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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Reading the name Andy Tracy always brings me back to the middle of last season when some posters here were calling for him to be on the bench throughout the rest of the season because he batted .417/.417/.583/1.000 in 12 PA's in 2009 (.231/.306/.422/.728 in 314 PA's for his career) . Ahh, that was a good laugh thinking back on it. The sun is about to set on his career.

Hopefully Valdez can bounce back and bat .300 in AAA this year.

Dewayne Wise is a interesting name and will be nice to see how he does in Lehigh at a level where he has typically played well the past few years.

John Mayberry, you all know how I feel about him. I will for sure be watching him this ST and throughout the year (if he is still here) in Lehigh. Again, according to Sarge and other sources( like Lauber. See link to article), don't be surprised to see Mayberry either starting in RF next season after Werth leaves or at least be the 4th OFer off our bench.

Anyway, looks like I developed yet another BLer trend with the "I already said that" line. So between that and the DITHL stat I created alst season, I am really putting a stamp on this site huh?

Guess on what the staff will look like (if everyone is healthy by Opening Day)

SP - Halladay
SP - Hamels
SP - Blanton
SP - Happ
SP - Moyer

CP - Lidge
SU - Madson
SU - Romero
RP - Baez
RP - Contreras
RP - Durbin
RP - Bastardo

KK goes to AAA and awaits the inevitable "Moyer isn't working out" call that occurs sometime in early to late May after UC and Dubee give him enough rope to hang himself with (i.e. 5-6 starts).

KK might make the roster if Romero isn't healthy yet and Bastardo stays up as the only LHP...However, barring a complete implosion by Moyer, I guarantee they'll give him (and his $8 million salary) a long look this year. Keeping Moyer in the bullpen as a long-reliever also doesnt make much sense when they've already got Durbin and Contreras in that role...same with KK. He'd never pitch in that scenario.

For those of you that will inevitably bring up Eaton...the situation is not comparable. Eaton was as much about his wonderful personality as anything else.

200 Posts a day are bound to leave some sort of impression...

****Dewayne Wise is a interesting name and will be nice to see how he does in Lehigh at a level where he has typically played well the past few years.****

Both Wise and Mayberry are great guys to have at AAA as neither will embarrass himself in a short callup due to a DL trip to any of our 4 main OFs. So we've got great depth at that position at least. Our 6th and 7th OFs could be 4th and 5th OFs on most teams and our 4th OF is a legit starter on a lot of teams...that's a nice problem to have.

****don't be surprised to see Mayberry either starting in RF next season after Werth leaves or at least be the 4th OFer off our bench.****

Are you projecting Francisco to be hit by a bus at some point in the next 12 months? I mean, I can see Mayberry as a 4th OF but I dont see him beating out Francisco as a starter.

NEPP: Exactly. Maybe if you say that everytime someone here complains about trading Taylor we would be better off. Also, remind them they in that trade we got some guy named Roy Halladay.

NEPP: I see him personally as next years 4th OFer and Francisco in RF.

However, Lauber and Sarge (in a radio interview last week) said that they wouldn't count him out to be the starter. I provide the link the Lauber article where he talks about it last week.

clout, interesting commentary on the last thread regarding the MiL 'prospects'.

I would actually modify your odds a bit. I would say the chance of ANY of those prospects, including your top 5, of seeing significant time in MLB is less than 50-50.

Why? Well, while Dom Brown is the top rated prospect on every list I've seen, I ask: has he really shown enough in the minors to be a 'mortal lock' to spend significant time in MLB?

And if one can ask that question about him, can not the same question be asked of every other 'prospect'?

I'm not trying to be the negative or the devil's advocate, but let's face it....many top prospects in every organization have not panned out.

****Also, remind them they in that trade we got some guy named Roy Halladay.****


**** I see him personally as next years 4th OFer and Francisco in RF.****

As do I. I see about an .02% chance of Werth being back and we also won't have any cash for a comparable replacement. I could see us maybe getting lucky on a guy in a situation like Damon this year or Abreu last year but even that might be out of their pricepoint.

****has he really shown enough in the minors to be a 'mortal lock' to spend significant time in MLB?****

He hasn't exactly hurt his chances any. He's progressed pretty steadily and will be all of 22 this year in his 2nd year at Reading (counting his 2 months there last year).

Reading the name John Mayberry Jr. always bring back memories of when some poster told us he knew Mayberry was going to be a star because his father played in the major leagues.

Ahh, that was a good laugh thinking back on it.

