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Monday, March 08, 2010


Last four Phillies tweets I received:

Vic plays tomorrow (3)

New BL post on Vic on the sidelines.

Looks like the beat writers in Florida are a step ahead of Beerleaguer at his desk in Reading. Imagine that.

I know it's only Spring Training, but I'm thrilled to see Domonic Brown playing extremely well. In addition to the 7 hits and 4 RBI (?), he seems to playing a solid outfield as well. I believe he has two assists, which is pretty impressive after only a few ST games. I like what I see (well, read) so far from Brown.

Trying to remember what Mayberry did with his first 13 ABs last year. I seem to remember it was outstanding and that Golson was even better.

I'm not saying this to down play Brown, because he definitely, given his age, has brighter future potential than Mayberry (even though some experts view John Jr. as a "stud"); I'm just trying to maintain some "early spring training perspective."

The main indicator I see in his quick start (besides the demonstration of his DeWalt Belt Sander and Makita Nail Gun) is a trememndous desire to make it as a big leaguer. That's a very good thing at this point.

In re: "the beat writers in Florida"

What BL may lack in on the spot knowledge, you more than make up for with spot on analysis. The beat-writers often have all the "facts" in front of them and still produce some insipid and inane commentary upon it.

I'll take BL and skip the silly twit(ter)s.

Depending on how the bullpen shakes out, I wonder if the Phils would have any interest later in the month in Chad cordero, who doesn't look to make the mariners BP but may be available via trade.

He certainly has closing experience.

JW, wasn't saying you were behind, just saying you have magic reverse jinx powers.

Write that Vic is hurt, he magically heals!

Andy, remeber those same experts who think Mayberry is a stud also have authoritative playing experience. ;-)

I agree with your analysis of the beat writers.

Sadly, the same can be said for some of the work that the regular columnists produce.

Off Topic- I just read the following in USA today:

"Major League Baseball, angry over the abundance of blown umpiring calls in the 2009 postseason, has fired three of its seven ump supervisors.
Marty Springstead, Rich Garcia and Jim McKean, each involved in umpiring for 40 or more years, were fired on Jan. 12. They received the news by telephone."

Yeah good work everybody, but next time everyone tried to kill of the newspapers and the beat writers remember this. We need them. Go buy a newspaper and support dudes gettting paid to follow around baseball teams.

Does anyone else think that Vic is likely unbearable to be around when he can't play. I bet he's like a roided up 6 year old. All smashing and yelling. I don't know how civilized people like Howard and Utley tolerate him.

Would the Phillies consider bringing back Pat Burrell back next season on a cheap contract as a way of getting a RH bat (for at least a few days a week) to back up Howard when Werth leaves?

The difference between Brown starting off well and Mayberry/Golson starting off well in 09 is that this is our first look at Brown, while the other two already had chances in previous years to impress and never were able to. I'm not saying any of these stats are predictive of whats to come, but I think its a little more acceptable to get excited about a 7-13 start to the spring for an elite prospect than it is for AAAA caliber types.

Burrell will never be an everyday player in the NL again and might never be an everyday player in any league again. Still if he would come in and be the new Matt Stairs for a mill or less it would be cool. But in a way kind of sad. Here is this one time king of Philadelphia hobbling off the bench and taking the young guys out to the bars and seeing them pull all the hot 22 year olds while nobody but the barkeep remembers who he is. I don't think I could stand seeing that happen. He would get cheered at first but the cheers would fade and boos would never replace them. He'd remember that the opposite of love isn't hate but indiference.

Romero says he will not be ready for Opening Day. But is eyeing his return for the first homestand of the season.

Great news.

Lidge starts throwing next week. Hopefully he will be ready soon after.

That is good news, Tommy. I just hope that he doesn't rush back too soon. I think it would advantageous for him (and the Phils) to take it slow and come back 100%, rather than try to rush things along. But, all in all, still good news.

Huh...didn't JW do a thread on this a while back?

Andu: I know your acting like a child again and I thought this blog was going to turn over a new leaf. But I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, Why are you comparing Brown to Mayberry?

Do they have anything at all to do with each other?

Or are you just trying to bait a debate now between the two?

(Even though I like Brown better than Mayberry)

R. Bill: Yea, but I think he feels an extra week will make him 100%.

And yea, JW did a thread on this back in February when Romero said he wanted to be back for Opening Day.

I'd love to have Burrell back as a bat off of the bench next year but Francisco and Mayberry can likely fill the same function cheaper and as much as it pains me to say it, more effectively.

The newspaper guys tweet their news, then blog it, and by the time it's the next day and the paper comes out, you've already read their news twice and had it disseminated throughout the other media as well.

It's a tough business these days. You've got to try to come up with some angle every day that you haven't already posted on the internet.

Tommy: That's what I thought. As I was typing I thought to myself, "I think I'm just paraphrasing a JW post..."

Thanks for the link, too.

Andy - Thanks. That was my main point too on the previous thread. Everything in spring training (especially in the first week) gets magnified and usually blown way out of proportion. Polanco's error, Brown (7-13), Aumont's struggles in his 1st appearance, etc.

Care that guys come out of camp healthy and other developments like if Hamels apparently settles on a 3rd pitch, who wins the KK/Moyer battle for No. 5 starter spot, and exactly what is the status of Lidge/Romero. Speaks volumes about how good the Phils have been and currently are by the lack of really that many interesting story lines in camp.

