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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Can I ask one simple question?

Why on this site that is supposed to be dedicated to talking baseball and for diehard fans, do posters need to blatantly lie about what others and myself say to may themselves feel better?

Jack did to me last night and I called him out on it, to which we settled it and moved on.

Now TTI, does the SAME thing. He said that I stated this:

"He basically says who cares about defense because our offense is all that matters".

This is what I really said:

"One of the few areas Gonzalez is better than Howard is in defense, but given that the Phillies rely on offense more than defense, we are fine with Howard manning 1st."

Now someone please tell me how Jack and TTI came up with their theory on what I said when I really said the second quote?

The day that this site becomes talking baseball and less about some posters going out of their way to prove someone wrong, even if it means clearly making things up, we will be better off.

Honestly, and this will sound backwards at first, but its smarter to rest guys like Utley, Rollins, & Howard more and give Gload, Castro, Dobbs, etc playing time as it will keep the bench sharp and it will keep our big stars fresh after playing 180 games two seasons in a row...that's got to wear on them, regardless of what they say.

Sure, in the short-term, replacing Howard with Gload or Dobbs for a game might hurt our chances that night but over the course of the season, it is probably a a good thing.

~pointedly ignores the carry over from the last thread~

NEPP: Howard was a below average fielder who, last year IMHO, made himself into a league-average fielder. Adrian Gonzalez is not the greatest fielder on earth but he is one of the top 2 or 3 fielding firstbasemen in baseball (Kotchman and Pujols are probably better.)

That is based on scouting reports, newspaper and blog reports and my eyes. I don't have the slightest idea what UZR says. And, while UZR might be a decent tool for a SS or CF when observed over a 3-4 year period, how good is it at 1B, where the ability to dig out a throw in the dirt out is more importnat than range?

Did someone who wants to talk baseball and bashed the concept of posters insulting each other pretty much do just what he wants to stop? Come on people, we're supposed to be talking baseball not just bashing what other people write. Fans of the game have different degrees of knowledge of it so don't bash someone for saying something below you or above you. Just ignore it. Jeez, who old are some of you? 13?

JW, it is an old hat but still needs to be discussed for the sole reason of well, what else is there to talk about?

As Paul Hagan from the Daily News said 2 weeks ago and I seem to agree with him on, I think they are going to look to trade Dobbs. There is no room for him and you can most likely acquire eithier another pitcher or LH bat for him.

Another thought, with the addition of Halladay who will pitch more innings, along with the rest of the rotation. Isn't there a good chance the bench numbers may decline again this year as well?

Every defensive metric places Howard just above average. They aren't all wrong.

Howard's main weakness was and is throws to 2B, both on pickoffs and DP turns. Other than that, he's actually quite athletic for a 1B. And he worked on that extensively last year.

I used to be a frequent reader of the comments because I thought they added a lot to the site. However, the grudges and constant arguing about he said she said reminds me more of a political debate than a casual conversation about baseball.

Tommy you are the biggest offender because you are constantly whining and complaining about it the most. No one cares about your individual beefs with others. Please stop making it such an issue and just talk about baseball

****There is no room for him and you can most likely acquire eithier another pitcher or LH bat for him.****

If there was room for Stairs and Dobbs last year, there's room for Gload and Dobbs this year...if for no other reason than we have nothing at AAA in case of an injury at the positions he covers.

Speaking of Pujols, someone from the last thread, in an effort to discredit prospect scouting reports, said that Pujols was probably overlooked as a prospect since he was a 13th rounder.

In fact, Pujols was highly rated right out of the box. Check the reports from 1999-2001 from BA and Sickels. They noted his all-around hitting ability and called him the best fielder in his league.

NEPP: Except one thing. It isn't just "Gload and Dobbs". The situation is actually Gload, Castro and Dobbs. So we need 3 bench players for the same thing?

Salisbury tweets: Congrats to Scott Lauber. Boston Herald has added a great one to its ball-writin' team.

TBex: Fair enough.

"political debate than a casual conversation about baseball"

Just keep in mind, most the regular posters here are lawyers. Not me but many others. I think that is #1 reason for the constant "he said/she said". They have to brush up on their "skills".

Why would the Phils get rid of Dobbs now? Having a guy like Dobbs on the bench gives the team more flexibility to rest Polanco or Utley without losing too much offensively and going into the Castro zone.