TTI: Funny you say that. First of all, nice twist of my words. I said he has the pedigree since he father was in the big leagues. And in that Lauber link, he brings up the same point.

By the way, are you rooting against Mayberry this spring just because I like him so much and he has the possibility to play a significant role on this team next season?

Tommy. No one has to argue against Mayberry. I hope he becomes the best ballplayer he can be. And he'll still never match the ballplayer Michael Taylor will be. I am not complaining about losing Taylor - he is the price we paid for a great ace pitcher. But it is interesting, is it not, that the Jays could have asked for Mayberry instead of Taylor and did not. And the A's could have asked them to get Mayberry, and did not.

Mayberry does, however, in my mind project to being a good bench outfielder (4 or 5) because of his speed and power. He might strike out a lot. But he can generate the occasional long ball. He ought to function, someday, quite well as decent LOOGY insurance.

mvp: Don't try to change what you said. You said he was going to be a star and considerably better than prospect Michael Taylor. When asked to indicate why you think that because all signs point to the opposite you said because his father played in the majors. That was your rationale. It was silly then, and it is silly now.

Also, your reading comprehension skills need some work. Lauber only indicates that Mayberry is the son of a former MLB player. He doesn't say that guarantees any kind of success. He is also just mentioning the possibility of Mayberry. He clearly isn't saying he will be the starting right fielder. He is indicating that Mayberry is in a fortuitous spot though.

As for your last point, no I do not wish for Mayberry to fail. See unlike you- I enjoy this team so my want for them to be successful trumps my need to come on here and play gotcha with someone like you. I was just pointing out to you that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Just cause someone said something you found silly doesn't absolve you of all the stupid things you've said on here.

Andy: Your missing my entire point on Mayberry. The reason the A's and Blue Jays asked for Taylor instead of Mayberry is because Taylor was and still is a PROSPECT, Mayberry is not anymore. It is really that simple.

Taylor(the prospect) is more attractive for several reasons over Mayberry( the non-prospect) that has already spent time playing the big leagues.

My argument was NEVER who is the better prospect, because frankly that is pointless because Mayberry isn't even a prospect anymore.

My statement was that Mayberry will be a better MLB player than Taylor. Also, the fact that Mayberry has the pedigree will only help him not hurt him (which Lauber states as well).

In re: the Phuture Phillies list
I have only this qualm about listing the three prospects gained from Seattle easily ahead of the younger guys already in the system. None of them has spent significant time at AA or above. I do agree that each has flashed some brilliance and has significant upside. And I do agree that Gillies' plate discipline is an indicator of promise.

By the same token, however, Santana and Singleton in very small sample size have shown good plate discipline. Singleton, notably, seems to be very coachable. And Santana, if he grows into his body, might become an absolute monster. Both Cosart and Colvin have yet to demonstrate anything, but both also have shown signs of great talent.

I guess with any "prospects" list you need to clarify what exactly you're looking for. Is it the best chance to be a star? Or the best chance to simply reach the majors. Of the first, the percentage who succeed is extremely small. Of the second, the percentage is still small, but not as much.

I think Gillies speed, defense and plate discipline will, at least, get him onto September rosters. I believe Mathieson, because of the investment put into him and the high heat he has been able to generate pre-surgeries, will get a very long look and may be a "call this guy up first" tag. I believe they'll put a lot of time and energy into Aumont. And, because Rube likes him A LOT, we'll see J.C. Ramirez at a major league level some day.

But those four, Santana, Singleton, Cosart and Colvin, I believe bear watching as much as Ramirez, Aumont and Gillies this year and next.

TTI: The word "star" never was typed in any of my posts regarding Mayberry. If you think otherwise, please feel free to find a post and show me.

I DID say I thought Mayberry would be a better playr than Taylor.

I DID mention his baseball pedigree

I also defended my point by bringing up his power numbers and how down the road he could even be an effective DH.

If you think I said anything beyond those things, then please, by all means show me.

"See unlike you- I enjoy this team"

Yea, TTI. That must be it. I have season tickets for a team that I don't like. Another great point by you.

I know I promised not to engage the board troll again, but has anyone seen any more bizarre dissembling than his explanation of what he said about Mayberry? And how could Mayberry not have been a prospect last year? He'd never played a day in the majors.


tommy: you said it, and people read it. I'm not interested though in looking back through a ton of threads to find the exact quote. I've got better things to do with my time. If you need the "win" that badly, then you got it.

clout: I agree with you mostly on your analysis of the list on phuture phillies. What I would add though is that, any list of prospects is going to vary wildly depending on who is scouting. Some scouts prefer the toolsy players, some focus more on power numbers, and some value pitchers higher. Unless there are standout guys (like Brown) who people universally agree on the list will fluctuate.

