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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


If it makes you feel any better, it's only 49 degrees in Clearwater right now.

"Wonder why they wait so long? More time to sell season tickets?"

I don't know. I was thinking the same thing. It is the Nats, so who knows?

Maybe because the Capitals are doing so well, they want to wait a little longer to grow the anticipation of the season when it gets closer because right now all the people care about is hockey? I have no clue?

From the end of last thread:

"I suspect there are more position players who did this than pitchers."

Ehh, I am not so sure clout. Common baseball sense would say that you are correct because the transition from playing the field in college to the pros is less than the transition and learning how to pitch in the big leagues.

But doing a little digging just among HOF'ers suggests it is about 50/50. I know the sample size isn't that large, but it still tell some of the picture. There are 14 players in the HOF that never played a game in the minors. 8 Pitchers and 6 position players, there are as follows:

Sandy Koufax
Bob Feller
Catfish Hunter
Walter Johnson
Ted Lyons
Chief Bender
Eppa Rixey
Eddie Plank

Frankie Frisch
George Sisler
Mel Ott
Dave Winfield
Al Kaline
Robin Yount

In any event, it is prety rare for this to take place. Especially for guys that have played 10+ years in the majors.

Remember when Tim Worrell slept with that cocktail waitress in spring training and screwed up his life so much that the Phillies had to trade him for Matt Kata? Man, those were some great times to be a Phillies fan.

ed: were those his personal problems? THat he got caught cheating on his wife with a waitress? Damn, I wish i would have known that back then. I hated him. And whoever posts some stupid stat that says he wasn't awful, i hate you too.

I woke up to my alarm radio this morning.
Travis Tritt - Great day to be alive.
I agreed with my radio.

"Stretching, jogging, long-tossing begins for Phillies"


I wish I were in FL - jogging for the Tiki Bar - stretching for a beverage - and tossing a long one back!

you write purty

This is purely anecdotal, but I seem to recall that Worrell fell off the metaphorical cliff from the year before to the year his personal problems started. If that's really the reason, all I can do is sit here and shake my head.

sign felipe lopez

An interesting tidbit from an interview with Brian Cashman. The link is also on MLBTR:

"SJK: Over the last few years, it seems like the Yankees are becoming less inclined to pay players based on nostalgia and public opinion. For example, early in this offseason you said Hideki Matsui's World Series MVP wouldn't be a factor in your valuation of him. How has the decision-making process changed?

CASH: I will say that I've been educated about sample sizes and the true value of a player's abilities. If a player has a hot week in October, I don't think that necessarily gives you an idea of his abilities.""

No more Big Joe Blanton? Isn't he looking rather thin there?

no longer cookies, now hes salad blanton

Cipper- I was just thinking the same thing. Hard to tell for sure from the sorta blurry picture, but it looks like he lost a pretty dramatic amount of weight.

It's so encouraging to see guys getting in shape on their own time. This is a team built out of guys that really want to win.

The way the baseball season works now, the offseason is when most of these guys do their serious weight and cardio training. During the season, since they're playing every day, they only get in light workouts occasionally, and are usually eating worse (and probably drinking a lot of beer). So they gain weight during the season; see, Brett Myers every year. Ryan Howard, as well, seemed a lot lighter last year in spring training, but by the end of the season last year, he looked back to his normal size.

I'd expect to see "Big" Joe Blanton back by midseason or so.

Even though i am scared that some of you might get my opening day tickets haha, i couldn't help but help out my Beerleaguer friends...

The nats are having a presale starting tomorrow, I signed up for the nationals mailing list (felt sooo dirty) and i got an email saying tomorrow is the presale, it starts at ten am, and the code is INSIDER.

Don't steal my tickets

According to MLBTR, the Mets are apparently making a push for BL favorinte Rod Barajas.