Not to mention, what kind of trade value does he have? My guess would be just about none.

I think the bench is a in a downward spiral for Manuel. He doesn't play them as much, because they aren't sharp (or particularly great options) then when it's time to sign new bench players in the offseason, top bench options/borderline starters like Hairston don't want to come here because they won't get enough playing time. I think until the playing time issue is resolved, the Philies will be stuck slightly overpaying, in trades or salary, for mediocre options and/or hoping that the 2nd to 4th tier prospects develop into utility players (at least).

JBird: I have a few questions for you.

1.) Who did the Phillies "slightly overpay" for on the bench? If they did overpay at all, it was by $200K, which is really not even worth noting in the grand scheme of things.

2.) Our bench is better than last season, right?

3.) You stated that "top bench options...don't want to come here". How do you know this? I think the reason that they are here is because Rube didn't want to fill the bench with $1.5-2.5 million bench guys.

And wasn't Dobbs looked at as a "top bench option" in 2008 and last season until he got hurt?

I hope they give Mayberry some reps at 1st in the spring and in the minors this year. When he does reappear on the active roster he could add a little more value by giving Howard the first 6 innings off against a LH pitcher on occasion.

awh- The problem with the career stats for Gonzo and Howard are that Howard's OPS has been trending sharply downwards vs lefties.

I know Charlie would never do it, but if this trend continues this year, would anyone think about batting werth 4th ibanez 5th and howard 6th against lefties?

I completely agree, JW. I understand Charlie's desire to field his best guys, seeking a W, particularly in stretches like later last season when the Phils couldn't seem to nail down the division for the longest time. However, Charlie should give the bench a chance to get and remain sharp, and give the starters a rest regularly, say once every few weeks or once a month.

Seems like a win-win. For the individuals and for the team. He could always use the regulars off the bench in late innings, too.

JBird, I think you're exactly right. If I was a top MLB bench player (BL ALERT: I'm speaking only for myself) I would think twice about coming to Philadelphia. If I only got a one-year contract, riding the pine under Charlie Manuel could kill my market value for the next season. (I wonder if that's why Gload asked for and got a two year deal?)

But, as JW mentions above, the real damage to the team is not necessarily the opportunity cost of the better bench players signing somewhere else, but the possibility that whoever is on the bench just isn't sharp when crunch time comes.

"Why would the Phils get rid of Dobbs now?"

They wouldn't, but at the end of spring, when teams start seeing what they need, they might start listening.

Dobbs' value is as a pinch hitter. He's one of the best in the game at it.

Aside from that, Dobbs would be most valuable in a 3B platoon somewhere, similar to what the Phillies had at third in 2007 or even when Feliz was still here. He would have marginal value in the AL as a lefty DH, but not much.

I think it will work out fine with Dobbs and Gload. Those are two, very solid bats you can bring into the game late.

This topic has really no conclusion.

Pinch hitting and hitting in general is more routine than anything. Giving the bench guys an extra 40-50 PA's each during the season isn't really going to matter much.

You just have to hope when you need the guys they come through. That is why Dobbs in 2008 was so important to this team. He would be in the batting cages during the game, then come up when they needed him and get a hit.

MVPTommy: maybe Amaro doesn't want to spend 2.5 million on a bench player b/c Manuel still won't play them. If your going to argue $200k isn't a lot in the grand scheme of the Phillies payroll, an extra million for a bench player is only 0.7% of the Phillies payroll, it's all relative. regardless, Adam Everett's making $1 million and Jerry Hairston Jr. is making $2 million or combined about what Dobbs and Gload will make (unless I'm looking at 2009 salaries. . the sites not real specific). So far the big question marks in the Phillies roster are 1. #5 starter 2. the bench 3. closer. I think either Lidge, Madson, or Baez will prove servicable, so if your top 2 problems are #5 starter and the bench, you've got a pretty good team.

JBird: The point is Rube took the money he would have spent on the bench (as you say an extra $1-2.5 million) and put that into relievers (Baez and Contreras). While still improving the bench, but for much cheaper. Which I think is the smart move.

