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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


2 Steals for Lou Marson?!? Gotta love Spring Training.

He's a polished middle infielder who can play every infield position but first. He has very good instincts and plenty of arm to play any position on the infield.

Wasn't Donald's arm strength a concern? Or was it his range at short? I forget.

Is he white? Is he a middle infielder? Is his offense just eh? Are you sure he is white? Feel free to describe him as a grinder! He may be scrappy as well!

A scrappy grinder? Be still my heart!

Or a 'student of the game.'

If Taylor's at bats/H are correct, then he's only hitting .130

Marson does have solid speed for a catcher. At the same when noticing his steals I think I need to mention that Matt Stairs stole a base yesterday for the Padres. Gotta respect that speed.

On Donald, it was his range at SS...and his arm at 3B. Though the arm was less of a concern IIRC.

Well, Stairs DID lose a bunch of weight this off-season...maybe he's a 40/40 threat now.

Jon, Stairs reportedly has lost a ton of weight.

Maybe that and greasing the old wheels has rejuvinated him? :)

As in 40 at bats 40 Stikeouts?

The Nationals released Elijah Dukes, even with MiL options.

Color me surprised.

Tim Malcom, formerly of Phillies Nation, created a Phillies Blog March Madness Bracket. Beerleaguer got a #1 seed, while my site (We Should Be GMs) pulled in a 5. This is a cool concept and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

"You gotta respect his speed, or he'll burn you all day."
-Joe Morgan on Matt Stairs at some point in 2010

Oops. .167 is his on base. Thx.

****Color me surprised****

Why? The guy is human scum. They had to hire a guy just to follow him around and keep him out of trouble. Add in mediocre stats and a terrible attidude...and its time to go.

I'm pretty surprised. Living in the DC market, I hadn't heard any rumors that his release was impending. He is/was a very bad man (in a Babu from Seinfeld voice, waving index finger)

I'm sure they had a good reason...and I'm sure it will eventually be disclosed.

Maybe some sort of criminal charges are pending?

I thought the story around Elijah Dukes 2 years ago was how he turned his tuurrrible life around and was an all around good guy now...

****I thought the story around Elijah Dukes 2 years ago was how he turned his tuurrrible life around and was an all around good guy now...****

LOL...was he in the "best shape of his life" too?

Had he found God? etc etc.

From MLBTradeRumors:

"The Nationals released outfielder Elijah Dukes, according to a team press release. According to a tweet from MASN's Ben Goessling, the move had nothing to do with off-the-field issues. This is very surprising news, as Dukes projected as the team's starting right fielder and has a minor league option left. Goessling talked to Nationals GM Mike Rizzo, who said the team made many attempts to trade Dukes but could not find an interested team (Twitter link). Dukes' time with Washington was marked by injuries and a disappointing '09 season."

Very odd if true.

For my money, Beerleaguer is a shoe-in for the final four, assuming it can get by crashburnalley. That guy tweets like a mo-fo, and writes some really sound stats-oriented pieces. He's also bolstered by a connection to ESPN and BP. But I like Jason W into the final four.

Carson, I like your chances too, but it looks like you drew a bad bracket, with the ZoZone lurking as the biggest threat. Good luck!

Congrats on the #1 seed.

Sorry GM-Carson but Zoo with Roy looks to me to have a solid chance at the old 12 v 5 upset. That blog is awesome.

I see a final 4 of

Phuture Phillies
The Good Phight
Zo Zone

I think the Lauber region is pretty weak. Had a hard time picking a winner

PhilliesRed: I agree, Crashburn Alley and then ZoZone are going to make the Elite 8 and Final 4 a hard slog.

As foe Donald, Knapp Marson, etc. The trew value will be shown in the coming years. Cleveland did pretty well when they traded Colón and Tim Drew for Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore and Brandon Phillips. My guess all 4 are major leaguers with Knapp the biggest upside. Also people worry the Cliff Lee salary dump trade to Seattle will be like Abreu trade to NYC - I think we'll see all three in the major leagues but my guess is Gilles will be the big guy.

*true value

I'm pulling for a final 4 of Phuture Phillies, BL, The Fightins (although I really love High Cheese as well), and Zo Zone.

4DR is a 9 seed, hahaha

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