Bubba - That's really interesting. There was lots of talk last year about expanding instant replay in baseball in part because of so many lousy/blown calls that were pretty easy to see after the fact on replay.

Wonder if Selig is trying to head the instant replay thing off at the pass a bit by sending a bit of message this spring that such shoddy umpiring won't be tolerated this year and sr. officials will be held responsible for what goes on. Interesting to see how that plays out.

CB Bucknor though still has a job and will do his best Leslie Nielsen impression from Naked Gun behind the plate though. One of the small hilarious things to listen to is LA gradually get more and more exasperated by Bucknor's adventuresome strike zone and 3rd strike call theatrics.

I agree, MG. I also think Selig is trying a sort of preemptive strike regarding replay. In the last few seasons, it appears that the quality of umpiring is heading south. In addition to the strike zones being inconsistent (from game-to-game depending on the ump and from the Top of the 1st to the bottom of the 9th with the same ump), it seems that umpires are constantly blowing calls because they are either out of position or taking the "the ball beat him there, so he's out" mentality.

I don't want to get into a debate about replay, and will not divulge where I stand on that issue, but the umpiring as a whole needs revamping. Or at least some form of accountability.

*Note: I know umpires can't be right 100% of the time, especially on bang-bang plays, but as a whole, I feel umpiring is getting worse.*

MG- I think you're right about Selig trying to do something public to keep replay from expanding too far - I think the supervisor's were the open targets and the umpires are still employed because of union considerations. but the message is clearly to improve the quality of officiating.

TV doesn't help by harping on the umpires' srtike zones and pretending their video strike zone gimmicks are 100% accurate .

Also, MG, you're right -- it is hilarious when LA gets progressively angrier at CB Bucknor throughout the course of a game.

Billingsly - LA can be a bit of a curmudgeon at times and complain about the strike zone too much but he is generally right on about Bucknor.

It seems like whenever Bucknor works a game with two solid veteran starting pitchers who have decent command that both team's benches/even players will jaw at him because the strike zone literally changes through out the course of the game. Sometimes pretty notably.

Don't mind if an ump isn't picture perfect with a strike zone. Just set expectations in the first 2-3 innings and stick with it. If you are going to give pitchers the outside corner, give it to them all night long. Don't change from inning-to-inning or from pitcher to pitcher as Bucknor does.

"Cowboy" Joe West is another guy who irritates the hell out of LA and gets him really ornery in the booth.

Romero is targeting April 12-15 as his return date. Opens one slot in the pen and I bet another because I don't know if Lidge will be ready.

Leaves 3 spots in the pen and almost inevitable it seems that KK will end up there & Moyer as the starter unless KK really shines in camp & Moyer falters badly. Wouldn't be surprised if the "official" No. 5 starter spot race is really over by the end of next week if Moyer has 2 more decent enough outings.

****They received the news by telephone."****

I dont care how bad you've been at your job...firing someone over the phone is pretty low.

True story: I used to work for a company that was going through layoffs...they were bought out by a huge multi-conglomerate a few years back and they were basically getting rid of everyone with "Senior" in front of their title to both save costs and eliminate the old way of doing things. One guy was on vacation in the Bahamas with his wife and kids. They called him up halfway through the vacation and told him not to bother coming in to work when he got back as he was pink-slipped. They then packed up his office and left it with the security guards at the front entrance. How low is that???

Barring an implosion or injury, Moyer is the 5th starter going into the season. His salary and seniority will guarantee the chance to be terrible for the first 6-8 weeks of the season.

MG: You're right, in a sense, that all that matters in spring training is that everyone comes out of it healthy, but I think there can be more to it than that.

It's GREAT news that Brown is shining so far against ML pitching and showing off his cannon of an arm. While it doesn't likely mean his ready to come north with the team, it's a huge shot of confidence for a guy who's the consensus #1 prospect for the Phils!

His salary and seniority will guarantee the chance to be terrible for the first 6-8 weeks of the season.


The game today is on starting at 1pm ET...I'm hoping they don't have blackout rules for Philly.

If this is old news sorry 'bout that.

"His salary and seniority will guarantee the chance to be terrible for the first 6-8 weeks of the season."

I take the same approach to my job.

Jayson Stark on Tyson Gillies:

I think I saw the fastest home-run trot in baseball history Friday -- by energizer Phillies prospect Tyson Gillies. "He might be the fastest guy in the game," said one scout. "I got him at 4.5 [seconds] to first -- and that was on the home-run trot."

Jayson Stark on Roy Halladay:

Roy Halladay's work ethic and 5:30 a.m. arrival times continue to stun his new Phillies cohorts. "I get here every morning at 6," Phillies coach Milt Thompson said. "And he's already on his second shirt by then."

"And he's already on his second shirt by then."
CJ- So is Shirts in the Laundry(SITL) going to replace Deer in the HeadLights as the BL pitching stat of choioce for '10?

HR j-roll first pitch

Polanco linout to 2b

Utley strikes out

Vasquez is the pitcher

Howard ground out...inning over and I have to get back to work.

Gramps: hah nice play by play - well appreciated.

BTW, Vic may want to get back on the field ASAP. Brown is looking good thus far.

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