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Friday, April 23, 2010


I really liked how Moyer tried to calm everyone down after Utley started airmailing everything into the dugout. I thought he might collapse there a la Hamels, but he maintained composure and got himself through some sticky situations.

Also, does Castro deserve more praise for showing that he can really play?

The umpire was giving him the corners. It's the single biggest indicator if Moyer will have success, you can usually tell in the first inning how the start will go.

Speaking of Madson, Crashburn Alley has an excellent analysis of the "Madson can't be a closer" mantra so frequently spewed by many here.

"wizard’s brew of off-speed junk"

that's some quality wordsmithing there. one of the reasons I keep coming back to Beerleaguer.

great win last night. Moyer is a treat to watch when he is on his game. he makes some great hitters look awful silly.

I second JRamsey on the Castro mention. He has come up quite big when they've need him to. Keeping that in mind, when does Rollins come back? He needs to come in to push Vic back to the 7 hole...

Back in first by demselves. I am happy going into the weekend. The Geezer continues to amaze. If a team wins during NFL draft night does anyone know? We were in MLB wasteland last night with all the wall to wall NFL draft on all the local sports radio stations and ESPN(FL).

I caught a few shots from the Astros-Fish game. Man, there were a bunch of empty seats in Minutemaid Park. I guess they were all home watching ESPN and seeing who the Texans will pick.

Its amazing how wonderful the draft picks are on draft night. Most won't even be considered good NFL players when their playing days are through.

It was pretty cool seeing Drew Brees announce the Saints pick. Will MLB ever make their process available to view? I can see it now....

MLB Commish: "Now, announcing the 2010 World Champion Phillies pick is the NL Cy Young and MVP award winner...Roy Halladay!"

Castro and Amaro both deserve more praise. Castro for his play and Amaro for putting together a team that hasn't missed a beat while missing time from 2 starters, 2 back end bullpen guys and their leadoff hitter.

After Tuesday's game I was reaching for the hemlock. Halladay's game made me feel better, but it was supposed to go the way it did. Last night's outing (a win with Jamie on the mound and 2 errors in one inning by St. Chase of Utley) made me feel much more comfortable with how the rest of the season will play out.

On another note, The Phield tournament spurred me to look at some other Phillies' blogs. Some are amusing, but too often pander to the lowest common denominator. None can hold a candle to Beerleaguer. You guys may bicker and cite stats ad nauseum, but you're a classy, intelligent bunch of fans.

So far, the improved bench is paying dividends. Castro is hitting and fielding well. Dobbs had a good game. Gload had an RBI knock. I no longer cringe when the 2nd catcher plays. There is still some room for improvement, though when the PH comes to bat.

Nice win last night. The TEAM has been playing good ball so far. Looking forward to our first 2010 game next Saturday.

Beerleaguer has a +123 BACSAD this year...which puts it well out in front of all other Phillies blogs.

BACSAD=Bicker And Cite Stats Ad Nauseum.

I agree that Castro should get credit. I loathed the hasty signing of him, but he does bring more to the table than Bruntlett.

Didn't like Durbin one bit last night.

(I'm waiting for someone to challenge NEPP's BACSAD stats.)

Figure that so long as Rollins comes back healthy, getting these AB and defensive time from Dobbs and Castro will pay dividends later this year. Castro doesn't have Rollins' range but is good with his glove. Looked like he surprised Utley on that first DP, threw it almost right after fielding it. Best Dobbs has looked at the plate in sometime. Seems like he's been struggling for two years.

Encouraged by what I've seen from Ibanez and Vic lately, with their lack of hitting. Ibanez is battling up their and getting walks. 4th among regulars in pitches/PA, and hit .333/.538/.444 in the series. Vic isn't hitting a lick, but he had some quality appearances in the series, esp. those AB to start the game where he fouled off pitch after pitch.

Ruiz is second .02 behind Werth. Ruiz' on base is .420.

I wonder what Heywood was thinking going into last night's game. "47-year-old with an 80mph fastball? Aw yeah." And Jaime bested him all night, including a huge strikeout as you mentioned.

Dobbs can actually hit, when he gets more then 2 or 3 AB's a week. He always shows it, when he gets a chance.

Francisco also needs AB's. He hasn't looked good all year. Ibanez does not need to be in there every night. He isn't doing much anyway.

As for the Braves series, anytime your starting pitchers can throw 23 innings and give up ZERO earned runs in a 3 game series, you have to be estatcic. Kudos to KK and Moyer for stepping up.