Was just reading Bob Klapisch's story on how Halladay should feast on NL hitters this year, and just had to share this comment to the story:

"so what if he wins 20-25 games? He can only pitch once every 5 games. They better be worried about who pitches those
4 games in between his starts. Even with Doc, their starters don't measue up with the Braves."

The Braves' staff is good, no question; but are Braves' fans really this delusional?

Mike: Speaking of presale, I got an email an hour ago about the Phillies individual ticket presale. Everyone should go to and sign up for their emails as well.

Tickets are already few and far between.

Doing a quick search, the only seats remaining for basically every game is either right behind the foul pole or in the upper decks. So if you plan on buying individual game seats starting tomorrow @ 10 am, I would get on the email list and presale today because by tommorrow when they go on sale to everyone they will be gone.

That is my public service announcement for the day....

Even trying to buy Six Pack tickets months ago the best tickets were gone after only a few days and my hubby and I were relegated to StubHubbing it in order to get some decent seats.

The only downside to all this Phillies' success is the sudden rise in bandwagon fans purchasing tickets that for years were so easy to come by--even before the 2008 season began.

I have several friends with season ticket plans...I just buy them off them for the games I want.

I also know several dozen people that plan on roadtripping to DC for Opening Day...even though its the Monday after Easter IIRC.

I go to a ton of concerts, and i belong to every mailing list known to man, and with my past experiences i know that most venues are only allowed to offer up a percentage of tickets during a presale, say ten to fifteen percent. Now, i am not 100percent certain that sports teams have to follow this rule, but if they do there should be a limited supply of tickets for some important games tomorrow when they go on sale to the general public.

HH: Exactly. I am a season ticket holder and I was discussing that here several weeks ago. It is awesome being able to have my seat for all 81 home games + playoffs. But the "bandwagon" fans have put a minor damper on the games. But it is better than in the early 2000's and 1990's when my section would be 1/2 full to 3/4's full (if it was a give-a-day).

Also, rumor is that for season ticket holders this playoff year, due to all the partial plans, we will only have the luxery of having our seats for 2 of the 3 series, which if true is complete garbage. And also, I beleive it is the first time in history that full season ticket holders would be locked out of playoff games.

All because of corporate sponsors who theya re giving tickets to and bandwagon fans who buy the partial season tickets.

Mike Sculli: That may be true. But all the "field level" aka good seats are already on StubHub.

By the time you weed out full season ticket holders seats along with partial and then factor in StubHub's cut, the remaining seats for the most part are garbage seats.

StubHub right now has anywhere from 2,000-5,000 seats per home game on their site.

mvptommyd: I can understand buying the partial season tickets, though, as my family and I have been buying them for over 10 years. It's just not feasible for us to get to more than 8 or so games a season with work/baby. And unlike some here, most of our friends don't like baseball (or are transplants and therefore root for different teams), so we can't sell them even if we tried.

I will say this, however; the success has afforded me the opportunity to purchase suites to do corporate events at my company (because it's an easier sell), of which I am able to partake. Now that's freaking sweet! I've got 3 this year, one of which is the Red Sox game. Compared to other teams', the Phillies suites are relatively cheap.

HH: That is sweet! You are set then. I just wish tickets were made more available for the true fan somehow. Even though that isn't possible.

How has the StubHub pricing been though for the tickets you bought there? Have they jacked up the tickets or have they been pretty fairly priced?

"The Braves' staff is good, no question; but are Braves' fans really this delusional? "

hh, that particular one obviously is.

Is the Braves rotation really better without Vasquez? Can Lowe bounce back?

They have questions as well.

And then, there is the lineup.....

Tommy not all partial plan season ticket holders are bandwagon fans! I for one have the Sunday ticket plan, and have for the last 7 years. I live in Manhattan and can not make it to weekday games.
Now does this make me a bandwagon fan?

I think Bandwagon fans are more the ones that wouldn't be buying partial or full season ticket plans. You have to be a fairly serious fan to lay out that amount of cash.

