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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hmmm ... I thought the Phils road uniforms of that era had much larger numbers on the back, in a different font & sans the white outline. These just look kinda weird. I guess that's what they meant by "similar".

In lubbock Texas, and I have but am blacked out of the game! Even though it's not on tv... damn mlb.. is there anywhere online I can watch the game? or am I stuck with just audio?

Throw-back uniforms?

Not so fond of that cap... but otherwise a nice design for the Phillies.

Definitely miss that era for Houston.

To any BL's in NYC I will be at Woogies at 39 Greenwich Avenue New York, NY 10014-2751 tomorrow to watch the game. I hope to see someone else there.

Good to see the commenters over at Metsblog are keeping everything in perspective after the Mets' tough loss today:

"i was just saying that i have a headache already thinking about the mets…….. im sick of this and feeling this way i just got to stop caring and putting so much into them realizing were not going to win anytime soon…………FIRE OMAR, JERRY YOU SUCK, LOCK THEM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY…………………..IM GOING TO BECOME A PHILLIE FAN, MAYBE MY BAD LUCK WILL RUB OFF ON THEM AND THEYLL START LOSING"

"when Feliz was getting on base at a .280 clip and batting .250, Jack (and flipper) rose to his defense any time someone criticized him."

Heh. Once a weasel, always a weasel, right clout? BTW, how much did you say the Phillies should pay to re-sign Burrell?

FWIW, I still think the Houston Colt .45s had the coolest unis in MLB history:

MLB Cooperstown Collection

Also, Mets fan angst makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

Shane-O still can't get on to save his life. Can we start trashing him instead of Raul?

This pitcher for Houston isn't bad. Throws gas and has a nice hook. Kind of reminds me of Ricky Nolasco.

Howard trucking on that triple...big man has some speed.

Moyer just goes the other way...too easy.

if you don't like Jamie Moyer you're just not a good person.

For those that think velocity is everything, a 47 YO lifetime .130 hitter just lined a hit off a 97 MPH pitch.

flipper has amnesia. Go back and look at hisn posts on Feliz over the past 2 seasons.

G-town: Right on the money. These unis look nothing like the 1965 uniforms. Looks like all they did was take the names off the back. Those huge numbers from that era were unique to the Phillies. The caps are correct, however.

Clout: From the last thread, I said that Feliz's offense was never a question. We all knew it sucked. It was his defense that you and I disagreed about--as well as the relative merits of a Dobbs/Helms platoon, which you supported, no?

Howard's a triples machine. They really had no choice but to walk him. :-)

Right, clout.

Any time someone criticized Feliz, I rose to his defense (as did Jack).

Once a weasel, always a weasel.

Your man-love is off to a great start this year, clout:

.087 BA, with a .267 OBP

You sure were correct when you opined about how much the Phils' lineup would be devastated without his RH power.


Werth just blew that game open.

Honestly, who gives a damn about Feliz at this point?

Sorry, my bad. His BA is actually .083, not .087

If only the Phillies have followed clout's advice and signed Burrell for how many millions?

My, my, the Feliz Fan Club is racing in reverse as fast as they can. Hey, let it go, boys. Polly is an upgrade.

Anyone else watching the Houston feed? They just had their fan of the game, a fan who attended the Astrodome opener.

Asked about the night: "There was a lot of politicians and a lot of beer and a lot of [couldn't understand]. ... I was 22 years old, just drinking a lot beer, and soaking it all in. ... Texas was a leader in the 20th century."

That inning was some real charity from the Nats. Give up a base hit to Moyer, Manzilla muffs a DP ball by JRoll, and Paulino has Howard buried 0-2 & yet he walks him to force in a run. Hallmarks of a bad team.

Well sh!t.

Hanging slider.

Zolecki report: OUCH. Brad Lidge's line tonight from his first rehab appearance with Single-A Clearwater: 2/3 ip, 3 h, 4 r, 4 er, 1 bb.

double, HR, 4 pitch walk...what the hell just happened?

Well, that was bound to happen.