Andy: "But those four, Santana, Singleton, Cosart and Colvin, I believe bear watching as much as Ramirez, Aumont and Gillies this year and next."

No doubt about it. They are by far bigger question marks than the higher level prospects and over the next couple seasons we'll find out who's for real and who isn't.

Ho, hum. Nice to see the top 25 part of the roster is settled so we don't need to debate anything on BL. Clout and MVPTommy can go out and find new challenging jobs to occupy their newfound free time this month.

Nice to see new selections in Weitzel's Music Rotation. From my long haired hippy days he's included a classic early Neil Young album. My favorite off that CD is "Cinnamon Girl". In "Down by the River" Neil sings "I shot my baby". It's amazing the number of gun and shooting songs from the pacifist era of peace and love. In Jimi Hendrix s "Hey Joe" he sings "I've heard you shot your old lady down"; while Eric Clapton/Bob Marley "shot the sheriff."

Reading these last few threads makes me realize one thing:


The bickering has been taken to a new level the last few days.

In re prospects list: Brown, May, Aumont are my top three. Guys like Colvin, Valle, Singleton, Santana and that ilk are too young for me to make any predictions at this point. Ramirez, however, intrigues me. I don't claim to have the requisite knowledge of young minor leaguers that others do. Therefore, I defer to them.

Kendrick will be starting by May 11th, 2010.

****Kendrick will be starting by May 11th, 2010****

There's a decent guess is May 27th personally.

You will probably never see a Phils' spring training camp in the next 20 years where it really doesn't matter what the positional players do since every roster spot has been locked up/every returning player is relatively healthy.

Hell, there isn't even a fight for a bench spot or two.

MG: Yea. Let's keep it that way...

Please no injuries...

Please no injuries...

Please no injuries...

LF: I prefer After the Gold Rush, but the one JW has up there is pretty damn good as well. You know they recently released his first four solo albums re-mastered, right? Pretty good stuff.

Well, we can chat about other teams rosters, umprires with wide strike zones for certain senior pitchers, the hardness of the baseball this year or the Imbib'n Hawaiian.

Jack, I agree with you on After the Goldrush, as I believe that it was the high point of Neil's solo career artistically, but Weitzel didn't have it on his list! I love the piano on "When you dance, I can really love."

It was nice to see several phuture phillies posters putting Jesus Sanchez on their list (as a pitcher?!) for the top twenty. If he becomes a real prospect will we get to revisit that Carlos Monasterios deal?

We could talk about that...

In re: my own "long haired hippy days"

It's been fun to listen to my older daughter (the Phillies fan) go around the house singing Joni Mitchell songs. Mitchell's jazz version of "Both Sides Now" played at the Olympics had a good effect. Helen's been switching between that, Big Yellow Taxi and Chelsea Morning depending on the day.


NOOOOOOOOOOO! If there was ever a reason to have Jesus Sanchez fail...

[which I am not advocating, by the way. All the best to Sanchez]

A buddy of mine saw him throw in Lakewood last year and thought he looked promising. Mind you, my friend is in no way a professional scout, but he liked what he saw.

What we need is a guy who is a catcher-firstbaseman. For right-handed batters that guy would catch, while Savery manned first and Sanchez pitched. For left-handed hitters that guy would play first while Sanchez caught and Savery pitched.

(Kinda like that guy in the Yankees system who is an ambidextrous relief pitcher - his name escapes me. I was at a game where he was brought in and the opposing coach brought in a switch hitter. Very entertaining.)

"The reason the A's and Blue Jays asked for Taylor instead of Mayberry is because Taylor was and still is a PROSPECT, Mayberry is not anymore. It is really that simple."

I dislike piling on, but I must say, this is probably the most stubbornly deluded thing I've ever read on this site, or, perhaps, anywhere else.

Truly, Hitler-in-his-bunker style reasoning.

WMMR would play Tull's "My Sunday Feeling" every Sunday morning around 10AM. Randy Newman, Joni Mitchell, King Crimsom etc. would eventually lead to Phillies Baseball and Ashburn in the afternoon. 69 or very early 70's.