Rev: I didn't say ALL partial ticket holders are bandwagon fans. But you would agree that some are, right?

tommy, not to throw cold water on your enthuisiam, but this little item was filed by Conlin

""2. Unless John Mayberry Jr. really dials up his offensive game, he will be traded or released. And don't laugh at the released part. Phils former No. 1 draft pick Greg Golson, the guy traded to Texas for Mayberry last year, was waived by the Rangers.""


It's just on man's opinion.....

awh: "CASH: I will say that I've been educated about sample sizes and the true value of a player's abilities. If a player has a hot week in October, I don't think that necessarily gives you an idea of his abilities."

This goes against everything I've read on Beerleaguer. Doesn't he know that whether you won a World Series or not trumps everything else in terms of ability and value?

Tommy I agree that some ARE. I just read your post and reacted, without rereading it, taking out my bad day at work on you.

clout, I knew that quote would get your attention! :)

I'm surprised no one else commented.

awh: So why should I start listening to what clout, I mean Conlin writes? It is just his opinion.

I just can't wait until either A.) Taylor becomes a star or B.) Mayberry makes a splash in the league, so we can all put a end to this.

But wait, at that point am I allowed to revise my opinion like clout has done earlier regarding Savery?

So if Mayberry has a decent spring, am I allowed to be down on him because ::insert reason here::, but then say there is still a chance he can be successful. And in that case, I will be right?

Is Conlin suggesting we will release Mayberry and re-acquire Golson? If so, how does that make sense for 2011? We are going to have Golson be our 4th OFer off the bench? Really? The guy batted .258/.299/.344/.642 in AAA last year. Mayberry had an OPS of .788 in AAA last season.

If he is suggesting releasing Mayberry and getting Golson back, I think he is way off.

Why release Mayberry when he's got options left? Makes no sense.

mvptommyd: I don't think anyone is suggesting we re-acquire Golson. He's saying it's not far-fetched to imagine Mayberry Jr. being released since Golson was already released.

I don't believe they'll release Mayberry Jr. as long as he has options. Is he really blocking someone right now?

"This goes against everything I've read on Beerleaguer. Doesn't he know that whether you won a World Series or not trumps everything else in terms of ability and value?"

Wait, hold on a second. Isn't this the reason Moyer got that 2 year deal? Because it was a "thank you" of sorts for having a great 2008 and winning the World Series.

And weren't you supportive of that deal at the time (and still supportive of Moyer after 2 surgeries and pushing 47 years old)?

So why are you once again, acting like every poster here is ignorant, when you yourself have acted the same way recently?

NEPP & CJ: Exactly. Conlin is way off here.

I think he needs to accept reality as well as some BLers that Mayberry is going to be here until at least 2012 when the younger OFers move up.

He will be the Phillies 4th OFer in 2011 whether people like it or not.

tommy, we are always allowed to revise our opinions about players.

Scouts and teams do it all the time.

The only requirement to do so is to begin the post like this:

"I may have been in error regarding my evaluation of ______________( Player X)...."

Mind you, evaluations can be raised and lowered.

Now, as to what Conlin is suggesting, who knows? He's been around a long time and has sources in the FO, even if he's not their favorite writer/columnist.

He may have heard something from the FO that they wanted printed to light a fire under John, Jr.

Your guess is as good as mine.

awh: Ok fair enough. Well, if after the spring Mayberry doesn't have pretty good offensive numbers then I will hve be revise my evaluations of Mayberry.

But as of now on February 17th, the jury is still out on him.

But regardless, he will be a Phillie for a couple years.

mvptommyd: "He will be the Phillies 4th OFer in 2011 whether people like it or not."

Um... wow... I'm definitely not saying that. There's lots of reserve OFs in the free agent market every year.

NEPP: Are you sure Mayberry has options left? He's been in the minors for 5 years. If he was on a 40-man roster for any part of more than 3 of those 5 years, he's out of options.

hh, this is my favorite line from that Klapish column:

"And that the Citizens Bank Park crowd, loud and aggressive, devours the timid."

