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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Anyone know if this game is being televised?

@Zach Morris No, next televised phillies ST game is Saturday on MYPHL17/MLBN

Wanted to be the first to post options 1 or 2:

1.[In case Phils struggle against Drabek]
See, I tole you we shouldna traded that guy! Worst. Philly. Trade. Ever.

2.[In case the Phils eat Drabek alive]
See, I tole you we shouldna worried about tradin' that guy. Most. Over-rated. Prospect. Ever.

Remember I said that first. You know, whichever fits.

I thought Carpenter looked pretty good last night, too.

Sounds like Hamels is looking good again today.

Also, Drabek throwing a good amount of pitches. He threw 34 total, 21 for strikes.

This game is booorrrinnnggg

Wow! Hamels 3 IP and only 29 pitches. At this rate Hamels might go 5 (kidding, of course)!

Mayberry with an RBI double. 1-0 Phils.

Also, according to some beat writers, the Phillies are trying to sqeeze Mayberry wherever they can in order to keep him around. The beat guys say don't count him out at 1st base as well to give Howard some rest.

Tommy: Who's he going to make the roster over, Ross Gload, the guy signed to a 2-year deal this offseason? It can't be Dobbs or Castro because Mayberry can't play 3rd, SS, or 2B. Obviously not going to be Francisco. Can he be the backup catcher?

Personally, I think Mayberry would probably be as good an offensive option this year as Dobbs, just from the right side instead of the left. But we need a guy who can play 3rd base (as well as 1B and corner OF) more than we need another corner OF like Mayberry.

Jack: As I suggested earlier, based on Paul Hagen a couple weeks ago, the Phillies might look to trade Dobbs. Especially, since it is obvious he won't get the AB's here this season. Some of the other beat writers are now suggesting this option as well.

I can see the Phils trading Dobbs for another hitter/pitcher.

If they can parlay his spring into getting any return for Mayberry I'd consider it a coup for RAJ.

I wonder what kind of pitcher or hitter Dobbs would get the Phils in return? AA/AAA guy with a little upside? Condrey type?

By my math, the Phils starters have thrown 28 innings and given up 5 ER this spring.


How many at bats does Mayberry need this year to keep himself ready? Just kidding tommy- don't blow up.

I could easily see a scenario where the Phillies trade Dobbs and use Castro to slide in at third should Polanco need a break. Castro has some flexibility and if Dobbs goes it would give you a bench with Schneider and Gload from the left, and Mayberry, Francisco, and Castro from the right. Not sure if that's best but it's a possibility.

JW: If you want to mention that little piece about Cole Hamels me and MG co-authored on DNL that'd be cool :)

TTI, don't sleep on Chooch playing 3rd!

Hamels told Matt Gelb that he only threw four curveballs while mixing in 3 cutters each inning. Says he feels confident in his new pitch.

Mayberry! Another double off the LF wall!

3-1 Phils

If they trade Dobbs, then Castro is the only guy on the roster who can play 3rd, SS, or 2B, and there's no one in AAA or AA who can step up at any of those positions realistically. And Juan Castro sucks.

I suppose I could see it happening, but I really doubt it.

Of course, they could just go with a shorter bullpen and keep both Mayberry and Dobbs, but that seems out of the question.

Also, let's please not get crazy again after a few games of ST. Last year in ST, Mayberry was our best hitter and Chan Ho was our best starting pitcher. Mayberry ended up hitting .211 at the major-league level, and Chan Ho was awful as a starter. So keep that in mind, please.

Hamels had given up 2 HRs this spring so far. Any idea if they were on either a curveball or a cutter?

Jack: In fairness to Mayberry he only had 57 AB's last season. It isn't like he had a ton.

Also, I am more counting on Mayberry for next season when Werth isn't here and there is a opportunity for him to be the starting RFer.

Gee thanks Jack. That hasn't been mentioned yet.

There is a difference between saying, "This will definitely happen," and "I could see this happening."

It's isn't out of the realm of possibility though.