Klaus: Ok, that may have been a little far fetched but I like Mayberry and think he could be better in long run in the majors than Taylor. Big deal? It's my opinion.

Only here, can people say they like the #30 prospect in the system to have a chance to pan out and everyone seems to think it is logical.

But I mention Mayberry who COULD even start next year according to some and was rated as high as #14 prospect as of last year and by some into this season. And I am out of line??? Really what gives?


Simple question:

Do you think a Ryan Howard type player is a star?

Noah: Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the player. You know guys like Ryan Howard (star) don't fall off trees everyday.

That is why I would never say Mayberry would be a "star" as one of our resident know-it-all's suggest I said.

Who is a Ryan Howard-type player?

Actually, tommy, I believe your word was not "star." So you're right. You said, "stud."

Right now on a web chat, Bill Conlin just said,
"Today was the first formal full squad workouts. I've like the way Mayberry has been driving the ball. he's apparently made some adjustments and has flattened out his swing somewhat. I'd like to see him make the club because he's a versatile OF and has big power. but he's got to hit the breaking ball."

Is Ryan Howard a Ryan Howard-type player?

Well, according to Tommy on June 19th, 2009, John Mayberry Jr. is "a similar player to Howard," "the OF of the next 5 years will be Mayberry, Vic and Werth" that Taylor was "average I.E. Michael Bourne [sic]," and that "Taylor [is] Good NOT great, Mayberry [will be] more productive than Taylor."

Saying someone is a similar player to Howard, will be a starting outfielder for the next 5 years, and will be better than "Good" may not be you literally calling Mayberry a star, but it certainly has those implications.

This season, I really want to have a BLer night at the "Bank". At least a pre-game get together. Because I really want to confirm the image I have of some posters.

Again I just think, pocket protector, baseball team manager/scorekeeper (never the player) that has the charming "I know all there is about baseball" personality.

"but it certainly has those implications."

Well, I never said it!

Since when is better than "good"= Star?

Again, only on BLer!

B: Thank you for that clip.

Since Conlin said that regarding Mayberry, I guess my theory that clout is Conlin can not be possible.


You're getting there! Better than good, alone, does not"=Star".

Now go ahead and address the rest of your point, you know, the ones where you say John Mayberry Jr. is like Ryan Howard and that he will start in the Phillies outfield until 2014, and we can move from there.

Of all the known personality types verified throughout the ages, BL is represented on a daily basis by just a few.

As for Neil, Everybody Knows this is Nowhere is great, as is After the Goldrush. But for me, it's all about On the Beach and Tonight's the Night. One of Neil's greatest qualities is his ability to be raw and painfully real. These albums really capture that perfectly.

Noah: Your right, we are getting there. I never said "star", I said better then "good". So of course they aren't the same. Now to prove my other two statements.

Maybery "is like Ryan Howard" because he bats for power, not average. Like Ryan Howard.

Regarding the Starting OF. Correct me if I am wrong, but I said that BEFORE we got Francisco, no?

Even with Francisco, some (Sarge and Lauber for example) said they still think Mayberry will start in RF in 2011.

I think Mayberry has a chance to start in 2011, but I think Francisco will win the job.

With that said, if Francisco were not here, I would stand by Mayberry being in the starting OF for the next 5 years.

Tommy is only a four-tool troll. Where some trolls have developed and polished an ability to feign lack of understanding (the better to draw in their prey), Tommy is raw and employs no such subterfuge.

His motor is plus-plus, though, and he projects to be our starting attention whore for the next three years, barring any surprises from the September call-ups.

Right-o Tommy ol' pal!

Well, after the trade Rube made for Washburn and Willingham, Mayberry's robust .211/.250/.474 line, and Raul Ibanez's 100 RBI season, I don't know how anyone could doubt either your prognostication abilities or your evaluative tools.

You're my favorite poster on the site, thanks for your continued willingness to not let statistics get in the way of your given talents!

Who is a Ryan Howard-type player? McCovey, Stargell.

Another Conlin quote from his web chat right now,

" i asked ruben amaro yesterday how much money chan ho cost himself. He replied, "$2 million. The Philllies were in shock the guy went for a year at $1.2 million when he turned down more than $3 million here. i asked if his agent screwed him. He said,. "it wasn't the agent, it was the player." lots of luck to him pitching in the AL East. "

Honest question: If Moyer struggles, would the union/MLB allow the Phillies to buy out his contract? Sit him down, ask him if he really really wants to spend a year in the bullpen or would he rather just become a roving instructor or parttime coach for 5 mil instead of 8 mil?