I truly believe that the Phils are wiping the slate clean of Stanford and going Ivy League.

CJ: I know you're not saying that, I am.

And regarding your FA reserve outfielders. With what money?

Again budget is at $132 now, need $4 million for renewals, $5-7 million for arb. players. That brings us to $141-143 million. We need to replace Contreras too. Say $3 million for that player.That takes us to $143-146 million. He will fill Francisco's role with a young guy like Mayberry instead of signing a reserve off the FA market for another $2-4 million.

mvptommyd: This is an argument I'll save until next offseason. By then, we'll know if Mayberry Jr. has any chance of being a productive major leaguer and we'll better know what our budget is.

Tommy- can you lay out the renewals and arb cases that will cost 9-11 million?

Mayberry is a good candidate to be traded, maybe for one of those out of options pitchers from the previous thread.

CJ: Fair enough. To be continued for "Offseason for the 2011 season"...

Jonesman: Sure.

The Arb. Eligible players(with 2010 salary in paretheses):

Dobbs ($1.3 million)
KK ($475K)
Francisco ($421,500)
Zagurski ($400K)

Figuring they will receive around $5.25-$7 million in Arb. combined. Francisco and KK will most likely receive the most pay boost.



I believe that is it. At around $400K each that is another $3 million.

Comparing the amount of money spent on tickets to the level of one's fandom is at best bizarre but is basically offensive. Do the Yankees have the best fans because they can afford the most expensive tickets?

If they pick up Castro's option and turn down Romero's, that is about 132 for 16 guys. Francisco gets arb (1 mil) Happ probably as well (1.5 mil), 134.5 for 18 guys. Bastardo, Kendrick, Mathieson all renewed for .5 each= 136 for 21 guys. That is 4 bench guys, 5 starters (including KK), 7 of 8 everyday players, and all but 2 bullpen spots.

There is no way they spend 5-7 mil in arb, and no way you spend 3 mil to replace Contreras. The budget is tight for 2011, but not as tight as Tommy describes.

Rodeo: Who is doing that???

If anything we are saying the opposite.

I am on record saying half of my section are "fair weather fans".

Jonesman: Read my review above. Happ doesn't get arb., KK gets arb.

What are you talking about? Do you realize how Arb. works? Obviously not.

Tommy- I posted my last one before seeing your reply. I don't think KK or Zagurski will be arb eligible, and I think Dobbs will be gone.

Oh- and minor league players get paid by the minor league teams, so those renewals won't count against the Phils budget.

RodeoJones: It is ridiculous, I agree, but I actually had a Mets' fan tell me that the Phillies' fans were a joke because we couldn't afford to be Mets' fans and purchase Mets' tickets (as if fandom is measured by someone's bank account, and furthermore, Philadelphians somehow being poorer than New Yorkers by comparison).

Some people have weird measurements for fandom.

I'll take whatever bandwagon inconvenience there may be in exchange for multiple WS appearances/wins, thankyouverymuch. Happy to do it.

Jonesman: Again, we can wait until next November to discuss the 2011 offseason.

But if Dobbs is gone, it wouldn't make any sense because to have Dobbs at $1.5-1.7 million after arb. is a steal for what he brings, IMO. And who are you going to sign as a good pinch hitter and backup 3rd baseman for under that price?

Don't even 'die hard' fans want to go see their team more when they're at their best rather than when they're basement dwellers?

It's not just a bunch of people showing up who don't usually go to's people who usually go to a certain amount of games going to more than usual.

I can remember when my family had partial season tickets back in the 70s and we'd still go to more games than we had on the plan when there was a pennant race to watch.

My father ran into Ryan Howard last weekend. Said he looks unbelievable. He's lost even more weight.

EF: Excellent point as well.