Now its on to Arizona to face the sort of pitchers the Phils usually feast on. I'd look for The Big Man to go deep at least twice in Phoenix and for the offense to take off again.

Happ, Blanton and Lidge all should be back in the next week or so. Things look good (unless somebody else gets hurt).

Ruiz is second in P/PA that is.

Like Kutztown, Tuesday's game left me teetering on the edge of doomsday thinking and struggling to get to sleep (do people unfamiliar with the experience understand how truly hard it is to be a baseball fan?), but the I am a happy guy today. Credit certainly to Amaro and the improved bench, but I think credit also has to go to Charlie. The resiliency and consistently positive performance of this team is certainly a reflection of his approach to the game and ability to manage players. We criticize him for not being a brilliant tactician (although he pulled the right strings last night), but I think baseball management is ultimately more about creating a team that knows how to get the job done than finding the right button to push every moment.

In contrast, here is a good read as to the fallout that a brilliant manager sometimes creates:

Castro's first move is fast. The other night he was moving before the ball was hit up the middle. He passes the ball to second like Magic Johnson with Nureyev moves. He also runs to first like he's carrying a Grand Piano on his back.

I think I'll vote for Vic and Raul. They should be All-Stars by July.

Phils SP are third in the NL in GB% in the early going (behind the Cards and Rockies) at 51%, and they lead in the NL in IFFB%. They lead the league (in a good way) in BB9, which seems largely the result of one man.

GB% –– BB9 2010 / 2009

Moyer - 55.6 / 41.0 -- 2.00 / 2.39
Kendrick - 53.1 / 55.8 -- 3.29 / 3.28
Hamels - 51.9 / 40.4 -- 2.41 / 2.00
Halladay - 51.7 / 50.2 -- .82 / 1.32
Happ - 36.4 / 38.4 -- 6.97 / 3.04

Happ's IIFB% is at 53.3% - over half the FB against him are pop-ups. He's walking lots of batters and his SO numbers are so far down, his LOB% sits at a lofty 94.1%. His batted ball data is basically identical to last year save that his FB are staying in the infield about 5x more often. With the injury and these peripherals, I may be more worried about him than Kendrick just based on the early going.

denny - Ibanez had a good series at the plate, not that I disagree that Francisco should be worked in every now and then.

A nice day following a good series win.

Injury issues continue to trouble, as does Madson, but there were a lot more positives to take away than negatives.

-There was some talk about "statements" earlier. You can call the glass half empty or half full. However, since the Phils ultimately did what they had to do, the way I am reading this based on taking two out of three is that the only W for the Braves was based on something almost as rare as being hit by lightning strike - three homeruns in four at bats in the last innings.

-They barely squeaked by against Kendrick, were dominated by Halladay, and then pretty much shut down by Moyer. No Cole.

-It seemed to me that the Phils had more quality at bats overall. They didn't score a ton of runs, but I felt they generally had pretty good approaches at the plate.

Kind of a fun series to watch. It almost had a bit of playoff like intensity to it. These matchups should be pretty hard fought the rest of the year.

Was anyone else surprised by all the empty seats? The Braves are a good team, and although I'm not a fan of theirs, you would think they have earned some credibility and fan support with over a decade of good performance. They were playing a long time rival and one of the elite teams in baseball. Halladay was pitching one of the games against their top gun and there were still tons of empty seats. What's up with that?

To be fair to Happ, I wonder when that forearm started bothering him. He went from 2 BB and 5 SO in 5 IP to 6 BB and 0 SO in 5.1.

happ's problem is the forearm strain sophist. once he's healthy, he should return to form

Weeknight baseball in April = a lot of empty seats almost everywhere.
In my memory, Atlanta has never supported the Braves in proportion to the success they have enjoyed.
I can remember travelling to Atlanta on a business trip, picking up seats at the ball park an hour before the game and sitting in the first row. Years ago, at Fulton County Stadium - Braves were a first place team at the time.

Organ music and empty seats. The man only had fair weather friends.

Okay, I'll fess up.
I wanted badly for the Phils to sign Derek Lowe when he was a FA prior to the 2009 season.
I hated the signing of Juan Castro.

My bad.

Good morning everyone,

To me, the biggest difference between the Braves and Phillies is our approach on offense. So patient. Did any Braves pitcher last more than six innings?

When you have guys like Utley, Werth, and Chooooooch, opposing pitchers' pitch counts will undoubtedly increase. Just a smart offensive team.

