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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Interesting article Rube sheds some light on the Lee/Halladay trade. Some quotes from the article, followed by the link to the entire article.

Amaro said he told a group of people the other day: "I'm not a dummy. I know what Cliff Lee means to our rotation."

"We cannot be the New York Yankees," Amaro said. "We have to have people that we can bring to the big leagues from our system. The guys who are our core players are guys from our system."

"It's going to be difficult to look fans in the face and say two years from now, 'You know, why we don't have any players to supplant some of the guys we have now is because I went for it with Cliff Lee and now we have no players to fall back on,' " Amaro said. "That's not the goal."

I agree with your opinion JW. I have a feeling that Lowry isn't going to revert back to 2007.Anytime I hear the words "rare", "forearm", "elbow" and "procedure" all in one sentence, a big loud red alarm goes off in my head. But as you had said, it is worth a look.

By Rube describing the Phillies interest as "moderate", it seems as though their not holding their breath on Lowry as well.

Give him the Kris Benson contract. Couldn't hurt.

Imagine the name of his fan club in right field.

I like Lowry. I would be happy to sign him to a minor league deal. Would he settle for that or is he looking for a major league contract?

Lowry's a lot younger than Benson was , I think. Of course the medical concerns are very different. Mentally, the guy might have the incentive just to show what idiots he thinks the Giants med. staff are. He's worth a look.. just with a large yellow flag attached.

Have any take on the two players representing the Phillies in the Caribbean Series? Jason Standridge and Freddy Guzman have the Phillies as their parent club.

I wouldn't think anyone would offer him anything other than a minor league deal, and if that's the case I'd love to see the Phils take a shot. He was on his way to developing into an above average pitcher, and you can never have enough of those.

The city of Moses Malone and Abraham Nunez definitely could use Noah Lowry.

Glad to see the Phils are not done trying to improve the team although through low risk, low cost looks.

It is fun to look back during the season to spring training to see how drastically the team has morphed (whether due to good or bad series of events).

Example: July 20th, Phils win 10-1 over Cubs. Rodrigo Lopez pitches 6 innings of one-run ball for his second win (2.60 era currently) with 5 Ks while Ibanez hits his 25th HR. Meanwhile PEDRO MARTINEZ is cleared to pitch a simulated game in Clearwater after signing with the Phils last Wednesday.

This might be something you would read in the Philly edition of the Onion, not archived news from the Phils website.

Ringing endorsements for Kendrick and Moyer abound. What are the odds Kendrick starts the season in the bullpen, before moving down to AAA when Lidge and Romero are healthy and Moyer is waived outright? 20%?

Ricky Bo on 610 WIP all week from 10-3.

Today is "Hot Stove" Day:

Ricky Bo says that Lidge will be ready soon after Opening Day and has heard he is feeling good. Thinks he will be good this year.

His prediction: Going to be healthy all year, but are going to be cautious with him. 35-40 saves with around a 3.00 ERA.

Noah's Ark certainly has a more grandiose ring to it than Padilla's Flotilla.

Paul Hagen writes in Philly News:

"Brody Colvin, the Phillies' seventh-round draft choice who received a reported $900,000 signing bonus to pass up a scholarship offer from Louisiana State, was arrested early yesterday morning in his hometown of Lafayette, La.
According to a Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman, he was released after being charged with misdemeanor counts of disturbing the peace, simple battery and resisting an officer.

The incident took place on Jefferson Street, an area known for its many bars and as a gathering place for college students to drink. The spokesman added that the complete arrest report would not be available for 5 to 10 business days.

Colvin, a pitcher, is 19. The legal drinking age in Louisiana is 21."

It's nice to have a prospect with a little fight in him.

Wouldn't mind them taking the risk on this move, if the price was right. Rather that we find out he can't play, then the Mets discovering he can.

Since we have been discussing the 5th starter spot in the rotation, the bullpen issues and upgrades along with beating the Lee/Halladay trade and scenarios to death.

I wanted to bring up something that hasn't been discussed in detail but proved to be a huge issue in the World Series, the bench.

We signed Ross Gload and Brian Schneider that are upgrades over Stairs and Bako. We still have Dobbs and Francsico, along with signing Castro.

Is anyone else concerned like me (and Murphy from a few days ago in his column) about the right handed bench situation. We have 3 lefties and only Francisco as the lone righty that can hit. Castro can't hit very well, he is mostly a defensive sub.

Which brings me to ask, how would people feel about adding another righty bench guy to start the season and leave the bullpen with one less young guy until Lidge/Romero get back a week or two into the season?

Who fits into the budget, is a RH hitter, would make a difference coming off the bench, and is okay with not being a starter on a team that uses its bench sparingly?

Don't know if that particular player exists out there on the market right now.

Other than Schneider, I'm not sold on the bench upgrade assumption.

Castro is basically the same as Brunt.

Gload isn't a sure bet. He'll probably be better than the 2009 version of Stairs, but at least Stairs was a power threat.

Hopefully 2010 Dobbs is better than 2009 Dobbs, but I'm not assuming that.

Chris: I am necessarily suggesting we go sign another righty. Just saying, how about using a young bat (i.e. Mayberry) for 2 weeks until Lidge/Romero come back.

If Jermaine Dye signs a 1-year deal, he would be a player I would target for a trade around the deadline. He strikes me as the type of player who could be a real positive difference maker as a bench player down the stretch. He's right-handed, good power, positive clubhouse guy from what I've heard, etc. I think trading for him (or a similar player) near the deadline is going to be much more likely than signing someone now.

Gload has to be an upgrade over Stairs. what power threat did Stairs bring? the guy brought nothing to table for the entire season. a hitter than couldn't hit. at least Brunt could catch and run. I don't care if Gload doesn't hit one HR all season...he's a huge upgrade over Stairs if he hits anywhere north of .260.

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