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Saturday, February 06, 2010


Most interesting quote from Lauber's piece:

" Phillippe Aumont’s progress may determine whether the Phillies have a viable in-house candidate to replace Lidge two years from now."

I thought they were converting Aumont back to a starter. does Lauber know something we don't?

i think that says it all..."progress may determine". If he starts off really slow, they may think it's better for Aumont to be a reliever.

(Since Vic Darensbourg is, obviously, not available, I have only one thing to say: )


(Really. How can you not be excited about this signing?)

Just as long as they have marbles!

even though Aumont will be starting in minors they could still see him as a major league reliever. As a starter it is easier to work on your stuff. So they probably just want him to get more command/comfortable with his pitches.

Where's gobaystars when you need him. These two were in the BayStars minors and he could probably give us a scouting report.

Aumont was very raw coming out of HS and still is in a lot of ways. The only way he gets enough innings to develop his secondary stuff is as a starter. Whether or not the Phils see him in that role long-term is a whole 'nother story.

I, too, love the name Shigetoshi Yamakita. I can't even pronounce Naoyo.

GoBayStars needs to be here to rate the level of inanity of discussing two lefty Japanese pitchers who can't break into the major leagues there.

yo what are the best wings in the city?

How quickly do both of these guys say 'sayonara' and are shuttled to the minor league camp during spring training?

I do like the looking at alternative areas for talent that might help the Phils a need though (veteran lefty reliever depth).

While these guys aren't major talent by any stretch, do you think that these two Japanese players would have left Japan and would have bothered to even sign with the Phils even 4-5 years ago? I don't.

One of the minor ways that winning in a big way has paid some dividends for the Phils I bet.

Blunt - Nick's Charcoal Pit isn't bad on E. Snyder St. and S. 13th St. Mr. Wings on Oregon Ave isn't bad either although they used to better.

PJ Welihan's is touted for their wings/food. Both are vastly overrated.

There is nothing inane about this!
No really, the Baystars might be the worst organization in baseball anywhere. That stench of losing is real. Rooting for them was like rooting for the phills in the late 90s. I think that might tell us what kind of pitchers these guys are.
That said, if you are ever in the Tokyo/Yokohama area and only have one day for baseball viewing, skip Tokyo Dome and go to Yokohama Stadium. Tokyo Dome is MLB light. Yokohama Stadium is an entirely new experience. If there's no game that night and you still need a baseball fix go to Benny's near Motomachi. Great place, run by a former minor leaguer and st louis transplant. So Taguchi's translator is a semi-regular.
I've never seen these two because, if memory serves, the Shonen squad plays in Yokosuka and while not far from Yokohama is pretty much a US miliitary town and not a place I ever felt compelled to check out.
As for pronouncing Naoyo, the best way to explain it is now-yo but with the "w" played down or almost dropped.

For your liastening pleasure!
I hear this in my sleep from time to time.

Naoyo is pronounced Now-Yo.

Bay Stars? Sounds like the Phils signed a couple of Cylons.

PhillyBlunt: I don't know about the city's BEST, but Nodding Heads thermonuclear wings kick ass (above the Oyster House on Sansom between 15th & 16th Sts.).

MG: I live in walking distance to both of those places. Thanks for the heads up!

NaoYo - just like it's spelled (DUH - all Japanese names phonetic)

gobaystars - that's frikking awful.

I'm hoping that Bastardo gets a shot in teh pen in April - May. Still, can't hurt to expand the talent base at teh lower levels.

I have no cable, no phone and I'm not supposed to run the water because the water treatment plant lost power this morning. Might finally be time to watch that World Series DVD.

Hugh: Resist the urge to do shots and play with the M1911A1!

It's true, if you are left handed and have a heart beat someone will take you.

Hey, it could always be Brian Shouse.
Blunt: Moriarty's on Market St.

Zolecki just tweeted that this story is bogus.

"SUNDAY, 8:57am: We've been informed by the Phillies that they have not signed any pitchers from Japan."

Yo, n(a)o Naoyo.

My uncle's best friend's wife's brother's neighbor's bartender's girfriend's father just hear that the Phils have sign three left-handed Yetis from Nepal: Ugh Ogg, Ogg Ugh, and just Bob.

I bet they'll pull relief duty at Reading.

2008 World Series Game 5 on MLB network at noon today.

Andy, isn't the plural of Yeti just Yeti?

Nodding Head will also provide some of the finest beer you've ever tasted but if I was eating around there I'd go next door to Good Dog to get one of the finest burgers I've ever eaten.


arcane baseball fact:
plural furry left-handers
both forms are correct

Actually, even if one signed a left-handed Yeti to pitch, eventually I am afraid they'd be tempted to cut their losses and try him out as a first baseman.

Sort of like Joe Savery.

This is a lot of fun. The NY Post on being Oscar Minaya.

Andy: The article is good, but the comments notsomuch. Mets fans still like to trot out that head-to-head comparison to prove they are better than the Phillies. Denial. River. Egypt.

I just lost $500 on the Puppy Bowl.

Q and A w. Sickels includes this about "can't miss" prospect Anthony Gose:

Q: Anthony Gose. Do you see him developing enough of a bat to be a starting OFer?

A: Gose. Well it’s possible but it is far from a sure thing. It’s probably 50/50 that he hits enough to be a regular. We’ll know more with another year of data.