But your right, our top 2 problems are #5 start and wondering if the bench will execute. So we are in good shape.

tommy: When someone says, "He basically says ____" that is not directly quoting someone. I still can't figure out how you fail to see x being derived from Y in your statement. You said we are fine with Howard at first because we rely more on offense. The implication being- we don't really need to upgrade the defense, and in the process get a guy who can give you probably 90-95% of what Howard does. You complain that people are out to get you and are always claiming to be misquoted. Perhaps you just don't make salient points. And I'm not a lawyer or anything. And I've given you credit when you've said decent things- keep in mind I was one of the few on your side with Lidge last year. But you can't say silly things and not expect to get questioned on it. I get questioned on things, so does every other poster on here.

On the topic at hand- I think it's a good point JW. We saw a bench that was not sharp last year where we had one that was in 2008. I think Manuel will look to get more at bats this year for some of the bench guys if only because they actually have back-ups that can make a difference this year. Polanco can slide to second at times. Schneider is a clear upgrade over what we had last year, and Castro can at least play some solid defense even if he doesn't give you what Rollins does offensively. By the moves we made it feels like upgrading the bench was a priority, and I'd have to think there is some reason for that.

****Except one thing. It isn't just "Gload and Dobbs". The situation is actually Gload, Castro and Dobbs. So we need 3 bench players for the same thing?****

Castro is JRoll's can't lump him in there. Other than Babcock/Bocock, whatever his name is, he's the only guy in the org that can play SS if Jimmy goes down.

What's this about Lauber going to Boston?

That sucks, he's probalby our best beat writer.

TTI: Ok, thanks for the explanation. I just don't like being treated as an imbecile.

Seems to me that So Taguchi played himself in to an even smaller role than intended. He would come in for Burrell on defense and then fail to catch routine fly balls. It was probably a fluke or something but you kinda hope your backup outfielder can handle CBP's left field.

Taguchi was far better than Bruntlett as the last man on the bench...not that thats saying much.

Not say'n I don't contribute to this, but for a site that supposedly gets a lot of lawyers posting to it, we have a ton of ad hominem tu quoque, strawmen, special pleadings, post hoc, false analogies, and reductio ad absurdum. . . or maybe it's because we have so many lawyers.

If batting .186 is par for the course for the Phillies pinch hitters, I'd rather see big stick RFD Mayberry coming off the bench to bat than a Castro or a Gload.

I think Castro was signed for his ability to field rather than hit. I don't think Mayberry can play short.

EFF: Ahhh, make the bad memories go away, make them leave!

That has to be on my Top 5 list of worst fielders I have ever had to watch in multiple games at the ballpark. Watching Taguchi playing the outfield is #3. Only behind

#2 Watching David Bell try to field 3rd base.

And #1 is #53 on the scorecard but #1 in our hearts, Bobby Abreu loafing around RF at the Vet.

Bell was actually a decent fielder before his back gave out, if my memory is correct.

And Abreu is another reason why GGs are completely overrated.

Bell was good...when healthy.

Perhaps it's just me (though I doubt it), I really hate when disputes from previous threads spill into a new thread.

To BB: No, its not just you.

I think we should adopt an unofficial rule of "once the thread ends, the debate is over." Talk about the new topic, not the back and forth from the previous thread.

Chris & NEPP: Yea Bell got hurt his very 1st year here and missed half the season. He was good for 85 games then the following year his fielding was horrible the rest of his time here.

NEPP, I like you, but you're a dreamer on this one.

"I think we should adopt an unofficial rule of "once the thread ends, the debate is over." Talk about the new topic, not the back and forth from the previous thread."

These threads are like volcanoes, when they are erupting, you can't stop the lava flow by merely writing, "Yo, new thread." The lava's got to keep coming, and the heat spews into the new thread. Mount clout or Mt. Tommy keeps on erupting. It's one of those unwritten laws of BL nature.

With Gload likely be the first LH option off the bench, I imagine that Dobbs' PH chances will take a hit. The last 3 years he had a pretty high number of PH appearances:

2007 - 48 ABs
2008 - 62 ABs
2009 - 54 ABs

My bet is that this is more likely in the mid-30s. Given that Polanco is likely to start just about everyday at 3B because Cholly will be even more reluctant to sit Polanco vs. RHP like he was prone to do with Feliz.

Wonder how effective Dobbs will be if he gets only about 175 ABs this year or so and potentially goes a few weeks in between starts.