But this whole thing started with how unfair it is that when individual tickets go on sale tomorrow morning that very few tickets will be left. And the ones that are will be behind the foul pole and in the upper deck. Due to StubHub "claiming" all the good seats today. There are between 2,000-5,000 tickets per game on there now.

I went on the pre-sale today, even though I am a season ticket holder just to scout the tickets left for most games. And even during the presale this morning the "best" seats were in the 30th row in the outfield, behind the foul pole or the Upper Deck.

Also, I have heard through other season ticket holders that there are rumors that due to the increase in partial season ticket holders and corporate sponsors that full season ticket holders may only get their seats for 2 of the 3 playoff rounds this year, which I find (if true) insulting and not right.

NEPP: Actually, even if Mayberry does have options left, there still could be a scenario in which he's released: To clear room on the 40-man roster for a mid-season acquisition. There are a couple other candidates for that as well.

According to the Star Ledger Mets beat writer Brian Costa, David Wright said this today:

"“We expect to win the National League East.”

I guess he should say he hopes they're "above average"?

I may have jumped the gun a little. Sorry.

Wright did say he thinks they can win because they're basically the same team as the 2006 Mets. He's right, there's only a few guys who aren't around any more from that team. Just...

Pedro Martinez
Tom Glavine
Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez
Steve Trachsel
Aaron Heilman
Chad Bradford
Guillermo Mota
Darren Oliver
Anderson Hernandez
Roberto Hernandez
Paul LoDuca
Carlos Delgado
Cliff Floyd
Shawn Green
Endy Chavez
Julio Franco
Michael Tucker
Jose Valentin
Billy Wagner

"My father ran into Ryan Howard last weekend. Said he looks unbelievable. He's lost even more weight."

he is on the Eagle Cheerleader diet

Has anyone checked the confidence meter at Metsblog to see if it went higher than 11% due to Wright's statement?

Listening to the FAN--the degree of enthusiasm for Mike Jacobs is extraordinary. Apparently he's the slugging machine that the Mets so desperately need. "The best move that the Mets have made this off-season," said one caller.

Have Mets fans been collectively driven 1) to desperation; or 2) around the bend?

EF: Yea, that is ridiculous. The "main" guys from that team are him, Beltran (hurt) and Reyes (coming off major injury). Why can't the Mets just be quiet for once and say nothing??

That Dude: ZING! Good one. He is also on the sloppy seconds diet (She also dated Jeff Carter last year...Goldigger? Nah, can't be).

Kutztown: As a matter of a fact, I did. And it is up to 17%.

I picked up two saturday games yesterday and it was slim pickings. Get what you can now or else you'll be paying double on stubhub.

Bed Beard: Fair enough... you can't expect the guy to say his team is going to be bad, but I wonder whether his prediction was unsolicited or if he was asked specifically about who is going to win the division.

Or was he asked about his outlook for the season where he could have instead said something more PC.

When a team sees its words coming back to bite them year after year, you'd think they'd be careful about the words they choose.

What's David Wright supposed to say? Every player on every team should say coming into Spring Training that they expect to win their division. It's the goal every team has, and no player should say publicly they don't think they can reach a goal.

Obviously, we (and most people) don't think they will win the division. But frankly, I would be pissed as a fan of any team if my players didn't have the belief that they could.

Especially with the Mets because in 2008 and 2007 they were very, very close to winning the division (which everyone here seems to conveniently forget).

Wright doesn't strike me as the smack talking type, either.

"Why cant the Mets just be quiet for once and say nothing??"



"Why can't the Mets just be quiet for once and say nothing??"

tommy, it's because JRoll got under their skin in ST 2007, and they can't seem to get over it.

It compounded for them by choking that year, and also losing the lead in Sept. 2008. Also, Reyes got upset about the picture they hung in Vic's locker after he hit the salami off of Sabatthia, and mentioned it last spring.

The icing has been the 2 WS appearances and 1 WFC.

In short, the Phils are in the Mets' heads, and statements like that of Wright are demonstrations of that.

