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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Where's the beer!?!?!

I feel disillusioned!

In all honestly, I thought the Phield thing was a bit silly at the get-go. Then I realized the wave of emotions it might have posed for someone like JW - First realizing how unbelievably massive the field of competition is for our attention, but then realizing that the consistency and hard word are greatly appreciated in the end. Good luck JW.

Regular posting resumes shortly. I used every last ounce of energy making my 'pitch.'

you had my vote already, but the BL HQ pics would have locked it up if i was on the fence.

So this is the 'new and improved' Beerleaguer office?

Good luck, JW. I like Zo too, so it'll be one hell of a competition.

So this is the 'new and improved' Beerleaguer office?

I like it. Small and cozy on the third floor. My wife has her own workspace, which is a lot bigger. She wears the pants.

Need to get a small TV to watch the Phillies when I'm working.

As another non-pants-wearing husband, I only have one question for Jason:

How the hell did get your wife to allow you an 8x8 space for BL? I can get no space in my house...for ANYTHING!

Jason, I always admired your work on Beerleaguer, but now, Sir, I admire you as a man.

Actually, I tricked her into it. We were going to share an office. When I was reassembling my desk after the move, there was no room to do it amidst the boxes, so I built it in my current office. Once it was assembled I said "Well ... might as well leave it here." Voila.

Does the Phield have a 20 vote (?) limit or whatever the All-Star voting limit is?

Your pictorial has convinced me. You have my vote.

Jason, you're a genius. Keep up the good work. As always, Beerleaguer has my vote in the Phinal Phour.

Good luck.

BTW, JW, I, like Deutsche Phan, am disillusioned.

No Ottoman?

Jason- Hope you have room for the Championship trophy from this intense final four competition. Good luck.

AWH: An ottoman in an 8x8 room would surely be an Osha violation.

I thought this was worth linking, for those who missed it.

Good news, so far, on Romero:

Season 'fore season
The cream rises to the top
Zo is going down.

****AWH: An ottoman in an 8x8 room would surely be an Osha violation. ****

Yeah, you need to have 36" exit walkways for that type of go on that.

Anyone know what's up with the audio for today's game?

So the Beerleaguer audience knows OSHA regulations? I shouldn't be surprised because it seems like at least 20% of the audience are either law students or lawyers.

What is the prize for winning the Phield contest? Other than bragging rights, that is.

I hope it's something good like box seats to a Phils/Mets game at CBP.

Lidge's pitching line from minors: 1 inning, 1 hit, 1 run (unearned), 1 BB. He threw 20 pitches, 10 strikes.

No earned runs is progress, right?

I am nominating this for the ugliest day in the history of weather. Opening day seems miles away.

****No earned runs is progress, right?****

Sadly yes.

MG - In this case, its not just lawyers.

Unfortunately, anyone who has to supervise any workspace - office, factory, warehouse, retail, or whatever - knows OSHA regs all too well.

I'm a lawyer and I get questions about OSHA all the time. I go to contractors who've taken the 30 hour training course for guidance.

I don't think ten balls and ten strikes is much progress for Lidge - tho I assume that question was in jest. He lives on swings at balls out of hte strike zone and those figures tells me he ain't close.

The most disappointing thing in the Wizard of Oz was to see behind the curtain, to see what the Wizard really was. I remember as a boy, going to Cooperstown and seeing the Hall of Fame in an ordinary red brick building and the plaque room looking like the inside of a mausoleum and discovering that the plaques were quite small. Jim Bunning's 1964 Phillies Perfect Game Ball was not in a Perfect Game exhibit, but rather inside a long glass covered table with hundreds of no-hitter baseballs with no mention of the distinction of it being a perfect game, having it receiving the same notoriety as Rick Wise's no-hitter ball.

Now, shame of shame, the Grand Poohbah of BL does not produce his wizardry in a palatial environment. Worse than that, he stores his baseball cards, not in a humidity free environment, but rather on top of an air conditioner unit; subjecting his cards to heat and cold, condensation and evaporation. His grandchildren will enjoy looking at his yellow moldy Roy Halladay cards in the year 2050.

Is it always that clean?

Just looking at the box score.
Bourn goes 4 for 5 and gets taken out for a PR.
Even in spring training it's hard to imagine putting in a pinch runner for Bourn.

Feliz gets 2 hits also.
Ex Phils always seem to hit against their old team, don't they.

an OSHA discussion on BeerLeaguer... can I get continuing education credits for that?

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