hitting, I have no problem with the concept of emptying the bench. But I'm not sure it's a great idea to put such a weak defense on the field when you've got Kyle Kendrick as your starting pitcher.

Santana has a chance to develop into a AS level player...or he might not make it past AA.

Considering he's playing full season ball when most American prospects are HS juniors is highly encouraging either way. He, of course, has some problem areas (that K rate) but the rest has been very very impressive. He's the kind of guy that might be a MLB starter at Age 20 if it comes together.

I'll always cherish the day Matt Stairs personally lost a game out in RF last summer, followed, of course, by incessant demands on BL that he get more starts.

Kyle can hit RoLo.

curt: The truth is, Eric Bruntlett and Abraham Nunez would have been .300 hitters if only Cholly had given them more playing time.

Wow Dobbs. Charlie is a genius.

our new lineup rules!!! DOBBS

Cool. Now we can dump those bums Vic and Polly.

Trust the gut!

Hmm . . . the gut seems to be dialed in today.

These bench guys should play more...

Does anyone really doubt that players need playing time to be more effective?

Well that could not have started any better for Charlie and his mishmashed line-up.

Ibanez's bat accidentally hit the ball a couple times yesterday. Now it's back to being pathetic again.

Nice inning, KK.

Great inning by KK.

Prediction: Wilson Valdez leads off this inning with a homerun.

Never mind. Didn't realize he hadn't hit a homerun since 2004.

Hey! Do you see what I see? KK's ERA is below 7!!!

Baseball is a strange and wonderful game...

Looked at Dobbs' stats in a Philly uniform and the conventional wisdom is that he hits as a starter.

Yeah he has decent lines as a starter in a Phils' uniform but he actually outperformed his numbers as a sub in '07 & '08 than a starter.

Dobbs starter
07 - .266/.319/.436 (98 G/259 ABs)
08 - .287/.321/.583 (47 G/150 ABs)
09 - .309/.340/.489 (28 G/103 ABs)

Dobbs sub
07 - .292/.368/.508 (64 G/65 ABs)
08 - .329/.358/.487 (62 G/111 ABs)
09 - .150/.227/.217 (69 G/60 ABs)

Kyle can hit RoLo.

Polanco has cooled off a bit too the last week:

4-20 with 1 XHB.

Just hopes that Dobbs has a decent enough day at 3B defensively.

If KK keeps giving up fly balls, Dobbs won't have much work to do today at 3rd.

"Baseball is a strange and wonderful game...but I prefer football."- Joe Buck

Let's hope RoLo can't hit KK

I suppose you can't really do any better than allowing 0 runs in the first 2 innings. But, there is absolutely nothing about KK's performance so far which inspires confidence that the next 4 innings will yield the same results.

Nice of Gload to show up today, eh?

Dobbs too.

Is it fair to call Gload "One bagger"?

KK not getting the ground balls really...kinda a worrisome sign.

Interesting start for Kendrick. Lots of fly ball outs. Trouble with lefties after the first couple. But a strike out. And no runs yet. I wonder if the second time through the line-up whether he'll start getting some grounders or whether the excrement will fly into the rotational cooling device.

Love Gloader.

Snake bite for Dobbs.

Unfortunately, I gotta leave for around 90 minutes. I fully expect that the D-backs will be around 6 runs ahead by the time I return.

Oh, and Hamels sucks too. There, I got my first BAP since Iceman invented the statistic.

The only thing sinking with Kyle is his ERA. He'll need the beast of Roy this inning.

Only 6? The optimism seems unwarranted.

"The only thing sinking with Kyle is his ERA"
That's a good thing, no?

BAP, are you sending in someone off the bench to fill in while you're gone?

A ground out by a LHB...someone should track these over the course of the season. Someone that can count to, say, fifty at least.

Kyle is throwing the "toothpick maker" to the lefties this inning.

Two LHB GBs in a row. A new personal best, I think. Sophist?

Wow. I think Upton is the first person not a pitcher to ever strike out twice in a row against Kendrick.

A monumental game.

I know Upton is still really young and improving but man he is a sucker for that high strike out of the zone. Loves chasing the letter-high or better strike. Wonder how many of them he actually hits.

