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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Can someone please erase Joe Table from the Phillies all time saves leader before my lfie is over? That reason alone is enough to make me cheer for Lidge for the next two years.

Well Lidge is only 40 away. Your wish may be granted this year.

Dont bash the Dragon Slayer...Alfonseca was 'da bomb!

"and the part where he completely melted once anyone reached base."

Presumably the injury theory explains this--particularly if one replaces the question-begging verbiage (melted) with something more neutral (did badly). Why did Lidge do badly with runners on base? Why did Lidge do badly when runners weren't on base? Injury, possibly.
Jurrjens has anterior shoulder inflamation and its not considered serious. Even if its not serious its not a good way to start spring training, Some serious Happlike regression is likely headed his way.

Also on Metsblog I learned they are opening a bar in citifield accessible from the street and stadium.. This bar is called McFaddens, they can't come up with a new name??? Geeez maybe the Wilpons figured that was the reason for the phils success, said screw a second starter, a first baseman and a catcher "lets build a mcfaddens!!!" Genius

Just got my tickets for opening day in washington, section 238 all i could get during the presale, anyone else going?

Jurrjens was on last year's 'Verducci Effect' list (as was Hamels), but was fine all year. It may be catching up with him this spring. The Braves' injury situation will play a huge part this year in how easy it is for the Phils to win the East. Hudson, Chipper, Glaus, Wagner, and Saito are all guys with injury concerns/histories that the Braves can't really afford to lose for any long stretch. Add in Jurrjens and they are really at risk.

Anyone have the link for the Nats sigle game ticket pre-sale that is going on right now? I am trying to get to where you can buy tickets but not having any luck. Thanks

CY, the opening day tickets are all sold out for the presale

is the link, the password is INSIDER. good luck

Section 237--I usually prefer to sit near the visitors' bullpen :(

Well, I'm glad to see the Phillies and Lidge have come around to my way of thinking (not that they pay any attention to lil' ol' me).

I have been advocating for the last couple of months that any player injured or recovering from surgery (J.C., Jamie....this means you too!) should take their time and not risk reinjury or ineffectiveness.

To repeat myself:

This team is good enough to contend for the first couple months of the season without Lidge or Romero (and possibly good enough to win the division without them; they basically did so last season), so if it takes until June for them to come back at full effectiveness - so be it.

todd, McFadden's is becoming somewhat ubiquitous as a franchise. Among other places, there's one next to PNC Park in Pittsburgh, too. I think they're also in Boston, Chicago, DC, Las Vegas, among other locations.

Yeah i really think the Phillies and Mets have zero love for each other. B/n the humiliation of 2007 and 2008 and the mets debacle of 2009 there's been enough jawing and media buildup to create a pretty good animosity. The NY media does not let the mets forget what the Phillies have done to them the last few years.

It's entertaining that WFAN and ESPN Radio have been nonstop Yankees and pretty much zilch Mets. Which of course drives mets fans crazy. Well those who aren't in a deep depression.

Personally i'm disappointed the rivalry got shortcircuited last year and mocking their bad luck got boring after the Mets injury situation got rediculous.

All in all the mets should have a pretty potent offense if beltran and reyes get/stay on the field.

Got my season tickets in the mail yesterday and my family and I are attending the Nats home opener courtesy of none other than Elijah Dukes! I can't wait!

Reyes, Beltran, Wright, Bay is a pretty decent core to a lineup. Their surrounding parts are pretty bad tho.

While I wasn't quick enough to snag presale tickets for the Nats game, I was confronted with this surprisingly-honest prediction of how the team will stack up this year:

****This bar is called McFaddens, they can't come up with a new name??? ****

Almost like a "franchise" or something. I hear they have McDonalds and Burger Kings in Queens too.

Just like having a Cheesecake Factory or Maggianos in every upscale mall in the country.

morris: haha that is pretty good right there.

"Yeah i really think the Phillies and Mets have zero love for each other. B/n the humiliation of 2007 and 2008 and the mets debacle of 2009 there's been enough jawing and media buildup to create a pretty good animosity. The NY media does not let the mets forget what the Phillies have done to them the last few years"

On the other hand, this is a new phenomenon. Historically, the Phils and Mets haven't been good at the same time. I recall in 2007, there was an article on the burgeoning rivalry, and it was noted that the two teams were only both above .500 about 5 times in their history, and only finished 1-2 in the division in 1986, when the Mets won by about 20 games.

(I remember going to a September 1986 game, with the Mets needing 1 win in the series to clinch the division. The upper deck of the Vet was roughly 50-50 in loyalty, as many Mets fans came down hoping to see the clincher, and chanted R-rated insults recurred throughout the game. Good times.)

Thanks for the link guys. That was tough to get seats. Figured I would be able to get a bunch together, but I was only able to get 3. Section 131, so they are nice ones at least.

Can't wait for this historic day. I will be the one with the Halladay jersey on!

McFaddens - The most overrated and unnecessary part of CBP. Turned into a "go-too" spot now with the Phils' success. Super crowded and brings with it a fair amount of jerks/meatheads/ridiculously drunk people.