Go Phils.

Taking any conclusions about this series is next to useless. Its Aprila and only 3 games. Bottom line is the Phils took 2 of 3 on the road against their divisional rival. That's just fine.

That organist is awesome. Star Wars and Warren Zevon. Get that lady in Philly.

****I wanted badly for the Phils to sign Derek Lowe when he was a FA prior to the 2009 season.****

My proposal was to sign Juan Rivera, platoon him with Jenkins in LF and use the saved money to get Lowe.

It was quite brilliant at the time.

Sophist - Appreciate the stats-oriented approach.

awh - Crashburn Alley scolds people for looking at small sample sizes and then he largely just goes on to look at Madson's numbers from last year. He has pitched for a while. Why no go back and take a deeper dive? His 'regression to the mean' statement being true is also pretty flawed. People have an inherent sense that the future will closely mirror the present especially if things have been really stable in the metric/item they are considering. They are often wrong.


I get that Charlie wants Ibanez to hit his way out of this slump and get a lot of AB's but why does he rufuse to replace him in LF? Especially when they are up 6 runs and his spot isn't due up for another 7 batters?

MG - How is Madson's 2009 a small sample? Madson's numbers from 2006-2009 are all right in line. At 29, I think we can expect something similar (relief pitching being harder to predict).S Who do you want to pitch the 9th?

I was traveling and saw in the box score that Castro went 3-5s with 2 RBIs? Guess Cholly was right about 'this guy can hit a bit.'

OK, I'm going to be the bad guy.

While he has shoen surprisingly excellent glove work (I wonder if Utley's first error last night was caused by his 'surprise that Castro actually made that play and that good of a throw) Juan Castro is a replacement level player with a bat.

I posted several threads ago some of the good streaks he has had during his career, where he has gone several games and hit at an All-Star level.

So....his "new-found" hitting ability ahould not be a "surprise" to anyone. He has done this before.

The Phillies, and we, are fortunate that he has chosen this particular stretch of games to go on one of his offensive streaks.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

I KNEW Lowe was the perfect fit. My Yankee friends said it would be a good move. Little did I know Rube wanted to BEAT THE YANKEES.

Of course he's a replacement level hitter...we all know that. That's why he's gotten 11 singles and only 1 double. Right now, those singles are finding holes.

Either way, its nice that he's coming up big when Jimmy is out.

I dont think anyone is under the belief that Castro is really a .360 hitter.

Sophist - Madson still has the best stuff of the pen and I definitely want him to be the closer. Said as much the other night.

My point about his numbers is that you would have to dig a bit through Madson's career numbers. There are some differences in his 'save vs. non-save' splits. You would just need some time to dig through the outcomes and go through the pitch f/x data a bit to see if what if any differences there really are and get a bit more clarity than the 'save vs. non-save' splits available on several sies.

Ibanez and the Phillies lefties were dealing with an expanded strike zone last night. Their alternative with all of the pitches 6 inches off the plate was to hit them weakly or get called out.

On the other hand, the liberal strike zone is also why Geezer was effective.

Oh, and to add praise:

Juan Castro plays/has played excellent defense - head-and-shoulders better that Eric Bruntlett - and deserves credit for it.

That alone makes him a better backup IF.

awh - I was kind of wondering the same thing myself. He isn't hitting %LD and isn't walking at all (1 walks in 9 G).

Still, I thought he was going to be a washed-up offensively and defensively and worse than a guy like Valdez. He hasn't been though and that is what I have been pleasantly surprised by.

JW, with NEPP's new BACSAD stat, and the others like DITHL, may I suggest that in one of the outside columns you include a "Beer*Leaguer Glossary", where people new to the site can go to get the definitions they need?

You could even copyright the terms in case they're picked up by other sites.


Fellow posters, feel free to include any others.

Charlie should at least play Ben Francisco long enough to get rid of the slow pitch beerleaguer swing. It looked like he wanted to see how high he could hit it.


Top notch, top notch!

I actually thought Lowe was getting a bigger strike zone than Moyer. The pitch Chooch was rung up on was kind of crazy. He was also getting a lot of low strike calls. I know he has some late sink, but so does Moyer. And Vic was safe on his bunt. But that is all fine since they won.

I think some people overlook the fact that Cholly is a pretty good hitting instructor--I believe I've seen the word "guru" used when it comes to him. Perhaps he and Milt indentified something in Castro's swing that is making him a little more consistent. Or perhaps not. But it's worth discussing.