As for the bench, it was hard to criticize Cholly last year when he had one of the worst statistical seasons by a Phils' player in the past 40 years (Bruntlett), a washed up 'defensive' catcher (Bako), a guy who couldn't hit in the 2nd half or play defensively anywhere (Stairs), and a guy who was battling lingering injuries and was also awful in the 2nd half (Dobbs). This bench simply sucked.

The only good bench player they had was Francisco and Cholly did use him down the stretch especially in Sept.

This bench will almost certainly be better than it was in the 2nd half last year. It is pretty hard to be worse. I just don't know how much better they will be this year because Schneider might have entered a real phase of decline and Castro sucks. Instead of having a middle utility INF who struggles to hit .150, he will struggle to hit .200.

My bet is that the only guy that Cholly gives any kind of regular starting time to is Francisco to spell Ibanez to keep him fresh and Schneider simply because he is the backup C. Can't imagine many starts at all for Gload, Dobbs, and Castro although Gload will likely have a ton of PH appearances.

It's pretty clear that the no team in the east is in the same class as the Phils. If the goal is to win the WS, we will likely need a DH. Charlie needs to manage with an eye on the playoffs and realize that at some key point we are going to depend on these guys for a big hit.

Charlie was a bench guy and thus doesn't trust bench guys.

Bruntlett and Taguchi probably got an unfair amount of ragging but Bruntlett was historically awful last year offensively and was below average in the field. Taguchi too was a guy who unfortunately was done being able to play and made some really notable gaffes to boot.

re: Gonzalez and Howard's RBI Totals

It is true that Howard sees more chances to drive in runs, but he also does more with those chances than Gonzalez does.

Gonzalez since 2006:
Actual RBIs = 399
Expected = 299.16
aeRatio = 1.334

Howard since 2006:
Actual RBIs = 567
Expected = 345.84
aeRatio = 1.639

Maybe Interleague away games can be used as a chance to get Utley some rest by DHing him. Obviously you would lose a little defense but against RHPs you could start Dobbs at 3rd and move Polanco to 2nd. June seems like a good time to let him recharge, since he will not likely have an all-star break for at least another 5 or so seasons.

maybe for interleague the phils should just bring up the ironpigs, since thats what they play like every year.

Jonesman - I wouldn't mind seeing or Dobbs getting at least one start at 3B and Polanco being pushed over to 2B at least once a month.

Ideally Utley would appear in about 155 G or so with about several of those only as a PH or DH. Give him at least one legit "day off" a month hopefully.

Bigger issue is with JRoll. Phils don't have another option other than Castro and it is likely JRoll is going to be in there for close to 160 G again as long as he is healthy.

Lake Fred: I'm curious. When you wrote that you'd rather see Mayberry PH than Gload, did you look up the stats of either player? Or are you just posting to be posting?

FWIW, when Dobbs had 18 or 20 starts in 2008 (August I think) because Feliz was hurt, he kicked ass. You could look it up.

SteveW: Good post.

We covered this ad nauseum while Feliz was here, but giving Dobbs some starts makes sense, whether it is to rest Utley or Polanco. Polanco is kind of old, so getting him some rest could not hurt, and though his platoon splits are not severe, they do exist. 739 career OPS vs. RHPs, 819 vs LHPs. Dobbs stunk last year, but if he bounces back to '07 or '08 form, its worth getting his bat in there against RHPs once every two weeks or so.

I don't think there is a question that Dobbs is an excellent bench player. As clout pointed out above, when he got regular playing time in '08 due to Feliz's injury, he was more-than-adequate. In fact, he excelled. Last year's struggles were obviously due to nagging injuries. If he's playing at 100%, he is an excellent player to have on your bench. He can pinch hit with the best of 'em, and can play the corners adequately enough to where defense will not suffer to a great extent. Dobbs should see more PT this year (if healthy, or course).

I think it would be a mistake to give up Dobbs at any point, unless the return is unbelievable.

I think it's a chicken-and-egg question: Did the bench go unused because they stunk? or did they stink because they didn't get used enough?

Probably both, and the one fed into the other. But Charlie really ought to give them the opportunity for ABs that he preaches.

I agree that this makes a huge difference in the postseason. Anyone remember the numbers off our bench in the '08 WS? I honestly don't. Although of course I remember the Stairs HR in the NLCS!

"Pinch hitting and hitting in general is more routine than anything. Giving the bench guys an extra 40-50 PA's each during the season isn't really going to matter much."

tommy, I really need you to explain and elaborate on the statement above.