Zach Morris: Thats classic.

I once got "douchey" as my passkey and laughed my self to tears.

Sec. 241 for Opening Day.

Interesting that everyone (including Lidge) say his struggles last year were related to his injury, while spending all of last year denying it had anything to do with it. The answer is probably somewhere in between (as JW writes).

Glad to hear Lidge come clean about the Lidge and realize that he need to let the team know how he is actually feeling is vitally important. One thing to be a tough guy who pitches through a little pain/discomfort. Another to try to pitch through a bunch of pain and really just hurt yourself and your team in the process. Sometimes you are just too banged up to be a meaningful contributor. Think Lidge might have finally learned that lesson last year.

Give him time in extended spring training and even mix in a few minor league rehab appearances if need be for a return in late April/early May.

I don't like the idea that Baez should be used as closer if Lidge is hurt. Just because he's done it before, does not make him qualified to do it now. Madson is the far better pitcher, and should be used appropriately.

MG: I agree to a certain extent regarding Mcfaddens. But you have to admit, it is nice to be able to grab a sandwich (at normal prices) and beer before the game while watching the pre-game show, then enter the ballpark through the back.

seems like the upper 200s are gonna be dominated by phils fans, good to see

Jack: Oh no, you are opening this "keg of worms" again?

What has Madson done as closer to give you confidence in him over Baez or anyone else for that matter?

mvp - Not that I don't like McFadden's itself. Been there several times before/after a game. I just find it get so jammed packed now that it is hard to find a place to sit/grab a beer/etc.

Plus, 1 or 2 times I stopped in last year after a game it seemed like a crowd of younger-20s with too many over-the-top drunks. Easy 15-20 minute drive to plenty of quality bars that are jam packed or have a number of drunken idiots.

I will say though that I am glad that I am not a bouncer at McFadden's. Security staff there seems like they have their hands filled especially now that it is so jammed packed before the game and well after it too.

Nobody goes there anymore; its always too crowded.

Murphy has a decent analysis on his blog about Lidge's struggles last season:

"It's the fastball, stupid!" :)

Just read that Polanco got there early to get in extra work at third and bond with his new teammates. A good start!

Well, better late than never. This makes more sense of the Scott Rolen trade considering who has been posted at third the last seven years.

Tommy: He's pitched consistently well over the past few years, that's what.

The last time Baez was a true "closer" was 2005. Does that experience 5 years ago really make you think he's a better candidate than Madson, who's been a fairly dominant setup guy the last couple of years?

Jack: Really? As a closer he has "pitched consistently well"? Wow, that is news to me.

He has "pitched consistently well" as a setup guy, yes. Because that is his role.

Tommy: FWIW, Charlie, Dubee, and Amaro disagree with your position. I believe they came out and said that in case Lidge was hurt in April, Madson would be the closer.

Jack - You said it yourself. He's "been a fairly dominant setup guy".
So why mess with that? Every time they do, Madson doesn't perform, for whatever reason.

If Lidge isn't ready, I say let Baez close.

Jack: "Charlie, Dubee, and Amaro disagree with your position"

Ohhh, so now all of a sudden you are listening to what they say.

You spent the better part of this offseason calling Rube a liar regarding his reasons for trading Lee and NOW you want to believe him?

Also, please find me a quote when Charlie and Dubbs say that.

It makes no sense to be pencilling in Baez as the closer in lieu of Lidge until you see him pitch. Certainly, he's a potential option, but it's a little early to make that decision.

Madson certainly didn't have the success you'd like to see when given the chance to close but, I would use my best arm whenever the game is on the line, whether that is closing or setting up.

true its crowded and annoyingly rowdy but the scenery at McFaddens is simply fantastic. Just lay low and keep to the outside porch. and plan an escape route.

PhlinBK - Exactly. You can put up with a little crowd for the Beer tub girls. They are amazing.

I personally like McFaddens for the reasons MVP and PH mentioned. I do wish it were a little less crowded, but that would mean that the Phils are doing poorly, and I am NOT ok with that.

Here we go again:

David Lennon of Newsday tweets from Mets' spring training:

When Johan was asked to name best pitcher in NL East, he replied, "Santana." Hear that Halladay?

Link to source above.

Tommy: Quote from Jim Salisbury, in a long article/interview with Charlie Manuel:

"Manuel believes Brad Lidge will bounce back from a difficult season once he’s recovered from a pair of off-season surgeries. If Lidge is not ready, then Ryan Madson will close for the first week or so of the season."

It's not a direct quote, but it's as close as you can get. For all intents and purposes, Charlie said Madson will be the closer if Lidge is hurt. He said he'd like to see Baez in the 6th and 7th and work his way towards a bigger role from there. You can read the full interview here:

Jack: Ok, thanks for that article.

Ehh, I guess I am fine with that. Besides according to DiTHL splits, they tend to appear more often during the months of July-November.

As I see it, the Phillies could not be less forthcoming when it comes to disclosing player injuries.

The whole way Lidge's difficulties in 2008 were handled both by him and the club are maddening and these recent revelations, if they are to be believed, only make it moreso.

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