En-title-itis has apparently infected the Mets and not just their fans.

I don't know what Wright is supposed to say - I expect him to be optimistic and confident this time of year. I just wonder if he believes they're going to win the division. I can safely predict that no such statement will be made by a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates or Oakland A's during spring training.

awh: Actually, I bet the Mets' players care far less about that sort of stuff than you think they do. As fans, we get really into that. But players? I bet they're pretty much focused on doing their work and trying to win. They view the media interviews they have to do (where they make comments like this) as distractions. If it were up to them, they'd never have to say those sorts of things.

Yes, they all wanna win, but I bet David Wright and Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins and Carlos Beltran and Ryan Howard are all pretty friendly with one another. They know each other from ASGs, exhibitions, and what not. Rollins and Wright were on the USA team together at the last WBC. They certainly have more in common with each other than they do with the fans of their respective teams.

In general, players care far less about things beyond just playing the game than fans do. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Jack and Hugh: Actually alot of Mets fans AREN'T happy with Wright. Go read the posts from MetsBlog. If he wants to be confident, he should say something like this (As compiled by Mets fans on the blog):

“I’m expecting big things from this team this year. We’re going to be healthy and I think we’ll surprise a lot of teams. The sky is the limit for us.”


“I really like our team, we have a great bunch of guys and I like what management has added. We’re going to give a 100% effort and hopefully we can make some noise”


“I really like our chances, let’s put it that way. This is a tough division and every team has made improvements. If we go out there and play the way we’re capable of playing, we should be right there in the mix”

Hugh: The Mets' have had a bad offseason, and I certainly don't think they will win the division, but considering how close they were in 2007 and 2008, and how bad the injuries were last year, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Wright actually believed they will win the division.

MVP or Mike Sculli - Do you need that email to purchase the tickets or just go to the site and plug in the code?

I signed up for the Nats emails, but since that one already went out I wont get it. If there is a link in that email would you please forward it to me? chris.young33@yahoo


Jack: You really think there aren't Mets players who don't like the Phillies and vice versa?

Sorry to burst your bubble...

This rivalry isn't just a fan or media creation. It just simply doesn't work that way. Were the Mets players making these bold predictions before J-Roll made his? Yeah, didn't think so.

Unfortunately tommy, this isn't the Soviet Union nor is it the United States of Banality*, so Wright's entitled to say whatever he pleases.

*although given your positive craving for it, I sometimes wonder.

I, for one, like what Wright is reported to have said far more than the alternatives / should have saids suggested above. There's meaningless patter and then there's brain cramping meaningless patter.

Whatever it is, I could use some of that hot air to melt teh snow off my roof before it caves in.

Meh, whatever. Wright can say whatever he wants; just as Rollins can. We can't complain about what they say and yet support our own. That's hypocritical. Plus, I would fully expect any player on my team to say that--it's the nature of competition.

I like David Wright, too--too bad he plays for the freaking Mets. I saw the entire interview with Wright just now, actually, and he is effusive in his praise of the Phillies. He actually went out of his way to point out that the Phillies upgraded their rotation and won't be easy to beat.

I think it's OK what Wright said, although it seemed like it wasn't just the Mets' fans and NY media that got into a tizzy back in 2007 when Rollins said that he was confident in his team. Weren't there some Mets who acted like Rollins broke some sort of protocol?

Sorry to re-derail the discussion, but Tommy saying this: "What are you talking about? Do you realize how Arb. works? Obviously not." is just too much for me to ignore when I get home from work.

Tommy- you said Zagurski would be eligible for arb. Clearly you don't understand how arb works because you only accumulate service time if you are on the ML roster or ML disabled list. That (plus the super 2 rule) is why Happ is more likely than KK to be arb eligible, though it is possible that neither will be. Neither will have over 3 years service time, so the only way they get arb is super 2 (and KK may spend some of this season in the minors).

