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Thursday, April 01, 2010


You're up, KK.

Maybe he's all off-balance b/c he lost all that weight.

Time to call Pedro!

Blanton's first trip to the DL ever, I think.

Hope KK makes the most of his opportunity, assuming that's the way the Phils go with the rotation.


Get Pedro on the line STAT!

I'm in no way writing "SEASON=OVER" (other than to say that I'm not writing it), but why do I have this fear that during the 2011 season, we're going to be saying things like: we would have won 95 games last year if we could have stayed healthy."

Lot of old and/or rundown bodies on this roster. Not panicked, but concerned.

3-6 weeks. That's brutal. He wont be back till May the earliest.

And for pitchers, an oblique injury is a lingering thing.

This happened because of the previous thread. Thx, J.

Not a huge deal. Blanton likely would have been the 4th most effective starter. Kendrick will likely give them about the same production for the next few weeks.

If this was Doc or Cole? A problem. Blanton? Not a season ender.

Hopefully this gets Scott Mathieson up to the big leagues for the first month to pitch out of the pen.

Don't press panic.

For arguments sake lets say that after 5 starts each for KK and JM, Blanton is ready to come back and the stats read as follows:

KK 3-1, 32 IP, 3.01 ERA, 30 H, 25 K, 15 BB

JM 2-2, 29 IP, 4.60 ERA, 32 H, 14 K, 18 BB

KK still goes to the bullpen, right?

Staying in the game longer probably had no effects on his injury, but how the heck do they leave Blanton in an ST game long enough to give up 11 runs?!

Kendrick is definitely out of the bullpen now.

The Josh Fogg signing makes more sense at this point. Since it's a minor league contract, they can send him down once Blanton is healthy, correct?

So there's your long reliever until Blanton is healthy.

I disagree that losing Blanton is no big deal. With the rest of the NL East improving this year, I don't think the Phils can really afford a slow start. The bullpen already looks thin, and now shuffling KK out of the BP and into the rotation weakens it even more.

Amaro needs to get on the phone and get another arm for the pen. Isn't there a LOOGY still out there?

I'm voting for theFightins if this is an april fools.

Also, kendrick is the man and denny has a good point about Mathieson, I wanted him to make the team as well.

Losing our 3rd starter is a big deal.

Mathieson is not nearly ready for MLB action.

re: Mathieson

not ready because of health or talent/experience?

Wasn't he already hitting high 90s in fall league last season?

A little irony to start the day.

Popular Argument: Should have non tendered Blanton and kept Lee.
Status : Both on DL

Popular Arguement: It's Moyer vs. Kendrick for a rotation spot.
Status : Both in rotation.

(I'm not saying the arguements don't have merit, just that for right now that's where we are.)

NEPP- "3-6 weeks. That's brutal. He wont be back till May the earliest."

I'm guessing you were not a math major.

****I'm guessing you were not a math major.****

With Oblique injuries, you always bet the longer number as they are lingering for pitchers. That means early May as its already April 1st.

Mathieson was hitting high 90s but its a very flat straight fastball and he doesnt really have a legit 2nd pitch at this point.

Brandon Backe (32)
Cha Seung Baek (30)
Paul Byrd (39)
Daniel Cabrera (29)
Bartolo Colon (37)
Adam Eaton (32)
Mike Hampton (37)
Braden Looper (35) - Type B, not offered arb
Noah Lowry (29)
Pedro Martinez (38)
Eric Milton (34)
Tomo Ohka (34)
Odalis Perez (33)
Mark Prior (29)
Jason Schmidt (37)
John Smoltz (43)
Jarrod Washburn (35)
Chad Bradford (35)
Mike Burns (31)
Chad Gaudin (27)
Edgar Gonzalez (27)
Tom Gordon (42)
Jason Isringhausen (37)
Jorge Julio (31)
Logan Kensing (27)
Seth McClung (29)
Rudy Seanez (41)
Russ Springer (41) - Type B, not offered arb
Julian Tavarez (37)
Luis Vizcaino (35)
David Weathers (40) - Type B, not offered
Eddie Guardado (39)
Glendon Rusch (35)
Ron Villone (40)
Jamie Walker (38)

Above is a list of free agents left. Jarrod Washburn is the best one left. But not much out there. Info from

Ashame Gaudin isnt still available...he'd look pretty good right now.

Number in brackets is age, by the way.

This is true, NEPP Gaudin signed this Sunday, so he is no longer on the list.

I think there is a bit of overreaction going on here. I understand that this is a tricky injury, but the team doc says its a minor one, and if he is back in six weeks good as new I don't think it will hurt them too much. They should be able to rack up some early wins against the Nats and Astros (who will be without Berkman), and hopefully Doc, Cole, and Happ all start strong.

The one silver lining is that by the time Blanton gets back they should have a pretty good idea of who deserves the 5 spot, so from May on the best 5 guys will be taking the ball.

You aren't going to sign some ineffective, old free agent for a month of action.

Then what do you do when Blanton comes back? Cut him?

Just roll with Kendrick. He will be fine.

Blanton is a nice major league starter. But he isn't Cy Young. If the offense does its job, it won't matter much who is starting.

Mathieson should be summoned. He isn't some 21 year old rookie. Its time to see him pitch in the majors. They were kicking it around last summer. Give him a shot. Who else would be better out of the system? Duckworth? Bronco? Mazone?

Also with this deal, I wonder if Durbin now becomes the long man? I would guess so.

Jonesman: Apparently you are the only one who can provide a sane response to this topic. Some of the others were ready to jump off a bridge.

Great point about being able to see who deserves the 5th spot.

I would call up Andrew Carpenter to fill in as long man.

Carpenter would be a good choice...if they dont just call up Fogg as he's essentailly a throw-away option.

