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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Off topic, but Heyman has an article up. He says th ePhils have the most balanced lineup in baseball.

Most eye opening quote:

"...Jayson Werth, who may be the most underrated player in baseball. "He's one of the best 15 players in the game,'' one competing GM said."



JW, please don't ban me for going "oof-topic". :)

Jason, the "Reading" link at the top is a dead link. Come on, man, I need my prospect fix!

This highlights yet again the cause of keeping Werth past this year. Somehow its gotta be done but because of poor strategy (i.e. signing Vic long term) and bad contracts (i.e. extra year on Ilbanez), it won't.

This team will eventually fall, possibly after this season because of Amaro's inability to read the market.

Link is fixed, friar. It's Tommy Viola's blog; the new PR guy at Reading. One day, I'll static link to all these resources. One day.

Short monologue on today's line-up.

Dobbs - {scratches, spits, looks briefly at Florida dust softly swirling at his feet, then back at the game. Spits again. Glances to the outfield, then hears batted ball. Looks at field.) YESSS!! Um....I mean...I hope he's okay...

In re: the stats

I'm wondering if the "even count knock Cole around" thing is due to his lack of a dependable breaking pitch.

Or what. It's actually kinda baffling.

JW, the Lakewood link goes to the same site as the Reading that the intent or should they be going to two separate places?

The game is on Channel 8 on Concast.

Darn Fios. This is the only time I don't like having it. MLB Network is going to re-air it at 10pm, provided there's no blackout.

I almost wonder if Werth is slightly getting overrated just a bit at this point. He had such a break out year last year because of the 36 HRs and the uptick in ISO. If he retreats a bit to the 25-27 HR range, he likely retreats to the .850 OPS range which is still very good but doesn't put in the top 15-20 players in baseball either.

LHP ron villone released today. looks like the end of the line for him, but may be worth signing to a minor league deal.

ron paulino 12 for 23 this spring.

Nice piece about Moyer vs. KK and points out it was not like KK wasn't given a lengthy chance to succeed previously as a starter. Also makes a good point that Moyer has averaged very close to 6 IP/GS for the Phils.

If Moyer can average close to 6 IP/GS and keep his ERA around the 4.75 mark, he will be fine as the No. 5 starter. I don't think he can though and wonder how long of a hook he gets.

Take that Verlander.

Domonic Brown had a great eight or nine pitch at bat off of Verlander ending with a home run out of the stadium. Looked real good up there against one of the best.

I like this Dom Brown kid, 3-2 pitch onto FL Rt. 19 from Verlander.

They keep talking about Verlander staring him down during his trot around the bases... can anyone watching please elaborate?

Take that too.


Yo, New Thread. Apologies EFF

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