Tommy: Ok, but then why bring up trading Dobbs? He's not under contract for next year. So you were really talking about him making the roster this year, which I was just saying would be implausible based simply on defensive positions. Also, you wouldn't get very much of anything for Dobbs, maybe the last guy for the bullpen, at best. More likely you'd just get someone to pay most of his salary.

Who's pitching now for the Phillies? Still Vogelsong? Also, does anyone have any info on who else played in the "B" game that Moyer pitched in this morning?

MG - The pitch doesn't matter as much as the batter. I think both homers were from the same guy. That means Hamels needs to add only one pitch to his arsenal: The knockdown pitch.

Jack: Yea. I am just going off the ebat writers assertions that the Phillies are trying to "squeeze" him however they can into the 25 man roster.

JC Ramirez is pitching now. Don't have info on the "B" game right now.

Anyone too slow to get out of the way of a Moyer pitch dosn't belong in camp.

Mayberry may have only had 57 ABs but he was completely overmatched in most of them. 11 strikeouts in 20 ABs vs RHP and 12 strikeouts in 37 ABs vs LHP. I'm kinda thinking more ABs would have just meant more Ks.

ransom hit a HR in the B game then ended up playing in the A game in dunedin and homering there too

your right PHlinBK, but last year Mayberry was overmatched against a major league curve ball, yet in each at bat I saw this spring he has looked awfully good against the curve balls thrown to him.

The Phils carried 2 LH PH last year in Dobbs and Stairs and will carry 2 this year. Right now those 2 are Dobbs and Gload.

Schneider is not an option for 2 reasons: 1. He can't hit. 2. Charlie NEVER uses his backup catcher as a PH.

The only way Dobbs gets traded is if they get another LH back or if one of the LH non-roster guys gets hot enough that he convinces Charlie he'd outhit Dobbs on the season.

PHIinBK: I have no problem at all with Mayberry striking out at a rate of 12 Ks per 37 ABs vs. LHP as long as it's accompanied by 4 HRs per 37 ABs.

Of course, I wouldn't let him sniff a RHP even in batting practice.

I'd rather keep Mayberry over the last man in the bullpen who's going to pitch to 3 batters a month.

Mayberry, at age 25, had a triple slash of .256/.332/.456 at AAA last year. I wouldn't get too excited about him.

Butbutbut he was great in winter league, he's in the best shape of his life, and I here he's working on a new pitch...

Mayberry can earn his way on to the big league roster by killing it in Lehigh. Depth is not a bad thing.

smacking homers in spring training off of guys who will be "bagging groceries in two months" (as the cliche goes)and hitting major league pitching are two different things. Mayberry would have to have a solid performance in AAA (how ever long it need be for an adequate sample size) before i'd want to factor him into the big clubs plans.

"I hope Moyer goes 19-5 with a 2.45 ERA.

Posted by: NEPP"

NEPP, if that happens this team will win 105 games. :)

JW: Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your Burrell theory a couple threads ago.
No idea how I'll feel about it in a year, but I enjoyed both the creativity and sentimentality of the idea.
And really, Burrell/Ibanez/Francisco/Brown isn't a bad group as it sets up two corner OF platoons, and covers us with potential starter talent in case of injuries.

All you need to know about how seriously to take Spring Training performances:

Greg Golson hit a two-run homer in the top of the ninth to help the Yankees beat the Tigers 9-8 on Wednesday.

clout, if they had Rivera going in the 9th, he could at least say he took him deep. Something tells me it was more likely Boone Logan, though.

Jason on DNL now. So weird to finally be able to put a face to a "voice".

They cut Jason off to bring Smallwood a friggin cake. I feel bad trashing John this morning after hearing he almost died late last year, but it still doesn't excuse his writing.

doubleh: Were any stats mentioned? I think there is a 3 baseball stat limit.

How many fastballs Happ threw in a season I think but that was it.

"I'd rather keep Mayberry over the last man in the bullpen who's going to pitch to 3 batters a month."

