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Sunday, April 11, 2010


"Not especially overpowering..."

Some people just cannot be pleased. I'd hate to see him when he is "especially overpowering"

Doc is the epitome of command on the mound. Nothing rattles him. It's his game. He's not afraid to throw any pitch at any time - came right back with the same pitch after almost losing the lead in the 9th.

Memories of Lefty are starting to become visible out there on the horizon...

It's true, by the way. Beerleaguer really does look awesome on an iPad.

Iceman & Unikruk were exactly right about Halladay and potential post-season in the last thread:

Halladay is pitching three games in a 7 game series, and is the stopper in Game 4 last year after Hamels laid an egg. Blanton then pitches Game 5 vs. Burnett, who got shelled.

No one can say it would have definitively turned out differently in the end. But this year, if put in the same situation, we match Roy v. CC every time instead of throwing Blanton out there and wasting Lee in game 5, a game where Burnett got shelled and almost any of our SP could have gotten the W.

manuel said lidge hit 91-92 on the gun last night

st: "manuel said lidge hit 91-92 on the gun last night"

Well then, he's ready to roll. Velocity is all you need to get hitters out. He shut those Class A guys down, didn't he?

were they measuring the velocity on the balls off the bat?

****NEPP: Jiwan James is the toolshed who will actually make it IMHO. I like him better than Hewitt or Collier.****

I agree. He's a good step up on making it compared to Hewitt or Collier. He really seems to be clicking so far this year.

I think Roy is overpowering...he just makes it look so easy that you dont realize how dominating his game is. He makes 95 mph look like 89 the way he's just throwing it in there.

Its good he pitched the way he did as Oswalt pitched an amazing game and got nothing to show from it. Great effort from our lineup to make him work through 6 long innings too.

just posting the information. don't care one way or the other

****Well then, he's ready to roll. Velocity is all you need to get hitters out. He shut those Class A guys down, didn't he?****


In Lidge's case, velocity IS an indication of his arm strength/health so it is relevant. Nobody is implying that it is an indication of anything else.

Fuqua: That's not a knock on the guy. You can be dominant without mowing 'em down, which is what Halladay did today. He was great.

111 pitches, 83 strikes


111 pitches, 81 fastballs, 28 off-speed pitches.

Actually, the more Lidge gains back his arm strength, it seems the more he gets his brains beat in by minor leaguers. This is one man's opinion, but Madson is the Phillies closer and anything from Lidge will be a bonus.

I agree completely on that thought, JW.

Lidge seems a long way off from giving us anything. We'll always have 2008.

Halladay got better in the late innings. Most starters escape jams like he saw in the 6th and 7th, they don't return for/ complete teh 8th. Halladay, on the other hand, throws his best pitch of hte day to K Kepplinger - 2 seamer that backed up over the outside corner. Then, after Lee gives him a scare nearly blasting the first pitch hook fair, he throws another one that Lee can't possibly make good contact on and gets him to reach for it. Fun to watch.

Seventh inning with a lead? Game over. Haven't seen that since Carlton.

I hope Cole was taking notes. If he was the guy on the mound in the 6th, the Phils surely would've left the inning down 4-2, at least.

That Lee pitch was one of the few mistakes he made all day. Lee "just" missed it or else that game is tied. Halladay gets a ton of credit for finishing him off right afterward.

Not overpowering, yet 9 innings and 1 run, that's what people were talking about when they talked about Halladay pitching against the NL teams.

Hate to find something negative to say, but that's six games now with only one bench player getting one start. Just no need for it. This is not a young team. One of the outfielders definitely could have been given a rest today. You know they'll all be in there tomorrow.

Then there's the Astros. Starting the season with an 0-6 homestand...that is beyond brutal. There's hope yet in Pittsburgh.

Okay, I'll say something nice now. Roy Halliday Jimmy Rollins Ryan Howard Placido Polanco Chase Utley.

RSB - No problem with starting the regulars today given it was the first week of the season, they were facing Oswalt, and they have an off-day on Tues.

Yeah, Astros might be the worst team in the NL and the Nats aren't much better but 5-1 is still 5-1 regardless of who you played. I have a feeling the Phils are going to need to clean up against the bottom feeders and they did just that on this road trip. Easily could be 6-0.

Honestly is the first time under Cholly that this team looks focused & prepared in the 1st week of the season. Playing pretty crisp defense, not taking that many bad ABs, and generally smart baserunning. Usually those things have been missing the first 7-10 days since Cholly took over as the manager.

