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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Not likely to help us. No spring training invite which suggests if he'll ever make it back to the majors he'll need to prove himself at AAA first.

I have many not-so-fond memories of Wilkerson repeatedly killing us back 4-5 years ago. looked it up, and his career line at CBP was a hefty .326/.369/.611 in 104 PA. really thought he was on the verge of stardom back in 2004/2005 although it never panned out.

What are the odds he used PEDs in 2004?

I see the Phils did not want to go more than one year without one of Heather Mitts scraps! Burrell and now Wilkerson. ridiculous.

Were we short on LH bats or something?

Why not though...can't hurt any.

The rest of the league cringes in apathy.

He has been on my list since hitting for the cycle against the Phils in '05. I'm assuming we snatched him up so that he could not come out of retirement and repeat the feat for another team.

He most likely will never make the squad (as most of these reclamation projects don't pan out), but at least he has shown the skill set required to take over the Matt Stairs bench role: draw a walk or hit a home run.

Our supposed PH upgrade, Ross Gload, has never really shown either of those qualities (certainly not drawing walks). But you could also count me as far more pessimistic about Gload than most on here seem to be.

You heard it here first: Wilkerson smokes one off of Broxton to win a Game 4 this fall.

Just another bat to round out the weak roster of positional players at Allentown. Wonder if he even hits enough in spring training to make the Allentown team or this turns into a Giles-type deal where he is clearly even washed up in spring training.

I quickly searched for his vs PHI numbers once I saw his name.

.288/.386/.534 (.920) with 13HR and 40RBI in 343 PA. And as others beat me to it - includes a cycle.

From the twitter comments on the right bar(nice addition JW), this really caught my eye:

Vizcaino who was traded to ATL for Javy Vazquez is rated as the #69the best prospect in baseball - which is a higher rating than all three Seattle prospects who came over for Cliff Lee.

Vizcaino is not rated that much higher than any of the 3 prospects the phillies received. He is a 4 star prospects and Aumont is a 4 star prospect by BP.
Arodys Vizccaino is 19 years old and headed for Low A ball. Trading for him would not have served the purpose that Amaro wanted. The Phillies weakend the high minors' rosters with these trades. The team traded for players going to AA.

Rollins says that Santana is a better pitcher than Roy as far as hitting goes. Roy can't hit.

Bay Slugga: There were quite a few players who had a sudden dropoff after 2005. Marcus Giles is another one. All very strange.

""awh: You think Durbin could spot start if necessary? I think that day is long past. Contreras could.""

CJ, actually, I think if push came to shove, Durbin could spot start and go 3-4 innings.

I did not, however, say he would be the first option. It appears that Contreras will be Option 1.

I doubt either of them gets a start unless there is no time to call up someone from AAA: i.e. that night's starter shows up at 3 PM with a tiff neck or shoulder.

clout:Geoff Jenkins may have been in the same boat...

Rob Neyer says the "Phillies still have a No. 5 hole"

For the record, I disagree.

awh: Rob Neyer has never had a nice thing to say about the Phillies ever. I'm not calling him a hater, per se, but I have yet to run across anything where he gives the org an inch. If anyone ever sees one, please point me there, because I'd love to be proven wrong.

If this news doesn't get the fans rallied up nothing will!

GSS: Wow, that's one. Thanks. I think I'm actually going to keep count this year.

doubleh: Neyer made a point to rate Halladay over Santana in the NL East (in response to Santana's comment.

He also praised the Polanco signing (while quoting Beerleaguer).

OK, my bad. I guess he's finally coming around--but I still generally think he's a tool. I'm going to keep my eye on him this season.

Re: Neyer. What's odd is that he dismisses Moyer as a #5 starter because "At best, he's good for an ERA around 5."

The average ERA for a 5th starter last year was around 6.00 as I recall.

Maybe we can have a Keith Law/Rob Neyer hate-off.

Maybe we could simply accept criticism from national sports writers when they dont love our players like we do.

Neyer thinks Chase Utley is the 2nd best player in baseball. I think most national writers have had to temper their critisisms of the Phillies b/c they've been made to look pretty foolish the past 2 years.

clout: slight correction..IIRC the average ERA for a pitcher who started in the 5th slot (including spot starters and call-ups) was 6.24.

If the Phillies 5th starter has an ERA under 5.....that might be acceptable.

clout, to add to my comment, maybe Neyer needs to educate himslef better as to MLB averages.

Hmmm...and he's a "national writer"?

NEPP: True, but it just seems more often than not that Neyer and Law write negative articles than positive ones. Law always seems to think the Mets are thisclose to another WS championship, so it's not like he's completely objective on the subject matter, much like Stark is rarely toward the Phillies (in a positive way).

Besides, what else do we have to bitch about today? We aren't Phillies fans if we aren't complaining about something, and I'm staying out of the Mayberry debate.

Law pretty much bashes every team's minor-league system so its not personal. He had the balls to get in a discussion with me on it and he made some okay points so I respect him for that.

I've never noticed a specific anti-Phillies bias from Neyer and I dont even see it in this article...he's right, our options are a 47 year old who had 3 surgeries or a guy that hasn't pitched well as a starter since 2007 and has poor peripherals. Looking from the outside, its a rough compounded by our lack of depth in AAA.


Yup, every team has much better #5's than the Phils.

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