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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What are the odds that Kendrick is still in the game once the game thread hits the second page of comments?

I predict a bounceback game from KK: 6 IP, 3 ER. Nothing spectacular, but a much better showing than we're used to seeing.

Time to check Kendrick's locker for voodoo dolls...

My guess is 5+ IP and 4 ER from KK today.

And I'd take that as a step in the right direction.

Packed house at Turner Field tonight.

I believe its "dress up as an empty blue seat" night here at the ballpark.

Good AB for Vic so far.

That's about as good an out as you can make leading off a game.

I'll take that...even though he flied out...he forced Hanson to throw 10 pitches. Did his job as a leadoff hitter.

Blanton went 2 innings in Lakewood, faced the minimum 6 batters and struck out 2.

Nice rehab outing.

Didn't notch any hits to prove it, but the approach against Hanson in the first was very good.

I'm guessing Kendrick goes 2/3 of an inning before getting pulled. I have a feeling this is gonna be ugly, and it's gonna happen fast. I wish it weren't so, but I've got a bad feeling about this.

NEPP: Nah, the rest of the crowd is off cowering in the concourse because Bobby Cox came out of the dugout and feigned backhanding them...

Wow, .563, LHBs are hitting .563 against KK.

Good work Kyle. Keep it up.

Okay got the groundball. Just keep attacking batters.

Good work Kyle. Just keep doing that.

Wow, nice first by KK. Is Chipper OK? Doesnt he have some injury?

wow, with a clean inning Kyle's ERA drops half a dozen runs... kidding

Kendrick will probably surprise and throw a decent performance out there tonight. I feel like he's done that in the past, after a few bad starts and everyone talking about him being done, he's bounced back with a solid start.

Also, why would Cox lead off Diaz (who should only start against lefties) against Kendrick (who should only pitch against righties)?

Jack is disappointed already.

Where were you on that one Heyward?

Heyward was solving a crime in Alpharetta on that hit. He's a superhero you know...

Clout: Don't worry, I'm rooting for the Phillies to win, and if Kendrick throws a CG shutout, that's awesome.

But I'm also rooting for Blanton to get healthy, because rooting for the Phillies means rooting for them to put the best rotation possible out there, and that rotation does not include Kyle Kendrick, no matter how he pitches tonight.

The 1st inning was the first time I've seen KK actually attack the hitters in a long time. He's been pitching scared far too long.

Clout: It's also weird that you didn't comment at all during Kendrick's first two starts. Nothing to say then?

Seriously guys...can we just root for him to do well instead of bickering?

Jack: You are so transparent it's laughable. You are rooting like crazy for KK to get blown out. Ideally, the Phils win too, then it's win-win for you.

Too close to take there...good pitch.

That fastball to strike out Castro was an awesome location.

Come on Chooch light up Mmm Bop here.

Great location mostly for Hanson...very impressive.

Chooch hanging tough here.

Chooch is underrated at the plate.

This is a great AB by Chooch. Tommy's gonna have 50 pitches in 2 innings.

47 pitches through 2...we might not be really hitting him but we're making him work.

Is Hanson up to 40 pitches after 2 innings? Good news for the Phils.

This game is somewhat reminiscent of the August 19, 2009 game against Haren. Don't hurt him in the first two innings, run his pitch count way up and get him out by the fifth.

Chooch amazes me with his ability to lay off those two strike breaking balls. You almost never see him chase there.

How's the Braves BP this year? They added Saito and Wagner as I recall but how's their middle relief?

If KK keeps getting the low strike tonight, he can be very effective. Attack them Kyle.

Can this team win 80 games? Halladay wins 18; Hamels wins 12; we're lucky to get 10 wins from Blanton. Happ could be done (Tommy John??) and Moyer's "stuff" is no longer mystifying the NL. So far I count ~48 - 58 wins from starters we're aware of. Where do we get the remaining 42 wins for our magicial 100 win season???? I really wish Jr. kept his hand on Draybeck...

How many wins did our starters give us last year, Bruce?

They come from spot starters, middle relievers, setup men, etc.

That 1 ball JUST missed.

Not sure who is in ATL pen but they have given up 17 runs, 15 earned in 41 innings. For a 3.29 ERA. Not bad, but I would rather then pen than Tommy.

Great location tonight by Kyle...very good sign.

Great framing there by Chooch even though the ball clearly covered the plate.

Another good inning from KK.

KK's ERA is now 12.91.

11 pitch inning. Hanson really needed that and we really needed to not do that.

