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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Congrats, Jason!

Congrats, Jason. But at the same time, how selfish of you to choose reproducing over Beerleaguer. I thought clout and MG and awh would be all the children you ever needed.

Congratulations, Jason. Remember, sprints and long tossing first. By age 3, the power will start to show.

Congratulations Jason! don't forget to send your scouting report over to John at phuturephillies, so he can start a profile now...

Congrats, but I would rather see a pic of the kid than Brandon Duckworth, since the kid is more likely to see big league action some day.

Here's my scouting report on Standridge:

Standridge is one of many bad 1st round draft picks by Tampa Bay during the Chuck LaMar era and maybe Chuck is hoping he can set that one right.

Standridge was drafted out of HS in 1997, the kind of raw, toolsy, projectible talent LaMar (and the Phillies) love.

He's got a classic 4-pitch répertoire, stands 6-4, 245, throws hard and just looks like an intimidating major league pitcher.

The problem is command and control. His command ranges from terrible to hideous. His control ranges from well below average to unbelievably bad.

His K/BB ratio is only slightly better than dead even in 127 MLB IP. It's not much better in 1053 minor league IP.

He pitched 2 seasons (07-08) in Japan with the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (maybe gobaystars can give us a report) where his K/BB ratio improved slightly to about 3/2, which is still unacceptable unless you throw 100 mph.

Back in the stats again last season, he tossed 12.2 IP for New Orleans, walking 11 and striking out 9.

Amazingly, in the DWL, the latest stats show him with 21 K's and only 2 BBs in 24 IP. Obviously, that's what the Phillies saw.
It will be interesting to see if this miraculous improvement carries over to spring training.

Congrats JW. Although are you sure you want to reduce his contract negotiation power by limiting him to playing only for the Phillies? What if the Mets offer him a $500M/5 year contract in 2031?

Speaking of kids, I wonder if there are enough posters with similarly-aged kids to start a BL-associated rec league team. It'd be hilarious to watch a bunch of grown men and women keep track and discuss the OPS+, DITHL and WHIP of their young'uns. At least it could develop the next generation of BL posters. If such a team was formed in the Philly area, I'd have to strongly consider relocating back to Philly.

Congrats on the baby J.

****Congrats, JW!****

Nice job JW!

Congrats to JW and the family.

**Speaking of kids, I wonder if there are enough posters with similarly-aged kids to start a BL-associated rec league team.**

If you allow grandparent-associated children in, I submit William Chase for the position of 2B. He is improving by leaps and bounds in his ST/DC stat (Steps Taken per Diaper Change.

TNA: My son was just born in November, so we got a shortstop and a center fielder for the team.

Jason - congrats! Best of luck to you, the Mrs. and the little guy.

clout and Jack, interesting discussion on Werth in the last thread.

Jack, I think clout's point about being the 2nd most valuable 2011 FA after Mauer - even more valuable than Lee - is that he plays every day.

I tend to agree with that.

Werth, as Perry points out in his article, does the two most valuable things a hitter can do: he gets on base and hits for power. He's also IMHO, at least outside of Philly, an underrated baserunner. (The only team that might not underrate him is the Dodgers, against who, if you remember, he stole three straight bases including home.)

He also has Abreu like plate discipline, which is very hard to teach.

Werth may wind up as the very best pickup of the Gillick's tenure.

It's funny, when you think about it, but the decision by the Dodgers to release Werth impacted not only the Phillies, who eventually won the WS, but the Dodgers, especially financially, as well.

If they don't release him, and he's manning LF for them by the end of the 2007 season, then there is no reason for them to trade for Manny and give him the 2 years deal for $45 MM. That would mean they'd have had a lot more money ($17 MM in 2009) to pay for SP.

The Domino Effect: No Werth on Phils (Jenkins in RF?), no Manny on Dodgers, better SP on the Dodgers in 2009, which might have put the Dodgers in the WS in 2009.

Oh, and as for the Stanbridge and duckworth signings....YAWWWWWWWWWWWWN.

JW - I'm sure you're getting baby advice up the wazoo, but there's a Philly-based company (Baby's Choice Diaper Service) that delivers to your doorstep 80 fresh cloth diapers a week for $17. It's good economics, good for the baby's health, and generally better for the environment than disposables.

If someone offered a similar service in Atlanta, I'd be happy to chip in to deliver such diapers to Bobby Cox's doorstep, courtesy of BL.

It won't be 18 years. At some point he'll disappear to his room, or the basement, wherever the video games (virtual reality at that point) and you'll get your life back a bit.


As far as TNA's suggestion about a beerleaguer rec league with "a bunch of grown men and women keep(ing) track and discuss(ing) the OPS+, DITHL and WHIP of their young'uns," I think it'd be more likely to develop a whole team full of kids who hate playing baseball.


Congratulations Jason! A protege to bring up right.


Congratulations. May your child never be a Mets fan...

JW, if your child becomes a Mets' fan......................

you can always have another kid.

Congratulations.-- may you know nothing but great things..

Glad we got Duckworth. I had just been thinking that we really could use a player who looks like Gary Busey...

Congratulations, Jason! All the best to you and your family.

Congrats JW - it's hard work but you've never experienced more joy in your life.

Congrats Jason! It would be cool to have your son grow up to be a Phillie!

Cliche but true: They grow up fast so make all the days count. Congratulations!

Based on you lead-in, I assume you bought him a Jimmy Rollins model infielder's glove. It's never too early. Tiger started playing with his putz at 3.

Well done Jason and family. Congratulations all of you.

Congratulations, Jefe!

Parenting Tip: Break his right arm and force him to throw'll up his value.

That's good parenting!

Yeaaaee. Way to go JW Jr!

Congrats JW. No better way to celebrate a new life than by posting about Brandon Duckworth! Cheers to you and the family!

Congrats and welcome to parenthood.

For us the refrain:
"Life will never be the same,"
now applies to you.

As for Standridge and Duckworth (and this is unequivocal): meh.

NEPP: That is SO wrong.

It's far better to throw righty (unless your a pitcher) and switch hit.

He'd have a better career longevity as a LOOGY...its tough to make it as a SS.

NEPP, Andy is correct. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. The cold in Vermont must be affecting the oxygen level in your brain.

Congrats JW!!! It's good we have a SS and CF already. My 3 month year old will begin training to be a lefty knuckleballer.

Congrats JW! I have a 21 day old. But she will have to settle for ball girl. Or stat keeper.

Congratulations! You don't need me to tell you that your life has changed. Of course, since my wife and I have three dogs and no kids, I can't really tell you how it's changed.

Love the picture of Duckworth. He might as well put a coat over his head. Playing in KC must suck.

Congrats JW!

Haven't been around here much lately but just wanted to say congratulations. Never too soon to start teaching him the finer points of turning the DP....

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