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Saturday, March 06, 2010


Is the game on TV?

If Blanton loses too much weight we may have to start calling him "Vermont Joe."

awh: I don't think so.

As long as Joe comes out to Hillbilly Delux or Honkey Tonk Budonkadonk, he will be Kentucky Joe

The Phillies TV schedule this week is as follows:

Monday @ Yankees- 1:05 on MLB Network
Tuesday @ Braves- 7:05 on MLB Network
Saturday vs. Twins- 1:05 on MyPHL 17/MLB Network(Subject to blackout in local areas)

I love Blanton, but I'm starting to really dislike pitchers from Kentucky...

Anyone know how Mathieson did yesterday? Can't find B game results on the internet.

A wise-crack by Lauber via Twitter:
"Dewayne Wise leads off the game with a triple off the wall. The only player who could've caught that ball was Dewayne Wise."

Don't you mean a .... Wise-crack?

I bet tyson gillies could have shagged it...

Zagurski is one of the more interesting guys in camp. Saw him enough in Reading last year and he has MLB-caliber stuff. Just too erratic with his control.

It wouldn't surprise me though if Zagurski seems some time on the Phils' roster this year. I am kind of dubious on Romero staying healthy & effective this year. Same with Bastardo on the health question.

Basically an opportunity for a lefty reliever to come up is down to Escalona or Zagurski. Cholly didn't appear to have much confidence in Escalona and made some comments this offseason that reflected that. If Zagurski does have a good spring training camp and Escalona falters, my bet is that Cholly/Dubee will keep that in the back of their minds.

Philly trolls

Taschner struck out the side in today's game. Phillies considering trading Valle for him.

Wise/Mayberry is another interesting competition to who is likely positioning themselves to be the first callup if somebody in the OF gets injured. Almost inevitable with an OF that includes a guy who gets injured at least one every year (Vic) and another guy who is in his late 30s (Ibanez).

KK goes Monday against the Yankees. Interesting.

Escalona is a classic AAAA guy. He may be up at times during the season, but there is no question that both Zagurski and Tony Bastard have better stuff.

ak - I agree that Zagurski's stuff is a little better that Escalona's. But he doesn't seem to have a high upside. Maybe as the #2 LOOGY in the bullpen.

why can't we all just use one font?

why can't we all just use one font?

Mucacho, quit your whining. You're being ridiculous.

Bonehead, it seems that at this state of his development Zags is exactly what he's going to be. But I'm not sure that Escalona has any more upside than what we're seeing either.

Bastardo seems to have the best arm of the three but it remains to be seen whether he'll ever develop his secondary pitches enough.

If Escalona is your 1 or 2 loogy out of the pen, you're going to have to learn to live with disappointment. I'd go with Bastardo and Zags before Escalona any time.

Escalona will only get innings is both Romero and Bastardo are hurt at the same time.
Love that MG can take every thread and turn it into a discussion about middle relievers and loogys. I should not complain though. It is better than reading clout and his 2 sons, (TTI and awh) bicker with everyone else.

So how'd Blanton look? are.

mike77 - Given the Zagurski was actually pitching today and the last 1-2 spots in the pen are the only unsettled battles in camp besides 5th spot, it is a very relevant issue.

BTY - He pitched 2 scoreless innings today and didn't give up a hit.


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