Oh well, hopefully the heart of the order takes some good swings on him the 2nd go around.

at least Hanson has now thrown 58 pitches through 3. I just hope the Phils continue to make him throw pitches and get him out by the 5th or 6th inning.

KK's attacking guys and keeping the ball down. Thus, he's getting Ks and lots of groundballs.

Funny how that works.

Come on Kyle keep this up. The bullpen needs the rest, esp, if we have to go extra innings in this one.

ERA is now 11.42.

KK looks good...and completely different than usual. He's not nibbling today.

Kendrick actually has sink on his two-seam fastball tonight. Good for him. Good for us. Good night for him to pitch uncharacteristically well.

He's got sink and he's keeping it down. It helps that the umpire is giving the low strike so far.

Nice hit, Chase.

Im surprised Chipper got near that ball, Hes got a family to think about

It also helps that the Braves are swinging early and often.

7 pitch AB and a double for Chase, we're getting there...

I've mostly been watching the Flyers, but this looks like a battle between the NL East's two best young pitchers, no?

Expect this to be a classic matchup for the next few years.

Great defense there.

Thank you Mr. Howard.

It's a Braves-assisted offensive explosion for the Phils! :-o

The baseball Gods are on our side so far.

Werth has the hardest hit ball of the inning to this point.

...and Mr. Glaus.

I dont know that I'd consider it two be 2 of the best young pitchers...not with Hanson out there.

Maybe working with Bonds has helped Ryan. He's getting RBIs without creaming the ball so much now...

I wouldn't mind Chooch fouling off another 5-6 balls this at bat...

A real pleasure listening to Smoltz talk about the art of pitching as the game goes on.

86 pitches now.

88 pitches through 4 IP...good work by our offense and their defense to push his count up.

man, that was like a mariano duncan at bat. bunch of fouls and then a k.

I have the MLB Network/Peachtree feed on as well. Smoltz is a joy to hear.

Great to see Kendrick pitch to contact and work quickly.

Although we only have one run through four innings, I think this has been one of the more impressive performances by our offense so far this year. Hanson is pitching excellently tonight but our hitters put together some great ABs.

Also, watching the Braves' broadcast, Smoltz is a great play-by-play guy. He was talking about the touch required to have both an effective cutter and slider. Very interesting to listen to.

KK's scaring me right now.

This is what they call regressing to the mean if he can't get a GIDP here.

Never a doubt...good work Kyle.

Yes!!! :-D

Simply outstanding job by Kendrick to pitch around trouble, and good idea by Charlie to walk McCann there. Great pitch, too, by Kendrick.

Wow. That's a style I haven't seen from Kendrick - really ever.

Whew, that 2-0 pitch scared the crap out of me. Hopefully Kyle can regain his control a bit next inning.

I really thought that was gonna be a big inning...especially when he went down 2-0 on him...great job to induce the groundball.

8 ground outs, no fly outs. When KK has that kind of ratio, he does well.

Time to grab the mo and do some damage on Hanson. I feel a big inning coming on

Whoa: 52 pitches in four innings, and a very cool-headed ending to a difficult inning. Kendrick is on track for an 8-inning game. This is a very pleasant surprise.

Unless the fly balls are of the deep variety.

...and this may be Hanson's last inning. I love it when the Phillies wear out a pitcher.

anyone have any bar/restaurant recommendations for downtown Phoenix?

I'd really like to knock Hanson out here. 98 pitches now.

I never thought I'd say this but we miss J-Roll's leadoff ability. Vic has really been stinking it up.

Good baserunning by Vic.

b_a_p: Yeah, except for that big game last week, I think I'd rather flip Polanco and Shane in the order until Jimmy is back.

Exactly what I was hoping for here, Hanson gone.

Good 2-out hustle from Polanco. Buh-bye, Tommy.

I mean Polanco...not Vic on the running.

Victorino is doing his best "J-Roll in every April but 2010" impression. Swing uppercut and let the flies fall.

4 and 2/3 for Hanson. Excellent job by the Phillies hitters tonight as far as approach goes. Also, it was nice to see the emotion from Kyle after getting out of that inning. Build some confidence for the young man.

Vic is a nut job and if he hits in any "glamour" spots in the lineup he will act afool. I love him and what he brings to the team, but he is the definition of a role player. If a bad team ever pays big bucks and makes him the centerpiece it will be a disaster.

Pheonix has a downtown?

What are the odds that Kendrick is still in the game once the game thread hits the second page of comments?

Way better than Hanson's.

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