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Thursday, April 15, 2010


I think the last time I was at McMenamin's, they had older TVs.. I'm assuming they upgraded to HD? I do agree about the beer/food selection..

I'm going to head down to The Diamond here in Richmond to watch the R-Phils take on the mighty Flying Squirrels.

That was not a typo. Flying Squirrels.

The best "Phillies" bar is in my house. Never understood the appeal of going to a bar after you were 21 especially not to watch a ballgame.

"Never understood the appeal of going to a bar after you were 21"

It's always been the coming home from a bar that's proved tougher- but then I'm way past 21.

Well if KK was lucky in his early years, he has been unlucky the last couple but lucky yesterday that he didn't get the loss. Morgan could have moved his quick feet quicker to get out of the way of that good bunt pitch.


I'll take Ibanez having an OBP 90 points higher than his BA all season and .400 OBP from the catchers. The 7 hole stats are from Vic, so do with them what you will.

Not saying those things will hold true all season. Just saying they are a big part of the Phils early season success on offense.

Still looking for a Phillies bar in Brooklyn. Anyone?

An unbelievable 37 year lucky streak leaving bars has me believing in fate.

>It's always been the coming home from a bar
>that's proved tougher- but then I'm way past 21.

Thats why you have to live CLOSE to the bar... walkable. and make sure its up hill from your house. That way when you trip and fall, you can roll a bit home.

Picking up a discussion from the last thread, I actually DO think Kendrick will start next week, presuming Romero doesn't make it back by then. If Romero is ready by KK's next turn up, Romero will be activated, KK sent down, and Figueroa will start. If not though, I think Figueroa will remain in the pen and KK will get at least one more start. The Phillies, sometimes to their credit and sometimes to their detriment, give their guys a decently long leash.

J-As you said previously, Kyle could be valuable somewhere in the organizaion.

That's a good organizational guy.

Meyer: Yeah, I mean, I think Kendrick is really gonna be a great all-time Iron Pig. He'll probably be the Lehigh Valley franchise leader in a lot of categories by the time the sun sets on his illustrious career. Sort of the Andy Tracy of the pitching staff, if you will.

From Phillies Insider:
Elias Sports Bureau (Official Major League Baseball Statistician) came up with the following:

" The Phillies, 6-1, have now scored 50 runs through the season's first seven games; it's the first time that the Phillies have had 50 runs and six wins through the first seven games of a season since Grover Cleveland was in the White House: the 1896 edition of the Phillies - a team with four Hall-of-Famers (Nap Lajoie, Ed Delahanty, Dan Brouthers and Sam Thompson) in its lineup - started the season with six wins and 66 runs in their first seven games."

McMenamin’s has great food, an insane atmosphere for Eagles games - and is a great place to watch some baseball.

There beer selection doesn't hurt, either.


bake...i've lived in brooklyn for 3 years, and there is no phillies bar to my knowledge. have to head into the city for phillies' fun.


I agree that the team has a long leash with struggling starters and I don't think Kendrick is heading to LHV next week. I think he'll be the no. 5 guy until Blanton comes back. I do expect them to give serious consideration to skipping him in the rotation when his turn comes up Tuesday, and letting him work out of the bullpen. The apparent decision to move Halladay up and keep him on regular rest tends to reinforce that thought in my mind. Of course, the gut may think differently.

Any firefox / greasemonkey users out there? I'm playing with a beerleaguer script that does a few things (highlight posts, hide posts, etc.). It's still a little raw, but if anyone is interested in trying it out, send me an e-mail.

bah, typepad dropped my email from the "Posted by" name. It's jdl1291@gmail

Yeah, I've been in Brooklyn for five years and also don't know of a Phils bar.

Hugh: That's a good point I hadn't considered. If the option is there to simply skip the 5th starter's spot, and work the other guys on normal rest, then they should and probably will do that.

Nats third base coach ticked by Phanatic antics, "[It] was bad timing," Listach said. "We had just given up five runs. This isn't Little League. This isn't high school."

No Pat, it's the Nationals. Get used to it.

A couple of interesting things on Starks rumblings:

On Cole Hamels
"I think he's become cutter-crazy and forgotten what makes him good. He's good when he's using his curveball to change people's eye level, but now, when he's throwing that high cutter, nothing is moving their eyes. To me, he has to be an up-and-down-the-ladder guy. He needs to go up and down the ladder with fastball-curve-changeup and then just show that cutter as a pitch to get in on a right-hander's hands. But he's hardly even using his curveball. If he's going to use a fastball/cutter/change mix, he's a No. 3 starter. If he's a fastball/curve/change guy, he's a No. 2 or a No. 1."


Whenever I'm in NYC, I head to Wogie's in the West Village. Watched game 3 of last year's NLDS there. Small but a cool Philly place.

Joe: I thought the it was odd for the Phanatic to get in the face of the opposing third base coach. The guy didn't have to make a comment about it though.

Wah....Philies fans are over-running our home opener....Wah....The Phanatic touched me...Wah ...The umpire didn't call a strike and that Howard person hit the ball real far...Wah....

C'mon up!
(after today's game, of course)

Bay Slugga - 3B coach should've keep cool, else the Phanatic might go all Lasorda on him. Now that was a great baseball rivalry.

I hate to be this guy, but I'm 90% in agreement with Listach. I'll probably be crucified for this, but I despise the Phanatic. Always have. Even as a little kid going to the Vet with my parents, I was annoyed by him. I guess I like my baseball, specifically Phillies baseball, without gimmicks and distractions.

Has Jayson Stark seen Cole's curveball lately?

****I'll probably be crucified for this, but I despise the Phanatic.****

YOU GO TO HELL!! YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greatest mascot in sports!

@R.Billingsly -- one of my buddies i have season tix with agrees with you. I would find that there are more of you than you think... but still in the vast vast minority.

personally, i believe if you don't like the Phanatic you are probably a communist. :)

NEPP: I'm guessing that was Stark quoting a scout, not actually Stark's opinion.

NEPP: I agree that he is, without a doubt, the greatest mascots in sports. I just think that ALL mascots are stupid.

Cunningham: I may be in the minority, but I'm no communist.

Hey, I'm just trying to be as open and honest as I can on this board. Mascots aren't my cup of tea.

(I'm assuming that you don't really think I'm a communist, or that NEPP wants me to go to hell)

Mascot talk, on Beerleaguer? Really?

I thought we were supposed to dissect/overanalyze incredibly mundane and useless transactions, strategies and statistics? Much like the never discussed Kyle Kendrick K/9 stat.

BTW, I don't think I saw clout's take on KK's start yesterday anywhere. Did I miss it?


I wish you didn't talk up McMeniman's since I like that to be my secret spot in NW Philly. GREAT burgers.

My favorite bar to watch the Phils is the Henry James Saloon in Roxborough. Free round anytime Chase hits a HR! They also have MLB Extra Innings. And great food.

I also LOVE Murph's in Fishtown. Total dive.

@bake: I'm also in Brooklyn but turn to Wogie's on Greenwich Ave for my Phillies bar needs.

Thanks, everybody. I've been to Wogie's but it would be great if there were somewhere a little closer.

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