Andy Tracy gets no love! Check this out: in the last two years at tripA, in over 500 ABs each year, he's put up OPS of 900 and 842. Mayberry has rocked out with OPS of 790 both of those two years, also at tripA.

Tracy is not likely to ever contribute seriously at the big league level, but he is likely to be a more useful bench piece than Mayberry this year (defense aside). Tracy is a Stairs like character: sits on the bench and answers the bell when it rings. I want Mayberry to develop into a quality outfielder (and I think he might have a touch of prospect status left, but just a touch), but he sure doesn't look ready yet.

I'll say this as a frequent lurker and sometimes poster - I used to thoroughly enjoy spending a portion of my lunchtime every day reading through the threads regarding our beloved Phightin's .... by Tommy, reading your ramblings day in and day out is simply wearing me out.

I honestly feel that I am losing brain cells everytime I hear one of your circular-logic driven rants about what you said, what you meant, why everyone misunderstands you .... perhaps it is simply you my man.

I feel we are all dumber for having spent the time sifting through your "logic" - have a great Tuesday - I need a break.

Tommy is only a four-tool troll. I LOL'd...

Seriously though, the way this site argues semantics, it's like it's a bunch of lawyers arguing with a bunch of politicians. Where are the baseball fans?

I like that Tommy comes across as a true baseball fan. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, but I fail to see the need to dwell on some of the things he says. Disagree and move on.

Some people come across as needing to call others wrong first, and baseball fans second. Makes this place tough to take at times during the offseason.

Is it opening day yet?

maybe chan ho got the money back from that teammate he was suing. strange dude, that's for sure.
On another ex-Phil: Mets now have four major league/triple A catchers. Nowhere have I seen Chris Coste mentioned.

tell me more about DITHLs and why that's a good stat for why madson can't close.

krukker: Thank you for that.

I AM a true baseball fan. As many people here know I have been to/watched every game since I can remember. Ok, I may not always be right about players. But arguing with me over who I like is pointless. Like I said, some of you like the #30 prospect in our system and do I berade you, no?

The problem with this board as I say often is that there are guys/girls here who think they are the kings of baseball and always right like TTI,AWH,clout,jack etc., which if you disagree with them then you have an go through the next 5 hours disecting each word you said that they disagree with.

I really enjoy the people who are the "diehards" like me that just enjoy Phillies talk and not so much dwell on every word like doubleH, NEPP and MG for example.

It is times like these (trying to convince people why I can like a certain player) when I really can not wait to be down the park and watching the games, instead of ehre with all the madness and name-calling.

Meyer, you're bringing back memories mentioning WMMR. It was Carlton's first year with the Phils. I was driving a 1962 Ford Falcon. I had a slide mounted combo Craig Powerplay tape deck tuner under the dash with a seperate speaker system. This way I could listen to the Phillies on the AM car radio and listen to tunes on the tape deck at the same time. I could hear and enjoy both at the same time. My friends that weren't baseball fans thought I was nuts. (You have to remember that that team was a last place loser, only winning 59 games. Only diehards like me were fans.) I would listen to the Phillies on WFPG AM-1450 out of Atlantic City.

My favorite WMMR personalities were Dave Herman, Ed Sciaky and Gene Shay. I think that I still have that slide mount tape deck/radio buried somewhere in a box in my garage.

JMARR and krukker:Amen. Very well said by both of you. It would seem there are a few folks on here with some very small genitalia. The arguments often reach absurd levels. At times like those I do one of two things. I either take a break for a few days like JMARR suggests or I simply skip every post that begins with the word "Exactly". Usually does the trick.

How tall is Polanco?

Sorry I couldn't resist.

Krukker- people dwell on it because Tommy frequently brings up the pointless guesses he has made about things and happened to be right on. He then acts as if everyone in the world disagreed with him, and refuses to acknowledge the things he was way wrong about. Obviously we would all be better off ignoring him a lot of the time, but he has unrivaled skill in his ability to say something so maddeningly illogical that it is nearly impossible to ignore.

That being said, he seems like he would be a nice guy in real life and I have no doubt he is a huge Phillies fan. He also makes a good point about name-calling and condescension on this site (although Tommy has certainly done his share, as have I(like maybe even this post for instance)). We would all be better off talking more about baseball and less about each other.

Oh, and also, this is the internet, people argue on it, even when they don't necessarily want to. Tommy's ramblings are like a siren song, and we are all Odysseus.

