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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Even if you don't vote, you should go read the description of beerleaguer that's up right now. It'll make anyone that reads this blog tear up and be proud to take part in what I think is the best Phils' blog out there.

Best of luck, Jason. And keep up the excellent work.

Beerleaguer is tthe best blog. JW puts more effort into posting topics than the others. Don't really care who wins the tournament though, as long as Phillies nation didnt win. I'll never forgive that guy for ranking Juan Samuel over Manny Trillo as all-time Phillies.

Beerleaguer is the best blog. JW puts more effort into posting topics than the others. Don't really care who wins the tournament though, as long as Phillies nation didnt win. I'll never forgive that guy for ranking Juan Samuel over Manny Trillo as all-time Phillies.

You know, for me, it's not even close. I love the material on the Fightins but, the commentary is often banal and offensive - and, believe me, I can get to the bottom faster than most. Lots of blogs I frequent before them.

Still, Juan Samuel was better than Manny Trillo - not as a fielder but, he was an offensive force. Trillo's contributions with the bat were bonuses. It pains me to say it as, I made tons of throwing errors in little league at 2B until I started imitating Trillo's throw, but, if I was drafting a 2b, and those were the two available, it's Samuel.

I love both blogs, but at the end of the day I was here for the 2008 World Series and the magic that was 2007. Voting Beerleaguer.

Weitzel steals like all of his info from me.

I'd sign Tim Redding just for the sake that he's Steve Carlton against the Phillies. Even if he is Adam Eaton against everyone else.

I knew it, m1. And, clout is just weitzel's a$$holey sockpuppet . . .

This quote from the comments on The Phield is phenomenal, and totally on point:

"this is like asking which one of my parents i wanna live with after the divorce.

Sure, realistically Beerleaguer will probably raise me better, but The Fightins buys me videogames and lets me stay up late and gives me candy."

Both of these blogs are amazing, but I voted BL.

Hell they signed Fogg this week and now Tim Redding?

Why not just kick the tires too on Mark Hendrickson? He's tall, was a former starter, and is left-handed.

Still can't be as bad as '07 though when I actually lost a $20 bet that the Phils has resigned Mesa. Don't think it will reach nearly that kind of level of desperation.

I dutifully voted for Beerleaguer, as I did in the previous rounds. I occasionally read Carson's blog for laughs & nostalgia, Zolecki's for substantive Philllies news, and Phuture Phillies for prospect info. But BL is the only Phillies blog I read as part of my daily ritual. Actually, make that my hourly ritual.

Didn't even realize that Hendrickson was the primary lefty out of the O's pen. That and Millwood as your No. 1 starter will explain a lot if the O's win their annual ~75 games or so in the AL East.

Juan Samuel's best contribution to the Phillies was that he got us Lenny Dykstra. Once they figured out that he couldn't lay off anything low and away he was pathetic offensively.

" the corner table by himself, a glass of scotch and pack of smokes at his fingertips, laughs Clout..."

The Phield needs to do better research. Everyone who knows, knows that clout is a bourbon man.

"Weitzel steals like all of his info from me.

Posted by: "

Why does this feel almost like a Mets troll?

(Still, I'd rather hear comments from Meech than Cerrone.)

I'd kick Redding's tires before trusting a roster spot to Carpenter.

And b_a_p, did you have a choice not to vote for BL after getting a mention as belly up to the maple slab? Ya oughta get all yer buddies to vote for JW too.

Who would have thought a blog where people come to bash the Mets would be so popular?


Juan Samuel was a good player. Maybe not appreciated enough when he played. But Manny Trillo was the most under rated player on the championship teams 78-83. Trillo was NLCS MVP, top half of the lineup hitter, and best defensive 2B on the team in the last 40 years. Trillo > Samuel.

in a ridiculously silly way, i feel somewhat attached to the phield. unlike the real, ncaa tournament, my picks throughout the bracket have come true.

i voted for beerleaguer and the fightins by the very nature of the kind of baseball fan I am. part sabremetrician. part fanatic. part logic. part inanity. part rhetorician. part goofball.

these two blogs represent me as a phillies fan. but only one has clout.

I can smell the stale beer and pee cakes in the urinal tonight. My brother is voting for BL in memory of out ancestors.