Sophist- the Braves Organist is a dude, he's online ( and has been known to solicit requests. My disdain for the Braves knows only, apparently, one bound, that that's him.

Yeah, Castro hasn't exactly been tearing the cover off the ball. He has basically had a lots of seeing-eye singles. But, even if he goes 0 for the rest of the season, he has already more of an offensive contribution than Bruntlett made last year. And Bruntlett's defense was hideous, whereas Castro's is still quite good.

What were the other acronyms? Wasn't there one about baking a poodle?

There was another recent one, a formula, but I can't remember it for the life of me. I feel like I should take notes some days.

Yeah, hh. We forgot about that.

Madson "baked the poodle" in the first Braves' game.


"(I'm waiting for someone to challenge NEPP's BACSAD stats."

They were based on a ridiculously small sample size.

****They were based on a ridiculously small sample size.****

If you look at BL's BASCAD/150 factors for the past 3 seasons, the numbers hold up.

Something to consider.

pb -
I agree with you.

Cholly has shown a pattern of not resting a guy until he is already exhausted. He, seemingly, cannot grasp the concept of resting a guy regularly to avoid exhaustion.

Speaking of the organist, anyone notice "The Office" theme playing quite frequently. The Office is on TBS! (very funny)

I loved that Heyward at bat. I was thinking Moyer intentionally fell behind 3-0 to score a free strike on the kid, who probably assumed Jamie was putting him on. Then watching him hit the corners to make him hit "his pitch" was just classic. He was all up in Heyward's head. That kind of at bat can throw a young talent into a prolonged slump. Mind games like that make watching Moyer fun (if indeed that was what he was doing).

Baked the Poodle? what in gods name does that even mean? I guess I should read the game threads more often.

In Juan Castro's defense, that .230 career average that everyone always cites is actually a little bit misleading. In the first half of his career, Castro was truly an atrocious hitter -- posting a .211 average between 1995 and 2002. Since that time, his average has been an almost-respectable .245. Of course, his OBP and power numbers aren't respectable but, if they were, he wouldn't be a utility player; he'd be a starter.

When it comes to batting average from a utility player, I'm not sure where I'd draw the line between "barely acceptable" and a "totally disgraceful." However, I would say that line probably falls somewhere between .230 and .245.

There was another one about scrappiness and intangibles factors, but I can't remember it or find it, but I think it was in a recent thread. Eckstein rated very highly on this scale.

Bravesorganist on Twitter is indeed awesome. He was playing "The Office" theme for Ryan Howard (who is also a character on the show). He played the Friends theme for 'Ross' Gload. And Werewolves of London for "Rauuuuuuuuul".

Besides the starting pitching, this guy was the highlight of the series for me.

bap, I agree on Bruntlett's defense, though I wouldn't use the word "hideous".

"Below replacement level" is how I would characterize it.

I first realized how big of a dropoff Bruntlett was when I went to a Phils/Nats game on a sunday when JRoll had the day off.

I posted about it at the time. The dropoff from JRoll to EBrunt is a chasm.

Even if he doesn't hit the rest of the season, Castro is way better than Bruntlett with the glove, and as such, should be a welcome addition to the bench.

Baked the Poodle. Some recipe for conflict? Like Vomit Guy showing up at a Debutante Ball.

Eckstein hit a walk-off homer the other night. That did some serious damage to his scrappiness rating for 2010. Scrappy players don't hit homeruns.

bap - fyi
That line officially falls at .236; the lifetime batting avg of Luis Aguayo.

Conshy Matt: He plays "The Office" theme when Ryan Howard steps up to the plate. As you may know, one of the characters on the show is named "Ryan Howard," and, in fact, he was named after our behemoth slugger.

In other "Office" episodes, we've seen a Mike Lieberthal bobblehead and Jim mentioning his love of the Phillies.

Organist also played the "Mister Softee" theme song before Carlos Ruiz stepped up last night. Outside of Beerleaguer, there's a meme called "Ice Cream 4 Chooch," which is a.gif file that basically shows Ruiz aggressively pumping his wrist with an ice cream cone photoshopped in hand (from last May's extra-innings win over NYY).

Very meta, all of it, but well, well done.

"Organ music and empty seats. The man only had fair weather friends."

Posted by: Meyer

Add a one-eyed umpire and you have hte makings of a Tom Waits song.

Two biggest takeaways from last night -

Moyer's K of Heyward showed he has the heart of a lion. Down 3-0 to a big, unfamiliar kid with a huge swing, and with a base open, and he goes after him.