Exactly. That 12th guy, is basically useless. Especially, in the first month of the season.

With the first 4 guys in this rotation, you don't need a 12th pitcher. Not until later in the season, at least.

Mayberry has been squaring up EVERYTHING in ST. He has been hitting line drives all over the field. The final out he made last night against Atlanta was absolutely smoked to CF.

Is he doing it against AA and AAA pitchers? Some of them have been. Not debating that at all. But some of these same pitchers, aren't being hit that hard, by most of our other players. We haven't exactly torn the cover off the ball early in ST.

The more I see Mayberry, the more I like him. I can see why Cholly is intrigued by him. He has a lot of skills. He has power to all fields. He runs well. He plays a good defensive OF.

Dare I say it, but he reminds me a little bit of Jayson Werth. Remember, Werth was not thought of that greatly a few years ago. But Cholly liked him. He was big, had power to all fields, ran well and played a good defensive OF. He just needed a chance to play. He got the chance (first in a platoon) and he showed he belonged.

I think Mayberry could be in the same boat. And I think the Phils are trying to figure out a way to keep him, once they head north.

By the way, I didn't really like Victorino's bitching in the paper this morning about being moved to the 7 hole and having to hit ahead of Ruiz. You can complain about the spot, but specifically calling out Ruiz as someone you don't want to hit in front of because you're certain they'd rather pitch to him than you doesn't seem like the behavior of a great teammate to me.

****NEPP, if that happens this team will win 105 games. :)****

Hell, they'll win 105 by mid August if that happens.

Vic needs to shut his whore mouth if that's the case.

Too much?

To wit:

"When I'm hitting second, I've got Chase, Ryan and the rest of the guys behind me, so of course (pitchers) are going to go after me," he said. "Now I'm hitting seventh, I've got Carlos (Ruiz) and the pitcher behind me. So am I going to be pitched differently? Am I going to get a lot of breaking balls? So that's all going to come into play. I'm going to have to adjust as we go."

He envisions scenarios in which opposing pitchers would not risk throwing him strikes. "Late in the game, if I'm the pitcher, and there's a guy at second, one out, me up, open base at first? Who are you going to go after? Most likely you're going to go after Carlos, and then the pitcher...those are the things that come into play, and that's the adjustment that I'm going to have to make. But I'm ready. Whatever."

Although it is unlikely, if they traded Dobbs, they do have Ransom in AAA, who could be called up if any of the IFs get hurt. But, I doubt anyone wants Castro or Ransom getting more than 100 ABs, so it is likely Dobbs stays and Mayberry is in AAA until 2011.

Memo to Vic: Late in the game, you're the pitcher, and there's a guy at second, one out, you up, open base at first.

What's the likelihood that the pitcher is going to come to the plate?

Vic is also going to have more opportunities to run, now that he isn't hamstrung at the top of the order.

And he will usually have runners on base, with Howard, Werth and Ibanez hitting ahead of him, instead of Ruiz, pitcher and Rollins.

Plus late in games, that #9 hitter will become a pinch-hitter anyway.

Settle down, Shane. You will be OK.

Vic hasn't thought this thing all the way through, but then again, I don't think anyone could ever accuse him of thinking too much.

When I read that Vic quote I just had to laugh, not because of the actual quote but because he just rambles on giving a good two paragraph quote.

Also, there HAD to have been quite a few "ya know"'s in there. Without Vic saying "ya know" a few times, it just isn't a great quote by him.

That is also why I love Vic. He is fiery on and off the field and doesn't hold back what he is feeling.

denny b: As I recall, you were a big fan of Greg Golson as well.

denny b: "Dare I say it, but [Mayberry] reminds me a little bit of Jayson Werth. Remember, Werth was not thought of that greatly a few years ago."

Werth, age 25:

.262/.338/.486 in the National League.

Mayberry, age 25:

.256/.332/.456 in his 2nd year of Triple A.

I'd love to meet a pro baseball man who thinks Werth and Mayberry are on similar career paths.

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