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Friday, April 30, 2010


Good job, Jason! Not everyone who can write cogently can also speak fluidly. You didn't have constant "um's" and presented clearly and knowledgebly just like in your writing.

Nice work, Weitzel. I'd love to sit and watch that segment with a Mets fan and watch him/her go apoplectic when you mention the impact of injuries on the '10 Phils.

Catching up on three threads - I cracked up on the Cole Hamels / John Wayne comparison. The poster obviously didn't watch Repo Man or, he'd know htat John Wayne was a f@g. (cue homophobia accusations). If Miller hte mechanic was right, John Wayne was no Cole Hamels. He just played one in hte movies.

What percentage of people skip the game tonight because Kendrick is on the mound. Definitely a low % play for your entertainment options. Thankfully, there's DVR.

Good voice of reason. Did your preparation include 24 or 72 hour blog abstinence?

So, what is Market Value for Ryan Howard? He makes $20M right now, and apparently that is Market Value.

They signed him to a deal that averages $23M for the first 5 years with a $23M option for year 6(or a $10M buyout).

So are people really arguing over the $3M extra?

Or are people arguing that his market value will drop in the next few years? So the Phillies should have signed Howard to a decreasing contract? Hmmmm i wonder why Howard wouldn't sign that deal?

You either pay Howard what he got or you dont have him on your team. I guess a lot of people are huge John Singleton fans.

phaithful: Obviously it's all conjecture, but I find it very, very hard to believe Howard would have gotten the deal we just gave him on the open market after 2011.

Remember, it's not his market value this year or even next year. We already had him locked up for those years. It's what he would have gotten for 2012-2016.

And generally, yes, as players get older, their market value drops. Howard at 32-36 is not nearly as valuable as Howard from 27-31.

Ah, another statement that Doc has been "a good influence on KK." What does that mean? More early morning Bible sessions for KK, fewer nights closing down the pubs? Too bad Doc can't stop "influencing" him and help him get a few guys out instead.

Kyle Kendrick 4 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 18.2 24 16 16 3 9 9 7.71 1.77 .316

I am still a bit sorry for starting all this KK and Roy stuff but there does seem to be some improvement with Kyle and his flaws are becoming more defined and even if he ends up at LV he will at least get some wins because of the incredible Pig Pen. (keeping his incredible winning percentage intact).

Its ashame Bastardo had to go down thanks to the numbers game...he was doing his job as a LOOGY:

vs LHB: 1 for 11,, 2 BB, 2 Ks.
career split (minors): .169 BAA vs. LHB.

He'll be back up soon enough...once things work themselves out in the bullpen and he'll likely stick around to replace Romero at some point in the near future (2011)

I don't care who KK listens too, the bottom line is he is a sinker ball pitcher with good stuff. He needs to keep his pitches down. It seems he suffers the Hamels affect and has a really bad inning where he can't keep it down. He needs to be consistent, and unfortunately he needs to go to AAA to do that. He would be a great 3/4 pitcher if he learns to be consistent. but that is a huge IF...Lets go Phils!

****I don't care who KK listens too, the bottom line is he is a sinker ball pitcher with good stuff. He needs to keep his pitches down.****

By down, you mean DOWN in AAA, correct?

He'll never be a great 3/4 pitcher with just one pitch.

Ha! Just checked my Twitter feed, and Crashburn Alley just retweeted a tweet by MVPTommyD -- I thought I might have escaped that guy, but no!

mvptommyd @CrashburnAlley I am so sick of all you SABR guys.Try using your eyes and common sense as well. Howard's OBP is good as well.

Cliff Lee makes his Mariners debut tonight. So, if KK, the Mets, or offense frustrate us, we can always follow the Mariners-Rangers game later on - much later. I'm rooting for Lee to do well, even if it might be painful to see him doing so for another team.

Shot in the dark guess here. In the end Pujols, Fielder, and Gonzalez will all get bigger contracts than Howard. I say that based on a few factors. One is- there are plenty of teams that will be willing to pony up the cash according to Jayson Stark.

Pujols is considered by many to be the best player in baseball. He was going to get a huge deal regardless of when Howard signed. The only way he gets a smaller deal is if he takes a huge discount to stay in St. Louis but I doubt that. Would not be surprised to see him get something that averages 30 million a year.

Gonzalez is a guy that intrigues teams because many feel if he does so well playing in Petco Park, imagine how well he'd do playing a majority of his games in a more hitter friendly environment. If many consider him similar to Tex than 8/180 is the starting point. I'd say he probably gets the same deal Howard did at worst.

Fielder is similar to Howard but younger. I can see that bumping his cash up some. I'd say he probably goes for 26-28 a year.

