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Friday, April 30, 2010


We need to give Bastardo a chance and log him some quality innings

The pair of tickets to this game I sold on stubhub paid for 1/2 my 17 game plain. It's unbelievable what people are paying for April baseball.

Phils are going to lay down some lumber this series, no doubt.

Makes me wonder if this just might be one of those years?

Contreras now the 8th inning guy?

Tell you what: Considering the injuries, the performance, the innings logged on his arm, if the Phillies are in need of ditching salary next season to deal with some other things, right here.

Good thing we didn't recently sign Madson to a lucrative extension. Wait, what?

I'm thinking Cholly will default to Baez, first.

I am trying to be optimistic so I will just let Madson have these 2-3 weeks off to clear his head and hopefully get back to throwing Fastball/Changeup and being a great setup man.

At least he'll have fewer innings on his arm later in the year.

Madson's $4.5M due next year is a major discount price for a closer, though.

Before Madson got injured, I thought KK would probably be the one demoted when Blanton returns, since he'd be the only guy left that has options. Even with Bastardo back on the team, KK could still be the odd man out when Blanton returns. Figueroa is certainly capable of replacing him as a short-term starter and, if KK's not starting, Bastardo would seem to have more value than him in the bullpen.

In other words, KK might well be pitching for his job tonight.

I recall reading that Madson was going to make $6.5M next year. Perhaps that was in error, or perhaps that included some incentives. Rotoworld has his 2011 salary as $4.5M -- although I would note that their figures only add up to $11M, even though they have the total value of the contract as $12M.

Looks like Vic got Polly some Ed Hardy gear.

AWH- Try the Royal Tavern at 937 Passayunk, by Carpenter and 7th. Awesome burgers, the greatest grilled cheese invented by man kind, good beer and reasonable prices.

So is Madson dead set on being the new Brett Myers?

What a royal ass.

I was off on the time of the Q about the Mets to Roy Halladay (which I mentioned on the last thread). It's fun stuff. It's at 3:06 in this video:

KK with a perfect game going...

Glad to see KK's throwing strikes.

NEPP, either the new Brett Myers or Jackie Chan. But I think that the chair won this little battle.

Nice patient AB as always Shane.

I live in New York, and hate the Mets. I love hating the Mets. However, watching a Phillies game with Ron Darling and Gary Cohen announcing is such an upgrade from T Mac and Wheels.

Darling actually knows baseball. Go figure.

Go Phils

Darling is pretty good as an announcer.

Good AB there, Chase.

Chase is Mr. Patience this year.

Is it too early for me to be revolted? Because I already feel revulsion coming on.

Neese really looks like a young Brett Myers out there. Makes me really want to see the Phils light him up today.

Utley: 20 BB in 99 PAs so far.

Though, David Wright has 21 BB in 96 PAs.

At $25MM/year, that feeble K right there will be worth about $130K (assuming continued K rate commensurate with the last 4 years).

And it begins.

"High Sinker"

BAP, I was revolted about 2 hrs ago when the reality set in that Kendrick was still getting the start. Commence revulsion.


Hung that one.

Now I'm pretty sure it's not too early to be revolted.

Well, we shouldn't have to worry about Lidge in a save situation tonight. Thanks, Kyle.

Kendrick. Swahili for asshat.

KK's gotten the lefties and has had trouble with the RH's, huh? interesting...

(not really)

Why bother being revolted when the Phils have their 6th starter on the mound? Phils just need to score some runs.

Where's Little Ollie to tell us that we're being too hard on Kendrick?


Just send his worthless ass to Lehigh already.

I'm going to predict that KK has made his last start for the Phils.

Can someone please tell me why Kyle Kendrick is pitching in the major leagues?

"Just send his worthless ass to Lehigh already."

Tape him to one of those "high sinkers" and you can save yourself the bus ticket.

sophist: Well, for one thing, is it too much to ask that your 6th starter actually be your 6th best pitcher?

At what point will people admit that 2007 was a fluke for Kyle Kendrick?

kendrick sucks. period. end of story.

So, does anyone still think Kendrick is a legit MLB pitcher? Clout? Care to comment?

And in case you're wondering about the importance of strikeouts, the pitch Franceour hit out was an 0-2 pitch. Does anyone think he's hitting an 0-2 pitch out against a strikeout pitcher?

I havent thought he was a legit MLB pitcher since early 2008.

Werth is the guy I'd most want up in a clutch situation.

Jack: I think you're being unreasonable. He has an 8.27 ERA. Do you expect better from your 6th starter?

NEPP: Almost everyone except for Clout and a few others came to grips with that a long time ago. Kendrick got exceedingly lucky in 2007. Every other piece of evidence we have about him, from minor league stats to major league stats, indicates he's about a replacement-level starter at best. I'm not sure why people expect anything more, especially the Phillies.

If Happ is going to be out any longer, they need to address this issue.

Son of a b!tch.

"If Happ is going to be out any longer, they need to address this issue."

I've actually been pretty impressed with Figgy. I'm fine with him as the #5, personally, until Blanton and Happ return. In fact, I'd rather see him in the rotation instead of Moyer - although that's not likely to happen.