Ibanez was squaring hte ball up better and better each time. He was taking that stinking sinker the other way but, couldn't quite put it in play. Of course, when he does hit it fair, he rolls over and it looks like hte inning's over until the baseball gods gave him a reprieve. He's showing signs that he's going to start heating up.

Did anyone watch the NFL draft? WHy would someone watch them make 5 picks an hour for 6 hours? In addition to a Phillies game, there were two excellent hockey games on TV last night. I can read who drafted whom in the paper when I take a dump after lunch.

'Chipper Jones - Castro is like Ozzie Smith?' Maybe Ozzie Smith today. Castro has more range than I though he would be he does seem to be limited a bit going to his right and as an average arm a best. He is the type of player who would have been really well-served playing on an astroturf field like at the Vet and being able to skip the ball once or two on plays when he is ranging to the right. Ditto on Polanco.

loc: its a crime that Ibanez doesnt use werewolves of london as his song in Philly. He wold gaurantee himself a pretty good ovation every AB.

****Eckstein hit a walk-off homer the other night. That did some serious damage to his scrappiness rating for 2010. Scrappy players don't hit homeruns.****

Nah, I think it increases it. Scrappy players ONLY get HRs in huge situations that add to their mystique. Perfectly acceptable for him to hit one there.

i missed the game thread, so might be repeating, but:

Chris Wheeler did the play by play on the radio last nite and I liked it alot. I wouldnt want wheeler as the everyday guy, but i think once in awhile it would be a nice change. Him and Larry had a pretty good time doing it and it rubbed off on the listeners pretty well too.

A friend of mine in Atlanta left me a message during the KK game to tell me how good the Phils looked and he left early. After the Braves won the game I called him and asked him how he could possibly leave that game early. He said "It was F##king Cold!"

Bonehead: Well, if that's true, then there must have been an error in some of my calculations because his actual lifetime average is .232.

As for Luis Aguayo, it's funny that he sucked so much because, in my mind's eye, he was a pretty good hitter with some pop. In retrospect, I think I must have formed that opinion only because he was playing behind guys like Ivan DeJesus and Steve Jeltz, who were even worse still.

Cipper, "baking the poodle" is a comment on a post by bap, I believe, where he was distraught and made a reference to being so upset he was going to stick his poodle in the oven after someone blew a save.

Therefore, "Baked the Poodle" = blew a save.

awh: I remember the reference, but it wasn't me. I don't have a poodle.

Haha that is good stuff - especially since we all know BAP defintely has a poodle.

thephaitful: we all know BAP defintely has a poodle.

BAP: I don't have a poodle.

I think bap HAD a poodle but now has an oven to clean out after Madson's turd sandwich.

Did I hear TMAC say something like "IF Gload gets up to bat" when Ruiz was batting with one out and runners on first and second. Please tell me I didn't hear the MetsJinx/Fool say that.

You know what? I stand corrected. Although I didn't actually coin the phrase "baked the poodle," I did write the post that led to the phrase being coined. And, yes, the post was indeed a commentary on Brad Lidge's repeated 9th inning failures. Here's the post, from September of last year:

"I have 5 kids. In early 2008, I hired a baby sitter from the local community college. She sat for me numerous times in 2008 & did a great job. My kids all loved her.

About a month ago, I went out for the evening & I hired the same sitter. That night, one of the kids turned on the gas to the stove. When I got home, the whole place smelled like gas & I promptly shut off the stove. A week later, I hired the same babysitter. When I got home, I discovered that my 9-year old had taken the car out for a spin and totaled it. At this point, I was beginning to wonder about my baby sitter's competence. But she had done such a good job for me last year that I stuck with her. I figured that maybe she just had a couple of bad nights.

The next week I went out again and hired her again. When I got home, one of my kids had painted all the walls in my house. The next week, I hired her again. When I got home, I found our pet poodle dead inside the oven, with the heat turned up to 500 degrees. Now I was REALLY starting to have my doubts about this sitter, but I decided to give her one last chance, so I hired her yet again. When I came home, I found my 4-year old locked in a closet.

I'm starting to think that maybe my baby sitter isn't really doing a good job. Nonetheless, I've got plans for this evening and I am going to hire her again, because what other options do I have?

(Side note: I actually only have 1 kid, and none of this stuff ever really happened. And I don't really have plans for this evening, except to sit in front of the computer and watch the Phillies. But there's no rule that a parable has to be factually accurate)"

Please stop. Its too nice outside and I should clean dog mess in the yard.

