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Friday, March 19, 2010


Taking the Escalona Express right back to Double A.

Expected move, unless someone here actually thought he'd make the roster.

KK trying to take a stranglehold on the 5 spot. 2 shutout innings so far with 2 Ks.

mildly surprised he'd go from a chance of making the 25-man to AA.

figured he and zags would be LHV's loogies (or is it 'loogys?')

Some guy will make it:
coveted spot on pine bench;
not Escalona.

The only way Moyer loses the 5th starter job is if his left arm falls off.

Cliff Lee has an abdominal strain. May start season on 15-day DL.

The Phillies should make Jaime Moyer the mop-up reliever. Send him out there with 6 run leads/deficits like Clay Condrey, to eat meaningless innings.

nothing like paying approx 8 million smackjacks on a lefty long reliever who hates pitching out of the 'pen.

oh, silly Rube and your love of the 2 yr deal!

Moyer pitched pretty well out of the pen last year in a non-mop role. He could be a good guy to follow KK in games, since most teams will probably stack the lefties in those games. KK now up to 4 strikeouts this game.

Lee was damaged goods...HA!

No surprise whatsoever on Escalona

Doohickey - Every watch "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"? Are you familiar with the scene featuring the Black Knight? Even if Jamie's left arm fell off, that wouldn't be the end of it...

Get back here! I'll bite your legs off! Coward!

Earlier today I noticed that Durbin's Wiki page lists him as a switch hitter. Does anyone remember him batting from the left side in any of his 7 PAs last year?

"You have no arms"
Black Knight: "It's just a flesh wound."

I sure miss Cliff Lee's bat tonight...

I miss Clay Condrey's bat! Remember him breaking up a no-no that Martinez was throwing against us a few years ago?

Philly, allentown,reading, it makes no differnce for EZ Pass Escalona. Is Zagurski still in camp? Or, did I miss teh earth shattering news of him getting cut?

Zags is still in camp. I guess he's still in the discussion.

Sincere thanks Rodeo.

In other news, "in hte discussion" is in the discussion for cliche of the year.

Sad to admit, as long as he's been around, I've never caught a glimpse of Zagurski.

Hey Losers -- we all pumped up for the season?

Here you go Hugh, I snapped this shot at ST:

Looks like a guy feelin' good about his chances. Or maybe just feelin' good.

I have a feeling Romero will be a nonfactor this year < 30IP with nagging injuries.

I also have a feeling the offense will underperform this year. They usually don't know how to react when they get good pitching.

Remember in '08, whenever Cole had a great game, they couldn't put up 2 runs. This team needs a challenge to produce. This year, I fear, the SPs aren't going to provide that challenge.

Zags looks like he's taking up pocket pool in that photo. Yikes. Feeling good, indeed.

killbill: Wanna bet the Phils end up in the top 3 in the NL in runs?

What do the Phils have to do (besides keep him on the 25 man roster) to keep Herndon?

Make some sort of trade with Anaheim? What are the exact rules, for the Rule 5 guys?

Its pretty obvious they like Herndon and he has certainly pitched well this spring. Not sure there is room for him though.

Cliff Lee is apparently attributing the strain to the collision with Snyder at the plate. He's had a rather eventful spring, that's for sure.

Strained abdominal muscle from a collision? I saw that report. If he says that is what did it, maybe it is true. Doubt it though. He has had this kind of injury 2 other times and it kept him out months.
Wanted Lee and the Mariners to get off to a good start this year. If the Mariners are out of it at the trade deadline, the Yankees will get Lee for a song.

killbill - Nice article on KK.

Did Brian Schneider always have a weak arm ? Never really paid much attention before, but to my eyes he performed the worse in catching drills of anyone in camp. I also noticed that teams are running on him this spring.

No, Schneider was always known for his CS rate/arm.

Yo, newer thread

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