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Sunday, March 07, 2010


I am not so sure Garcia was "expected to capture" the 5th OFer spot.

If you remember the Phillies chose to go younger. That is why they had Werth, Roberson and Bourne play for the Phillies OF instead of keeping an old Garcia (31 at the time).

Is this the deepest group of OF's, both at the major league and high minor league (AA and AAA) levels ever in club history? What quality depth, they have ammassed.

Its a very small sample size, but I really like what I have seen out of Gillies and Brown. They both have a lot of tools in their toolbox.

Polanco turned a DP. Best. Phillies. 3B. Ever.

Myers in '07 has to be the most recent high-profile example in Phils' recent history (say last 25 years) who showed up to camp in great shape, said all the right things, posted strong results, and completely melted down in less than 3 weeks from Opening Day. Fortunately for Myers, Gordon broke down right out of the gate and Cholly had a strong case to move him to the closer role.

April '07 is definitely going to go down as one of those 'what-if' periods when you look back because I really thought Gillick was going to fire Cholly after coming up short again in '06 and getting out to such a terrible start despite the entire spring training emphasizing how important it was to start strong. I wanted Cholly gone too. I would have to look back but I can't remember really any one in the Philly media or even this blog that was a strong advocate of keeping Cholly as the manager in April '07.

Funny how things work out and in a relatively short-time period.

Spitz, did you even read my comment on the previous thread?

You do know what sarcasm is, no?

JW: Great post.

Domonic Brown is such a stud. Jesus. 2 more hits, 2 more RBIs..

Brown had 3 more hits today

Honestly Brown could hit .500 in spring training and I wouldn't care one iota. More interested to see how he does with AA pitching the first 2-3 months of the season this year and if he shows a bit more pop at Reading.

I am going to preface these statements regarding today's game with saying, it is ONLY ST:

- Impressed with Dom Brown. He sounds like he is seeing the ball well after 3 more hits today. And does anyone else think it is a little interesting that he has been in LF as well this ST?

- Savery had a bad game.

- Aumont seemed like he was more comfortable today on the mound.

- Pat the bat, same old guy. Hit into a double play with guys on base. Had the chance to make something happen.

Overall it was good to hear Jimmy getting his first HR of the year and a bunch of other players as well.

April can't get here soon enough!

You are all a bunch of donkeys who root for a trash team in a trash city. Glad you got to see how a real team plays ball in the WS. Clowns.

Do not feed the unemployed trolls.

The quality of the trolling as really declined lately. Anyone else notice that?

Just returned from a few days in mostly sunny, but unseasonably cold weather in Florida, so I realize this may be old news. Went to Phils/Yanks game Thursday. I realize it's (very early in) spring training but here's 2 observations: I'll be stunned if Halladay doesn't win at least 20 games this year. Never saw him pitch live before - he truly is the real deal. Second - I like Polly, wanted Phillies to keep him when they let him go, but he'll need some time to settle in. I'm reasonably confident he'll make the adjustment - his fielding on the throwing error grounder was quite good - but I think we've been "spoiled" by Feliz' cannon of an arm.

JW mentioned that there were a number of players that have no role on the Phillies that other teams would like. Who are they?

Wouldn't it be pretty sweet if Dom Brown broke out in a ridiculous fashion this year at Reading...and hopefully Lehigh?

most yanks fans have class -
quite a lot by most standards -
all of it low, though

Excellent, Andy.

"Honestly Brown could hit .500 in spring training and I wouldn't care one iota. More interested to see how he does with AA pitching the first 2-3 months of the season this year and if he shows a bit more pop at Reading.

Posted by: MG | Sunday, March 07, 2010 at 06:08 PM"

While I agree with the spirit of the statement, I have to wonder if there's anything you actually do enjoy besides LOOGY discussions?

AWH - no, I don't know what sacasm is. But wait, am I being sarcastic now?

mikes: I would assume he means the large depth the Phils have in the OF, with the likes of Mayberry/Wise/Francisco all being 4/5th OF candidates.

Billy Wagner is one of the leaders on the Braves? Maybe we shouldn't be too worried about that club...

BB - You have me. That is all I ever post about. I am going to start a blog devoted to left-handed relievers and name it after my all-time hero Jesse Orosco. Any suggestions?

Spring training stats are nearly meaningless. As much as I won't get excited about Brown if he does really well, I won't get down on him if he really struggles too. Same with any of the prospects in camp who will see a handful of playing time.

MG does not just post about Loogys. He also posts about RH middle relievers. Even mixes it up and complains about the offensive production of the backup catcher every now and then.


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