Watching Oswalt-Schilling do their things today was a real treat. Oswalt was really the first pitcher all year who made Howard look bad at the plate. Did a good job of stymieing a couple of other hot hitters in too in Polanco & Werth.

Hopefully we get to see a couple of other pitcher's duels as Halladay matches up with the likes of Lincecum, Carpenter, Santana, etc. Should be fun.

Here's a graphic I created that I know Beerleaguers will enjoy. Click Here

I suppose that's a good point about Halladay being able to pitch on 3 days rest. He has done it before & succeeded in doing so.

Halladay looked pretty overpowering to me. Didn't allow a single extra base hit and I don't even recall more than 2 or 3 hard hit balls all game. Of the Astros' 7 hits, 1 was on a bunt, and a good 3 or 4 more were on dribblers up the middle which just barely squeaked through the infield.

Yeah, it's the first week of the season. There is absolutely no need to start resting guys yet.

Beerleaguer would cease to exist if we didn't have anything to complain about. But here is one thing that I promise you will never see me complain about: Juan Castro getting insufficient playing time.

What did Schilling do today? Beat up a doctor for performing abortions? Call Muslims Sand*******? Or was that a typo?

As for bench players, there are a ton of built in days off in April so there is no need to rest non-catchers already.

Schilling on his game would beat Halladay on his game...and it would be a hell of a game to watch.

Schilling is the best pitcher I've ever seen in person. I used to go to every one of his starts in the mid-to-late 90s. He was simply a machine. Nothing against Roy as both are terrific pitchers. Roy is a HoF talent just like Curt.

And Roy was overpowering today. You dont realize how good he is as he makes it look so damn easy. He dominated that lineup today. When a guy has the bases loaded and you can watch being fully confident that he'll get out of it, he's pitching in a dominent fashion.

I have nothing to complain about so far on this season.

"Honestly is the first time under Cholly that this team looks focused & prepared in the 1st week of the season. Playing pretty crisp defense, not taking that many bad ABs, and generally smart baserunning. Usually those things have been missing the first 7-10 days since Cholly took over as the manager."

I agree 100%. The Phillies have had a bad habit of coming out of Spring Training looking like the Indians in 'Major League'. So far, this year has been a very nice change of pace.

They did the same stuff under Bowa, but with Bowa they never got it together later.

NEPP: The best pitching duel I have ever seen firsthand was Mussina vs. Schilling (Baltimore at Philadelphia) in '00. Schilling took the loss but went the full 9, giving up 2 ER while striking out 8. Mussina went 8, gave up 1 ER & struck out 10. Helluva game.

The regulars had a day off last week and a day off this week. Plus you never know when the weather will add one. No big deal.

Never saw that game...I was in basic training at that time. Sounds like a Schilling classic.

We have 4 more years of Roy Halladay ahead of us...maybe 5 if that option vests...pretty sweet.

What a pleasure it is to have a pure ace on the staff. most pitchers would have folded late in the game when there were runners on second and third with one out, but Halladay only got stronger.He is the best pitcher in the majors and should win twenty games for the Phils

Ugh. Just Ugh...

Barry Bonds Coached Ryan Howard, Wants to Share His Wisdom

4/11/2010 3:36 PM ET By Jeff Fletcher

SAN FRANCISCO -- Barry Bonds has an idea that he might follow in Mark McGwire's footsteps ... by teaching hitting. As for the admission of steroid use, don't hold your breath.

Bonds returned to AT&T Park for the ballpark's 10th anniversary celebration on Sunday and told reporters that he worked out with Ryan Howard over the winter in Florida, and he'd be interested in teaching about hitting if anyone would ask.

"I was given a gift with the things I know and could do in this game," Bonds said. "Sooner or later I will be able to pass that along. Whoever wants it, I'll be able to be able to talk to them about it. I can see things that they don't understand how I see them. They don't understand these things. I have very good talent. If they want it, I'll be happy to share it."

Obviously, the major hurdle to Bonds getting a job in baseball is the fact that he's currently facing federal perjury charges that stem from his testimony in the BALCO case. The trial has been delayed indefinitely.

Bonds did not answer any questions about the case. Because of the perjury charge, Bonds obviously couldn't admit that he ever used steroids, as McGwire did.

Asked specifically about McGwire's admission, Bonds said he was "proud" of McGwire.

