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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Another season and I again find myself agreeing with (almost) everything bay_area_phan says.

J.R.: I also think we should resign Eric Bruntlett, make him the starting second baseman, and trade Chase Utley for a LOOGY.

BAP-- There are some things we can ALL agree on.

If the bullpen wasn't in such flux, I'd really be pissed that Moyer's 8 million trumps a 25 yr old guy w/ upside. We really may need Kendrick's arm due to injuries/futility. All that being said, I'm STILL kinda pissed.

To the poster formerly known as RoLo

from Murphy's blog:

former Phillie Rodrigo Lopez will enter the season in the Diamondbacks rotation

BAP: If that's how you feel, you don't deserve to be posting here.

Thanks. Now I feel better.

I was about to say that since halladay is such a horse he should pitch every fifth day and close the other four. Now I'm watching him get shellacked against his old mates and just glad that it's not next Monday and he's just getting his work in.

Halladay. Not so hot right now. Halladay.

Halladay's getting absolutely lit up.

Christ Almighty....just what we want to hear 5 days before opening day. Anyone know what any long term solutions would be for the 'pen? This is only a worst-case scenario...which I'm believing is more and more probable.

Remember we made the WS last year when Lidge reached new heights of suckatude? Either Madson will step up, or we'll trade for someone. The closer position is the single more overrated one in baseball today, so forgettaboutit!

Their stuck with Lidge. Plain and simple. You just have to hope that he eventually gets a little healthy & rounds into shape.

It would be just a bit ironic if he ends up being arguably one of the key pieces that brought the Phils a WS in '08 and yet is one of the things that drags them down the most in '09 & '10.

The real shame in this is there isn't a single arm in AA or higher that is remotely capable of coming into the closer's role/key setup role either. This is something I could see the Phils do especially if they had a bullpen arm at say Reading who got out to a good start the fist 2 months of the year.

Pieces the Phils have will be the pieces there for most of the season for a couple of reasons.

July. If Lidge is still rehabbing or can't find his slider by July then RAJ will make a move.

I have faith in Madson. Not sure why. Worried about Halladay? Check Sabathia's line yesterday. The bell rings on Monday.

Blanton down with ab just gets better the closer we get. Remember how good the pitching was 2.5 weeks ago?

Better to force it with Madson than Lidge I think.
Upon hearing this, it would have been handy to have Myers around for just such a thing.

Season = Over

Everybody panic!

the only sensible thing to do is panic.

If Lidge continues to top out in the 80s, he'll never set foot on the hill. I can't see that possibility as a death knell for the team. The bullpen is in flux but, that's not an uncommon condition in April.

It would suck if Kentucky Joe goes on an extended hiatus with a jockey full of bourbon while his oblique heals but, as long as Josh Fogg doesn't actually start a game, I think they can weather that issue.

Amaro should be moving on a lefty relief option in a couple days here.

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