Actually, that "baked the poodle" thread was one of the all-time Beerleaguer classics. That was the same thread in which clout came up with the truly visionary idea of "Backwards Day" (Lidge starts, followed by Madson, then some middle relievers, then your "starter"). It was also the same thread in which MVPTommy argued, with no irony intended, that Lidge should remain the closer because the goal was to lose games, so we could face the Dodgers, instead of the Rockies, in the first round of the playoffs.

On a more serious note, I've never eaten baked poodle. I was thinking of inviting Brad Lidge over to try some when he gets back to town. Do you shear it before you bake it? I would htink the fur would smell like hell if you baked it.

In the last half hour os so BL has gone from the organist at Turner Field to Chooch video with an ice cream cone to Baking a Poodle.

To quote Kutztown fan " a classy, intelligent bunch of fans."

Moyer has quietly posted some pretty solid peripheral statistics in his 3 starts this year.

His K/BB rate is up, his WHIP is down, and his xFIP is a very nice 3.93 so far.

Perhaps there is a bit left in the tank.

I know I've seen more interesting statistical categories on beerleaguer than are being mentioned here. I distinctly remember a Scrappiness Index (SI) from just a few days ago, and many, long discussions of the impact of Third Baseman Height.

It's nice to see Moyer succeeding despite being so clearly Washed Up (tm).

And the Baked the Poodle thread was an instant classic. A Beerleaguer glossary would be pretty awesome.

On a more serious note, I've never eaten baked poodle. I was thinking of inviting Brad Lidge over to try some when he gets back to town. Do you shear it before you bake it? I would htink the fur would smell like hell if you baked it.

Dude! I'm eating lunch at my desk. You're killing me.

b_a_p: "I don't have a poodle."

Do you mean, "I don't have a poodle ANYMORE?"

philwynk: That's it! SI is measured by a combination of determination, hustle and grit (or I think that's what we came up with).


Or something to that effect.

I really think clout was onto something with that idea of Backwards Day. Think about it. If Lidge and Madson pitch in the 1st & 2nd inning, and give up their customary 5 runs, then we'd have anywhere from 7 to 9 innings to get back into the game, rather than the 0 to 2 innings that we usually have. In actuality, of course, they wouldn't give up any runs, since there's little pressure in the 1st or 2nd innings and, hence, no DITHL factor.

Back in August 2008, I invented these metrics:

PAHF: Park-adjusted Hustle Factor (Pete Rose is the career and single-season leader)

DU/AB: Dirty Uniform/At Bat (NEPP suggested Bobby Abreu has the lowest career DU/AB)

Philsfan - That's what I get for trusting my friends from Georgia.

Add a one-eyed umpire and you have hte makings of a Tom Waits song.


There are memes about the Phils that don't reach BL?

****DU/AB: Dirty Uniform/At Bat (NEPP suggested Bobby Abreu has the lowest career DU/AB)****

LOL...we used to take bets on how long he could go into a game without getting it dirty.

hh, I think the real SI calculation would have to subtract OBP or SLG, to make sure that no player who can actually hit ever gets a high SI.

Try SI=(H*D+G) - (OBP+SLG)

or something like that.

Players like Juan Castro are "scrappy." Players like Chase Utley are never scrappy, they're just awesome. You get it.

I propose a new metric. The BNI. The BAP Negativity Index. Whereby beerleaguers attemt to quantify the level of catastrophe of a Phillies loss. For instance Madson's meltdown the other night would be a kind of standard of Anything one or above and BAP's wife is hiding the cutlery. Anything above 1.25 and she has poison control on standby and she hides the car keys to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

HH - I think race is in that equation too

Latinos can't be scrappy...only untalented white middle infielders.

donc: I don't know if that negativity index would solely belong to BAP. You could include MG, too.

You could also a positivity index to balance that out, but wasn't that the Sir Alden Trio?

Sophist: You are correct--clout suggested that addition. I can't remember the acronym he used, though.

HH: I think of BAP as the Albert Pujols of negativity. MG and Gtown Dave are Hall of Famers to be sure, but probably not first ballot. As for Sir Alden, he predates me. I must admit I wish I was around for that. MVP would be in that category though. They probably look like the Joker from drinking all that kool-aid.

Sophist- excellent post this morning. I have noticed Raul coming around also. Thanks for putting the numbers to my observations. I do feel though, that he has been having solid at bats all season. Even before they started resulting in some more hits recently.

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