While he's waiting, Bonds said he's enjoying his retirement, except that he still isn't willing to officially announce that he's retired ("It's not necessary at the moment," he said.). He is working out, and he seemed to be in good shape. When asked if he would consider playing if his phone rang, he said "I haven't trained that hard yet to be able to answer that question."

Bonds was also noncommittal when asked if he'd consider an offer to coach.

"When that opportunity presents itself, I'll be able to give you a more clearcut answer," he said. "At the moment right now I'm just having fun."

Bonds said Howard called him over the winter and asked him to come to Florida to work with him.

"I coached him a little bit and he's actually doing very, very well and hasn't said a word about me yet," Bonds said. "But I love him and I'm glad he's doing well."

starting an early trade deadline deal rumor. Oswalt wants to be on a winner and clearly Houston is playing for the #1 pick next yr. If Oswalt is healthy and phils need a starter like last yr (Pedro) I wouldn't be surprised if they make a run at Oswalt in July given Wade's relationship with the organization

RSB: Get used to it. People said that Charlie would use the bench more this year because it was better. Nonsense. Charlie won't use the bench, and it's hardly all that much better.

Expect the regulars to get as many starts as usual.

Ryan Howard is such a jerk for not interrupting this string of 7 games in 8 days in 3 different cities to hold a press conference in which he publicly tosses Bonds' salad in return for whatever advice was proffered in the off season.

When Schilling was on the Phillies he was good, but he gave up a ton of long balls. He was also hurt often. He was good when he was on, but he I consider Halladay a class above him. Schilling should never get in the hall of fame.

Bonds, what a man...hack, cough, er....!

Carson, I enjoyed your Halladay graphic.

The schedule gods have been real kind to Philly. After pasting off the gNats and the gnAstros, who do we get to play now? Oh, wee, the gNats again at home!

Scott: Steroids or no steroids, Bonds was a pretty excellent hitter throughout his career. And he had a pretty good eye at the plate throughout his career. As long as his advice is all about hitting and not the best place to rub an oil or inject yourself I'm fine with it.

Jack: Or it's the first week of the season. There is really no need to rest your starters in the first week of the season. You'll see some guys start playing towards the end of April. They also have an off day on Tuesday and two more this month. Come May they play 12 straight to open the month. Some back-ups will get spot starts then.

Cole: Heidi, I'm starting tomorrow in our home opener. Isn't that exciting? How about a little action tonight?

Heidi: Now you know, Cole, that having sex the night before a big game will negatively affect your performance.

Cole: That's wrong, Heidi. Hall of Fame Manager Casey Stengel once said, "Being with a woman all night never hurt no professional baseball player. It's staying up all night looking for a woman that does him in."

Heidi: Oh, all right, but remember, when we're done, you still have to take Trixie out for her evening walk. Be sure to bring the scooper and bags, and wear your gloves.

Cole: Gee, Heidi, you really know how to deflate a guy.

Heidi: Man up, Cole!

Aaaah. Nice sweep. Was it 2007 when the Astros eliminated the Phils on the last day of the season? This feels much better than that.

When is everyone going to stop making excuses for Lidge and just admit the obvious?

"Encouraged" is what Gillick and Cholly are saying. "Encouraged" by what? He can't get ANYONE out anymore. He couldn't get major league hitters out all year last year. He can't get high minor league hitters out. He can't get low minor league hitters out. EVERYBODY hits him.

Adding him to the active roster, only makes this current team worse. Much worse, actually. A guy throwing 90 MPH, who can't throw strikes, and can't hold a runner, is not someone you want in the game in any situation. Especially with the game in the balance.

But we all know he is going to come back. And we all know he is going to come back as the closer. And how does this team win a world series, when the other team's closer is Papelbon or Rivera and yours is the current version of Lidge? It doesn't.

Some observations from the weekend:

Minute Maid Park looks like a real ball park when its open. It was open all three games, which is the first time Ive seen it open in about 8 tries.

Roy Halladay does not quit. He was throwing tons of strikes and working quickly.At 100 pitches he was 75/25. Could not be rattled with basesloaded or two on in the following inning.

Oswalt did not look bad, but the Phils made him work. It was nice to see them hit against a better pitcher.

Phillies pitchers gave up runs in 3 total innings this weekend. I know it was against the Astro's but Ill take it.

Its early but getting out to 5-1 is exciting. Last year it took till April 19th to get the 5th win.