Manny Trillo could rip that low and outside pitch to right every time.

I would say no to Tim Redding I heard at one point that he wasn't a good teammate and had a bad attitude. Not what we need in the clubhouse.

Meyer - how many of your ancestors are out?

Yeah I voted Beerleaguer. Easy call.

Most of them. Birthday party for my son is cutting into my seat time.

Anyone know if it's possible to get private e-mail addys off posts here? I got an e-mail at my private account from some guy called millici or medici who offered me twice what JW pays me to stir up chit and drive traffic. Anyone know what's up with this?

If the argument is who's better as a secondbaseman, then it's a no brainer. Trillo in a landslide over Samuel, a truly horrid fielder. Sammy was one of the early power-hitting secondbasemen, but his lack of contact and poor OB made him just average offensively. While Trillo was below average on offense, the gap wasn't wide enough to offset the huge gap defensively at one of the top 3 defensive spots on the field. And 2 of Manny's 3 best years on offense were with the Phillies.

Andy: Well bourbon and gin and the occasional Troegs or Stoudts with a shot of rye.

And they said Marcus Giles couldn't hit after he stopped taking steroids.

"Marcus Giles entered a guilty plea Thursday on domestic battery charges.
Giles was placed on three years probation and ordered to undergo a year of counseling for assaulting his wife last fall. The 31-year-old hasn't appeared in a major league game since 2007."


BTW, did typepad ever fix the posting / reload latency, or will we have to click on the last time stamp to see the latest posts again this year?

clout is on fire. I voted BL since it was the first Phillies blog I ever went to in 2007 and I still read the content and comments. The Fightins is in heavy rotation as well though.

I voted for BL. Read BAP's comment above. That is exactly what I do, except, I don't go to Zolecki's blog much. I emailed family members to vote for BL.

I'd sign Redding. The red bloodstripes gets him pitching at his best. He'll win the Cy Young actually wearing the Phillies gear.

If you sign Redding to a minor league deal and he ends up in AA, is that redundant?

According to MLBTR, Redding can only opt out of his contract if he finds a spot on another team's 25 man roster.

Would the Phils be willing to guarantee him a spot?

Also, in LOOGY news, Scott Schoeneweis, in whom the Phils apparently had no interest, made the Red Sox bullpen as the last man.

He'll earn a whopping 500K.

To be fair, any blog with posts like "STFU Curt Schilling" has my respect. Succinctly and nicely put, The Fightins.

Nevertheless my vote goes to Beerleaguer.

On topic - anything more than a minor league signing of Redding reeks of panic, which is completely unwarranted at this point.

This BL v. Fightins matchup is perfect for a number of reasons.

For one thing, I'd say they are the highest quality examples of two very different approaches to sports blogs. It's hard for me to declare one "better" than the other. Better how?

Juan Samuel is actually one of my all-time favorite Phillies, but he really was an abomination in the field. I wouldn't agree that he was below average offensively, though. He had plenty of holes in his offensive game, but he had a combination of speed and power that was pretty unique for a 1980s middle infielder. For those first 4 seasons of his career, he was a very good offensive 2nd baseman. He should certainly not have been batting leadoff, though.

The Phield's description of Beerleaguer is quaint, but obviously fictional. Does anyone believe for a minute that clout would be quietly sipping scotch by himself when, just a few feet away from him, a lively debate is taking place about the merits of the Abreu trade?

Curt blurts original ideas as only a politician can. Still sounds bitter.

bap, LOL.

clout would be in the thick of things. He could never stand sitting in the sidelines.

We need to get on the job. The Phield says TheFightins is up by 100. Go BL!

I visit the The Fightins every single day.

I visit Beerleaguer about 25-50 times a day.

I'm voting BL.

Voted BL, of course

The Comments section of the Fightins offers nothing interesting when I have been there.

Here JW offers great stuff to start the conversation, but it can go anywhere from there. Sometimes informational, always interesting.

As Lake Fred said -- Vote early and often.

Oh, and Tim thank you. If the Phils sign him, the number of teams he can beat goes from one to zero in the blink of an eye.


So now each of the Giles boys are sluggers. Didn't Brian do some damage with his dukes last year? Hard to believe 'roid rage lasts that long..


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