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Monday, February 22, 2010


There goes the season! Might as well just blow the team up!

When asked for a comment, RAJ said "Who?"

Hoover's devious schemes to corner the market on playing time at Allentown are coming to fruition . . .

Season = over

let the record show I made that joke first in this context

Keep the women and the children off the streets in the Lehigh Valley after Iron Pigs home games.

So now we have the Imbibing Hawaiian?

We still have Tuffy Gosewich, right??? RIGHT???!!

I'm just surprised Myers found such a creative way to sneak into camp.

What a dumba$$.

****I'm just surprised Myers found such a creative way to sneak into camp.****

Thread over.

Sardinha drinks like a fish?


It was strange, I had logged onto yahoo sports yesterday and the headline read, "Phillies cacther arrested on DUI". Automatically I thought of chooch and I truly thought season=over. Then I clicked on the link and I saw Dane Sardinha's name.

PhuturePhillies prospect rundown is a good read, although any fan site has to be taken with a grain of salt (i.e. they tend to be more optimistic than they ought to.)

About the only beef I would have is the high rankings for the toolsy OFers Gillies (#2), Santana (#4) and Gose (#5.) I feel safe in predicting that only 1 of the 3 will spend significant time as a major leaguer and there's a fair chance none will.

He seems pretty aggressive on the youngest and therefore least projectible prospects (Santana, Cosart, Colvin) but if his system can predict great things for guys in their teens, God bless him.

I think he underrates Ramirez. My top 5 would be Brown, May, Aumont, Ramirez, Valle. Also, he's got Mathieson down near the bottom, due to injury and command issues, and I think Mathieson has a way better shot at seeing big league time than, say, Kelly Dugan, whom he rates much higher.

After the top 5 you could put the kids (Colvin, Cosart, Castro, Santana, Singleton) in a bag with the older prospects (Gillies, Bastardo et al) shake 'em up, spill 'em out and whatever order you have is as likely to be as good as any other. After the top 5, none of them are elite prospects IMHO and chances of any one of them having a mlb career are less than 50-50.

Clout: Wouldn't Savery be in your top 5?

Actually, my top 5/10 is probably pretty similar to yours: Brown, May, Aumont, Gillies, Valle, Gose, Ramirez, Santana, Bastardo, and then for kicks, I guess Mathieson, just because he can contribute in a big-league role ASAP.

I think you seriously underrate Gillies. His stats were inflated by that park, but the plate discipline is for real, and for a leadoff/CF type, that's a huge skill to have. We'll see what he does at Double-A, but no reason that he can't be a Michael Bourn/Jacoby Ellsbury type leadoff hitter, with a .360 OBP and 40+ steals.

Jack: You could be right on Gillies. I wouldn't rule it out. But I need to see him to do what he did last year in Double A to convince me. I don't think he's as good a prospect as Ellsbury was.


There goes the season! Might as well just blow the team up!

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