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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


try to to get Michael B on Beerleaguer

Wow JW, you are making it big now.

First WIP Morning show, now DNL. Moving on up from Startare late nights.

Just try to steer clear of talking about BABIP, WAR, VORP and all that other mumbo jumbo. The average fan that watches those kinds of shows don't care about it.

Next you're going to announce that the Phillies gave you credentials and also you will be traveling with the team on the road as the beat writer for the...."Reading Eagle". Well, maybe not the last part.

In all seriousness, good luck.

Can you do me and everyone a favor JW and cause Mark Kram intense physical pain if he is on the show tonight....the kind I get everytime he opens his mouth about anything.

Is this your first CSN appearance? I live out of market so I won't be able to catch it...

hmm just getting the cable installed today. I'm curious to see what you look that creepy? sorry.

JW - Hopefully Sal Pal isn't on today or you will likely be hard pressed to get a hard in.

Word in. Back to work and no multi-tasking.

MG: They don't usually mix sports teams in the same segment. I am sure JW will get his own segment.

I'm with Tim: Please hit Mark Kram and John Smallwood. They are the two writers that sit on the panel that make my head explode. Sam Donnellon, too. All take the "lowest common denominator" approach and cater to the haters in this town. Kram yesterday actually said the Sixers don't win because they don't have "winning players" and I almost threw my shoe through the TV.

Good luck and I'll be watching, since DNL is my crack.

Ask Barkann to show you the velour track suit he was rocking on Friday.

Feel free to use the phrasing "As the poster NEPP has mentioned on my blog..." whenever you want to make a good point.

nice, I'll be watching. DVR set.

doubleh: the only way it would be worse if they had John Gonzalez on regularly, now that is a guy that has no idea what he's talking about.

If things get boring within the 10 minute time span JW has they could always discuss the ramfications of the Abreu trade. That's good television right there.

Zombie Moyer continues his path back to No. 5 spot:

"Jamie Moyer pitched three more scoreless innings. Moyer, coming off three offseason surgeries, allowed just one hit in a ‘B’ game against a Toronto Blue Jays club at Bright House Field. He hit a batter and walked none."

Dubee also said he is the frontrunner for the No. 5 spot. Pretty much Moyer's job to lose at this point. He would have to tweak something or get lite up the next 2-3 outings for KK to have a real shot to win the No. 5 spot.

I hope KK though doesn't get frustrated by this and take the approach that Happ did last year. I don't see Moyer making it through the entire season although he likely gets a much longer leash than Park did last year.

Tim - You mean the Sanchez trade?

MG - You forgot the parenthetic statement in that report: "He hit a batter (who resumed his stance until the umpire notified him that it was indeed a pitched ball that hit him and not a housefly landing on his butt) and walked none..."

On behalf of old geezers everywhere- I hope Moyer has a GREAT season .
We need at least 6 good starters to cover a season, no need feel like it's KK vs. Jamie, they will both get their share of starts over the long haul.

I hope Moyer goes 19-5 with a 2.45 ERA.

Moyer's return and early strong results are early the surprise story of camp so far. Rest are a distant 2nd. Even KK.

Andy- my favorite Moyer is so slow quote is from David Murphy last year :

""In the second inning, Moyer struck out Juan Encarnacion on what was either a slow curve or a change-up. Either way, it looked like it was travelling in a School Zone it was moving so slow. The thing practically had its hazard lights on."

David Murphy – Daily News

Wonder if Moyer finally breaks out the Eephus pitch this year? 55-60 MPH of pure chicanery.






Nce segment jw, lookin good on tv next too
smallwood isn't too tough though heh

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