More from Sickels:

Q: Which of the Phillies young toolsy OFs not named Dom Brown has the best chance of becoming an all-star caliber major leaguer – Gillies, Gose, Collier or Santana – and why?
by sprucemoose on Feb 5, 2010 2:10 PM EST

A: Well frankly I think there is a high risk that all of them could bust. Gillies is closest to being ready but he’s at year away at least and his upside isn’t as good as the others. However, he’s more polished. Gose would be second. Santana has the most power potential but has some strike zone/contact issues to work through.

(Note that he didn't even mention Collier.)

clout - I wonder how the Phils' FO internally views Hewitt and Collier. I would imagine that they figure they are long-shots at best to ever contribute anything meaningful at the MLB level already and that their 'bust' status will likely be confirmed this year.

Frankly, best-case scenario for these two is that they have a decent-enough year where you can interest another team to move a secondary piece for what the Phils need.

Clout: Who on here referred to Gose as a "can't miss" prospect?

I like Gose as a prospect--more than held his own in full-season ball as an 18-year old, which is impressive. Has great tools (plus speed, great arm). Obviously though he showed some plate discipline issues (which he improved on in the 2nd half) last season, which will have to be improved. And he's probably never going to hit for any power.

Any guy that far away, of course, it would be crazy to label as "can't miss". But, knowing you, I doubt anyone on here actually did.

Jack: The vast majority of Phillies prospects are talked about in glowing terms by you and others on fan boards. As I recall, you though Brian Mazone et al would be just fine for the Phils bullpen in '07.

"Can't miss" is my shorthand for that homer-biased attitude. That's why, if you want the straight scoop on Phils prospects you have to go to BA, Sickels,, Keith Law et al as opposed to the fan sites.

MG: I assume the front office thinks of it this way: If we can get one Dom Brown for every 4 Anthony Hewitt/Greg Golson/Reggie Taylor/CJ Henrys, then we don't care about wasting high draft picks.

Clout: So do you disagree with anything I just wrote about Gose?

Halladay and Utley are under contract for several years. If the Phils sign most or all of their remaining core players (Werth, Howard, Rollins, Hamels) to extensions, they will have serious payroll concerns. Replacing the expensive Lidge with the low-cost Aumont would be a good move. Although Aumont will be starting for awhile to work on his pitches and to get in his innings, I think he should be groomed to replace Lidge after 2011.

"The vast majority of Phillies prospects are talked about in glowing terms by you and others on fan boards."

Sweeping and unsubstantiated generalization.

"As I recall, you though Brian Mazone et al would be just fine for the Phils bullpen in '07."

Strawman, guilt by association.

" "Can't miss" is my shorthand for that homer-biased attitude."

Re-defining of terms.

"Keith Law"

Reducto ad absurdum.

"Sweeping and unsubstantiated generalization."

Proveable false statement made with knowing disregard for obvious facts. Read any team message board and see what the majority attitude is about prospects.

"Strawman, guilt by association."

Proveable false statement made without any research on the issue.

"Re-defining of terms."

Another false statement, since this was the first time terms were defined.

"Reducto ad absurdum."

A non sequitur.

Unikruk, I hope you're not dreaming of becoming a lawyer. You wouldn't last a day.

Jack: So you think Gose will be an everyday player in the big leagues?

clout's so's cute.

clout's so's cute.

Beyond failing to address the first three points, he also tries to deflate (or fails to see) the Keith Law joke, which is the point of the thing.

Oh, one more:

"I hope you're not dreaming of becoming a lawyer. You wouldn't last a day."

Weak ad hominem.

That's his specialty, after all.

Unikruk: You're talking to yourself again.

Wow, I come on here after watching the Super Bowl expecting to talk baseball and get Latin and legal lessons!

Seems to me Unikruk would make a fine lawyer.

So, did we sign those Japanese guys or what? Seems like an entire thread about nothing if we didn't.

That's what happens when we don't re-sign Bruntlett.

Pitchers and catchers will report someday. It just won't be in our lifetimes, apparently.

Clout: I said I thought he was a good prospect, for the reasons I listed (held his own in full-season ball as an 18-year old, has great physical tools, and showed improvement over the course of the season in his plate discipline). I also noted a couple of negatives about him (high K rate, lack of power).

Overall though, I think he's a good prospect, as do some experts (BA had him as our #6 prospect before the Halladay deal, Sickels had him at #5 after it). In fact here were Sickels' comments:

"Love the speed, youth, and the athleticism. Don't like the high strikeout rate for a guy without much power. Most advanced of the uber-tools players collected in this system in recent drafts."

Whether he's an everyday player or not depends on his development in plate discipline mostly, along with the improvement and refinement of his obvious physical tools. I think he most definitely can be an everyday player in the major leagues, and I think he's on the right path to being one, but he's an 18-year old prospect--I wouldn't bet my life on him or any other prospect at that age.

Again, what do you disagree with in what I just wrote, now or above? No one ever said he was a "can't miss" prospect, just a good one. Go on arguing with yourself some more though, it's entertaining for the rest of us.

Also, Clout, if you can find any quote from BL archives in which I ever even mentioned the name Brian Mazone in a positive light, then hats off.

But I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist. You, of course, don't care whether it exists or not.

Unikruk: You're right, of course, about Clout, but it's a waste of energy to try and shut him up. Most people realize what he's doing and either ignore him, or engage him just for the fun of it. He knows what he's doing and isn't going to stop just because you pointed it out.

Wasn't really trying to quiet him, just sharpening the claws a bit. It's fun.

G'night, guys, I'm going off to dream of the toolsy Far East acquisitions our team's recent success is sure to draw.

Clout - it was sad to watch the puppy bowl without Harry Kalas, wasn't it?


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