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Wednesday, March 31, 2010



What will be the over/under on games until Dom hits LV?

June 15th for EL DOMO.

Talented or not, the Phils minors are filled with great names.

Meyer: I just told my wife that we need to change our kid's name to Chance Chapman to ensure at least a sniff at a professional baseball career.

Poor Ducky... Perhaps it's time for him to open the Duck Pond Used Car Emporium. Good luck in the finals Jason. The MSP annual has made for fine bathroom reading by the way.

Congrats Jason, a well deserved victory.

With Zolecki knocked out, the path to your well deserved victory is clear.

SHould be interesting...The Phightins' got a higher total vote than anyone else. Vote early and often!

BLers should submit comments here as to why BL is better than The Fightins. A haiku from Andy would be fitting. As would a statistically backed argument from from Dave X and Sophist. And of course, the usual Spock vs. Capt Kirk back-and-forth about issues large and small regarding the two tourney finalists, followed by meta-arguments about the arguments themselves.

JW - it might be worth it to update the side columns referencing Winter Ball, Beat Blogs, and your marketplace (to drive your products like the excellent "Yo, new thread" shirt.

Good luck tomorrow.

Big 4am post.

Congrats on getting to the finals, gonna be a dogfight between BL and The Fightins.

Per MLBTradeRumors, the Phillies are close to a multi-player deal for Albert Pujols. Supposedly the deal is centered around Ryan Howard contingent on a multi-year extension for Pujols with Dom Brown, Jarred Cosart and Sebastian Valle rumored to be part of it.

Are you freaking kidding me?!? That would be awesome!


NEPP I know that you are a fairly lucid poster.. So, if the Pujols thing is a referential joke, I get it. MY MLB Trade rumors have no such rumor. Plus.. that trade sucks..unless we're getting David Freese in the deal.

That's honestly probably about what the Cards would ask for. It would be a high high price though.

So, Kyle Kendrick may get in the rotation through the back door. I think he may produce similar numbers to Blanton. At least in the short-term. Any thoughts?

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