So, how long till Moyer is gone from the rotation?

The wheels came off pretty quickly there for Mr. Moyer

Wow, Cole Hamels looks a lot older on the mound tonight.

Moyer has been hanging out w/ Kendrick too much. This is sad.

He's getting everything up in the zone.

Wheels just came off the Moyer express this inning. Seems like giving up a HR to the pitcher always spells trouble.

FU you Pence. Surprised he went 0-3 last night with RISP.

Moyer just crapped his depends.

Chris Wheeler is in rare apologist mode now.

How many straight hits is that now?

Well, better this happens now. Let Moyer take his beatings now, so the team does not get fooled into letting him start later in the season.

Fvcking ridiculous.

Get Pedro on the line stat!

Now it's amusing.

Sink or swim with Moyer here. Cholly has been a little late with getting somebody up.

Remarkable. The Stros somehow batted around in the time it took me to take a leak.

Moyer's throwing batting practice..

Moyer should only be allowed to pitch vs. Florida.

Polly giveth. Polly taketh away...

Cholly's move to break up Kyle Kendrick and Jaime Moyer was brilliant. He knew the bullpen could not survive those 2 back-to-back.

Manzilla got credit for a hit on that? Talk about the benefit of playing at home.

curt- no kidding. Two outs, I go to take a dump. I come back and it's 4-4. What the hell?

When one of the worst lineups in baseball basically bends you over the table and goes to town on their 2nd time through, maybe its time to hang it up.

That was brutal.

MG: Ever since mlb took over the scoring, errors at home are very rare.

Moyer lost it in a hurry there but Polanco should have made that play. Bleeder off Moyer's glove didn't help either.

The Stros just matched their offensive output all year in about 7 minutes.

The Stro's were due to score some runs. That is the first time they have lead a game this season.
Moyer will be fine, settle down.

No worries, Vic'll get this half-inning started off right ...

Aw, crap.

Moyer was terrible...don't make him any excuses.

If Rube doesnt have Pedro's agent on the phone after tonight's game, he's delusional.

Moyer kept in for his offense.

"Hey, let it go, boys. Polly is an upgrade."

clout - occasionally, on those endless thread of Feliz hating, I suggested that it was a bit odd that there was so much vitriol directed at a good field, mediocre hitting lower-end of the lineup hitter on a World Series team who delivered a few key hits during his time with the team.

To you, that becomes rising to his defense every time someone criticized him?

Not once did I make any posts questioning whether Polly is an upgrade.

To you, that becomes not "letting it go" that Feliz is an inferior player?

That's why you're a weasel, clout.

Once a weasel, always a weasel.

And how much did you say the Phils should pay to re-sign Burrell?

NEPP: Pedro's the answer,no doubt about it. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that move, regardless of the cost. Heck, look how deep he went into games last year. The 'pen needs a guy like him. They should make you GM.

I wonder if Figueroa gets kept as the #5 and Moyer is DFA'ed when Blanton comes back?

Game. Over.

NEPP: Good call. Figgy's a stud. 15 game winner, at least, if they give him a shot.

clout, other than the rain delay games, Pedro was usually good for 6...and he pitched a HELL of a lot better than this slop. But hey, twist the stats if you want.

2nd time around and a AAA lineup just hammered him.

JRoll with 7 BBs already. Wow. He can easily go a month at times with 7 BBs.

I fear Rube & Charlie are gonna give Moyer a lot more rope than most Beerleaguers would. Certainly nothing's gonna change while Blanton's still on the DL.

flipper: You've never used the word "mediocre" in your life with regard to Feliz. Please stop lying.

In the bull-pen, Nelson Figueroa is busting inside. One or two more turns around the rotation for Kendrick and Moyer and he has a job.

J-Roll with as many walks now as he had last year by May 12th against Los Angeles.

Wow, after one start each from Moyer and Kendrick some people are ready to bail on both of them? And go with Nelson Figueroa??? Listen to yourselves!

G-Town Dave: I can think of a few Beerleaguers who seem willing to give Moyer or Kendrick all sorts of rope as the 5th starter.