It was 2005, of course. Time flies like a baseball. (Fruit flies like a banana.)

"There is really no need to rest your starters in the first week of the season."

Its not about "rest" (except with Ibanez). Its about keeping Francisco, Gload and Dobbs SHARP. Its about being prepared should somebody go down to an injury or a prolonged slump.

Cholly never gave his bench players enough work last year and it bit him in the ass in the post-season. When he needed them to help in big games, they were nowhere to be found.

This is a damn good team. Could (if they find a real closer) be the best team they have ever fielded. But it takes 25 guys to win a championship. Not just the 18 or 19 that Cholly only seems comfortable with everyday.

Lidge might be done. I wouldn't speak ill of him if he never came back to the bigs. He was perfect and the Phillies won the World Series. That's all. Nothing more to see here.

gobaystars: "When Schilling was on the Phillies he was good, but he gave up a ton of long balls. He was also hurt often."

Well, let's examine that statement.

Schill pitched 226 and 235 IP in his first 2 years with the Phils. He then hurt his arm, had surgery (labrum as I recall) and missed essentially a full season (half of 94 and half of 95). He then proceeded to average 219 IP for the next 5 years w. the Phils.

As for HRs, he averaged more than 1 per 9 IP only twice in 9 years with the Phils. He was generally league-average to slightly better than league-average in that department. He did give up a ton of HRs when he went to the D'backs, but they have more of a hitter's park than the Vet was.

So in conclusion, if by saying he gave up a "ton of HRs" when he was a Phillie, you mean he was league average, and by "hurt often" you mean he was hurt once and lost the equivalent of a full season, then your post is right on the money.

I would rather have Mitch Williams as a closer than Madson. Madson scares the hell out of me.

I can still picture Schilling with that towel in his mouth while Mitch Williams was pitching. I can see others doing the same when Madson will be relieving. Like Williams, they both can be good, and next time scare the hell out of ya

fljerry: The towel wasn't in his mouth, the towel was over his head. I never much cared for Schilling after that. The fans & media gave Mitch all of the grief he deserved & more. He shouldn't have had to take that from a teammate.

I think everyone needs to back off Lidge just a little. My guess is that he's not throwing anything but fastballs until he gets his velocity up. Maybe that's why he's getting hit around?

If he gets his velocity back and starts throwing sliders and he's still getting hit hard by Single A players, it will be time to worry. Until then, just sit back and watch this team perform magic daily.

Speaking of imploding closers, Pujols & Holliday just made Trevor Hoffman look like a Lidge/Mitchy-Poo hybrid. 3-Run 9th Inning Brewers Lead: Gone.

I'm glad to see you guys appreciate Doc. Loved to watch him ever time he started for the Blue Jays. The man's a stud, a winner, and a class act. You guys got "the man"

No matter. McGehee just clubbed one well into the upper deck in left. Brewers win it in the Bottom of the 9th, 8-7. Hoffman blows the Save, but gets a Win. Strange game, baseball.

i stand corrected the memory of ages 9-16 were a bit off.

Now for the indisputable facts. He was a dick who hammed it up for the cameras and showed up a teammate in the World Series. He had about 7 very good years spread out over 20 years. He was a lazy turd who pissed away the better part of his twenties and spent his last few years trying to talk his way into the Hall of Fame because aside from a few years he was never as dominant as he would have you believe. On the other hand he was a great postseason pitcher.

Managers usually put their A team on the field when their Ace is pitching, as a courtesy to them. I wouldn't look for any subs when Roy is pitching.

I don't wish injury on anyone, but I think I'm slightly happier about Zimmy missing tomorrow than I am about Santana giving up a slam. Our boy Rod B. got run over twice at HP on the same play, and then they reviewed it and called it a slam.

Taschner Thus Far: 4G 4IP 5H 1BB 3ER 6.75ERA 1.500WHIP

I do not miss Jack Taschner.

goody - You know that an inevitable Barajas/Phils' player collision is coming at some point this season. I hope it comes at CBP, Barajas drops the ball, and gets mock cheers all around.

Chan Ho Park has revealed some rather interesting information.

unikruk - what information?

Heyward poked another one to left. Park wants to be a starter?

no, rather that his performance in his first outing w/ the yankees was affected by his diarrhea...

...I swear. poor Chopper....

Bozied tagged one. That Reading team should be fun to watch.