At what point does beerleaguer go from a blog about phillies baseball to a blog about the people who comment on a blog about phillies baseball. It's like when a star goes supernova and collapses into a black hole. Anything that gets to close is swallowed and can never escape.

Back on topic, this lack of ML roster intrigue is a big reason why I wanted to go to the earlier part of ST this year. Seeing the prospects play will be much more interesting to me than the later, more 'real' type games this year. We pretty much know who is going to be on the team, and what they can do. But since I rarely get out to Reading or Lehigh, seeing Brown, Aumont, Gillies, et al in person is going to be pretty fun.

Side note regarding Philadelphia and WMMR - They just said the birds released Westbrook.

I agree Jonesman but only to a point. Tommy is typically (although not always) defending himself only because other people keep bringing it up. He would do well to learn to ignore those who do this. I agree that the "told you so" stuff is just as bad, and may be why people are so inclined to constantly disagree with him in the first place. Overall it's just a tired topic, and it's the last I'll say about it.

Moving on... it seems like the lack of competition for jobs in ST has been a theme for the Phillies the past couple seasons. I think it just comes with being a very good and complete team. Are the Yankees using ST to determine who will win any jobs?

By the way, is Castro able to play 3B at all? If so, he and Gload may render Dobbs redundant, in which case it is possible Dobbs is traded for a RHB or to fill a need should an injury happen.

The Yankees are using Spring training to determine who will win a starting outfield job.

"At what point does beerleaguer go from a blog about phillies baseball to a blog about the people who comment on a blog about phillies baseball. It's like when a star goes supernova and collapses into a black hole. Anything that gets to close is swallowed and can never escape."


krukker: "If so, he and Gload may render Dobbs redundant."

Castro can indeed play 3B. But I'm curious how that would render Dobbs redundant. You think one LH bat on the bench is enough?

"If so, he and Gload may render Dobbs redundant"

According to the Daily News last week, which I also mentioned here, Dobbs is available to other teams, while Gload is not.

Someone here mentioned that FA signings aren't allowed to be traded? That seems like it could be the reason that Dobbs is the guy to be traded if it happens. .

clout: "You think one LH bat on the bench is enough?"

Not necessarily. However last year, Stairs and Dobbs filled different roles. Stairs was a HR threat at any time, whereas Dobbs was a guy who you used when facing a righty and you need someone to get on base. Gload and Dobbs seem to both fill this role, whereas we don't have anyone to fill the Stairs role. That could be a righty or lefty.

Schneider bats left, though that raises the old 'can't use the back-up C to pinch hit' idea. I would prefer to have a RH hitting guy who could play either 3rd or 2nd to give Utley or Howard some days off against LHPs, but only if he is just as good as Dobbs. As we learned last year with Raul, having quality players is more important than what side of the plate they bat from.

krukker: Using Dobbs as an OB guy doesn't make much sense, since he has poor OB #s. He does, however, have 24 HRs in 767 ABs as a Phillie. How many bench guys have that HR rate?

Schneider is a career bad hitter, as is Castro. Francisco has the best numbers on the bench and, interestingly, his HR rate isn't much higher than Dobbs' Phillie numbers.

Howebver, if we could find a dim bulb GM to deal a better hitter with more power straight up for Dobbs, I'd be all for that.

Wow, I'm late to the party today and I'm glad I missed/stayed out of most of the action.

I'm glad most roster spots are set. krukker is right: it comes with being a good and complete team.

It will be interesting to see which pitchers break camp with the team.

That will, IMHO, have more t do with the team's success this year than whether or not Dobbs or Gload gets traded, or Castro can play 3B.

Last season they went to ST with Kendrick, Happ, and Park all competing for the 5th spot in the rotation, and we all took comfort in the "depth" that that provided.

As we saw as the season developed, even 'that' depth was not enough, and it was necessary to trade for Lee and sign Pedro.

While I do not like to make predictions (because I am rarely correct - it's baseball), I am comforted by the fact that there seems to be a little extra depth in the competition for the rotation, in having a couple of swingmen like Durbin and Contreras who can spot start if necessary, and by the seemingly decent depth of OF they have with Francisco and Gload/Dobbs, as well as Mayberry waiting in the wings at AAA.

If last season is any indication, that depth will show it's value as the season progresses.

Phils sign Brad Wilkerson to a minor league deal with no spring training invite.

awh: You think Durbin could spot start if necessary? I think that day is long past. Contreras could.

Yo, new thread.

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