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Monday, March 22, 2010


From the previous thread:

"His upside is Clay Condrey."

Well, NEPP, considering that what Condrey has done since joining the Phillies:

189 IP, 3.65 ERA, 1.455 WHIP, 1.76 K/BB (the last 2 not great)and an ERA+ of 122,

if that's all Herndon delivers than he was worth the $50,000, no?

I hope the Phils keep Ransom and put Castro at AAA, but with a Major League contract don't they have to keep him on the 25 roster unless he approves the minor league assignment?

Dobbs should stay as a LH bench bat, corner IF backup.

Cliff Lee with strained abdominal. Just another reason why RAJ traded Lee. The man is PSYCHIC.

Sorry if that article has already been posted.

I don't think Castro can be sent down to the minors without putting him through waivers and getting him to agree...But Ransom would be a better option for the bench.

Might be time for RAJ to swallow his pride on that one...

****if that's all Herndon delivers than he was worth the $50,000, no?****

Sure, but he's not worth trading Dobbs.

On Ransom: The Phils would be stupid if they traded Dobbs with the expectation of using Ransom as a bench player. He CANNOT hit period. He's terrible with the bat. We cant have two "no-hit" gloves on the bench with Castro and Ransom.

Ransom OVER Castro is fine...Castro is terrible offensively and defensively despite his mirage of a high average last year.

Something to keep in mind on Herndon:

Career Minor League splits:

vs. LHB: .295 AVG
vs. RHB: .275 AVG


vs. LHB: 59.5%
vs. RHB: 61.1%

So, he'll always give you a lot of groundballs...with a great infield defense, those BAA numbers should come down a bit...however, be wary of using him against a good LH bat.


And some people think posters here are being too optimistic with a 95-win prediction for the Phils?

Talk about putting too much stock into ST stats...

There will be a lot of pressure on the 'pen to perform well before Lidge and JC return. Who will be sent packing? An interesting scenario will undoubtedly play out.

Chris in VT.......

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

Oh, it's just Woody Paige, that adorable little rascal. Wait, what do you mean he votes for TWO halls of fame?!

NEPP: If they looked to trade Dobbs, it would be because Gload is better than him, not because Ransom is.

As bad as Ransom may be, I would trust him vs a LHP over Dobbs(We're talking very small sample sizes so I wont bother posting the slashlines), so if Gload is going to be your man off the bench than Dobbs' value to this team in particular is as close to nothing as possible.

If you can trade Dobbs for any run of the mill LOOGY, you gotta think that the value would be much more useful there - or i'd even take an AAA org filler catcher type for some insurance on Schnieder.

Dobbs, Gload, Castro, Schneider and Francisco.

If that is your bench, Cholly will be really hamstrung late in games.

Schneider will never be used to pinch-hit, unless he is the last option.

Castro can't hit and is another version of Abe Nunez/Eric Bruntlett. Plus he has no speed, so he adds nothing as a pinch-runner.

Dobbs and Gload are the same player. They hit from the same side of the plate and play the same positions on defense. Neither one have any speed either.

Francisco will likely be used most of the time to play defense late in games in LF. He will only get AB's, if double-switches are made. Or if they save him, Ibanez will have to play 9 innings of defense more often (which isn't what Cholly likes to do).

That's it. That gives Cholly very little versatility and very few options. No switch-hitters either. And the complete lack of speed from 4 of the 5 potential players, is not a good thing. Maybe Grandpa will be used to pinch-run late in games. He is the fastest 47 year old in baseball.

That is why, I don't think this bench is settled yet (or should be). Anybody but Gload and Schneider would not be safe, if it was up to me. The other 3 spots should be looked at closely.

It also points out how this team needs to keep another position player, over that rarely needed/useless 12th pitcher. With the starting pitching this team seems to have and with a horse like Halladay at the top of the rotation, the bullpen won't likely be needed to be used as much.

I think the team needs a 6th bench player over a 7th reliever. Especially, with the makeup of the current roster.

>Cliff Lee with strained abdominal.

Rode hard, put away wet last year.

Ransom is first man up, that's all. Not a bad first man up too. I would rather keep him then Castro though. However, the contracts made that a moot point.

I'm sure Ransom is getting so much PT so the Phils can "see what they've got." I imagine that the roster is pretty much set at this point, other than the bullpen spots. But, as stated above, Moyer's solid outing yesterday against some starters (even if it was the O's) could be enough to have Kendrick start the year in the 'pen.

Ransom will start the season at Lehigh Valley and will be the first position player call-up.

Would love to see Ransom in a Lehigh Valley uniform this season. That said, I think Hoover would be a better backup to Ruiz than Schneider. Schneider would be a better everyday replacement, but I feel Hoover offers more as a pinch hitter than Schneider does.

>Hoover offers more as a pinch hitter than
>Schneider does.

Whatever you're smoking, please pass it around.

The difference between Castro and Ransom is pretty small. Ransom can hit a homerun or strikeout. Castro will just ground out. Supposedly Castro's defense is better. I agree they are seeing what Ransom can do (can he field at short) and he would be the first permanent callup for INF. (For 15-day DL stint it will be Bocock since he has options when sent back down.)

yo, new thread.

After Francisco, I think Dobbs is the next best everyday type player. He seems to hit better when he has more starts. He plays 3B which is a big difference from Gload. It appears that Charlie will not do what I want and play Dobbs at 3B, Polanco at 2B and rest Utley. Gload may be better as purely a pinch hitter.

Speaking of pinch hitters and runners, who in the lineup do you want to take out? The only players to pinch hit for are Ruiz and the pitcher (though Castro might hit better than Howard against LHP). For runners Ibanez is slow and should be replace late in games anyway. Howard and Ruiz and even Polanco could be improved but they are not incredibly slow.

The Casto signing bugged me because that backup spot should have the bench speed that Charlie can waste as a pinch runner (or your backup centerfielder where Francisco has decent speed.)

I like dobbs off the bench, but i liked jenkins last year too. So I wouldnt be surprised to see him or castro sent packing.As far as trading dobbs, I think he has the ability to be an everyday player so if we could get another arm for the pen i wouldnt be opposed to trading him.

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