Another good point. Carpenter is your long guy.

Assume Blanton is out the entire month of April. He'll miss four starts (or three, if Cholly wants to get creative with the off-days...doubtful, I know).

Now I'm a big Blanton fan, but are people really going to make the argument that replacing him with Kyle Kendrick- a pitcher that most think deserves a rotation spot after his ST performance- over a four game span is going to make THAT much of a difference? The Phils probably weren't going to win all four of those starts, and chances are they won't lose all four of Kendrick's starts.

Panicking about a bullpen that is one big question mark is absolutely legitimate. Even a Susie Sunshine like me is worried about it. But this injury (as presented to us, assuming it's not worse than is being reported) is not a huge deal, especially for a team that, let's face it, is going to struggle in April like it always does. They'll get through it.

Mathieson pitched 32 innings last year and a littel bit in the AFL. Right now he needs regular regulated innings, not to sit as the 12th guy on the staff that sees 1 inning every 2 weeks.

It's not the loss of Blanton, per se, that bothers me. It's the chain reaction that occurs to the team as a result. The BP is already reaching sucktacular levels; this just strains it further.

April Fools?

Few thoughts:

- It isn't the time that Blanton will miss that will hurt this team but the vagueness & uncertainty of his recovery. "3-6 weeks" with an injury that is notoriously difficult to heal & easy to re-aggravate without a lengthy period.

If he is back by May 15 and doing his normal Joe Blanton (6 and 3-4), that's fine.

- Silver lining: Blanton is a player who has tended to wear down over the course of the season and posted most mediocre numbers in Sept/Oct. Maybe this saves a little strain on his arm.

- The pitching gap between the Braves and Phils just got that much more noticeable. I would argue the Fish might even have a better overall pitching staff with Blanton being out.

"Heavy lies the crown... sort of thing."

This stuff happens, but it's not a good omen

Blanton, out for at least a month most likely, potential lingering injury.

Lidge, struggling at best with the cortisone shot scenario indicating he may less far along than hoped. Possible he may never again be an effective closer, gulp.

Romero, recovering, but when was the last time he actually pitched effectively in an ML game? Seems like years.

Not Eeyoring yet, but the very pretty picture that was painted of the Phils a couple of weeks ago has a couple of flecks of mud on it.

To boot, the Phils are hit with the Sports Illustrated double whammy jinx. Halladay on the cover, and the Phils are picked to defeat the Rays to win the WS. Fun to read, but the above pitching issues are a storm cloud on the horizon. Size of the cloud and duration not known yet.

The SI article on Halladay (several pages) is well worth a read. He seems truly like someone who clawed his way back to the top the hard way when he was knocked down and takes NOTHING for granted.

This places alot more pressure on Hamels. Team will be counting on him to deliver some solid results but alot more pressure on him from fans/media. Wonder how he responds if he gets out to a slow start and really hears it from the general public.

Same with Madson. Madson has a history of getting out to rocky starts especially during the first 10 days of the season. It happened to him in '05, '07, and '08 as a reliever. He blows 1 or 2 saves the first week and the fans/media will be on really tough on him & his ability to close.

Everything is falling in place for Kyle. All he does is win games. At least 7 wins by June 1st. Roy, the Fiancee, and now the opening. Wow. Break up the lefties with KK.

Is Ramon Henderson substance-abuse free now?

Cause, I mean, he can't be worse than bringing in Robert Person to start every 5th game.

Dave Murphy refreshed my memory on how long Clay Condrey was out with his oblique injury - 3 months, minus a few appearances. Let's hope Joe B. heals faster!

I'm giving KK the benefit of the doubt for filling Joe's shoes. He's got experience, drive, and did well in ST. It is indeed the BP that is the issue, now it's short a long reliever in KK. Not to mention we're still waiting to see how JC and Lidge bounce back.

Well, it might be a roller-coaster ride, but we already knew the BP had that potential. If the Phils can hold their own until Blanton returns, and particularly if the new guys in the 'pen step up, it could be a really fun ride instead of a nausea-inducing one.

We didn't want to sew up the division too early anyway, not that I thought we would (My brother-in-law did, however). We'll get a fight from every team in that division. I, for one, never thought it would be easy.

It's spring, there's hope in the air for most MLB teams, and certainly for our Phils. Not blind, wild optimism, but I'll join with Bob in his great word "Eeyoring" - We don't need to sound the woe-is-me chants just yet.

Question: Did Francoeur jinx us with his injury bug talk?

I always thought that ST was the time to get back into playing condition gradually, not the time to become injured. Here's hoping Hoss will be back sooner rather than later.

Wow, hh just hit us with "sucktacular".

After yesterday's discussion about whether it was "suckatude" or "suckitude", I'm beginning to envision new entries in Webster's.

Congrats to Jason W. for making the finals in the Phield. Tough day to vote over Good Friday, an off day for most of us. I will find my way to a computer to vote for BL. I'll get my kids to vote, too.

awh: I've been using that word for years. I especially love it as a noun, as in "Teh Sucktacular."

There is also the ever-popular suckfest or suckathon; suckatholon is a good one, as in a host of sucky events in succession.

Normally, I am against made up words, as you all well know--but when it comes to new ways to curse or use slang--then, I'm all for it.

Yo, new thread

Been following Mathieson since he pitched in Reading last summer. This spring Mathieson pitched 2 innings in big league camp allowing 2 hits, 1 run, 2 bb, and 4 strikeouts. Since being sent down he has 8 innings pitched, o hits, o runs, 2 bb, 12 strikeouts in AAA camp. His slider is not quite there yet but flashes a great one and his changeup has improved apparently.
We were in Clearwater last week and he looked good. Couldn't be any worse than Contreras

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