Also, I'd like you to answer these questions in succession:

Do you really think getting extra AB during a season doesn't matter to a hitter?

Do you really think Dobbs, Gload, Schneider, Francisco and Castro would agree with you?

If getting extra AB during the season, which is a form of 'practice' for the post season (no?), doesn't matter, then why practice at all...why take BP at all?

If facing live hitting doesn't matter, then why do they even bother to have live batting practice during ST?

Do you really think extra AB won't help any hitter stay sharp?

I await your response.

I believe the bench was 11-32 (or something like that) in the '08 WS.

As for the playoffs, Dobbs and Francisco can more than likely aproximate a DH by platooning. Wasn't Dobbs hurt during the WS last year? It might be a good idea for the Phils to make a trade for an AL DH-type in July/August to be a pinch-hitter/backup 1B during the season and eventually fill the DH role in the WS. But that seems like a bit of overkill to me. Didn't the Dodgers do that with Thome last year?

I think it's safe to say the Phillies will win the division this season, unless major injuries occur. Either way, the bench players need to stay sharp.

I thought the Dodgers were pretty smooth when they made the deal for Thome late in the year. . . it didn't pay the dividends it could have if they'd made the series, but it's a model worth following if it can be done on the cheap prospect wise.

AWH: Sure. Since hitting is so much based on routine (thus the reason Dobbs spends innings at a time in the batting cage below the dugout). If we are talking about 40-50 PA's it isn't going to make that much of a difference in the player's hitting for the season. That's all I am saying.

Now onto your questions in succession:

- Sure, it might matter to the hitter. But is it going to help or hurt the team?

- They wouldn't agree, because as a player you want to play as much as possible. And then when that happens, you want to play even more. When I played and was even sat for a game, I was furious. I can't imagine being abench player.

- Now you are inter-chanign arguments. They can take all the BP they want. But "forcing" players to get their share of at-bats for the playoffs isn't the way to go. Isn't the point to win as many games as possible?

- Once again, changing arguments. Sure live pitching matters, but worrying about each bench player having 200 PA's in the season, so that in the playoffs when you need them 30 times isn't logical. When in doing that, you could be costing your team wins in the process.

- Extra AB's WILL help a batter stay sharp if he has AB's on a regular basis. Again, an extra 40-50 PA's during the season WON'T keep a batter sharp, an extra 75-100 will.

this is something of a tangent, with the lack of bench options in the high minors and Amaro's new-found panic about restocking the cupboard, does anyone think the Phillies will blow past slot all over the draft in order to get more guys like Brody Colvin (and Westmoreland, Porcello, etc & etc)

tommy, so you're saying LIVE hitting against real pitchers is the same as being in the batting cage below the dugout?

The notion that 50 extra plate appearances won't keep a player sharp for teh post-season but, 75 will, is patently arbitrary. I doubt there is a magic number - repetition should improve performance on some sort of continuum.

It seemed to me last year that the bench got cold because the bench was cold, i.e., the early results made Manuel reluctant to incur the severe dropoff that were likely with more frequent substitution. He went to the whip early and he never let off for fear that one loss could be the differenc between making the playoffs or going golfing. Fregosi has been credited with having a different attitude - taking a "productive loss" once in a while. Fregosi, though, especially in '93 had a better bench. Was it better because it had more frequent use? I don't recall it that way. Duncan, Thompson, Incaviglia, Chamberlain, Jordan were all solid major leaguers.

AWH: Of course not. Did I say that?

However, batting practice for Dobbs (and myself) kept me loose and ready to go.

Also, they take BP everyday. That also helps keep them loose.

Nothing is like like the live game, but don't act like those things don't play significant roles as well.

Bench play will be interesting this season. I think Francisco and Dobbs should be getting starts. I would like to have one of the 7 starters sit in at least half the games (catcher should have its own rotation). That would amount to about 15 games or 3 per month per player.
Francisco can just replace any of the OF and bat seventh. (I'd like to see Howard rest with Ibanez moving to first against tough lefties).
Dobbs is more difficult since we are such a lefty lineup, but I still would bat him at 3B for Polanco and Utley and maybe a start in RF for Werth, also batting seventh.
Gload and Casto should just ride the bench, maybe go in for fielding at 1B or SS in a blowout.