Although Pedro would be my preferred option.

Up to Chooch to get us on the board here.

They've gotta get at least a run or two out of this. Preferably two.

I take great amusement in reading the witty comments of similarly frustrated fans here when I myself am frustrated--Thanks, guys.


I'd hit for KK here. Why leave him in any longer?

KK can't even bunt...what a piece of garbage.

Hate that decision.

If our BP wasn't already in tatters, you'd want to PH for KK right there.

Injuries & guys consistently pitching to their mediocre levels of ability have exposed the self-delusional Ace swap as the lateral move that it is. No amount of "Hittin' Season" can make up for the slop the Phillies send out to the mound almost every game. Jack is right; this team needs to address the issue, & they need to address it NOW.

Believe it or not- in the history of baseball guys have hit home runs off 0-2 pitches against strikeout pitchers. I know that may be hard to believe but it's true.

BAP: Regarding your 6:57 post- I called the other day that Kendrick will get sent down to the minors once Blanton is healthy

GTown. Breathe. It's the end of April.

Oh come on. How flukey is that?

ridiculous. Just ridiculous. Another 3 feet.

That kind of stuff is usually what decides ball games -- particularly ball games where your pitcher is throwing batting practice.

phlipper: This staff has 2 starting pitchers right now, Halladay & NotHalladay. What month it is doesn't change that fact.

Looks like the Mets will be the 4th team in a row to seriously pad their HR stats against us.

Interesting that tonight Kendrick is dominating the left-handers but the right-handers are killing him.

TTI - KK is an equally opportunity employer in that everybody has a decent chance of hitting when he starts.

Gtown: It's a bit early to hit the "do something NOW" button. They will have two starting pitchers returning soon. It's too early to make a call on Hamels. I think that Figgy is an adequate fill-in. If you make moves now you limit what you might be able to do later. If the best they can do is get a mediocre pitcher, why do that at this point? It's not like they're in danger of falling out of contention anytime soon.

If KK can hold them there for another two-three innings or so then it will be a more than serviceable from your "6th starter"

TTI: Not really all that shocking considering that, except for Reyes, the Mets' right-handed bats are a lot better than their left-handed ones.

Jeez. They had this guy over 40 pitches in the first two innings. Now it's under 50 after three.

Another 5 pitch inning. This team shouldn't go down on 5 pitches in any half-inning over the course of the entire season, & now they've done it at least twice in the past 3 games.

Phils simply need more production out of the top 4 in this lineup. Polanco & Utley have been ice cold the past 2+ weeks and they haven't gotten much from Vic & Howard either.

Utley and Howard look pretty lost here. That inning was unacceptable after Neese proved emminently hittable by the bottom of the lineup in the last inning.

Yeah, both Utley and Polly have terrible ERAs.

Great news about Madson. Does the team fine him for stupid $hit like that?
And who did Kendrick kill?

BAP: The way he is running through the left-handers though is what is interesting. His pitches are really good to them and he is controlling those at bats.

Phillies HRs: 21
Phillies opponents' HRs: 26

I'm sorry but Tom McCarthy is just terrible. I try to like him out of loyalty but he is just brutal.

TTI: Well, they're crappy left-handers. So it isn't all that shocking.

NEPP: Trying to like McCarthy "out of loyalty"? What, are you a Mets fan now?

BAP: Kendrick had trouble with all lefties, not just the ones we arbitrarily define as good or bad. He is pitching with some form of confidence to them which is new for him.

I'm trying to stick to listening to him over switching to the Mets broadcast...brutal.

NEPP - Agreed, T-Mac is so bad. I'm reading the Randy Miller Kalas book right now and it makes me miss him that much more.

king myno: That's an excellent book. I highly recommend it to all HK &/or Phils fans.

Done...listening to the Mets now.

Through 4 innings ...

Niese: 67 Pitches, 42 Strikes.

Kendrick: 65 Pitches, 44 Strikes.

When's this legendary "Hittin' Season" scheduled to start again?

I'm not sure what the record is for angry posts in a night but GTown is aiming for it

Phillies HRs: 21
Phillies opponents' HRs: 27

That was his new cutter...destroyed.

TTI: Nothing pisses me off more than losing to the f*cking Mets.

Uggh. It had to be Barajas didn't it.

Barajas has an extra base hit and RBI in every game against the Phils at CBP in his post-Phils career!

1 more HR and Kyle is tied with Hamels for the league lead in HRs allowed.

That was ball 4 to the pitcher. He just got lucky that the pitcher swung at it.

It took Kendrick 8 pitches to strike out the opposing pitcher.

So how many of you called the Barajas homer? Probably everyone.

Can someone explain to me why Kyle Kendrick is pitching in the major leagues

Close Kyle....close. You'll get that league lead soon enough.

That was really the first mistake he made to a lefty

David Wright, Jeff Francouer, and ROD BARAJAS each have as many HRs as Ryan Howard, and, with the exception of Chase Utley, more than any other Phillie, too.

NEPP: Just 2 more HR & Kendrick sets both the team & single-game marks for the season. I think he can do it!

I assume KK has photos of Rube & UC disposing of a hooker in the pine barrens or something.

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