Phils need to hope they can squeeze another 2 innings out of Moyer here.

Once again, I question how people consider clout an upgrade over mvptommy...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I just always find the amount of animosity towards Feliz at this site a bit perplexing. He's a good-fielding, bottom of the batting order player, and you'd think he's single-handedly responsible for every Phillies' loss." - phlipper

Shall I keep looking?

Once a weasel, always a weasel, eh clout?

Give it rest on Feliz. Man.

Nepp: Please relax, it is his first start of the season. This is why I hate to read game threads.

NEPP: There isn't a team out there that will pay Pedro a full season, or expect him to last a full season. Don't look for him before July.

Moyer pitches in a turn back the clock game? How appropriate.

Time to get a run here.

Honestly, Pedro won't be ready until Late June/early July even if they started looking at him right now.

Figure a solid month for him to get into baseball shape and then 3-4 rehab starts in the minors (another 20 days or so)

Of course Rube and Cholly will give Moyer and KK some time. They actually know baseball, and they know the season is 162 games.

Jack: They are few, but vocal. I admire what Moyer has accomplished as much as the next guy, but enough is enough. Sad fact is, Kendrick was the "Moyer Fail" backup plan, & w/ him currently subbing for Blanton the Phils have backed themselves into a corner of their own making.

Moyer will get till mid-to-late May minimum. That doesnt mean we cant think about other possibilities.

Old Phan - Exactly especially with Blanton out. KK is supposed to start on Wed. vs. Nats and Moyer is scheduled to start against his favorite team (Fish) on Friday.

I gotta say, Howard's not chasing like he used to so far this year. His plate coverage seems really solid.

Posted by: phlipper | Thursday, December 03, 2009 at 07:33 PM

Once again, I was never a Feliz "cheerleader." I just never got why so much animosity was directed at a good fielding, mediocre-hitting, #7 hitter in the batting order.

Once a weasel, always a weasel - eh clout?

flipper: You've never used the word "mediocre" in your life with regard to Feliz. Please stop lying.

Any time you're ready to man up and admit you're a weasel, clout - feel free to do so.

First 4 in the line-up no longer over .400. Season = over.

Frankly if you want to worry about something it should be Lidge. He got lite up again tonight by A hitters and my bet is that his fastball velocity was in the mid-80s topping out at 87-88 MPH.

It wasn't so much that Lidge struggled in spring training but that he got lite up by A/AA hitters and looked like he had a dead arm.

How many pitches will Moyer get tonight?

After Mr. Heidi pitches a DAY game Monday, some on here will be looking for 3 new starters.

Meyer - If he gets through this inning & the heart of the lineup, Cholly should try to get 6 IP out of him if possible.

I gotta say, Polly isn't the best at charging balls at 3B.

Lidge may have made a deal with the devil in 2008. If he did, it was worth it.

This thread is going to hell in a basket.

It's April 10th. Give the starters time.

flipper. enough already. You've been doing this for, what?, two years.

What's wrong, clout?

Did your keyboard stop working?

Oh, and remind me how much you said the Phillies should pay to re-sign Burrell. I can't quite remember.

Oh Boy Roy, Oh Boy Roy, Oh Boy Roy.

Oh, and also, clout:

Hey, let it go, boys. Polly is an upgrade.>

Posted by: phlipper | Thursday, December 03, 2009 at 07:33 PM

... while Polly is probably a downgrade defensively, he is a significant upgrade offensively - so in balance, the team will be better.

clout: You definitely know your baseball, but sometimes you let your man-crushes on certain players distort your view of reality. How on earth can you be so adamant that a 38-year old pitcher with a 2009 ERA+ of 118 has nothing left, while taking great personal offense if anyone dare question whether a 47-year old pitcher with a 2009 ERA+ of 84 might not be a great option as our 5th starter?

Moyer struck out?! They should take him out back and shoot him now!
He must be done!

Game 5 of the season and Cholly is playing to save the BP, not to win the game. And probably rightly so.

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