Werth looks hitterish.

Yikes. Or not.

Werth with those sunglasses look like an extra from Nickelback from their most recent album cover?

Raul looks a couple months away from buying a place at The Villages.

Lopez has looked pretty solid in the early going. Getting ahead early in the count and pretty sound with his location so far.

We are making Rodrigo Lopez look way too good so far.

Does KK have a bitch more of a hitch/hesitation in his delivery today than normal?

Finally found a team who has a worse television crew than we do. Mark Grace is not impressive.

BAP: Before you jump into the bay on monday, can you give us your thoughts on Cole vs. Lincicum in a day game wednesday?

MG: Does KK have a bitch?

No idea, MG. I dont think anyone has ever asked that before.

KK just got robbed there. That was strike 3.

KK should be out of this inning and now he walks him thanks to a terrible non-strike call.

So Dubee calls Ruiz "The Preacher?" I still like Chooch better but that's not bad.

More KK nibbling. Hopefully that BB doesn't cost him.

Really hope Kendrick doesn't fall apart after the ump didn't give him that strikeout.

Scott isn't giving the corner at all this inning to KK.

I don't know if KK can make it as a starter long-term but that sinker is a quality MLB pitch.

Mark Grace said Jamie Moyer was on the 1980 Phillies WS team and it really didn't sound like he was joking.

In other news, KK's location so far today has been phenomenal.

Yeah, I dont know if Grace really thought he was or not...disturbed.

Wow. That was a "Home Run Derby" pitch there.

"Mark Grace said Jamie Moyer was on the 1980 Phillies WS team "

Wrong. He had already been traded to Chicago by then.

Honestly, Kendrick's looked pretty good today.

He was at the parade as a high school student. He was not on the phillies not the cubs.

Nice nine-pitch AB by Ruiz there.

RoLo can hit KK.

Vic tracks that one down but it was a tough catch.

Tough play, but JW could have caught that ball.

Trade an out here for a run.

Wow. This 'kidcaster' is actually worse than Mark Grace. Didn't think that would be possible. It's uncomfortable.
"Fly ball to center OH and an error by CF Shane Victorino and a triple for Stephen Drew!"

Sh!t...walk away to do some dishes for 10 min and the wheels came off of KK.

Ouch. Aint that a kick in the head.

Well that got ugly quick for Kendrick.

Terrible pitch. Right over the heart of the plate with not much movement.

A page out of the Cole Hamels guide to pitching apparently.

KK was 2 batters beyond his expiration date before Reynolds even stepped in.

Would have called for a 2-2 sinker there given how Reynolds had swung for the fences in his first 2 swings.

Why did we put in Cole Hamels? Kendrick was pitching great.

Good news. Now Ruben does not have a tough decision to make when Blanton comes back. DFA Kendrick once and for all. Spare everyone the sight of watching Kendrick every 5 days.

The kidcaster is terrible...almost as bad as KK's inning.

Damn shame because he had Reynolds 0-2 and really off-balance & just missed with 2 fastballs.

Up until this fifth inning I was impressed that Kendrick was doing as well as he was with seemingly not his best stuff. Now I just miss Joe Blanton and JA Happ.

I wonder if there are times where KK sits back and thinks "Damn, maybe I should have asked to be traded to Japan."

RoLo can hit KK.

What idiots are booing this IBB to get to the pitcher? Same idiots who probably boo when the pitcher throws over to 1st.

Call for the f@cking sinker here Ruiz. WTf.

Thank God they're out of that inning.

The new Daily News contest: which inning is the opponent going to score 5 runs in 5 minutes?

Glove save and a beauty!

Bad inning all around there from the Phils. Werth missed a play that he should have had and then the wheels came off a bit on the walk to KK and the 3-run bomb to Reynolds.

That last inning was all Cole Hamels' fault.

I see a gapper in Werth's future here. . . .

Game tied if Ryan is paying attention.

Cholly's retarded insistence on always hitting the C 7th really annoys me at times.

Sarge/TMac really criticized Howard there but what about Valdez swinging at the first pitch there?

No excuse for Valdez to swing there...terrible.

Good thing Chooch showed up today.


I love Chooch

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