By the way this whole discussion is for nothing. Because Charlie may give the bench a few more PA's each this year. But I think we all know, the change in PA's won't be Earth-shattering.

"I would like to have one of the 7 starters sit in at least half the games (catcher should have its own rotation). "

I think there is a better chance of seeing a pig fly straight across CBP, than that happening.

Also, how would you like to go to a game or multiple games and rarely see the full starting lineup? Yea, I wouldn't like it either.

clout, I looked up Mayberry's Phillies stats by game last year. He started off good in May and June, but was not much of a help in July or September. Despite that drop off in production, his overall batting average was higher than .186. I couldn't find isolated pinch hitting stats on Mayberry. RFD he does have home run power and I think we need that on the bench. If my memory serves me well, I seem to remember Mayberry hitting a pinch hit home run or two. I'll admit that I didn't look up Gload's stats. He doesn't excite me at all.

Mayberry was 3 for 11 with 1 BB in 12 PAs as a Pinchhitter.

...with 1 2B and 1 HR in those 3 hits.

"Again, an extra 40-50 PA's during the season WON'T keep a batter sharp, an extra 75-100 will."

Ummm, tommy, your logic is lost on me.

First, you say that and extras 40-50 PA's don't matter, but 75-100 do.

But if 40-50 PA's don't matter, why do the extra 25 PA's matter, which id the difference from 50 to 75?

Can you see why you're confusing?

Also, I understand you're trying to put things in context, and as such I agree. But I really not sure I see the sense of what you're saying.

Let me answer your questions and I'll explain.

" it going to help or hurt the team?" Well, in this answer and in your answer to question #3, you seem to be implying that it doesn't really help the team because they won't necessarily win more games. OK, I get that, but again, in the context of getting this team ready for the playoffs it could be hurting the team.

I think we both agree that this team "should" win the division, or at the very least the wild card, and IMHO, while I expect a much tougher dogfight this season I think they can win the division again by 3-8 games. So, in the context that we both expect them to make the playoffs, the answer to your question is it could HURT the team if the bench isn't sharp going into the postseason. We saw that last year.

"Forcing"? Who in the world would be "forcing" players to get AB? If anything, the Utleys of the world have to be "forced" to take a day off.

Costing the team wins? Hmmm, I would say that the bench going 1-31 in the 2009 postseason may have cost them a win when it mattered most, no?

BTW, how am I cahnging arguments? I asked the questions in the context of YOUR post.

damn you awh..

Lake Fred: OK, fair enough. You know nothing about Gload, but he doesn't excite you.

Rock on.

awh: The contradictions and lack of logic are classic tommy. He's fine when ignored by all other posters. I suggest we do that.

awh: Your trying to trap me into something but I am going to end this by saying the following:

All I can tell you in response is that "the bench going 1-31" has more to do with them being cold at the wrong time. The only method out of that is if they kept on going to hit out of it.

If I recall Rollins has a horrible slump the first 2 months of last season and I am pretty sure it wasn't due to lack of PA's.

Blaming the lack of success of the bench in the playoffs with the amount of PA's they had is a weak argument and not factual.

In my playing days when I batted .350 over a period of time had nothing to do with the amount of PA's, just like when I batted .180 over a stretch of time had no bearing on the amount of PA's. Players go through streaks, thats baseball.

"The notion that 50 extra plate appearances won't keep a player sharp for teh post-season but, 75 will, is patently arbitrary. I doubt there is a magic number - repetition should improve performance on some sort of continuum."

Hugh, exactly!

I don't have much familiarity with Gload but, he's a serviceable bench guy based on the numbers. I certainly prefer him to the Mayberry who played in Philly last year. If Mayberry has made significant strides, it will be interesting to see if he can stick with the team because, it's apparent they could use a little pop on the bench. Who do you bat in a situation where you're looking to win the game with one swing? Francisco? With that said, I have my doubts that Mayberry made dramatic improvements and, if he did, I would bet they'd like him to play more regularly at AAA to make sure those improvements aren't temporary.

I think more IP by starters (led by Halladay AND Hamels) will take pressure off the bullpen AND the bench, to a certain extent.If Dobbs hits .260 all is well with the bench. Much ado about nothing.

I know about Gload, and he doesn't excite me either. Marginal power for a corner player, and doesn't draw walks. Not exactly a dangerous late-inning hitting option.

new thread.

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