It seems you are allergic to informed opinions, but don't insult other people when you are the one with the lack of knowledge.

EFF: There certainly did seem to be more than a few Mets who got their panties in a wad over what Jimmy said. Wagner had something to say about it, IIRC. I can't imagine LoDuca laughing it off.

CJ: I don't think they really think or care about it nearly as much as you, awh, and apparently most people on here do.

Jack: I'm sure no one is losing sleep over it, but it's only natural when your competitors say they are going to dethrone you for you to take possible offense to that and say, "Over my dead body." Perhaps some do it in jest, but I have myself heard what hockey players say about each other and there's true dislike there that boils over from intense competition.

Jack: Do you think all rivalries are media/fan creations, or just this one? The Phils and Mets have battled at the top of the division for three out of the last four years and the Mets know to get back to the top it means likely beating the Phils this year. The idea that this is just in our heads is kinda laughable. But we're all entitled to our opinion.

Jonesman: Ok, we will see when the time comes next season. Again, no use arguing over it now (as I have said before).

Klaus: Your right, Wright can say whatever he wants. You missed my point. My point being that for the past 3 years everytime the Phillies did something, the Mets were first to complain. But each year the Mets come out and say stupid stuff. But overall, your right he can say what he wants.

But it is the 1st day of pitchers and catchers, what else is there to discuss?

CJ: I think when they're playing against the Mets, the Phillies are trying their hardest to win that game, and vice versa. And sure, they probably do put some more significance on those games, in whatever form that takes (do they prepare harder? focus more intensely in BP? I don't really know).

But I think that in baseball (as opposed to hockey, in which there's much more physical contact which creates more genuine dislike, as doubleh noted--it's a totally different sport with different traditions), those guys don't really care all that much about the rivalry on a personal level. The Phillies want to beat the Mets in order to win the division. Maybe some of them individually don't like certain guys on the other team individually, but some of them probably are good friends with guys on the other team as well. And I'm sure there's players on any team that an individual Phillie does or doesn't like.

So I would say yes, I think most rivalries are mostly media/fan creations, as far as some sort of personal dislike goes. Obviously, the Phillies and Mets want to beat each other. But I don't really read anything more personal into it. I get the impression that a lot of fans who read more into it like to do so in order to justify the amount of time they spend thinking about these things which are mostly irrelevant and far beyond their control.

Tommy- sure, just glad to have you on record as saying Zagurski will be arb eligible after this season.

As for David Wright, I'm with those who don't give a crap what he says. Everybody is optimistic on February 17 (with the possible exception of Pittsburgh Pirates). I just hope he wears that funny helmet again.

Jonesman: Yup. Also, Cot's Contracts says Zagurski will be Arb. eligible in 2011 as well. But in the grand scheme of things, $400K isn't going to mean anything when it comes to FA's.

So really even if I and Cot's are wrong about Zagurski being Arb. eligible, it isn't going to sway the budget one way or the other.

Ok, screw NY. I think the Marlins are for real because they will be 2.5 games up in the East by June 1st.

Tommy- Cot's only lists ML service time. You can't assume that he will gain another year in service time, because he most likely will spend most of the year in the minors. Please don't portray yourself as the arb expert when there are very basic things about it you don't understand.

Here's David Wright, in 2007:

“If that’s Jimmy’s way of motivating the team, then that’s his choice. That’s something you’re not going to find around here.

“We don’t need any motivation. We go out there and we’re going to take care of business. We have the type of veteran leadership that isn’t going to talk about it. We’re going to go out there and back it up."

Jonesman: Sorry if potrayed myself as an "Arb. expert", but I was basing my statement off of my understanding and confirming it with Cot's. They also see Zagurski being Arb. eligible.

As I said, it isn't a big deal. The reason they don't sign Werth won't be because of Mike Zagurski, I promise.

Tommy- can you send me a link to where Cot's lists arb eligibles for upcoming seasons?

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