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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Bastardo didn't do himself any good today.

Notable players staying put for now: Wasserman, Bocock, Vogelsong, Rosenberg. Others like Valdez and Chavez are just depth.

Joe Beimel is still out there awh

Lauber tweet:

"If Brad Lidge isn't ready by opening day, Charlie Manuel said Ryan Madson is first in line to close. Danys Baez will have chances, too."

Pass on Beimel, Spitz.

I do wonder if the Phils would open the season without a single lefty in the pen if Bastardo struggles the next 2 weeks. I do because I can imagine Cholly be thrilled with the prospect of not having a lefty until Romero returns.

I'm gonna miss Tuffy.

MG: I'm pretty certain the Phils will have a LHP in the bullpen on opening day. He may not be on the roster yet, however.

clout - That wouldn't surprise me either given that Romero isn't going to be on the Opening Day roster. If he was, Bastardo would open the season at Allentown and the last few spots would be filled out with 1-2 holdovers from the Herndon/KK mix.

Glad to see Gillies made such a good impression. Maybe that will take some of the sting of not obtaining the great Michael Saunders, in the Cliff Lee deal. After all, Left Fielders with sub 20 SB potential and sub 20 HR power do not grow on trees.

This is ST, but I think the story of camp has been the general dominance of the starting rotation 1 through 6. It's like they're all building off each other and in a groove. If Happ and Kendrick continue to improve and develop, and Hamels continues to adapt, this could be a historic year. Over the winter, I thought the #3 starter would be the weak link in this rotation as I see Blanton, Happ, Kendrick and Moyer all #4-5 starters on a championship ballclub. But the way these guys are executing right now, it's like they have a clear #1,2 and three #3 pitchers. Hope springs eternal or so the saying goes.

mikes77: Another great point by you. Gilles will certainly be far more valuable in MLB than a much higher rated prospect (Seattle's #2 according to BA; Gilles was #8) who has a career .816 OPS thru all levels of the minor leagues.

I'll tell ya what, not many here as sharp as you. Already know who's gonna contribute in the Phils pen this season and already know that Gilles will be better than Saunders.

Ruben may be hiring you soon.

Jason, don't forget that this athlete is still in camp:

Bastardo had very little command today, but Victorino's fielding gaffe didn't help matters much. The second baseman for the Twins (name escapes me) was dreadful in the field, although it was supposedly very gusty out there. Happ looked good, especially after the 1st inning. Flyers game was awesome. Good day!

clout, you genius. I can recite the Prospect ratings in Baseball America just like you. You are not the only guy with a copy of the handbook.

It does not matter to the Phillies who is rated where, right now. It matters where Saunders and Gillies will be rated next year or the year after, when the Phillies need them. Saunders would be a 4th outfielder on the Phillies this year and no better than Ben Fransisco next year. Using guys like him at 1b or LF turn you into the Mets. His bat is nothing special for a Left Fielder. He is not a plus defender or power hitter, and is projected to lose speed as his body matures so get off this Michael Suanders nonsense.

Mikes77: you're the one who brought up Saunders, not Clout

Mikes77: Your the one that brought up Saunders, not Clout. . . personally, I wanted Triunfel and Morrow.

The difference between mikes77 and clout is that mikes77 thinks he knows more than Baseball America.

Maybe Mike77 is right especially if Saunders doesn't develop corner OF power (20-25 HRs) as have hinted at in the Seattle FO.

Probably won't be able to judge the Lee trade at the earliest until the end of next year to see where Gillies/Aumont/Gonzalez are at.

Maybe Suomi can play for Team Finland.

I wonder what kind of lefty reliever Ross Gload could fetch in a trade?

I understand he signed a 2 year contract, but I just don't really see the need for him here. He and Dobbs are very similar and Dobbs is more useful (to this particular team) because he can play 3B.

If you are going to play Francisco in LF more, then Ibanez will be available more often to be a lefty PH.

If they aren't sold on Bastardo early until Romeo comes back, maybe they look to trade an excess piece to get a more stable LOOGY. I still like AB's stuff and makeup and think he can do a good job.

In re: Chollie's only LOOGY

My bet, if I were to make one, is that not only is the LOOGY for the start of the season not yet on the team, but he is also not someone we would talk about here. i.e. forget Beimel or anyone else who has had a mentionable season or two in the past at some point.

Look instead for a LH version of Seanez.

I don't believe you can trade Gload till June...last I checked anyway. He has to be on the active roster 60 days (from Opening Day) prior to being trade eligible as a FA signing.

Isn't Baseball America the publication that ranked Carrasco, Marson and Donald at #2, #3 and #4 last season, ahead of Drabek (5), Taylor (6) and Happ (9)?

I'd hardly take their opinion of the Seattle farm as gospel. I'll instead trust the Phillies scouts that insisted on the lower ranked Gillies to make the trade.

Actually, BA ranked Jason Donald #5 and Michale Taylor #6 leading into the season last year. But dont tell that to utley/cloutfan.

Article intoday's paper regarding Howard's batting stance in order to cut down on strikeouts.

Charlie says he is standing "the closest he ever stood.He's got good plate coverage, and he's cutting down the area the guy can throw the ball in."

If this stance works, it will be good to see if this cuts down the breaking balls and in effect Howard's strikeout rate.

nice article MVP. Hope the change in stance helps. It makes sense in theory. Just hope it doesn't hurt him against the inside pitch

mikes77: That was last year. BA ranks Saunders ahead of Gillies (and by more than 1 notch) this year. Their book went to press before the trade.

Obviously conditions change year to year and rankings change. But given the choice between BA and you in terms of who is more likely to be correct, that's a no-brainer.

Schweitzer: I think you may be ass-u-ming something that isn't true. I have never read anything from a Phillies official saying they think Gillies has a better chance of success than Saunders.

The fact is, because their best position prospect is a LH corner OF, they may have preferred a slightly lesser (and younger)prospect who played a different position rather than duplicate what they already had.

denny b: Why would the Phils sign Gload and then trade him? The team will carry 2 LH PH. Gload is the sub for Stairs. Ibanez is a starter. To say Ibanez replaces your LH PH makes no sense. He will rest from time to time, but the other 90% you will need 2 LH PH. Last year it was Stairs & Dobbs, the year before it was Jenkins & Dobbs and the year before that was Dobbs & Nunez (a switch-hitter).

"Obviously conditions change year to year and rankings change"


Jason Donald was rated as a better prospect than Michael Taylor, Anthony Gose and Trevor May last year, because he was a supposed finished product, who passed AA ball.

This year, Saunders is rated as a better prospect than Gillies because Saunders passed AAA ball. He had great numbers in the Pacific coast league(hitters league).

In both cases the rankings are based on proximity to the majors, not talent.

The point is, the Phillies had no use for Saunders because he is not projected to be a special bat and he is a Left fielder. LF's with ordinary bats are a dime a dozen. The Phillies were smart to take the high on-base Centerfielder with Gold Glove ceiling, rather than the Left fielder with barely 20 HR power, no matter what their ranking is in the handbook.

Judging a trade based on the BA handbook rankings is plain silly. If you judged every trade like that, then the Phillies were fleeced in the first Cliff Lee deal by Cleveland.

mikes77: I'm basing my view on who has a better chance of being a successful major leaguer on BA and other scouting reports. Again, if you think you know more than they do about which of these two players will have the better major league career, then hats off to ya.

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