Fielder looks like he'll eat his way out of baseball by his early 30s.

first time poster, long time lurker.

i think alot of people will feel better about ryno's contract in a few years when pujols is making $32 mil/yr, and agonz and fielder are both making $22-$24 mil/yr. at that point, he'll be making "market value." rube just set market value.

NEPP - your absolutely right, which is why in my second part of that comment i said he needs to go to AAA. He has other pitchers that show flashes of being good but he needs to work on them. And you cant do that at the MLB level (I know I'm stating the obvious), and at this point you maybe right he may never develop but as long as he has an option he should be sent down and allowed to work on his command.

The ownership is not playing 3 Card Monte. They have 3 to 5 candidates for the Hall playing on this team and the backs of their baseball cards will look like most of the greats - one team. Except for The Babe (get over it KLaw).

****They have 3 to 5 candidates for the Hall****

1. Utley
2. Howard
3. Halladay
4. Rollins?

And 3 & 4 are borderline at this point. All 4 are borderline depending on how they age.

BTW, who's the 5th candidate? I honestly can't think of anyone else that has a reasonable shot.

Jack: I understand that players most likely will decline as they grow older past their early 30s. I wouldn't follow the charts as blindly as some may and try to peg every player to a specific year, but I do agree that Howard will be less productive towards the end of his contract.

But Howard has the choice to sign or not sign, so unless you want to risk going into 2012 without a premier 1B, you can't offer Howard a contract that sees his salary decline or calls him out for being less productive and expect him to sign it.

If you would rather have Gonzalez or Fielder or whoever, then you'll end up paying the same money and maybe even more - and still not gauranteed to even get any of them.

By re-signing Howard now, you get fixed costs and know he's here for the long term. If you want that, you've gotta pay an extra few mil, simple as that.

And why would Howard re-sign with the phils if they waited until the end of 2011 to do it? If he waited that long, he's going to hit the market anyway, I think the Phils had to get him under contract sooner than later to have a realistic chance of retaining him.

The Howard deal may turn into a giant albatross or it may not. I tend to like his chances to at least be teh player he is today through year 5 or so of the deal and am hoping that he gets better. Definitely signs this year that he's trying to work on his approach at the plate albeit, the result is lots more grounders to 2B / short right.

I voted unfavorable as that was my initial reaction. That is based primarily on timing - lots of time to get the deal done and not set the market. I tend to think that the younger guys will see similar dollars in the same age bracket adn that Pujols will own a piece of the Cardinals by the time he retires so, the money doesn't offend me. It's either that or have a huge hole in the lineup.

What I like about the deal is that it says the Phillies want to keep the face(s) of the franchise the same for years on end. They're pushing back on the revolving door image of the league and trying to grow a generation of faithful fans, which is what they did in the 70s with my generation.

On that note, I have enjoyed the posts on the Braves' decision to take Heyward north out of spring training instead of burying him for a month to deprive him of a year of free agency eligibility. To me, they're doing something similar to what the Phils have done with Howard. They're telling the fans and Heyward that by the time he gets there, they'll already have locked him up for many years more. He's only 20 but, I assume he can read that signal, too, with the help of his agent. They've done right by him now and they are banking that it will put him in a mind to stay there for a decade or more.

ON KK: I think he is like Hamels if call goes against him he just loses it. Its too bad becuase I have seen him look good (at least on TV here in NY).
On the Howard deal I thought he was teh MVP his hitting has improved he is begining to take advantage of the shift. I just don't get it why should we fans be concerned about the fiscal well being of the team. They are making s--t load of dolalrs and even if they aren't (BUT they have!) they could sell it. The ball park is full. If I was the owner I would want to keep it this way.
Let's face it, it was a huge bungle to not come to terms with Lee. If we had him signed up we would be inteh series and win for the next three yers. Lee and Halladay alone could each beat the yankees twice in a world series for each of the next three years. That would put a lot of money in the owners table and it would attract a lot of players to Philly. Guys like KK and Bastardo could then be traded for major league players. The farm woukld then have three more years toproduce quality replacements.
Reuben may have been at Stanford but this trade for three "prospects" (only 1 in the top 50) was a bone headed move. Its why KK is pitching tonight!


NEPP - Pedro (he may be wearing red pinstripes after the All Star break.

What about Moyer - 260+ career wins?

BTW, I think JRoll may be a lock for the HOF if he gets 2500 career hits (at 1638 now) and continues to field near GG level for the next 4-5 years.

I am thinking Hamels will be a late bloomer or Rollins could fall out of the Horn of Plenty. The yankees probably had a tag-along or two.

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