Schilling is a HoF pitcher, hands down. He became one with his ridiculous performances in AZ and BOS. Yeah, he can come off as a prick occasionally but the man could pitch.

I wanted to go to the airport this morning and welcome the returning heroes but a Monday morning flight and then an afternoon game? This regular season is tiring.

I'm surprised they didn't fly back last night!

Looking forward to seeing how Cole does in his second outing...I should see most of it on TV before taking my kids to their own ball games, I think. Hope he does well. We very much need him to be better than mediocre this season (postseason esp.), IMO.

We need Cole to be a true #2 this year or Halladay could go 35-0 and it won't matter.

See how much easier it is when you look at Cole as a #2 guy?

From MLBTradeRumors: Stephen Strasburg, who struck out eight over five innings of work in his pro debut today, will be limited to about 100 innings this year, according to's Peter Gammons (via Twitter). Gammons says Scott Boras negotiated that condition into the righty's deal with the Nationals last summer. However, Nationals farm director Doug Harris told's Ben Goessling that a 100 inning cap for Strasburg "doesn't hold water" (Twitter link). Harris says 150-160 innings would be reasonable for Strasburg (Twitter link).

How the hell could that ever have been negotiated? If so, the Nats are morons for agreeing to a cap like that in a contract.

The thing that I saw from Howard yesterday that I didn't like was a strike out while flailing at a low outside curveball that was never in the zone. That's usually a sign that Howard isn't seeing the ball as well as he was during a hot streak. Granted, Oswalt is a very good pitcher, so hopefully it was just a hiccup. It is nice watching good April ball from the Phils though.

NEPP, small wonder that the Nats lost 100 games last year, no?

Halladay looked great yesterday, and has started to validate the Phils' decision to go after him and trade Lee...My brother, who HATED the trades when they happened, sent me a couple texts yesterday about how wrong he was. If he's come around, I can only imagine how many other Phils fans are feeling the same way now.

Oswalt pitched well, the Phils worked counts well and the Ace came through.

As for Schilling, I remember a Labor Day game against the Yanks at the Vet in '97 (?)...I think he rang up 16 Ks in 8 IP, and the park, which was full of Yankees fans, was rocking like crazy with every one. I don't think we'll ever see a game like that out of Halladay, but he's just as dominant in his own way.

This Bonds/Howard thing is discouraging.

I would think Howard's reputation as a legit, non-enhanced home run slugger is an undeniable achievement in the PED sports landscape of today.

But in a TMZ headline world guilty by association is game-changer in public perception so I hope this just gets dusted under the rug.

It is hard to fault Howard for wanting to get better but he had to realize the opportunity cost of this happening.

This might be a bad analogy but going to a club with Tony Montana to learn how to run a profitable business would probably be a bad decision in hindsight.

>If so, the Nats are morons for agreeing to a
>cap like that in a contract.

I don't think that they *could* negotiate that, as per CBA.

I didnt think so either...I was under the belief that no performance related goals/limits could be put in any contract.

Indeed, Chopper was, as JW writes above, "feeling the flow." Clip is on youtube.

I know this is a Phillies' blog, but....

I watched the Cards/Brewers game last night. Was it me, or did Carpenter look bad? (Bad for him, that is.)

And it also looked like many of the players were overweight, and not just Fielder, whose morbid obesity is going to cause him health problems sooner rather than later.

The commentary I read about Strasburg is that the Nationals are looking to get him about 100 IP in hte majors this year, plus 6-8 starts at AA and AAA.

that Labor Day game for Schilling was a good one. He was dominant. Last time I saw him pitch in person he threw his usual complete game 3 hitter. He was traded the next day or so. It's nice having someone like that anchoring the staff, to say the least. Whether he's a hall of famer, or a loud mouth, who cares. He was a horse.

Looks like the NL East will be dominated down the road by pitching duels between Strasburg and Jarrad Cosart. Can't get over how much Cosart looks like a young Roy Oswalt.

as for the Bonds/Howard thing - as long as the advice isn't "try the clear", I'm sure that Bonds has a nugget or two of wisdom to pass on to a young lefty slugger.

I'm all for it. Howard seems to have less holes in his swing and is standing MUCH closer to the plate this year.

Maybe it will be used to rehabilitate Bonds, who knows, but I dont think that it stains Howard.

The reason that Bonds hasn't been rehabbed re: McGwire is his overall attitude. He was a first class prick his entire career.

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